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2023 College Football Playoff


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2 minutes ago, GSG said:

If the undefeated teams win tonight, you gotta go Michigan, Washington, FSU, and Texas. Otherwise you're telling teams that head-to-head results mean nothing


The only way they could try to weasel out of it is if FSU barely wins tonight and play the "they wouldn't have gone undefeated without their QB, so they're not the same team" card and go Michigan, Washington, Texas & Alabama.

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I think no SEC team makes it.  Bama had a long way to climb. I think they are an excellent team but they lost head to head to TX, FSU blocks them by going undefeated, and they barely beat UGA.  Too many things to overcome.  Texas is in so they are going to SEC so SEC fans can go for them I guess.  

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