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COVID-19 in 2021

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23 minutes ago, BigRedN said:

I think a guy like you wants to do far worse ... and will in the near future.  Isn't it time to round up those who believe democracy and freedom can rule and reign without your "wokeness".  Ha ha.  It won't be long until you guys start rounding up all those who oppose and pull off that same "spirit" that other dictators have ruled with.  I get it.  

I continue to leave the judgment and vengeance for a later day.  

Here's to healthy living, trusting in the best Source your mind can discern ... and hope for the best day.

Go Big Red!  It's an easy three TD win with all the improvements.


Listen you creepy weirdo. You don't know jack s#!t about me. So please do not post anymore. Go run your little cult bulls#!t somewhere else. Have a great day. Don't forget to add me on Facebook creep

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On 8/27/2021 at 11:32 AM, Jason Sitoke said:

Might want to research a bit more on 'historical vaccines', whatever that is.  Measles vaccination comes with breakthrough infections, as does the annual influenza vaccine.


To your other point, so because you can't GUARANTEE an outcome, there really isn't any reason to employ a strategy?  I shouldn't have to point out how ridiculous this notion is, but I'll try with an example:


A car hitting a child at 20 mph can and has caused injury and death.  Clearly going 20 mph in a school zone does not guarantee a safe outcome.  So why do we have school zones?  Why don't we just drive 60 everywhere?

I did use historical vaccine as an ambiguous term, sorry. I meant that since we aren't rolling out shiny new vaccines for new illnesses ever year, modern society only has the concept of what it looks like at the end when have things essentially figured out with all the data we are going to get. Potential implementations for the sake of getting to the end as fast as we can often ignore what happen along the way. It appears to me that is the lynch pin to this whole scenario. People with concerns that can only be assuaged with enough data can't be convinced until long-term data is available. People who don't need that much data/convincing are able to reap the benefits sooner but take that trade with the potential costs. 


I see the disconnect now. I am not in any way saying to not have a strategy unless it is perfect. I am pointing out that the more aggressive/extreme the strategy the more it needs to be justified.

Let's use your example. Having free testing/vaccines, education, and quarantining are akin to your speed limits. Low ask and not hard to get people to go along. But when someone in the school decides that isn't enough so they are going to ban traffic with 1/4 mile of the school. Including staff and student drop-off. Much bigger ask but maybe you could implement that as a strategy with a good enough argument. People just want to 'feel' safe more than anything. Regardless, it would certainly require a greater argument than getting the initial speed limit restrictions. That effort would be hard enough but when someone advocates for that policy to be mandated by a person without a background in civil engineering, logistics, child health, etc., it is even harder. Let's say it is the school janitor is this mystery hero. He truly believes he is doing the right thing. All he needs to do is stop being a coward and attack any car he sees near the school. Any who disagree should just shut up and do what they are told. If they don't like it they can go to another school. 

That is an extreme/ridiculous example but people are advocating for a football coach, or athletic director, mandating an invasive medical procedure for participation. This could be a college coach but it could just as easily be at the pop warner level. It isn't anywhere near his scope of responsibilities but that shouldn't stop him. He just needs to stop being a coward.

If you don't get how saying that out loud might sound crazy to someone then you I don't think you understand the other side of the argument. I don't expect anyone to agree with any side. Everyone has a different world view and everyone is wrong. Forcing people to live according to your world view is just as wrong as you being forced to live by someone else's.

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