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***Official 2023 College Football Thread***


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Props to Gus Johnson. Maryland Michigan game and he basically wore emotion on sleeve for a potential targeting call on Maryland which was bogus. He was emphatically saying what is the defender supposed to do! Bang bang play and Michigan WR catches ball and starts to go low and Maryland defender somewhat turns and gets the receiver bit high with shoulder. Joel Klatt and Blandino are starting to wax on about why it’s technically targeting and yes it’s the right call. Johnson is not having any of it and ref comes out and says no targeting and Johnson says “Good!”.  Get the PC crap out of football. Loved how Johnson called out the BS!

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Oklahoma at BYU, 17-17 early 3rd quarter.  This is why college football is awesome.  It's a rare matchup between these schools, but even more, it just pops on the Big Screen.  It's a conference game too, for now (this year only).


I really like what the Big 12 is doing by adding so many new looks to the conference (BYU, Houston, Cincinnati, UCF) and adding Utah, Arizona State, Arizona, Colorado....... and it just goes well with the regulars (West Virginia, Iowa State, Kansas State, Baylor, TCU, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Kansas).


Talk about a fun balanced conference (especially when UT and ou depart to the SEC).


Obviously, this is going to be a very good BBall conference.  But for football, the unique matchups will be fun to see.  And baseball?  They will be pretty good at that too.  


If you can imagine that Nebraska never was part of the former Big 12, and joined this new Big 12 next year it would be amazing for games.  Forget the Big Ten $$$ that helps the university.  I'm just talking about the games/matchups.  

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1 hour ago, Mavric said:


When the U played in Orange Bowl Stadium it was in Little Havana near downtown and just 14 miles away from campus.  Since they moved to Hard Rock stadium 2008, it's 28 miles from campus.  That could be a reason, and success/failure of a good team as another.  But I also remember when I lived there that college football wasn't the "go-to thing" to do.  So many other fun things to do and enjoy on a Saturday afternoon or evening.  Plus it was a late night city and bars were open until 4am lol.  Miami is not a college town or a college city.

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