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  2. Said he wants mom in the stands for every game.. feels like a stay in state need.
  3. Basically the quarters high match-up zone is 2-man look with zone rules. The truth is no defense is infallible, so you have to have multiple options to change it up. Pelimi ran the Tampa 2 which was the same base look with a minor variation in inside rules in the unders, Mike runs with streak and denies an inside release by 2 receiver crossing his face, and corners on snap rotate to the unders. Unfortunately any minor tweak runs risk if you do it too much, which we did in some games.
  4. DeVos is the wrost of the wrost. Corrupt to the core. This rep did a pretty good number on her today. Kudos to him for not mincing his words.
  5. Come on dude, you really think he would transfer down divisions? Is this a joke?
  6. I would hate to see luke leave the huskers; but I suppose you couldn't blame the guy for wanting to play for his pops. I have heard nothing to indicate this would happen, but over the last 20 years years or so, I automatically think the worst will happen.
  7. The Tories will remain in control in the U.K. Labour got crushed tonight. Viva la Brexit.
  8. Checking my March Madness brackets... Just kidding!
  9. I know it, but 3 from one class is not good and there also is an allegation of an assault by a fourth, although who knows what recruiting class he was in. Maybe just an statistical outlier. Recruiting Juco's for awhile might be a is a good deal for us. More background information on guys and more emotional development without the intense attention and expectation. And can a team ever be mentally sound when the fan misery index is so high? But the anecdote is only to reduce our expectations, so that's not a great solution.
  10. I'd pick just one to establish that they won't talk. Otherwise the risk averse strategy is justifiable. first time watching C-SPAN?
  11. My New Years resolution will be to watch the first three games next season. If it's the same weak stuff then I'll resolve not to watch the rest of the season and do something productive on football Saturdays. I used to enjoy watching any competitive CFB game but without a team in contention for anything, even that is starting to lose its appeal.
  12. I realize I'd just started scrutinizing college football in 1970 when I was 10...But I doubt Devaney ever sniffs an MNC without Osborne on staff..Who in turn Gained tremendous loyalty from his own assistants..Had an amazing memory for specifics and minute details.
  13. I’m pretty sure that is his rating from when he was a high school recruit for the 2019 class.
  14. Shows him as a 5.5 3 star on rivals, but 247 doesn’t have a composite.
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  17. I got a chuckle out of it.
  18. Yes I imagine the recruiting sites will have record numbers this year!
  19. $100 says Kern watches gay porn on pornhub. Most of the people who shout the loudest about it being sinful are the ones that are “sinning” themselves.
  20. Am I the only one hung up on the fact that he was holding a rally in a DENNY's? I mean, discussing porn in a Denny's is pretty normal I guess, maybe that's why?
  21. Seen that. Any risk of transfer here?
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