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Two things Nebraska has going for them. This is Nebraska’s bowl game this year. Everyone in the program wants to get THIS win. Iowa will likely get Nebraska’s best shot. 

Iowa is coming off two very big wins. They have the West in their grasp. We have all seen it a million times, college kids can tend to overlook, and throw a clunker.


Iowa is the better team, but if it’s close late and Nebraska executes it will not be that big of an upset.

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10 hours ago, CyHawk said:


That's funny right there! Huskers claim to be the "greatest fans" but take a look at all of the pages of these boards over the past 20 years and you will see nothing but negative comments about the coaching, the AD's, the refs, the opposing fans, the opposing players, and even your OWN players. Some great fans.


It is easy to be a great fan when you are steam rolling everybody in a fairly weak conference, year in and year out. It is easy to be a great fan when a staff looks the other way to allow criminals to play. It is easy to be a great fan and applaud the opposing team as the come off the field at Memorial Stadium after getting beat up for 4 quarters (remember those days?). 


Iowa has never had the success of the past Huskers, but we have also not been a dumpster fire like todays team. Yea, we also b!^@h and complain, BUT, at the same time do not claim to be the "greatest" fans. We will tailgate with the best in the country, fill our stands most every game (the fake sellout streak is another story!), and enjoy just making a bowl game to get someplace warm in the winter.


Huskers do have a chance on Friday as the Iowa Offense sucks. The Husker offense sucks just a bit less. Our D and special teams will make the difference. See you on Friday! (assuming you are a great fan and will be at the game)  

Husker fans are the greatest.  A few bad apples don't represent the whole fan base!

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37 minutes ago, BIG ERN said:

Iowa is rumored to be without their tight end LaPorta (who leads team in receiving) also without their starting FB. This at least can't hurt our chances though I don't know the players mindset right now given all that is going on. 


LaPorta is very good, so if true this is big news as Iowa doesn't have many playmakers on offense.

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