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***Official 2023 College Football Thread***


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Ok college football fam....  I have a thorn in my side and have to pull it out.


Re:  Georgia vs TCU for the National Championship


College football fans start the year with hopes and dreams that their team makes it to the championship game - or even the playoff.


College football fans have been pushing for playoffs just so that they have a chance to play for it all.  


For 10 years we hear how it's unfair, and how the same teams play for it every year.


Even the powers-that-be have embraced that and want to shift it into a 12 team playoff.


But now that the National Championship game is between Georgia and TCU (and not against Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Michigan or an LSU)............ everyone should be THRILLED !!!!  And I feel and know that most college football fans are happy and excited about this game......... almost everyone is except one thing now......... THE MEDIA & Networks :facepalm:


Because TCU made it, I am not seeing much media attention and hype for this game.  ESPN makes the game out to be a downer, FOX thinks it's a downer, Finebaum and others say this game is all Georgia and a let-down game for a championship.


WTF happened here ??!!!


I thought we all wanted a game that gives hope for non-traditional top 5 teams who don't just show up on paper and dominate the sport and media dreams?? 


They say it will be BAAAD for Network ratings because TCU is playing.  Well, if every Network says that over and over (from TV shows to Pod Casts to Internet Social Media), then dumb fans will hear that and eventually believe that it's true.  


I'm sorry for being outspoken on this, but it really gets under my skin that fans and a team like TCU, or Nebraska, or Cincinnati, etc, etc, cannot enjoy every bit of appreciation and glory for making it to the championship game that they deserve.


It reminds me when the great Lakers would get beat (LeBron's team, Shaq's team) and instead of spending time on WHO beat them and what they accomplished and did, everything was about the Lakers.


Ok, that's all and I hope you feel my frustration and can understand my thoughts.  This is not a "cinderella story".  This is a football game - the biggest of the year - between 2 teams that did what they are supposed to do to get there - win.  We need to appreciate both teams and get excited about the game and all possible outcomes - and not focus on Georiga opening as a 13.5 favorite and "back-to-back" destiny or "over taking Alabama for the moment as supreme" or that "TCU has a nice story" and put female puff pieces reporting on them.


Win or lose, I am heavily rooting for TCU and I am just so happy to see someone actually fight through the forces of college football media and hype and big brand names.... and Hopefully all college football fans will do the same.

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