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What to Expect from the Huskers under Rhule


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6-7 wins for sure. 
8-9 if can maximize talent.


Ya’ll  know what this guy wants??

1. Toughness

2. run game

3. Maximize roster talent 

4. minimize “what makes us lose”  (penalties,. turnovers,  details) 


I’m really stoked for this hire. Can he out-coach some B1G coaches his first yr or get to  a 9-10 wins, maybe not.  But we will gets markedly better in year 1


We are like 5-25 in one….ONE score games the last 6 yrs.1-6 points rule our score …  If we win 10-12 of those games, half of those games, we are bowling. Rhule will clean up those sloppy a$$ plays and make us better immediately. 
letsssssss go. 

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Rhule has a good coaching philosophy.  His winning formulas and ‘Rhules of thumb’ are good sound football 101 stuff.  But, as with all things worth having in life, it takes lots of hard work, patience, focus and the right people employed the right ways.  It wont change until everybody works as one. 

Year one is more than a few little easy fixes.  We will need a dozen (maybe two) good players in a number of critical positions, even if most of our better players return.  Transfers, portals, jucos, high schools, early enrollments, and more are tough to do after a year or more of recruiting time and courtship to a winning program.  Year 6 of a 8-9 LOSS seasons and third HC / staff in said 6 years doubles the degree of difficulty.  A matter a week or two to save and defend your best and attract the best from the competition!   Staff won’t be hired or here before then in all likelihood, much less schooled and up to speed in Husker facts, figures, needs and wants, etc. 


Trev and whichever staff retained will have to be the recruiting eyes / minds until the new crew is settled in.  

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I'm hoping the offense we see under Rhule is more akin to what he did at Temple rather than Baylor. I understand why people like to run RPO so much because of today's landscape. I think it is imperative that we are able to consistently line up in an all-22 smash mouth type of offense and move the ball. 

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1 hour ago, admo said:

Some game highlights from 2019 if interested in seeing their offense & defense under Matt Rhule.  


(3 min of highlights)


(4 minutes of highlights)



(OT game highlights)



(Big game vs OU 6 minutes of highlights)



I'm assuming Satterfield was the OC in these highlights.  

So, a zone read offense with a QB that can use his legs and a decent passing offense.

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1 minute ago, BigRedBuster said:

I'm assuming Satterfield was the OC in these highlights.  

So, a zone read offense with a QB that can use his legs and a decent passing offense.


He was not, actually. He was Rhule's OC at Temple and they actually ran more two-back offense, and I haven't watched a lot of South Carolina but didn't seem similar to Temple. Not sure if that's due to Satterfield changing his style, or just adapting the the team and competition. 

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24 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

I'm assuming Satterfield was the OC in these highlights.  

So, a zone read offense with a QB that can use his legs and a decent passing offense.

Yes, in the Big 12 he prefered the read-option attack, so you have 2 runners (RB & QB) as a threat to keep the defense from over pursuing.  Think back with Taylor and Ameer.  But he prefers a QB with some good size (2AM or Braxton Miller) to take the hits.  He believes you run the ball when you need 2 yards and will line up under center (QB sneak straight ahead) with a big heavy dude in the backfield to push him.  Loves super speedy receivers for threats downfield to take the top off.  Likes play-action plays (big ten wet dream).  Knows it takes the OL to make it all happen and that will be his focus. 

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2 hours ago, Cornbred said:

Deserve to know who was interviewed?? Surely you jest? If you interview for a job and demand to know who was interviewed before you. You would be laughed out of the building. You and fans deserve nothing. There are still privacy laws not to mention NU's integrity.

Universities announce the top three candidates for president of the university job searches. Why not coaches? Just wondering. Wouldn’t you want to know if Fickell was interviewed by Trev? I do not mind if Trev decided that Rhule was best suited for the job. After all, It is his right as AD. However, the timing was really interesting. We announce Rhule as our HC and Wisconsin announces Fickell the next day! Aren’t you curious? Not trying to be a wise a$$. I am just curious as everyone was thinking that Fickell was happy at Cincinnati and he would not leave Ohio then this happens. 

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7 hours ago, JJ Husker said:

I’m just guessing but I don’t think “talked to” equates to interviewed or seriously considered. As an example, I think he “talked to” Urban Meyer but never really considered offering him. I imagine most that he talked to was just to get their insight. I have to believe that Fickell was seriously considered. I also think Rhule was actually his top target.


He said interviewed before "correcting" himself.  I think that means interviewed.  I also think it's a good thing to interview a lot of candidates.  I just doubt he had 13 guys he felt were better than Fickell.

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Two months.  Plenty of time to survey the field. Plenty of time for candidates to submit their resumes and express interest.  I bet more called Trev / search agency than the other way around.  13 is a good number.  I’d guess about 5 made the short list cutoff.  

I bet Urban was one of them but declined.  Haven’t heard him mentioned for s as ny other jobs either.  His opinion is useful too.  Trev was at ESPN so probably knows a hundred football minds to consult and get suggestions.   

I think he paid plenty but it’s backloaded and I like the 8 year deal.  We can fire him sooner but at least his buyout will be steep if predators come sniffing around in three or four years.  

This is a reclamation project but finding 4-5 linemen and.  Handful of other spots can get us winning 6-8 s year and bowling again.  I’m pretty bullish after hearing him talk.  He knows cfb and has a big picture mind.  Get a staff and the construction gets started. 

I hope MJ stays in some capacity but I suspect he’s got some offers to consider.  Busch will hang around some way I am sure. 

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