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  1. After a few seasons of putting it off, I finally found the right combination of hardware and software to make this easy. You need: a radio. A computer with speakers. An audio patch cable ($5 at Radio Shack). RadioDelay software http://www.daansystems.com/radiodelay/ The cable you need is a simple patch cable, it will plug into your radio's headphone jack and into your computer's microphone jack. under $5 at Radio Shack. Install the RadioDelay software - it's very easy. Tune your radio to the station you want to listen to, turn the volume WAY down but not to zero. Plug in the cable You might need to open the 'Audio Mixer' in windows so you can see where your audio signals are at. Adjust volume/gain here, and adjut it on your radio. Keep the radio's volume as low as possible so you don't overload your computer's input. You will probably need to mute the normal microphone input channel, if you are hearing a double/overlap audio. The software uses a slider to adjust the amount of delay. The best time to adjust is when a referee is speaking, you can sync theiur lips to the sound. Also many teams fire a cannon or siliar on kickoff so yo can use that to get your timing right. Now, just need to figure out how to run all this into a DVR so I can pause the radio in sync with the TV... maybe next season...
  2. NU - 48 OSU - 24 rush : 201 pass : 367 "Appetite, with an opinion of attaining, is called hope; the same, without such opinion, despair."
  3. It's all her fault

    Back in november of 2001 we were 11-0 and life was good. "It's a lot of fun, the Huskers never lose! Isaid" and I finally dragged my then-girlfriend (now wife) to a bar to watch a game, Colorado. What a disaster. I now blame her for everything that has happened since. Yes I married her anyway. So in order to finally lift the jinx she has offered to dye her hair husker-red and go to Memorial for a game. We have tickets for Ok State. My question is, where should we go for breakfast (or brunch I guess, it's a 2:30 ko) before the game? Somewhere downtown, walking distance. Is there a homecoming parade and where could we watch it? Thanks, David Omaha PS - this is my first post, glad I found the board