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10 minutes ago, ColoradoHusk said:

There was a high school coach in Texas that recently sent a bunch of kids to the hospital with rhabno issues.  I think he was placed on leave pending further investigation.

Did 300-400 pushups in an hour without water. Keep in mind the kids were coming off break probably doing nothing at the time & we don’t know the experience level of these lifters/kids. Probably very low work capacity. Think it was a punishment thing if I remember right. 

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6 hours ago, TGHusker said:

Have there been any player or coach comments on what they are doing different than the previous S&C coach and what the emphasis is on?  

We are focusing more on speed and agility.  Campbell is one that believes in functional strength over pure strength.  You will see more light weight reps on lifts based off of percentages of their 1RM.  I believe @Decked mentioned something about it in one of these threads.  It is a lot like what Matt Rhea and David Ballou do at Bama.   

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