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  2. 3 LBs, 2 DBs, and a DL to the draft alone. I don’t know about the opt-outs, but read about Stingley. I believe he’ll get it fixed, but I wouldn’t have expected the onslaught in the air. It’s interesting to go back to the Bo’s QB graveyard thread and the host of praise for shutting down future NFL starters to seeing LSU thread and now this lol
  3. The perfect companion piece to The Social Dilemma is Agents of Chaos on HBO. I'm only 45 minutes into it but it already has explained so much I didn't really understand about Russian influence and meddling in our election process. So far it seems to be a very evenhanded documentary, presenting facts and not a partisan hack job. It explains how/why Russia got involved in disinformation (Ukraine before our elections) and I think it is headed towards explaining much about the social unrest issues facing the US. I'm beginning to think the whole BLM vs Blue Lives thing has been greatly exaggerated
  4. I know it was an awful game but LSU will be a lot better. They lost a load of talent to the NFL + opt outs + Stingley is hospitalized (non-covid). They will get a helluva lot better towards the end of the year. They just didn’t deserve to be rated that high to begin with.
  5. I see he also reminded people he is suing to blow up their healthcare system. He's on a roll today.
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  7. Me - Blue You - No its not blue, if you look closely you can see that blue is not a great, but good color. I am telling you the color is blue!
  8. JD is good, not great. He had a place as a #2 receiving option in a college offense that contained and NFL #1 receiver, an NFL RB, and a dual threat QB. He struggled mightily when asked to rise into anything more. I won't buy that he was weak or didn't try, I absolutely think he gave his all while on the field. In the end he is a 5'9 receiver that lacks elite speed and will always be somewhat limited because of that. I think he felt he could be more than that and is seeking a chance to show it. I think he will find that he's a good role type player and hope he truly enjoys his senior year of f
  9. Anyone else feel like the first Husker game is still so freaking far off?

  10. Ladies and gentlemen. The President of the United States of America.
  11. "It's all fixable" "You saw what I saw" I still liked Bo
  12. Earned himself a helmet sticker on College Football Final for his performance against TCU
  13. He was a very good football player for us. He thrived when we had a healthy Martinez (not sure what he was last year), Stanley Morgan and Ozigbo. Even last year he made many great plays, and got destroyed on some of them. It is confusing why he left last the team and joined TCU, but to say he wasn't/isn't that good is just crazy.
  14. 2,000,000 For a coordinator. That should include Carl, too.
  15. The only Pink Floyd concert I went to was the Division Bell tour back in the 90s. Saw them up in Minneapolis at the Metrodome. Really great show where they basically played two albums in their entirety - Division Bell and Dark Side. So you have all the current visuals and music from a decent album, and then they did Dark Side and it just brought down the house. The solo in The Great Gig in the Sky is a powerful piece, but in person it was so much more amazing. I have no idea who sang that, but she absolutely crushed it. No weed for me at that concert either, but that whole place wa
  16. Your right. Was he ever offered a scholarship to Neb.I read he wasn't ? GBR!!!
  17. If there was a postgame interview with Bo it went something like this. “Well you saw it” “we didn’t execute”
  18. Oh yeah, totally agree. They overreacting, and Leach is pretty good at what he do. In they're minds, they can't even compete with Vandy or Kansas now lol. Just crazy.
  19. It was bad but the mention of Vanderbilt makes me think they are underestimating how good Leach is.
  20. Mike Leach at Miss State just put it on them (on the road, at #6LSU - defending national champions). Meanwhile the Huskers hope to win against the likes of Northwestern, Illinois, and Purdue. Most likely, but not guaranteed. This is real, and sad. Real sad
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