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Logan Smothers


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"He has a little bit of work to do still," Frost said last week. "But what I really like about him is his ability to see the field and make decisions. He makes really quick, decisive decisions. Gets the ball out of his hand and is a really good athlete. Really one of the key things for quarterbacks in this system if they're going to excel is being able to kind of think fast, and be one step ahead of the game, and I definitely see that trait from him."


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Maybe it's unrealistic optimism or delusional hopeful thinking but I wouldn't be too surprised to see Logan making a serious challenge for #1 next season. I've always been a 2AM fan, and still am, but man I want to see quicker decisions and better passes out of whoever QBs this team. I think a whole bunch of that problem resides in the WR room and with play calling but Adrian and Luke have had way too many blatant misses and turnovers. Our QB play has to get better for us to take the next step.


And I agree with ColoradoHusk, I think Luke leaves, and very likely to play at UNC with his dad. Seems like the sort of opportunity that would be hard to pass up, assuming his role with the Huskers is likely to be diminished.

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For the love of all that’s 2020, when referring to a player by name, please add the following “Is not injured” “Is not in the transfer portal”......


To Luke transferring, I feel comfortable that his dad might have an ok idea about a guys potential at QB.....He might tell him his best bet is to switch to another spot..


Wolverine has a certain ring to it.  He just needs to go full sideburns...

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Perhaps strangely, I'm not very concerned about the QB spot. I'm not thrilled with AM's progression over three years, but at the moment, I'd also be surprised if Smothers is able to take the starting job. Unseating a three year starter is a tall order, though admittedly not an impossible task.

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