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New Head Coaching Staff Selections (Coordinators)

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3 minutes ago, JoeHuskers! said:



I am surprised by the Ellis news.... not so much with the Duval news

I was wondering if he was fired just from football responsibilities or just outright because it seems he works with other sports.  Wouldn't think the football coach would have the authority to fire the Volleyball nutritionist (or whatever other sports he works with)

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16 hours ago, BIG ERN said:

I believe the old staff was the following as of recent: so about a $1.5m bump for the new staff. 


Whipple $875k

Chinander $850k

Joseph $600k

Dawson $550k

Beckton $450k

Fischer $450k

Duval $425k

Busch $400k

Applewhite $325k

Ruud $325k

Raiola $325k



$425K for Duval.  SMH.  Would've been better used piled in a shopping cart on the path of a tornado

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10 hours ago, Born N Bled Red said:


Does this mean Robinson is a DC candidate?

Word is that college recruiters follow kids they are recruiting. Some say that a lot of kids are being recruited by more than one program! Savvy recruiters also LIKE any posts those kids make OR are mentioned in. I'd love to see him join Rhule, but I would not read too much into the Twitter Tea Leaves.

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Listening to 1620 this morning, their hosts are thinking that while the $7M is the available pool, it's not a "hard cap".  Trev would probably be able to pull in some extra cash if that meant retaining Mickey or getting another assistant coach.


The 1620 guys also think that Elijah Robinson may be coming to NU as the Defensive Coordinator.  Robinson is in his late 30s, so if he's looking to rise in the ranks of coaching football, he may want to start looking for coordinator jobs, with the goal of moving to a head coach down the road.

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1 hour ago, whateveritis1224 said:

That's not on strength and conditioning, that's a mental lapse where the two guys thought Illinois wouldn't attempt to block a PAT like they do a FG.



4 hours ago, alexhortdog95 said:

I don't care who they get in there, as long as they fix this:




That video of what appears to be inept, willful  non-blocking  reminds me of this scene from Remember the Titans.   No wonder our QBs were getting hurt.  Lucky the kicker or the place holder didn't get hurt by rusher who had an easy path to the block.




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