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I mean Maryland leading  Ohio St today at the half (corrected from previous statement).  Illinois played Michigan to the wire.  Surely we can beat the worse Iowa team since we joined the B1G.  look what we did to Wisky today.....err wait...They are going to run the ball down our throats and wait for us to implode.  


And this gem never gets old from Shawn Eichorst.  After we beat them....The last time.....since Bo was fired. (0-7)

"As I said earlier, as I looked back at the outcomes, I am trying to look at who are championship level football teams in that moment. How competitive were we in those games. We were not playing for a conference championship and neither was Iowa. And I have great respect to Iowa, it is a wonderful institution, and a great football program. But in the final analysis, there record was where it was and our record was where it was."




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I would love nothing better than us beating those douchbags from Iowa. However, our OL are lil girls who cannot push anyone and I am sure I just insulted lil girls as I believe they have way more pride than this atrocious OL. You can have Tom Brady behind our OL and he will be running for his life. Iowa are tough. They don’t beat themselves and they have more pride in the tips of their fingers than our entire team and their incompetent coaches. Unfortunately, beating Iowa is a pipe dream. We had a much better chance beating this weak Wisconsin team and we just gift wrapped the game for them and sent them with the win and the trophy. I will be praying for us to win and I will be rooting for our team but this team has shown zero evidence that they have what it takes to finally beat Iowa. I HATE LOSING TO IOWA. Hoping for a thanksgiving miracle. 

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1 minute ago, PaulCrewe said:

I believe negative has slowly been overtaken by reality finally for many fans 

There's realistic and pessimistic.  I realistically, based on the previous 4+ years, that Iowa will be 8-0 against NU next Friday.  I see no reason what so ever why we should beat them.  None.  Just like some people realistically knew sooner than others that we would be here and stay here quicker than some anticipated:D Although others not far behind..

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