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  2. I think too many golfers who shoot in the 80s and 90s try to "make" too many putts outside 10 feet. That leads to putts going past the hole by more than 3 feet or so, and that leads to 3 putts. Putts from 10-15 range are make-able at times, but anything beyond that, most players (including myself) should be just lagging it up there to tap-in range.
  3. I still can't believe people watch her and Fox News, it is a disgrace.
  4. Ah... So you're one of those "Drive for show" guys.
  5. Most golfers who can't break 100 should learn to get off the tee decently. Then the key to breaking 90 and then 80 is from 100 yards and in. So many shots are wasted with poor wedge play and putting. I played a couple weeks ago, and I hit the ball ok, but I was making a decent number of putts, especially in the 5-10 foot range. I ended up shooting an 81, and that was with 2 OB balls off drives. I think I should have broken 80, but the only reason I was close to breaking 80 was how I was putting.
  6. I assume they pulled all that data off the PGA Tour because they'd have all the data on putt lengths. And not a lot of them are shooting higher. But that doesn't do much for us common folk.
  7. This is a weird group of polls from the same Pollster. Namely... Biden is down in his own state. I'm finding that hard to believe. Florida: Trump vs. Biden CNBC/Change Research (D) Biden 48, Trump 45 Biden +3 Pennsylvania: Trump vs. Biden CNBC/Change Research (D) Biden 46, Trump 50 Trump +4 Michigan: Trump vs. Biden CNBC/Change Research (D) Biden 48, Trump 46 Biden +2 Wisconsin: Trump vs. Biden CNBC/Change Research (D) Biden 45, Trump 45 Tie Arizona: Trump vs. Biden CNBC/Change Research (D) Biden 44, Trump 45 Trump +1 North Carolina: Trump vs. Biden CNBC/Change Research (D) Biden 46, Trump 45 Biden +1
  8. great info...and yeah, I want to see something in the mid-upper 80's I mean, c'mon "76 or higher" ??
  9. I hope we as a nation can make it known through voting, that not only do we not want Trump as president, but running someone like him again would be suicide and an automatic loss in the general election.
  10. Does this study also break down the racial identity of the officer that engaged in each of those 100 million stops? And, just by the sheer volume alone, 100 millions stops from a few State and Agencies over six years...should we not have an even larger problem that what is currently being debated?
  11. Poor little snowflake is scared.
  12. Bunker Boy is finally getting his wall!
  13. So, I think that the short form explanation of the 'require warning before shooting' from the graph is a bit misleading on the surface. To add on to what @RedDenver was saying, the site goes on to provide this explanation, and it even says that Omaha has this in place as a policy: Based on that explanation, and given that Omaha has something in place, it doesn't seem like that outlandish of a policy.
  14. Ha...I was not trying to be facetious! I think the next 7-10 days will start to really tell us the whole story of what fall will look like.
  15. But...if "actions speak louder than words" what good is a verbal warning as opposed to just drawing your gun
  16. I know you're being facetious, but to answer your question yes we are actually seeing an uptick in daily confirmed cases after they had been trending down. Also, most of the experts have agreed at this point that outdoor transmission is more limited and seasonality is going to provide somewhat of a backdrop to the spread to keep it from being bad. However, yes, easing restrictions and large outdoor gathers is leading to an increase in cases nationwide. And before I get my head bit off, I am not advocating for shutdowns or no football or any of that. I'm just pointing out that increased activity is leading to more cases.
  17. The whole point is that the officer is establishing clear intent before shooting. Assuming that the other person knows what you're about to do is a recipe for disaster. The officer can even make the warning before drawing the gun.
  18. Trieu with N CB with confidence of 4
  19. Interesting, I never looked at it that way. Well, either way, this won't be a close race.
  20. I actually think a recession with no covid would have hurt him worse, even if it was more mild. Covid serves as an excuse for his supporters.
  21. I feel like the "warning" should be the fact that the gun is out. Don't most cops never even draw their weapon over the life of their career? With that said, years ago I did have a game warden put his hand on his gun while questioning us and he said "Whoooaa, slow down, there are 3 of you and only one of me" while we were trying to show him our fishing license.
  22. It doesn't say "warning shot", it says "require warning before shooting". If you go to the 8cantwait.org website, the description says, "Require officers to give a verbal warning, when possible, before shooting at a civilian."
  23. Maybe, but it won't matter. I can't think of anything that can happen that will change the outcome of Biden winning. Maybe if 30 million of the 40 million unemployed get back to work in the next few months???
  24. Seems that way but there’s still a lot of time and I think the day after the election he will launch an investigation into the rampant voter fraud he has no evidence of.
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