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** 2023 Opponent Preview : Northwestern (Game 7) **

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37 minutes ago, Mavric said:



I bet there will be a lot of interest in the transfer market for players who have only won 4 games in their college careers but have dry-humped a dozen of their teammates. 

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3 hours ago, Mavric said:


Yep.  They got out of a really tough decision to make when they won three games this year and have to fire the golden boy because he had only won seven games in three years.


But they completely botched the operation and now have an even bigger mess on their hands.

This is dead on

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2 hours ago, ColoradoHusk said:

Plus, with some other potential issues in their other male sports teams, their athletic department could be a mess for a few years.

The way this was handled is going to now put the spot light on the baseball coach and their investigation.  I'm pretty sure the baseball coach hasn't even been there that long.


I also wonder about the stadium renovation that was announced at least a year ago.  Did that even start?


****EDIT:  Nevermind I didn't read the $800M in the tweet.

Group of Northwestern faculty asks for delay in Ryan Field renovations due to hazing scandal (msn.com)


Something to note.  Rose made a comment on KFAB this morning that was pretty out there (he does that).  He believes Northwestern is taking steps to get out of big time athletics simply because they don't need it.


If they stall the stadium and go after baseball, you have to wonder.


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17 hours ago, suh_fan93 said:



I think the paragraph after those bullet points sums it up better (emphasis mine):


"Since Friday, I have kept going back to what we should reasonably expect from our head coaches, our faculty and our campus leaders. And that is what led me to make this decision. The head coach is ultimately responsible for the culture of his team. The hazing we investigated was widespread and clearly not a secret within the program, providing Coach Fitzgerald with the opportunity to learn what was happening. Either way, the culture in Northwestern Football, while incredible in some ways, was broken in others."


But god, that initial 2-week suspension keeps looking stupider and stupider...



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