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** 2023 Opponent Preview : Colorado (Game 2) **


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HuskerOnline: Colorado Spring Preview

It could be a fascinating day Sept. 9 in Boulder when the two rivals — yes, it’s still a hot rivalry — meet up again. “I think the atmosphere is going to be absolutely insane at Folsom Field,” Howell said. “I think Colorado will feed off that. I’ll tell you, the spring game was crazy here, and it was … a spring game. And this fan base absolutely hates Nebraska. “I think the crowd on Sept. 9 will be absolutely electric, and I think Colorado feeds off that.” Of course, Howell and everyone else knows the stadium likely will be one-third full of Nebraska fans. “I think CU wins that game, but it’s going to be a really good game,” Howell said.

2023 win-loss expectation for Colorado

This Buffs team is loaded with super-intriguing players. The situation isn’t dire, Howell said. “I think the ceiling for this team is a bowl game,” he said. “You know, six to seven wins is the ceiling. If they’re anything better than that, I’d be a little surprised. “If they were worse than 4-8, I’d be a little surprised.” Which is exactly how many people size up Nebraska in 2023. Oh, yeah, Sept. 9 could be a hoot.




CollegeFootballNews: Colorado 2023 Preview

From Moment One, the man told everyone that Colorado football wasn’t good enough, and he wasn't going to waste any time trying to change that. Deion Sanders said what every new coach wants to, but for decorum reasons, can't. To try summing up Coach Prime's first big team meeting, Colorado is going to win a lot of football games, and almost every player in that room wasn’t going to be around when it happens. His way of doing things so far might be a tad harsh, and it might come across as crass and cold, but for the most part it hasn't anything personal. If anything, what Sanders is doing has been fair - he let everyone knew where they stood without mincing words. It's what every fan dreams of when a new coach takes over. How do you instantly fix a bad team? You replace mediocre players with better ones.





Athlon Sports: #75 Colorado Preview & Prediction

Colorado is easily one of the most intriguing college football teams to watch in 2023. New coach Deion Sanders has dramatically reshaped the roster in just one offseason, and the Buffaloes have landed high-profile transfers like receiver/defensive back Travis Hunter (Jackson State), quarterback Shedeur Sanders (Jackson State), running back Alton McCaskill IV (Houston), and defensive lineman Derrick McLendon II (Florida State). How will all of the new pieces and faces mesh in Boulder this year? The schedule isn't easy, so even with an improved roster and staff, it might be tough to make major improvement in the win column. 






CollegeFootballNews Colorado Game Predictions

2023 CFN Preseason Prediction: 3-9
2022 Record: 1-11
Sept 2 at TCU L
Sept 9 Nebraska L
Sept 16 Colorado State W
Sept 23 at Oregon L
Sept 30 USC L
Oct 7 at Arizona State L
Oct 13 Stanford W
Oct 28 at UCLA L
Nov 4 Oregon State L
Nov 11 Arizona W
Nov 17 at Washington State L
Nov 25 at Utah L






Not sure how they can pick with any degree of confidence this far in advance, but for what it's worth, Nebraska is favored by a TD over Colorado as of right now.  

I hope we stomp them by 26 to end the curse once and forever.  (Hint: see 2001 game score). 

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Colorado losses 17 to the portal on Monday.  :clap  So much good news!:D




While Colorado head coach Deion Sanders laughed it up for the cameras Saturday during the Colorado Buffalo’s spring football game, things took a severe turn Monday when 17 Buffaloes announced they would be entering the transfer portal.  

Sanders said on his first day as head coach that he was “bringing his luggage” and to “go ahead and jump in that portal.”

Many players took it to heart and left after the Saturday spring game, leaving many wondering what was going on in Boulder.

Sanders even lost potentially the team’s best player in wide receiver Montana Lemonious-Craig who had 154 yards receiving on Saturday.

The team’s top rusher Deion Smith has also left the program.



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You just can’t replace that amount of people in a short time.  

Some are trying to deflect based upon how terrible the team was last year.  I don’t care how bad they were last year, you need players.  You need back ups, injury coverage, development and practice players.


This is a huge issue in my opinion.  I saw some analyst that had Colorado beating TCU in week one.  Colorado is 3-5 year rebuild.  

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16 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

On 247, it appears that they had 86 scholarship players going into the spring game.  The latest transfers have not been taken off.  So, they might be down to 69 scholarship players.

They had 90 or 92 on Friday, we were at 101. 247 shows CU at 84 right now, down 1 from last night. So Deion has a scholly to fish the portal with.


We're still at 101.


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23 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

On 247, it appears that they had 86 scholarship players going into the spring game.  The latest transfers have not been taken off.  So, they might be down to 69 scholarship players.

A lot to rebuild in a short time.  Brining players in without the benefit of the spring practice within Sander's system will make it a rough transition in the fall.  

I'm so sad..:bluffs



where is @Guy Chamberlin when you need him.  This post above is most definitely a Schadenfreude or even a EPICARICACY

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8 minutes ago, TGHusker said:

Yes, we'll see a purge coming soon too I assume.  Colorado losing their 'best player' and top rusher - must be a story behind that.  

It’ll be interesting to watch this play out. Everybody anointed Deion as the one who could bring back old school, tough love, no nonsense coaching. And honestly, I believe if there is anybody with the clout and demeanor to pull that off, it’s Deion. Early returns, however, indicate that todays players are actually not going to accept that no matter how much polish and shine comes with it. As much as I hate it, the “working man’s” coaching style is gone as we know it. Coaches today just HAVE to play the game and walk the coddle line with the athletes. Nobody loves it but it is what it is. Telling young men to get out of weight room for wrong colored socks here heralded as disciplined and professional, but to those men it’s controlling and detrimental to development.  It may work at Jackson State where your athletes don’t have many other great options, but at Colorado the entire package needs to be what’s best for the player in their minds.  And that isn’t it. 

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11 minutes ago, Gage County said:

Do you think CU is closer to 247's count of 84 or @BigRedBuster's count of 69?


Our 101 includes the incoming recruits.  That list for Colorado actually shows 105 (if I counted right) including the new recruits.  So they had to get rid of quite a few, just like us.


I would guess that at least the guys that hit the Portal yesterday have not been taken off.  So 105 - 18 (I think that was the last number) would be 87.  But I'm not sure if that list still includes guys who left before yesterday.

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13 minutes ago, Gage County said:

Do you think CU is closer to 247's count of 84 or @BigRedBuster's count of 69?


A different Tweet said they only had 23 scholarship players back from last year.  All their scholarship WRs are gone which is 9 guys (I think) on that list.  Adding in the 21 recruits shown on that list would be 44.  Guys that have transferred in (like Sanders and Hunter) are in the 84 so the number is higher than 44 but I seems like it's quite a bit less than 85.

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