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Nebrasketball vs Maryland

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14 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

This team is loving playing with each other and for Fred.  

Fred finally has a team that is totally bought into what he wants to do. Plus, Fred has learned more how to use the talent he has. 

Its this and the coaching by the assistant coaches. Fred brought the guys who did it at ISU before he left for the NBA, but the college game had passed them by. They got good players, but they didn't have a good team where people knew their roles and played to them. I think the injuries to Gray and Bando are the cause because it put pressure on Keisei to figure things out on the offensive end and allowed Fred to maximize the players he had. I don't think we have the same team if there are no injuries. It'd be great if we could get those guys back now to plug into a rotation that has a better definition on the roles. Blaise is the big man that Nebraska has looked for forever. Walker is good, but he's a better 4 and works better without needing to cover the other teams biggest player.


I hope everyone who can come back, does for next year. Hope that the powers that be can work something out with NIL and international players. I want to watch one more year of Keisei.

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