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  2. I read an athletic article where Frost said 2022 class is going to be 15 players or less. This could just be saving scholarships for transfer portal.
  3. A quick google search showed mostly conservative news outlets running with this story. At least the top ten hits. NIH admits gain of function research in Wuhan. maybe this should go in media bias. Maybe more outlets will show up later or it’s not considered relevant by some outlets and overly reported on by others. https://www.yahoo.com/now/nih-admits-funding-gain-function-125103852.html
  4. You obviously haven't read this board much this week.
  5. Seems a little presumptuous to assume that anyone questioning whether Frost should stay or go obviously is overreacting. Also a little presumptuous to assume there is a correct answer to this question. It actually seems that the most emotional have been the ones who won't consider replacing Frost. Fortunately, nobody cares what any of us on a message board think!
  6. There was a comment earlier in the thread about the merits on retaining Dawson because of his failure as a ST coach. I don't think Nebraska should fire Dawson or Ruud fwiw, but if you made me choose between Dawson or Ruud in order to get a ST coach, I'd say let Ruud go. Yeah in my original comment one page back I said that this would only be viable if Frost made the mistake of not making any changes on the offensive side of the ball.
  7. He deserves a 5th year based off of how the team has played, even in defeat, this year. I'm basing it solely off this season. You don't have to agree, I'm not in the CHANG MUH MIND business. Whether you or I think he deserves it or not is completely irrelevant, he's getting a 5th year barring an 0-4 skid to end the year. You really think potential candidates aren't aware of how our coaching history has gone the last 20 years? You're fooling yourself. This place is looked at like a career killer with a nice payday. Any talk of replacing him with 4 games left is preposterous.
  8. Anyone can find an example of a politically active professor somewhere. But, the vast majority just want to go teach Economics, Biology, History.....etc. and go home and enjoy life. They are not there dreaming of turning young minds into extreme liberal wackos.
  9. Maybe. Maybe SF can recruit great players. But there's a growing perception that he cannot develop and play his recruits to the level of the B1G's best teams. I subscribe to that perception, reluctantly, but in view of what we've seen for 40 games. Close. But not over the top Nebraska winning football.
  10. Is there were we point out you are speaking in unprovable generalities again? You know, what you accuse other posters of doing.
  11. if Rudd wasnt doing his job Id say get rid of him.. Greg Austin played for Nebraska but he is the first on most lists to go..
  12. Pretty sure, IMO, the inside LB's have improved more than the OLB's... why would you throw Rudd's name out there..?? just curious...
  13. Didn't this get posted once before? It's just a rip-off of The Helmet Project.
  14. I disagree on this but it's cool. I just think that coaching OLBs is inherently a little more difficult in what Nebraska wants to do as the players are asked to do more. This is by no means a shot at Ruud, just a discussion on if you absolutely made me choose someone between Ruud and Dawson to go in order to hire a S/T coach, I'd go with Ruud. And I say that knowing how full well unpopular that would be amongst Husker fans.
  15. Uhh yeah, that's why I added my last sentence. My comment was more from an earlier discussion where other posters were discussing the merits on keeping Dawson. Yup, I'd be 100% totally fine with this.
  16. If someone on the D side of the ball is fired and the O side is left intact, it would be one of the biggest "WTF!!" moves in Husker Football history.
  17. It's a very difficult question to answer. When you play so many really good teams so close, and, in those losses, you can point to one or two plays that would have changed the outcome, it makes me think we are that close. (no, that isn't saying they are moral victories. We lost and that sucks). However, it seems like in so many of those games, it's a different player here or there that could have/should have made the play.
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  19. What's amazing is that our BB recruiting has come so far that when a 3 star player is about to commit, I have a "cool....I guess" feeling. However, I have a lot of confidence in Fred to evaluate players.
  20. There are also a lot of examples of major programs constantly in the fire coaches every 4 years mode and they never get out of the hole because of constant change. Texas USC Tennessee Just to name a few. That is where we have been for the last 20 years. I'm willing to try a different route if that's what Trev decides.
  21. The reason our defense is better than years past is because of the LBs...period. We used to have sh*t LBs for almost a decade. Reimer, Henrich, Jojo, Nelson. 3/4 will return next year as well. Greg Austin - Fired Coach Verdu - Fired ...hire a ST coordinator with this spot.
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