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Logan Smothers


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44 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

I can’t remember, where was the ball placed?  Was it at the 1?  Or was it considered out of bounds?

It was ruled OOB and returned to the original LOS. When I saw the replay I couldn't believe it was ruled incomplete. Should have been 1st and goal at the 1 yard line or a TD.  I understand it was late in the game and we were up big but regardless I think they have an obligation to get the calls right. I'm sure Smothers & Brown would have liked to have the call be correct.

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1 hour ago, admo said:

It was a great throw and catch.  I was sure that it was a TD because I thought the ball went over the pylon first (goal line) and then the leg touched it.  I wanted it reviewed.  Then I saw the score and time left in game on TV, and realized if it was earlier it would have been reviewed.  By that time, fans were rolling out, Fordham was exhausted, and we was up really big.


You have to get a foot down on the ground to be in bounds.  Touching the pylon doesn't count for possession in bounds.

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59 minutes ago, Mavric said:


You have to get a foot down on the ground to be in bounds.  Touching the pylon doesn't count for possession in bounds.

Yeah I know. Took a bit. I replayed the rules in my head a minute after the play.  Established posession on the field first.  With regards to a pass, field contact first. A ball carrier can reach for GL in air but has to establish foot on ground first. My initial reaction was to review to confirm :)

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My take is simple albeit it's at a terrible time to finally give your backup some serious time if Martinez cannot clean it up these last 3 games.  If Martinez is being Martinez what is there left to lose imo.  If he's shaky out there then you simply go back with Martinez.  Hardly any real time reps for Smothers this year..  I guess if Martinez can clean things up and actually have good games in these last 3 then any Smothers pt will come next year.






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