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  2. Go ahead and say it out loud.
  3. Sorry about that! Thank you. No, I was just plain wrong. Depending on who starts, it could be JoJo | Miller | Barry | Tannor - so I was completely wrong there and @TheSker was right.
  4. Huge, HUGE win for Putin. Cannot be overstated how big of a policy disaster this is. But as the impeachment stuff ramps up, Trump will have to accelerate his actions on Putin's behalf.
  5. Ha, I was intentionally vague because I'm not sure. I guess heading into the 3rd season, because that's 3 spring camps, 3 fall camps, and 2 full years to develop guys and recruit over those who don't cut it. I don't expect to be a top 10 defense next year, but I expect to force teams to run more than 3-4 different run plays to beat us. And for the turnovers to not entirely dry up in conference play. I also don't think we'll ever really have a talent v. scheme v. coaching v. execution answer for the problems, it's a mix. And we can use recruiting rankings to show you don't need highly rated guys, but just saying player X was a low rated gem doesn't mean our similarly rated player Y is. Right now we don't have highly rated players or a scheme that has been taught long term, or the time to have developed these guys. I think all of those matter, and if you have enough of one piece you can compensate for lacking in the others.
  6. I guess I don't find it hard to understand why this year's Wisconsin defensive players perform better than this year's Husker players.
  7. Miller came to NU in 2016 so he was Riley. Did you mean Honas?
  8. Genuinely asking: Are high school recruiting rankings then to be completely, 100% thrown out in this conversation? In other words, should we completely throw out the data I looked up on Wisconsin's starting linebackers? Because if we did that...what criteria are we even talking about when we say that Wisconsin "plays above their recruiting ranking?" What do we attribute their good play to? Not to good coaching? Then what would it boil down to? Whatever's in the water in Madison? Tell me if the point I'm driving at is clear to you, please - regardless if you despise my premise or not.
  9. Heading into the third season or heading into the fourth season? Genuinely asking.
  10. I'd say UCF just turned around fast than anyone expected, for a lot of reasons. And those expectations for timelines shouldn't have come with the staff. I'd say 3 years, and I think I would've said the same if I were a UCF fan when this staff was hired. The fact that they beat the expectations once doesn't mean they figured it out and can fix a different team faster.
  11. Just looked him up on 24/7 Sports: Still confident on that statement? I'll back off on singling people out. I apologize as I'm sure I'm coming off to most as an a$$ here. Something we're doing with our defense this season isn't working. That's where I'm roughly at. And it is very frustrating.
  12. Dude, you can use the word "excuse" all day when acting demanding with this staff. UCF had better talent walking in than Nebraska, and Griffin would certainly be part of that. We have a good staff....including Chinander and Ruud. But if "excuse" is your favorite word, keep it flowing.....it's a message board after all.... If so, they are your goal posts.
  13. Instead of spending $82.50 a ticket through the AD you can go on seat geek right now for $46, fees included.
  14. We have acknowledged that the goal posts have been moved. Thank you for the confirmation.
  15. At UCF the answer was two. At Nebraska the answer is more than two.
  16. And remind me again: How many seasons did Chinander work with Shaquem Griffin? Ah yes; two. He had been coached by Chinander for a year and a half at the point at which he was considered "a good player." That's the same amount of time the rest of these guys here have been coached by this staff. See how many holes there are in all of these excuses?
  17. I guess I’m in the minority here. I don’t actually expect to see improved play when we plug in the freshmen. They will get meaningful snaps while preserving their redshirt (win-win) but they will make mistakes and commit penalties due to inexperience. Based on statistics others have shared, we literally can’t get much worse in some areas so I don’t expect to see a big drop off in play either. Do most of you really think that the younger players have been outperforming the upperclassmen in practice but the coaches haven’t played them because they want to preserve their redshirt? I’m just not sure.
  18. We should shut the program down it'll never be fixed. /s
  19. This is also assuming that the coaching staff is going to develop these players on a "normal" timeline. Putting a lot of eggs in the Greg Austin basket
  20. That statement is false. Alex Davis & Mo Barry are listed as starters and both committed in 2015. So, it's 50/50 (with the other two being Miller & Tannor, of course recruited by Frost). Still interested in hearing you (or anyone else) answer the question, at a minimum just to entertain the question itself: How many years is the minimum number of years under Chinander's coaching staff to no longer use the excuse that "_________ just needs more time in Chinander's system?"
  21. I mean really at this point the only surprising thing would be if the wall was not being used to launder money. This administration and this whole deal is....is.....is beyond words. They always said if you want to make a lie believable to take it to the extreme. I'm not sure extreme covers this sufficiently.
  22. I'm very confident Scott doesn't wish that. When in his life has Frost backed away from a challenge? This isn't the first time he's come home and faced adversity and he knew that. Also, had Nebraska not been an option he was going to take another P5 opportunity.
  23. I would also add that this same staff developed Shaquem Griffin into a pretty good LB.
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