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  2. Moiraine

    Huskers in 2019....

    It is but... I actually believe it this time.
  3. The only thing we will learn in that game is what quarter Frost decides to pull his starters.
  4. Went with 11-1. I always aim high. A couple stumbles throughout the season wouldn't surprise me though. I think the Colorado game will be a good indicator of how the season will go. If we struggle against them again it probably won't bode all that well for the rest of the season. It was obvious pretty early into Frost's 2nd year at UCF that they were going to be dominant. Might need another year in the weightroom to see that kind if dominance in this conference.
  5. brophog

    DE Ethan Piper [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Even with the need for DL in the future, they’re both the right move.
  6. Mavric

    DE Ethan Piper [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    With Banks and Piper both moving to the offensive side of the ball, we took 6 OL in this class.
  7. Today
  8. Danny Bateman

    Trump is Racist

    Quite alright. I've learned a great deal from everyone in P&R just going back and forth on different issues, but largely it has existed during this administration as a place for people to vent. Feel free to swing back by any time. Always appreciate new voices.
  9. I think it's pretty fair to say that less than 8-4 would be a pretty big disappointment. Now, it's entirely possible that there are legitimate reasons why that could happen - significant injuries, etc - but that wouldn't change the fact that it would be pretty disappointing.
  10. HS_Coach_C

    *** 2020 Recruiting ***

    Not anymore, apparently has switched to OT
  11. WyoHusker56

    Huskers in 2019....

    I know it's probably just coache speak and things were like this under previous coaches, but man I like hearing about guys doing 180s in attitude, having to be chased out of the football offices, watching lots of film, etc. It just feels like things are different. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/football/rookie-quartet-of-defensive-backs-earns-high-early-praise-from/article_03afd5d2-fded-57d2-83eb-f9c95fa1f0cc.html
  12. Ya, I said that in the post. Just disagreeing with the point that everything is captured now.
  13. Mavric

    HuskerBoard Recruiting Predictor 2020

    DE Vernon Broughton - Texas Mavric,Snowbird,HS_Coach_C,obert1,sho,Young Grand Island Husker,seaofred92,r06ue1,HuskermanMike,Husker_luver
  14. bigfoot lives in areas with limited cell service so everyone turns their phone off to conserve the battery. aliens can do funny stuff to make electronics inoperable. no idea why nobody has gotten video of nessy. as for chad may, in interviews after the game he was going on and on about how dirty nebraska was. and he probably still whines about them being dirty to this day.
  15. I love seeing Nebraska get the love in the West.
  16. And now there's no longer any picks for a losing season. It's magic!
  17. Scarlet Overkill

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Minnesota (Game 7) **

    Do I sense some butthurtedness?
  18. Yes and no. Lots of things happen unexpectedly and quickly, so yes, this is true. The most recognizable guy in the state losing his mind in public in an altercation that (likely) lasted at least several minutes? Seems less likely to be missed. On an only-slightly-related note, I've had the same line of thinking about bigfoot, alien encounters and the Loch Ness Monster (etc.). Given the proliferation of cell phone cameras, shouldn't we have all kinds of video evidence on these things by now?
  19. Beyond crazy is that people believe this.
  20. Scarlet Overkill


    Money talks... and prevents talking. That and threats of violence. Just saying. Again, it’s your call to believe or not. My stance is - what is the harm in believing the alleged victims? Get them help in some way, even if they’re making it up. Believe them at first until proven otherwise. If they made it up, what’s the angle? The perfect victim is always the outcast from broken homes, or street trash that no one would ever believe anything they say over a wealthy person in a position of power, or law enforcement. Some priminant people at the OWH were allegedly involved, and it was not in their best interest to publish the truth. But no one in the news or law enforcement would ever be corrupt or lie or anything like that, right? Back then, that was unheard of for people to question any of these entities. Now, it should be expected to question everything. How’d Epstein get away with his stuff for so long without actual tangible prosecution? How’d Trump? Connections, wealth, power, money. there was a financial scandal at Franklin CU. The charges for that actually stuck. It’s always the money that gets them into power, and then takes them down. Did Al Capone get taken down for all the violent crimes he committed? No, it was tax evasion.
  21. Mavric

    Still Some Season Tickets Avialable

    I'm sure these aren't the greatest seats but this is a pretty good deal:
  22. Vince R.

    DE Brant Banks [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Thats where he belongs. His body type screams tackle, and he doesn't posses the athletic ability to be a huge threat from DE. This is where he could develop quicker.
  23. swmohusker

    *** 2020 Recruiting ***

    Banks is a DE right?
  24. They got what they wanted. They got 8 women to behave like mindless drones that are immune to common sense. These women didn’t “own” anyone, they were paraded out to prove the point that Trump supporters lack good judgement and common sense. CNN knows their audience. The thought processes of these women are what concern people who don’t like Trump. Which is CNNs core audience. Its like Ike when companies interviews Manson. He never confessed, but he got ratings because people saw the crazy...
  25. knapplc

    The Republican Utopia

    Failure to denounce racism is complicity in racism.
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