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Arrival/Departure List 2022-23

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9 minutes ago, Huskerfollower4life said:

True but that just goes to show you that what we all thought was going to happen didn't and maybe a NFL might take a chance on him

JoJo’s age hurt him in the draft, but his versatility enabled him to make the Colts as a UDFA (and the Colts being bad).


Other than being able to play special teams, I don’t see Nelson having that same type of versatility. I don’t think Nelson is quick enough to play OLB in the NFL, especially against the pass. 

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On 12/29/2022 at 12:50 PM, 84HuskerLaw said:

He still has it with a few who dare to speak his name.   Frankly, will he find a job in fb anywhere?   Kearney might be looking for some staff?  He might not feel safe anywhere he gets recognized. 

SF is still well regarded as an offensive mind. If/when he is ready to get back in, he will at a minimum lane a good OC job somewhere, of that I have no doubt. 

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Just now, olddominionhusker said:

Jesus dude. Why do you get so nitpicky and s#!tty about stuff? It’s a conversation ffs. Am I on the stand here giving testimony. For the record your honor I could see him going late in the draft or being a contributor as an UDFA. As has been previously mentioned who the hell knows. Other than you of course. You know all. d!(k

Dude relax, he has opinion & you have an opinion! 

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What you guys are pointing out is that we have had guys on the team with talent, but they didn’t necessarily show that here. That’s because of coaching or scheme…..or both. 

We very well could have guys like that on the team right now. Hopefully, some of those are on the lines. 

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16 hours ago, gobiggergoredder said:

Will Compton has always been the one I never figured out. 

Will Compton had a good NU career, as he was a multiple year starter, highlighted with a 2nd team All-Big Ten honor as a senior in 2012. His biggest flaws were that he was overhyped coming out of high school and he wasn’t as good as Lavonte David. Those are two things which he couldn’t control. A guy can last a long time by being a smart player, who can pick up all kinds of defenses, and put himself in the right spot to make a play. 

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