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  2. Impressed with his visit. Got to spend time with Lubick. Visited Kansas State recently. Planning to visit Iowa State, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota and Wisconsin soon.
  3. He didn’t visit this week either
  4. Really liked his visit. Facilities stood out to him. Rated his visit "between an 8 and a 10". /gets out calculator.... No other visits scheduled right now.
  5. He said he's "announcing" his decision Friday. Which means it's entirely possible that he's already told coaches what his choice is. So the above Tweet could well be about him. All five CBs are for Iowa, all in the last week. So that seems like a pretty good bet.
  6. Hung out with Dawson all day. Sounds like it went well. Also spent a lot of time with Frost. Visiting Iowa State next weekend and Wisconsin in March. Right now Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa State, California and Army would be his five OVs. Was the Linebacker MVP at the Adidas combine in San Antonio.
  7. Reports out now that Orange Coast College baseball coach John Altobelli, his wife and his daughter were also onboard. Most reports point to her being a teammate of Kobe's daughter.
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  9. Reports that the flight manifest listed 9 people, which might have been where the incorrect reports that his entire family/daughters were also on board.
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  11. In real people terms what he meant by "lack of a diverse female student body" , was basically a vast majority of white females. While this is true to some degree. Some guys happen to love white females. And if not, their are enough black ladies, and asian ladies to go around on campus. If they are into hispanic women, their are also enough, and if not on campus certainly in town or in Omaha. What it boils down to is the "lack of a diverse female student body" is a non issue. Unless they are a Wilt Chamberlain type who requires 100 or so women from each ethnicity. In that case the west coast or Florida is really their only options.
  12. Kobe was my favorite athlete. Truly a sad day. Even more so that his daughter was with him and others on board. 8 seconds to cross half court 24 seconds for the shot clock Can't script that stuff.
  13. I know it is easy to say now, but i always liked Kobe. I thought the trial he was in was b.s., although very confident, i never took him as arrogant at all honest to God. Also heard him talk on matters outside of Sports, and he impressed me with his wisdom in my opinion. Definitely an independent thinker, didnt just follow the common train of thought. I think sometimes people mistake confidence for c$%kiness/arrogance. Kobe was extremely confident, not arrogant at all. Sports are so small in the big picture. I hate it when someone dies, and the first thought is "what a great basketball player he was" i mean seriously that pisses me off. But he was one of my favorite players to watch. I just respected him even more as i heard him talk outside of sports over the past 5 years or so.
  14. May have committed to Iowa. Their OL coach tweeted about an addition from Wisconsin
  15. Yep and he is a skinny 250. They can mold him to be a great DE.
  16. All for a kid that transferred and ultimately never to be heard from again.
  17. Advice on feeding a 13 year old boy. I may have to give him up. An entire Costco box Of 17 hot pockets in a week. That’s in addition to his normal ration of 5 meals a day. 

    1. huKSer


      One of the saddest days in my life was when my son decided he liked steak more than hot dogs


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