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More Dominant: 21-22 Georgia or 94-95 Nebraska?



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UGA’s two-year run is better than Nebraska’s

Farrell’s take: FICTION


While 29-1 and two national championships is amazing, I’m still going with the 1994-95 Nebraska teams that went 25-0 over that span and simply dominated everyone. Nebraska rarely struggled with anyone. Yes, Iowa State and Wyoming were outliers but they still beat their opponents over that two-year stretch by 30 points a game even with those two struggles. Georgia has been amazing but they lost to Alabama last season and a case could be made they would have lost to them in the title game last year (Jameson Williams injury) or lost to Ohio State this season in the semifinals (Marvin Harrison Jr. injury). Kirby Smart and company are on a historic run but it doesn’t beat those two Tom Osborne teams.



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3 minutes ago, Ulty said:

The '94 Nebraska team was more about perseverance than actual dominance. Losing Frazier to a blood clot, then Berringer to a collapsed lung, starting a 3rd string QB on the road against a Top 10 opponent, playing the national championship game on the opponent's home field where they had been nearly unbeatable. That team was tough and overcame a lot of challenges. But they never lost a game, which Georgia did in '21.


Meanwhile, the only challenge the '95 Husker team had to overcome was the LP situation. They beat the $h!t out of everybody. Georgia rolling over TCU was nice, but TCU (aside from their own fun, scrappy season) was not nearly the contender Florida was in 95. Florida was clearly better than anyone else in the country that year, until Nebraska ate their souls. Georgia beat Missouri by 4, Kentucky by 10, OSU by 1. Nebraska was more dominant overall and more consistent throughout the season.

I would also argue that the Big 8 was about as dominant that year as the SEC is now. 4 teams in the top 9. And Nebraska handled them easily. 

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  • Mavric changed the title to More Dominant: 21-22 Georgia or 94-95 Nebraska?

I admit to being a little surprised that Farrell went with Nebraska.  I figured it would be Georgia.


And I didn't expect a lot of debate on this site.


But the 1994 team wasn't nearly as dominant as the 1995.  Obviously our QB situation had a lot to do with that.  But after a really good start we went through a stretch where we only beat a 6-6 Wyoming team by 10, KSU (who was pretty solid) by 11, an 0-10-1 Iowa State team by 16 and a 6-6 Oklahoma by 10.

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