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  2. I like the fact that he apparently has very good hands and rarely drops passes. Not only a potential gamebreaker but maybe also a third and 10 receiver.
  3. HuskermanMike

    Huskers in 2019....

    The Huskers in 2019 need to catch some breaks and have a few things go their way. There will be a vast improvement with this team talent wise and the familiarity of the scheme will help. If we get a couple of players to develop well that will really help us in 2019. Offense QB- Adrian will be great this year and hopefully, we see some of the backups in a couple of game this year. The depth is solid at this position. -RB room is figured out with Washington, Johnson, and Mills. Might see some of Wandale and other back here as well. -TE-more people step up and get some yards, especially in the red zone -WR- replacing Stanley won't be easy. However, we have many capable players and someone will be making plays here with JD. Oline- The center and guard spots need to improve. Adrian cannot be taking 5 high snaps a game from the center position. Hixon looks good but how well will he do against B1G foes? At the same time, this offense will look scary. Wandale motions into the backfield while Mo goes to the slot. We will be running circles around some defenses if we can get it figured out. Overall, we need to be better at being consistent on Offense. No spurts of 10 or so minutes without scoring. Also, it's great to get 500 or so yards of offense, but we need to turn those into touchdowns. Defense DL- They have to be elite this year. We need to get pressure and be much better at stopping the run. The talent and depth are there this year, so no excuses with this group. ILB- Mo Barry will be on another level and can Collin Miller step up and Honas stay healthy next to him? How good will Hannah be when he steps on campus? OLB- Tannor and Davis need to step up. Ferguson will be solid if he stays healthy and Garrett Nelson will play this year and can give us some depth. This group must improve! CB- This group needs to be elite for this season. Between Bootle, Jackson, Taylor and Pola Gates, they should be really good. They should be ready for the challenge. S- Some question marks with this group but some solid pieces. Williams and Dismuke are solid. How will Eric Lee adjust to adding depth to this room? Will CJ Smith be healthy? JJ Domann will also greatly help this group out so we look good but not great. However, if everything goes our way this group will be very good. Overall, turnovers are key for this group- force two or more a game and we will be really good. Now that guys know where they need to be, we should have the confidence to make plays and be hungry to force turnovers. Improvement of the pass rush and stopping the run this year will get the defense off the field. Limiting big plays is another thing that will improve with familiarity and it being year 2. Special Teams Punter- we have a competition with the MSU punter and Armstrong Kicker- Barrett should continue to improve his game and gain confidence down the stretch. I also predict we take a kickoff and a punt return to the house. Something we haven't really seen since DPE freshman year. If we get an improvement with this unit that can help us win games. Look what good punting did for us the last seven games when Armstrong was inserted. Good special teams play can be the difference in close games. 2019 will be the first year we start and finish the season well. This is something we haven't seen in a long time. It might be too soon to make it to Indy but anything is possible My prediction: Huskers will go 9-3.
  4. lo country

    Predicted First Loss for Each B1G Team

    I feel very comfortable in saying that Frost will never let this team focus on any other game than the next one up. I don't see one team on the schedule that NU can or will over look. We improved a lot last year, but I feel like we have a lot of unknowns especially on O....
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  6. Scarlet Overkill

    Predicted First Loss for Each B1G Team

    Not sure I agree with anything in the article, but I do like that they think we give two teams (tOSU and MN) their first loss.
  7. hskrfan4life

    Predicted First Loss for Each B1G Team

    Actually let's get past South Alabama first.
  8. Notre Dame Joe

    Fox moving top game to 11am slot

    I hear this a bit. Does 1 more hour for noon games make that much difference for a recruit on an OV?
  9. knapplc


    Why do you need to see that?
  10. MyBloodIsRed16

    Predicted First Loss for Each B1G Team

    I dont see why we couldnt beat Ohio state. Came pretty close last year. I think we will be better on both sides of the ball. Should be faster as well. Also if the team is undefeated going in to ohio state and wins I dont see it as a blow your load situation and then lose to Northwestern. I would assume the team at that point realizes the type of season that could be ahead of them if they beat the buckeyes
  11. whateveritis1224

    Poll: Abortion legality belief spectrum

    If I said yes to all, am I going to hell?
  12. Frott Scost

    The Republican Utopia

    https://www.mediaite.com/tv/fox-friends-backs-seal-accused-of-shooting-little-girl-these-are-the-good-guys/ As if this administration couldnt sink any lower, now they are pardoning war criminals.
  13. Snowbird

    OLB Blaise Gunnerson

    Was on campus this weekend
  14. JJ Husker


    We might actually start getting some now. The problem in the several years before Moos/Frost got here was that the volleyball girls were moving more iron than the football team. I heard (from a reliable source ) that Eichorst forbade any volleyball weight room action be distributed because it made the football guys look bad and SE had no interest in, uh.... girl's figures. Anyway that's the story as I recall it.
  15. grandpasknee


    In the football threads, there are always videos from the Huskers working out in the weight room. Why none here?
  16. grandpasknee

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

    Hmmm...now I'm wondering. Does the VB team post weight room videos too? Trying hard to not go look....
  17. suh_fan93

    OT Jimmy Fritzsche [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Fritzsche ready to be part of that B1G life at Nebraska
  18. suh_fan93

    Devine Ozigbo

  19. Hunter94

    The Running Back Room

    natural talent alone is not enough to start on a Frost team......but i am sure he already knows that....workers need only apply here.
  20. suh_fan93

    Huskers in 2019....

    Yeah you have to take stuff like this with a grain of salt. Cool to see that at least people are putting their faith in the direction of the program under Frost more than anything.
  21. Mavric

    RB John Bivens

    You're right. Thanks.
  22. Mavric

    WR Xavier Watts

    Was on Burke's All-Class Gold-winning 4x100 meter relay team yesterday at the state track meet. Also ran on their 4x400 yesterday.
  23. huskered17

    Predicted First Loss for Each B1G Team

    I just want to get by Colorado first, before i worry about our first loss. GBR!!!
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