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If fans could ask questions at the press conference today.


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3 minutes ago, Red Five said:

"Coach, Randy from St. Paul here.  Are you gunna have those boys doing squats and bench presses?  That no good Mike Riley had the team not squatting and doing yoga instead and we are still trying to get that soft culture out of the program."

Ha!  I was going to use St. Paul!!!

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“Coach, Hank from DeWitt here. What do you think about changing the tunnel walk music from Sirius? Should Nebraska switch to Nike from Adidas? You’ll never do all red uniforms, right? You hate Lil Red too, dontcha? When is the right time to play The Killigan’s song?” 

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Since we're being silly...


"Coach, coach, over here! Jake, from State Farm. Did you know you could save 15% or more by switching to Liberty Mutual, so they can customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need?"


Now, being serious...


"Coach, James, from Kearney, do you intend to integrate the modern forms of the read option and triple option into your run game? If so, are you going to limit yourself to the RPO, or will you be including more traditional pitch options? If not, do you think that a more conventional pro-style running attack is a viable option for Nebraska, considering the physical challenges of the Big 10, and are you capable of recruiting the necessary players to run such a scheme?"

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