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*** Official Iowa Game Thread ***


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The next series will determine if we win or not. We drive it down their throats, its over 

Just now, DefenderAO said:

Are you a new fan?   Just catching up on the last five years?


Then please don't.

Living in the past is good. Have fun with that. Been here the last 20. Nice work!

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For those whining about clock management, in that situation when NU got the ball back at their own 10 with 4 minutes left, the goals of that drive are:


1.  Get enough first downs to run the first half out, and not give the ball back to Iowa. That was accomplished. 

2. Get into field goal position. Thompson had a first down pass, nullified by an offensive holding, or NU is in position to try for a FG.


3.  If possible, try to score 7, but not be super risky with turnovers or getting Casey injured. 

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5 minutes ago, commando said:

on the catch where our WR was pushed out of bounds..shouldn't the clock have stopped after the play?

Palmer turned back into the field and got hit stopping his forward momentum.  He should have stepped out immediately. That was on him. He has to be more aware of the situation. But maybe he was figuring coach had timeouts to use. 

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