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USC and UCLA to the B1G

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13 minutes ago, nic said:

UC regents looking to block UCLA move to the Big Ten.


UC leaders weigh trying to stop UCLA's jump to Big Ten - Los Angeles Times (latimes.com)


"After the end of a closed session spanning more than an hour, regent John Perez told The Times that the regents retained the power to block UCLA’s move."


Pac-12 survival: UC Board of Regents examine details of UCLA's pending departure, indicate move could be overturned (mercurynews.com)


Ummm....wouldn't the Regents have been briefed on this before it was publicly announced and got their blessing?

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12 minutes ago, desertshox said:


Won't they have to pay all the athletes to be title IX compliant, even if they separate football from the ncaa?

Probably but it remains unclear how these things will work out. Title IX wasn't intended for pay equity, so I'm guessing there will be court cases in the future.

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On 8/18/2022 at 9:44 AM, BigRedBuster said:

Ummm....wouldn't the Regents have been briefed on this before it was publicly announced and got their blessing?

It seems chancellors have delegated authority to sign contracts. 



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1 hour ago, Mavric said:


Sounds to me like they just want to know if they'll even be considered or don't waste your time.



They are probably wondering if they should hold off on a GOR with a new PAC12 agreement....or Big12 agreement. It's nice to know they want into the Big10.


I believe that Kevin Warren wants an NFC/AFC organization for College football. If we pay players, we compete better with the SEC. He wants the pick of the remaining litter. ND, Oregon, NC, Stanford, etc ....Schools with great academics and a coast to coast representation. 


If he gets this off to a good start, I wonder if Texas and OU rethink their move.

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3 hours ago, Toe said:

You 'member a year ago today when the Big Ten was announcing this alliance, back before they proceeded to raid one of their alliance mates? I 'member.



What a historic move by these three conferences to collective do absolutely nothing but posture to the SEC, who will continue to claim championships and rake home the money that follows winners. 

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