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Terrance Knighton Hired as Defensive Line Coach


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5 minutes ago, Detasselingthehuskers said:

These guys could be an analyst or some back office position, or an assistant strength coach. I’ll wait until Nebraska tweets it to see who the official assistant coaches are.

That is what I am wondering as well. He could be thinking he won’t be retained long term at Carolina and sees the opportunity to lock up an analyst role at NU as a way to keep progressing as a coach and keep a paycheck. Either that or Rhule really liked what he saw from him so far and feels he will do a good job. Recruiting chops are my first concern of Knighton is indeed the choice for D-Line coach. 

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26 minutes ago, Mavric said:


Another thing that people like to complain about.  


This is pretty much what happens in every coaching change.  Especially when time is of the essence.

Contact period starts pretty soon.  Like you said, time is of the essence to get a staff in and hit the road.  Not a lot of time to interview guys and gel.  I truly believe Rhule "feels" the urgency and expectations of Husker Nation (if if ours are too high for year 1).  


One thing that should minimize some concerns is he fired Brady that he brought to Carolina.  Bo also brought his friends and it worked out to 9-10 seasons.  TBH, I'd take that in a heart beat.  

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1 hour ago, Mavric said:

Pretty new to coaching.  Spent two years as the DL coach at Wagner.  Has been the Panthers DL coach the last two years.  But was a player and captain at Temple when Rhule was the OC there.



I think you might have jumped the gun with the title of the thread. Reports are saying they are unsure what position both will take on staff.

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1 minute ago, theknife said:

I think you might have jumped the gun with the title of the thread. Reports are saying they are unsure what position both will take on staff.


It's possible.  But it seems likely that if they were already position coaches they will be in that role here.  Might be some tweaks on exactly what.  But it's pretty sure they're on the way.

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48 minutes ago, ColoradoHusk said:

These are the first 3 names to come out.  Let's judge the entire staff, as a whole.


Another thing to consider, if Mickey is demanding a salary much higher than Rhule initially expected, then Rhule may have had to go to Plan B and hire Terrence Knighton at the DL coach and not Elijah Robinson (who would cost more).  Think of the assistant coaching staff as a portfolio of capital investments, needing to fit within the budget assigned to Rhule by Trev.

I know this is hypothetical, but we need a stud DL coach more than we need WRs.

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Who is gods creation thinks that we can "grab coordinators" from other schools that are high profile?  We didn't hire a sitting coach first off, and secondly, if we couldn't hire big name as HC, who would think we could hire big name coordinators? 

Trev surely has told Rhule every facet and area that needs an upgrade already.  Rhule knows that this job is an overhaul.


This hire has some question marks, sure, but to think that no one from the Carolina Panthers is qualified to lead young men onto a football field are being rather negative, just to be negative at this point. 

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5 minutes ago, Mavric said:


Eh, unless I'm missing it I don't think so.  The article he just posted just said "It’s unknown what their duties on the coaching staff will be".

Exactly that quote. This guy was a coaching assistant and was only promoted to assistant Dline coach after Rhule and some staff was let go. He could easily be a graduate assistant, analyst, etc as much as the d line coach. 

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