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Thunderin' Bolts @ Cambria College Classic

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12 minutes ago, Loebarth said:

One dragon slayed, well done men!!

On to tomorrow, need to get that dub!! Seriously, I think it is a tougher match up than either SEC team because emotionally the focus most likely has been on our SEC opponents. Tomorrow is a scary match up.


Regardless... Let's Go!! Awesome start!! Would love to see Maryland win their game today too. B1G needs to publicity!!

Looks like NU are 4-0 after you gave yourself a stern talking-to.

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15 minutes ago, ColoradoHusk said:

Looks like NU are 4-0 after you gave yourself a stern talking-to.

You want to know the truth... I've also banned myself from participating in the radio broadcasts... gonna keep the ban going until the win streak ends.. I can read the box score after and watch YT video's to keep up. (I'll confess also, I read this forum at least daily also but I'm trying to refrain from posting my whining rants.)

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Nice summary video of the game on Youtube.  I suppose the view is different when you are actually on the field playing the game, but to look at the field in its entirety from above is very distracting with all the yard lines mixed with the base lines.



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After a bit of bad luck where Anglim belts HR, but nullified by a pitch clock violation prior to pitch, Swanson goes off of the wall to score 2. Pitching change, skers lead 2-0 with two outs in the top of 4

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