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  2. Oh my god, I was going to post that! Ha! No banning and vacations for this stuff anymore (which is totally fair) because we have been fine with ripping on politicians now, their physical features and even doing medical and shrink work about them! This is going to feel so liberating... Trump is ORANGE!!! Trump has mental issues! Biden is losing his MIND! Hillary is probably a dude!
  3. That's my feelings. I think what you are seeing is the immaturity of the people in this group. Hopefully they mature and it works itself out.
  4. Does this sum it up for Bernie voters? Editorial from the Daily Beast reprinted on Yahoo https://www.yahoo.com/news/picking-joe-biden-democrats-kissing-084519449.html
  5. Is she really a woman? Knapp you deserve a few of these wt that post. they didn't have a vomit one however.
  6. Player: Jacurri Brown Hometown: Valdosta, Georgia School: Lowndes Position: Quarterback Height: 6-4 Weight: 205 Power 5 Offers: Auburn, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, Virginia, Virginia Tech Visits: Twitter 247 Composite: Rivals: 247: #159 Overall; #5 DTQB; ESPN: Hudl
  7. Biden said he'd pick a woman. Hillary Clinton is a woman.
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  9. I'm a little confused on this compared to what I'm actually finding. The link on parameters above isLINK. We have found that the original offer was 3-4% interest over 10 years. Then, it switched to .5% over 2 years. Then, supposedly the banks didn't like the interest rate so it was raised to 1% over 2 years. Which, is bull s#!t because they have no risk at all, it doesn't go against their borrowing reserves and they get an origination fee paid to them by the feds. So, they are already making money. Anyway, this isn't what is in this article. So, I question the validity of their complaint.
  10. What not voting means is subjective and personal to the person not voting, and includes a lot more possible explanations than just that one.
  11. FWIW....in the next election...i would like to see your first choice finish 3rd.
  12. if they don't vote i think they have abdicated any right to complain about who gets voted in. not voting means you are really happy with whoever gets voted in.
  13. It's a normal feeling for the boring policy-based voter. I feel fortunate if my first choice even finished in 3rd.
  14. I don't tell people how to vote, or to vote, or who to vote for. Never have, never will. Also, settling for a compromise candidate has nothing to do with growing up. Included in my anecdotal observations of millenials commenting on Facebook today were plenty of mature, responsible, successful, ethical adults. Shaming people aint the way to get anywhere friends. Especially people jaded and resistant to the status quo.
  15. No one used word "majority" except people seeking a problem so they can solve it. The Bernie Bros are/were a known commodity on social media and the stats just showed that they were overrepresented on Twitter. That's actually quite typical. Angry men, often white males under 40, populate social media way way out of proportion to their actual % of the population. There may be an opportunity for Trump to get at least a sliver of those voters. Trump is THE uber angry man and it's normal for that demographic to support him.
  16. With Bernie dropping out, I changed the title of the thread by removing 'primaries' and adding Convention and General Election. As the primaries are basically over. There is another thread discussing VP choices.
  17. and more good news for small businesses - The system is rigged in favor of the banks - thanks to Mr Mnuchin. To compare him to a snake would be to offend the snake. https://thefederalist.com/2020/04/08/the-senates-plan-to-save-small-businesses-is-already-failing-and-mnuchin-just-made-it-worse/ Remember the deal the president signed to save America’s small businesses from ruin during the government’s coronavirus shutdown? The one hammered out by the Senate and Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin over weeks of tense negotiation while Americans worriedly watched, hoping good news might come before a depression does? The details are out of Treasury now, and it looks like it isn’t going to work for a large number of small business owners after all. It isn’t going to work because the Senate’s formula allows far too little money to make up for a lost month and get through the following two or more while meeting the Senate’s demands. The Senate made these demands to protect workers, but did not provide the money a lot of businesses will need to protect workers and themselves. It’s just common sense, Washington will say, to protect workers and the taxpayer in these hard times. Then, even if there was enough money, it isn’t going to work because Mnuchin crafted loan parameters that make it untenable for nearly all small businesses should the Senate’s demands not be met, which would mean the loan doesn’t qualify for forgiveness. Treasury did this last bit to protect the banks while pushing them to make loans they aren’t otherwise making. It’s just common sense, he’ll say, because local and regional banks couldn’t make a more generous deal work — a problem Mnuchin knew was coming the entire time the Senate negotiated, of course. Here’s how it all plays out in real life. Imagine you own a restaurant with a gross revenue of $1.2 million a year, or $100,000 a month. This business employs eight people and has gross expenses of $1 million a year, or $85,000 a month. So in a normal year for your restaurant, you get to take home $200,000, minus taxes. A 20 percent profit, by the way, puts you above and beyond a lot of America’s small businesses, which will be dealing with tighter margins than the ones below. Your monthly expenses don’t include buying goods anymore, because the government shut you down for the pandemic, but they still include rent or interest on your mortgage, the real estate tax, building insurance, maintenance and utilities, coming to $15,000 a month in your case. Then you have, say, $30,000 a month in payroll before taxes, and none of this includes your own pay. Now you need a loan. The Senate’s loan amount is generated by multiplying a business’s monthly payroll by 2.5. The loan is meant to cover two months and can go toward your costs and utilities, but to qualify for grant forgiveness you need to retain your entire workforce and put at least 75 percent of the loan toward them.At 2.5 times your monthly payroll, which is $30,000, you’re looking at a $75,000 loan. If this seems less than your needs, it’s because it is. You’re already in the hole because you saw a steep decline in business in March as the pandemic spread, but you didn’t know what was coming so you kept your full staff without earning near full revenue. Now you’ve got $75,000 for the next two months, but two months of payroll, rent and utilities swings in at $90,000 — $15,000 more than the loan that already doesn’t take last month into account. The city closed your restaurant the next two months too, by the way, so you won’t be earning a dime of revenue in that time. By June, you’ve earned no income and you’re halfway through your year. If you could get roaring again right away you might make up some of that, but you’re a restaurant and unless a cure is suddenly widely available, occupancy will be severely limited by the state and revenue won’t be what it once was. It might not be profitable to open at all, given new distancing requirements and their impact on sales. If you don’t make the Senate’s requirements, you have to pay that loan back, and thanks to Mnuchin, you’re not going to be able to do that either. In the bill, Congress set a window of a maximum interest of 4 percent and loan repayment within 10 years. This was just a window, so it was up to Treasury to set the final costs and they put them at 1 percent interest and two years to pay the bank.
  18. I'm sure this will put all small business owners at ease. Ivanka is over the $349 billion loan program. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/08/politics/ivanka-trump-small-business/index.html
  19. To be fair he responds to a lot of twitter edits
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