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*** Matt Rhule Hired as New Husker Head Coach ***


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5 minutes ago, runningblind said:

I was still shocked by the amount of money they would give me when we refinanced our home last summer.  It would be a horrible idea, but they would give it to me, about 5 times more than I refinanced for.  Point being is you just never know what folks are doing financially and home values have tripled in my area in a decade, not sure about there specifically. 

And it's very probable that Larson and her ex-husband were able to build the home for a lot less than the $1.8 million it was sold to Rhule.  The cost of the land itself had to be a pretty penny.

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On 11/26/2022 at 11:18 PM, gobiggergoredder said:

I’ve always loved touchdown or first down celebrating when you’re getting destroyed.


Celebrations of that not deserving of it should be avoided! Also, activities that are less meaningful involving rewards should be minimized.


Ultimate aims are more likely to be achieved by making the process the reward. Good practicing, the development of one's skills and successful plays. Not celebratory reactions occurring in relationship to that which is not representative of winning. Otherwise, in reality we're rewarding unfavorable performances and loses. It becomes habit forming in relation to dopamine spikes.


The feeling associated with these elevations should be reserved for that which leads to most valued, positive outcomes. And, limiting or altogether avoiding that which is associated with less desirable/valued outcomes.  Reserving commemorations for practice accomplishments and successful game play rather than lower valued activities that compromise a higher level of performance (Smart phone activity, gaming, Etc.) would increase one's baseline too thus lending to objectives successfully being achieved as well. 


The brain is changing all the time. Significant then, does this add to or take away from what has more meaning for oneself? Chose carefully!



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42 minutes ago, huskerfan74 said:

For all those who think a first year coach cannot turn things around, look at sonny dykes. Let us hope that Matt Rhule can have the same success in his year 1. Actually, I will take 70% of what sonny dykes did.


While it might not take as long as some think, next season could be pretty rough for us. 

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1 minute ago, Huskerfollower4life said:

Especially if we lose to Colorado and start the season off 0-2.  Nebraska has to start taking all their opponents serious.  


Every single opponent. We have to instill a never satisfied mindset. 

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