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15 minutes ago, DrinkinwitTerrellFarley said:

I still believe if Mizzou was offered a Big Ten invite they would jump ship.  The only SEC member I think that would do so.  I wonder if the SEC or Big Ten will be the first conference to challenge the ACC GOR?

They’ve been to 6 bowls and won the SEC east twice in 10 years. I think they are ok

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From purely a fanbase and support perspective, I've always thought the NU football program was most like an SEC program - "it just means more".  Ohio St has the only other B1G football program I'd firmly state the same about.


Penn St might have an argument, and maybe UW is changing toward that direction with the Fickle hire.


I'd put no other B1G football program in that category, including Michigan and the California new-comers. 

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19 hours ago, huskerfan702 said:

Ohio state is carrying the weight of the entire conference. Crazy talk is basing an entire conferences credibility off of one teams accomplishments. Which conference would have more natiural rivalries that our fan base can get behind? Thank goodness we play that Iowa in game that nobody pays attention to once a year right

And Alabama did that with the SEC for years.

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On 2/10/2023 at 9:01 PM, gobiggergoredder said:

Im not sure if you’re new, but they are courting the #1 QB in the country right now.



Dumb And Dumber No Way GIF - Dumb And Dumber No Way We ...



It is nice seeing Nebraska's name competeting wt Georgia, Bama and other big names for a prize recruit.  That speaks of a historical relevancy that many in the BIG 10 outside of PSU, OSU and UM wished they had.  


The Big 10 is a much better fit for Nebraska than the SEC.  Once we are in PODs, we will be regularly playing, most likely, Wisc, Iowa, Mini, NW  - regional schools  that ,once we finally get our act together, which we should beat more often than not.  I have to imagine that USC, UCLA and 3 Pac 10 teams yet to be name, will be in a POD of their own.  (4 - 5 team PODs wt the conference expanding to 20)  Maybe the BIG 10 pulls in Wash, Stanford, Ore to match up wt USC and UCLA.  But I digress.  The Huskers would be in a terrible situation if we were in the SEC - many games would be much further away--- with only OU, ARK, and Missouri relatively close.    I'd like to see the Big 10 draw in Kansas or Colorado as the 4th team to get the conference to 20.  Both would add some regional flavor to the conference for Nebraska and re-ignite the rivalries of the past.  Of course, Norte Dame would be a bigger draw for the conference if we could ever get them off of their high horse to join the conference



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51 minutes ago, Red Five said:

IMO it doesn't matter what conference Nebraska has been in the last 10 years.  With our hiring decisions, we'd be in the bottom of the SEC or Big 12, just like we are in the bottom of the Big Ten.


With the caveat that Bo could very well have won the Big 12 if we stuck around longer, avoiding the subsequent hiring decisions.

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There are two big boy conferences as far as $$$$.  We are in the easier one to win a lot of games in.  That ends the discussion for me.  We simply need to handle business now.  


Would you rather have to win just a playoff game versus an SEC school or go through that whole schedule in order to get there?

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