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2022 CFP Playoff

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22 minutes ago, Mavric said:

I have to think Ohio State is in.


Ohio State is currently ahead of Alabama.  Ohio State has one less loss.  Neither team played this weekend.


The committee can't possibly jump Alabama up now.  Right?   RIGHT?????!??!

I would never say never, they will definitely try and say the OU/Mich game was so lopsided they put Bama in above them.

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10 hours ago, sho said:

Give me all the chaos...KSU wins big tomorrow.    1-Georgia, 2-Michigan 3-Alabma 4-Ohio St (seeding this way to avoid rematches in semis) only 2 conferences represented in the playoffs and let the complaining begin.


It was widely speculated - even before USC lost - that TCU was in win or lose.

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7 minutes ago, jaws said:

As much talk there is about OSU as a lock to be in the playoffs, I can see the committee sneaking someone else in there. Can’t assume anything. 


I can't see them slipping a 2 loss team like Bama, Tenn, Penn St or USC ahead of a 1 loss Ohio State.   Ohio State is in.   It's just what happens if TCU has their first L.  Would Bama jump them or will they be safe either way.

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4 hours ago, Mavric said:

Alabama scored 31 points on LSU.

Texas A&M has the #101 scoring offense in the country.  They scored 23 on LSU.

Georgia has 50 (and counting).






Georgia is really effin good, glad we were able to see that finally in the SEC championship game.

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