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Mickey Joseph Arrested For Assault


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48 minutes ago, JJ Husker said:

I haven’t heard a thing but if that was the situation, call me crazy but, wouldn’t the first reaction be to see if you could join in or at least watch? Kinda serious.

My thoughts as well.  Or at least bust out the camera and record that action.

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7 minutes ago, Lorewarn said:



You know Mickey Joseph was arrested and charged, right? You think that happens without evidence? 


Also, once again, Enhance is talking about the likelihood of what will happen. Mickey isn't fired with cause today, and we're not operating as if he is. It's just a matter of exploring what's likely to come.


We can exhaust eachothers takes at nauseum.  We don't agree.  It's all good.


Once that evidence is public, likely via hearing or public charges, then assessments can/should be made.  

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50 minutes ago, WWG1_we_GBR said:

...and this is why I would have locked this thread long ago. "I've heard from..." is the new code for the BS I am about to say might just be made up and intended to stir the pot...or it might have a shred of truth. I don't know, but I want to sound like I am super-well connected.

No, not the case at all. I never intended to sound "super-well connected".  Where did you get the from?  Should I have give names and phone numbers?  Would that have been sufficient enough to prove I am not making things up or intending to "stir the pot"?

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1 hour ago, NM11046 said:

WOW.  Can't believe I have to type this.  


There is never a reason good enough to justify a person strangling another.  Man.  Woman.  Unless your life was in danger there is no acceptable reason for that.  And the fact that you double downed and then used the faces above - you must be a real winner.

WOW....  I cant believe I have to type this AGAIN...  your reading comprehension must be that of a 5th grader..  go back and RE-READ and educate yourself...  as for winner...  please...  you seem to be the one with the problem here..  clown..

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43 minutes ago, NM11046 said:

You know what?  If we find out that there was a person violating one of Mickey's kids I'll eat my words.  Until then I stick to them.


The number of people on this thread who are defending and rationalizing this situation by outlining scenarios where you think battery and strangulation would be ok is frightening.  Truly.

oh....  so THIS violance is okay.....  got ya...   #insert clown emoji

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2 hours ago, gobiggergoredder said:

The closest to the current situation is The Arizona Cardinals situation.  I'm sure there was at least someone confirming the behavior.  The rest of the examples have something we have not be given yet.....Evidence which gives you charges.  It'll come.  But any conclusion drawn upon absolutely zero evidence is lazy and ignorant.

It was never my intent to suggest that the singular act of being arrested was going to result in him being fired. That's a ridiculous notion to be caught up on. It has been clearly implied (and directly stated) multiple times that he could be fired because of the situation. And the police obviously have evidence/probable cause or else there likely wouldn't have been an arrest. The university doesn't need to wait for full due process (i.e. a trial, verdicts) to make an employment determination.

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10 minutes ago, HANC said:

Scandal???  Dumpster fire yes, but not scandal.  There is NO cover up here. 1 man, not even on staff made a horrible mistake.  Recruiting will always take an initial hit with a coaching change.  Why are we acting like we are shocked or that it is the end of the World

  1. an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage.

    When did I mention anything about a cover up? Your vocabulary is obviously limited so i dropped a little Webster for ya. But yeah in case you are still confused, this is indeed a scandal. 
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1 minute ago, NM11046 said:

Ummmmm buddy - murder and manslaughter are both inexcusible.  Maybe the later is "understandable" per my previous post, but if they were excusable there would be no law against either one and no need to pull up the legal books to try and defend your position.

You said strangling someone was never excusable unless your life was in danger. I posted evidence to the contrary, even the law makes exceptions.

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