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S. Alabama Depth Chart Released


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Innocent until proven guilty.  

Where's the guy who was questioning Held's recruiting this weekend?  Wandale, Mo, and Mills all basically starters for NU.  They have all come to NU in the past 13 months.

In an attempt to not drag this into a "should Maurice play" thread, I willsay only this.   A coach can sit a player for conduct detrimental to the team any time they want.  The player doesn'

1 minute ago, Undone said:

Honestly I expected Stille to be the starter on one side of the line. Really did.


I'd consider the entire d-line 2-deep startes. I'd bet the second wave of guys will play just as much as the starters, but you might as well roll the Davis's out there together so they can feed off of each other.


Anyone else notice Allen did in fact catch Stoll? That's an OR as well, didn't really expect that.

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3 minutes ago, ColoradoHusk said:

Nothing against Damian, but he's 2nd string, so it would take a major injury to Urbach to see PT.  But, it does put him in line to start in 2020 and 2021.


Very true.  Just nice to see him on the chart.  Probably will see some special teams reps.  

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