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Garret McGuire Hired as Wide Receivers Coach

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1 hour ago, Fru said:


I'd say it's more of his complete lack of any meaningful P5 experience than his age.



Yup. It's just part of it.



I'd say this is my biggest concern with multiple guys on the staff, not just Garrett. A solid chunk of these new guys have zero P5 experience. Some I can understand, like Wager. What he lacks in P5 experience, he'll surely makeup for in Texas connections and recruiting. But after buying in big time with Frost and Co where most had little to no P5 experience,  I'd say anyone is justified in have a reasonable amount of skepticism with some of these hires.


And don't get me wrong. I'm not rooting for or predicting failure. I want it to work and hope I'm wrong. Hopefully there's a cohesiveness here now that's obviously been missing for years.  


Your comments about lack of power 5 experience are fair. My response is that the head coach, and both coordinators have Power 5 experience.  No, it’s not a lot, but Rhule is definitely going with the approach of me and my coordinators are going to run this team, and my position coaches are  going to focus on relationships with their players, recruiting their a$$ off, and communicating what the top 3 coaches want on a weekly basis. Yes, there may be a learning curve for the Big Ten, but Rhule is going with energy and willing to do all of the necessary work instead of an impressive resume. 

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2 hours ago, THROW_DEM_BONES said:

Good to see Malachi in the huddle at 5:35. Listening, watching, and understanding will help a young player a lot, even if he is not getting reps. 

BTW what is Malachi's injury that is keeping him out of practice?

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1 hour ago, THROW_DEM_BONES said:


Pretty sure he stayed in HS to run track. Will enroll after.

Oh that makes sense.  I thought he enrolled early and was out for a preexisting injury.  Thanks for the update. 

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1 hour ago, Husker in WI said:


I don't think he was an early enrollee, so I don't think it's an injury. He's just not enrolled yet so not a spring participant.

Even more encouraged by him being there early for practice.  Speaks of his dedication to the group already.  Very good sign of his commitment to the team and his work ethic.

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From Mitch today:


Foley was at Bellevue West Monday to check on four-star wide receivers Dae’vonn Hall and Isaiah McMorris, the Nos. 2- and 3-rated prospects in Nebraska for 2024. They’ve drawn attention from the likes of USC, Oklahoma and Penn State.


But Nebraska is on the rise. Credit goes to first-year receivers coach Garret McGuire.


“They love him,” Bellevue West coach Mike Huffman said. “He’s really helped close that gap. A month ago, they had other schools higher than Nebraska. I don’t know if that’s the case anymore. It’s because of him.”


Huffman has encouraged Hall and McMorris, also coveted by Missouri, Kansas State, Iowa and others, to whittle their list to three schools and take official visits in June. He expects that Nebraska will make the group of finalists for both receivers.



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