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4 minutes ago, lo country said:

TBH, I normally start at the first swing pass to start the game for negative yards.  Usually the first play of the game after we take the KO:D

Do you remember the first play of the game against Oklahoma in 2008?

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Kind of funny how things develop.  Two months ago people were sure that Chins was terrible and McCaffrey needed to be our starting QB.  Weird how things you think you know can turn out to be totally w

In a nutshell:    Butler & A Will are not surprised as they felt that Riley players were blamed to be a problem & pushed out. Also saying that when back to back years you lose your t

I for one am shocked that you assumed things were worse than they were and then immediately shifted to trying to downplay them.

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19 minutes ago, Tfeek said:

Personally I think losing Wandale would be a big, big loss for this program..


I feel the same but moreso from a recruiting standpoint.  He also seems like a real solid guy and obv a great football player so to see someone like that leave imo isn't the best look for the program and for Frost.  


I'm hoping Wiltfong is still somehow wrong here but we will just have to sit back and see now.



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2 minutes ago, lo country said:

I was one that tried to mitigate the loss/impact of JD leaving.  More so to try and use the idea that if he doesn't want to be here, didn't want to pratice in the cold etc....But in reality it hurt.  A lot.  Wan'dale, with no returning receiver threat, no RB (besides him if Mills goes) and no back up RB if Mills stays.  Y'all think JLO left, JLo right was a predictable  offense......For the record, one of my all time fave Huskers.  Not a knock on him at all.


Yes I was actually just looking into that because of this thread! I agree, it did hurt us a lot, JD NEVER got less than 800 yards receiving here. This year he had 56 for TCU... I wonder if he regrets leaving as well?


Granted I dont think that would happen to Wandale if he leaves, I guess just deep down I wanted him to go to the NFL as a husker :(

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27 minutes ago, Lightfighter214 said:

Thanks for the permission? 


Ive thought frost was in over his head for years now. 


Even if real sources and real reporters are wrong, which is possible, if these rumors are wrong, it also speaks to some problems that we are not privy to.


There is zero evidence at this point that frost is the guy. All evidence is to the contrary. This evidence grows constantly. 


It speaks volumes that going 6-6 next year is the best we can hope hope


I hope for better than 6-6 :dunno


But thanks for clarifying that your lack of support for Frost does not hinge on something that has not transpired yet. That’s why I have been confused by a few of these posts. If I had known you’d already given up on Frost I wouldn’t have thought your comments about the Wandale situation were premature.

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I think this a big loss, he's supposed to be the face of the class and we lose him, no one else is proven back there. This would suck. I for sure hope that if he leaves it's to be closer to family and not something else.

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If he does end up leaving, and I hope he doesn't, I can't really say I blame him the way he was utilized the past two years. I can't remember the game but it amazed me at the time that we ended up 1st & goal between the 5-10 yrd line and our next 3 plays were running Wan'dale up the gut even though the OL couldn't open up any holes.


I guess if figures if he is going to play for a bottom feeding program he might as well do it close to friends and family.

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20 minutes ago, TheSker said:

Do you remember the first play of the game against Oklahoma in 2008?

Was it the INT for the TD? Not trying to be a smart a$$.  Can't remember if this was the game where they scored like 21 points in what seemed like 3 plays.

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4 minutes ago, Lightfighter214 said:

And thats completely fair.


I do think it speaks volumes that the only thing that has improved in 3 years down there is the defense.   


And that's the one thing frost has openly said he doesnt pay attention to.

And if rumors are true, the ones who wanted to play a bowl game.

IIRC, no one on D in the transfer portal.

JoJo coming back as is CTB.  I think that speaks a lot to their opinion of the D and the direction it is going.

TBH, not improving would grind on me as a offensive player.  A lot of "potential" in the wings, but not proven yet.  

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8 minutes ago, B.B. Hemingway said:

I just hope Moos or whoever doesn't prolong the inevitable with Frost after next season. Hit the reset button on the football program.

If we have another sub .500 season, I'm not sure what you do. I don't think anyone would blame us for firing him at that time........And IF Wan'dale leaves we have no WR with much experience, no back up RB, no RB if Mills leaves and that's in year 4......Attrition, transfers etc impact this, but not a good look when you should have a roster of your guys as Jr/Sr ready to roll....Defense looks solid, but as @Lightfighter214mentioned, that's the area Frost doesn't work with.

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I think it’s important to remember that Moos has been pretty transparent that this is a multi-year rebuilding. Do we need to see offensive and special teams progress this coming year? Yes. However, we can at least be proud of the defensive improvement year over year. Unlike the Riley era where we had no phase that was close to good, our defense was pretty impressive considering the circumstances this year. 

Should Wandale transfer, maybe it forces the offense to change in philosophy and function? Maybe we take on more of Iowa State look with lots of tall receivers, tight ends and a heavy workload for running backs? I hope we keep him here as he is a good team member but let’s take a step back from the ledge if he decides to transfer. 

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