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Obligatory "Is Iowa a Rival" Thread


Rivalry Week?  

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I mostly consider Iowa a rival because it’s crept into my day.  I have 3 neighbors where the wife is an Iowa fan. They talk so much s#!t...season, off season, games, etc..


all i I can do is sort of take, I’m not going to point to overall W/L or how mediocre they are most years. I just nod and say,  I hope we start winning soon.


i can’t talk back because we’ve not been too good lately. It pisses me off. It makes me want to beat that team. It makes me want to shut these people up. It makes me mad because we’ve always been better, until recently. Just beat Iowa to shut these people up...


that to me feels like a rivalry. Or as close as I’ve felt to one since Colorado, kstate, and the main OU...shut all these fans up because we’re Nebraska, and we’re better. 

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4 hours ago, knapplc said:

I don't understand Nebraska's obsession with having a "rival."



First off, I don't know how much of an "obsession" there is. I certainly (I can only speak for myself here but I imagine I speak for plenty of others) don't feel obsessed with having a rival. But I'll still talk about it and think about it at my leisure.


Second, by your metrics of what supposedly prove it's not a rivalry, Michigan/Michigan State is also not a rivalry. Oklahoma/Oklahoma State is also not a rivalry. Oregon/Oregon State is also not a rivalry. 




4 hours ago, knapplc said:

If you want to claim Iowa as a true rival, you have to accept that what Iowa is or has is what Nebraska wants, or wants to be.


No you don't..?

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7 hours ago, Red Five said:

This OU rivalry on “respect” is revisionist history. It was pure hatred in the 70s and 80s.  Switzer was the biggest cheater in CFB outside of the old SWC.

This is so true. Im guilty of it myself. Back then I didn’t respect OU, I hated them and thought they were scum. 


Personally I have no problems with rivalries waxing and waning over time. It happens in every sport. But, honestly I  I don’t feel a rivalry with any team right now. If we progress and are fighting Wisconsin or Iowa for the Big 10 West every year then one might develop. 

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8 hours ago, Red Five said:

This OU rivalry on “respect” is revisionist history. It was pure hatred in the 70s and 80s.  Switzer was the biggest cheater in CFB outside of the old SWC.


Correct.  I still hate Oklahoma.  I want them to lose every game, unless, albeit grudgingly, they're playing Alabama (hah, as if Alabama would dare schedule them), Miami (FL), or Notre Dame (this would be a toss up). 


As to their rivalry game with Texas, both could rip each others' heads off and that would be a win for me. :D  

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I consider Iowa a rival because my in-laws are from Iowa. My Brother-in-law andnhis wife went to Iowa. I went to college in Iowa and all my friends are Hawkeye fans. I even have a grad student in my lab that is a freaking Hawkeye fan. He brings in Hawkeye stuff to decorate the student office. To me Wisconsin = Oklahoma and Iowa = Colorado. You can have more than one rival.


I would give almost anything for a Nebraska win on friday.

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I hear so many Huskerboard members over the years say "Iowa Sucks", only to lose again to them.  


Yesterday Iowa beat Illinois 63-0 ... so, I will be curious how much they say we beat them by at their stadium.


I've always disliked Iowa and the whole B1G.  The conference though is better now then it was when we were in the Big XII and Big 8.

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I can understand if Northwestern changed conferences and they conjured up a rivalry based on region.  It may take time to develop this rivalry.   A true rivalry is match where you can go 0-11 entering the game, but if you beat your rival, it feels like a successful season.  This is how it is/was with the NFL's oldest rivalry, Bears and Packers, especially when it was Lombardi-Halas and Ditka-Gregg.   Personally, I derive the greatest satisfaction beating Iowa, based on the previous coach Hayden Fry and the current one, and other factors, and how they can pummel you when they beat you, like they did to Illinois.  To me, Iowa is much more the rival than Illinois is, for Northwestern (who was overlooking Notre Dame for Iowa).   And I am rooting hard for Nebraska to beat them soundly, if not this year, in the years to come.  It's not like Iowa and Nebraska have no past, they do, in the 80's and 30's/40's.   I would think getting beat 30 and 42 points the last two years would stir a anger for revenge.  As I said before, Nebraska has a great fan base and are nice people, best in the Big 10.    

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