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Trev Alberts named new Husker AD - 11 a.m. press conference

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16 minutes ago, Lorewarn said:

If he didn't play at Nebraska and I didn't know his name, his resume would be glaringly unsatisfactory. I can't tell if "understanding Nebraska" is a valuable pre-requisite for the job or not, but if he's forward thinking and has some good insight in to how to manage an organize an administration he should do alright. 


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1 minute ago, Mavric said:


He's been the AD at a smaller Division I school for over a decade and handled multiple significant changes to their programs and built new facilities.  The only thing that could be more "satisfactory" is if he'd already done that at another Power 5 school.


This is a baseless claim.

If people are looking at Alberts' experience and don't think his resume "isn't good enough" then they aren't looking closely enough.

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2 minutes ago, gorp512 said:



I forgot the :honest question: lead. 


Maybe he's gonna be great, maybe be won't

You're right, he will either succeed or he won't.  However, I am a strong believer that the athletic situation and expectations at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is one of the most unique situations in all of college athletics.  Having someone who is familiar to that situation and has been close to that situation in recent years is a positive, regardless if he would be considered at Michigan or Ohio State or elsewhere in the Big Ten.

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7 minutes ago, Mavric said:

He's been the AD at a smaller Division I school for over a decade and handled multiple significant changes to their programs and built new facilities. 


A smaller division 1 school that doesn't have a football program and hasn't had one for over a decade.


It'd be similar to hiring the athletic director of Binghamton University or the University of Arkansas Little Rock Trojans.

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2 minutes ago, LumberJackSker said:

I'm sure he was on a list of guys they would hire. Doubt he was the number 1 choice or they wouldn't have hired a search firm to do a national search.

Did they actually hire a search team?  They had an advisory board that, when hearing the list on it, sounds very appropriate for whomever they were going to hire.


They also looked at 8 other candidates.  If they did hire a search team, and they were the ones that came up with that list, fine.  I will guarantee you, the cost of hiring a search team is minuscule in the grand scheme of things.


Question, why would anyone be upset that they hired a search team?

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1 hour ago, Mavric said:


Interesting that he used the same sort of 'everybody having their own role' message as on this clip from a few years ago:



15 minutes ago, ColoradoHusk said:

Who cares.  Wisconsin hired a former player and Assistant AD who probably wouldn't be a great fit at NU.


And we hired an ex-Wisconsin guy and, you know...

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