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  2. Someone in the Biden CDC isn’t being very honest already. https://www.nationalreview.com/the-morning-jolt/bidens-cdc-director-doesnt-know-how-to-count/
  3. Can I enter the portal? I'd accept anywhere that Lowe's and Home Depot do not stock snow scoops.
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  5. This week in, "Hey, let's slam our hand in the car door again and see if it still hurts..." Democrats are just stupid.
  6. No, the middle voted for Trump. How else do you explain 10 million more votes than 2016. The youth won this for Biden. Every piece of empirical data shows that. They showed up and voted for Biden instead of third party like 2016. Guess who the youth voted for in the primaries.
  7. Honestly I am surprised as well. I think he would of gotten drafted.
  8. Did they do polls with Bernie and Trump head to head? Were in the middle of a pandemic and you think the guy that wanted to give everyone healthcare would have lost? Trump got more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016, so this BS about how Biden turned GOP to him is nonsense. Biden won because Bernie people sucked up their pride and voted for him. He won because of the youth plain and simple. Look at the data.
  9. Dang...there is not telling that she is yellen. Ugggg, DON'T BREAK THIS. ONE!
  10. So you dont think democrats can turn non-political people that normally dont vote because they think its pointless Into voters if they did things to actually help people and not corporations?
  11. And eliminating union jobs, while making insulin potentially more expensive. You know, the important stuff
  12. I'm not trying to say NU should look to leave the conference, but I can still be critical of how the Big Ten Presidents/Chancellors and commissioner has handled the past year. With schools ranging from the East Coast to the Heartland, they should look to be creative and listen to their schools to how they should approach scheduling in each sport. Instead, they have been stodgy and re-active in all of their decisions, with the view of "what's best for the conference". That may have worked when they were a regional, 10 team conference, but the conference is now 40% larger in number of teams,
  13. I'll second that. Hoping for the same.
  14. He's been busy with more important things...some would say, more urgent tasks...Like putting Tubman on the $20 bill.
  15. If we don’t get Avante I would like us to nab a safety from the portal with a few years to play
  16. Insiders think he has them at one on 247. Also said it is “close to the vest”
  17. I have No knowledge here at all. Is this a gut feeling or by some insiders info?
  18. Option 2 is what I was/am hoping for Xavier Watts at ND. I put something in the portal thread. Although, I am not sure if he was ever on limbo like AD.
  19. Eh ... we can quibble over semantics all day. Overall, I think it's a very good place to be. But there really isn't any excuse for how poorly they've handled all the scheduling stuff this year. They've been about the last major conference to figure everything out and been nearly the most restrictive with everything. The Pac-12 just fired their commissioner, probably in no small part because of how they handled things the last several months.
  20. Be that as it may, you now get the ball on the 25 if you fair catch it anywhere inside the 25. So when you lack a 'Barry Sanders' on your team and you also have undisciplined blockers/poorly coached blocking scheme, you should probably just take the fair catch most of the time when they kick it deep.
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