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  3. No one on this board has read the entire Mueller Report Including the person talking the most about it. We have all just read the cliff notes versions. People should stop acting like they have.
  4. You're continuing to argue with someone who never bother to read the report. It's useless.
  5. @Mavric is a huge Billy Joel fan.
  6. Living in Oakland county my primary vote doesn't mean much. Everyone voted Biden last time, except me.
  7. The teams they play SUUUUUUCK on offense and the Husker D-line should shut down the running game of pretty much every team they face. 9-3 is on the LOW end IF they start off 7-0. 7-0 start changes everything.
  8. Never did Wendy's a lot BUT I always liked it. But I do miss the low fast food prices. Pizza is really the only thing that you can still get a decent deal on when it comes to "fast food"
  9. Gotcha. I was just thinking the guy won't give up. At this point the SEC teams can leave for free, I think, and the revenue will be similar. It would boil down to the academic consortium and how much they hate Texas.
  10. Following up on that, the same 247 writer predicts that Nebraska will go 9-3 this year: https://247sports.com/longformarticle/big-ten-football-predictions-way-too-early-order-of-finish-final-records-for-2024-season-227752843/#2373186
  11. or say they will be dictators, or they want to end democracy. but some here support those guys. i won't mention any names.
  12. Honestly, the last time I ate at a Wendy's may have been in high school. There was one in the Conestoga Mall that I ate at quite a bit. I think my go to was 2 Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers, 5 piece nugget, soda. Each was on the 99cent value menu. Cost me like $4.25.
  13. Also a kinda..well duh moment lol
  14. We split with Wisconsin this year, but otherwise yeah, exactly this. Not playing anyone except Creighton and KSU in the nonconference + lucking out with the easiest possible conference schedule kind of put a cap on Nebraska's seeding possibilities this year without doing something crazy like running the table in the B1G
  15. No SuperBar, hiked up prices at times people actually want to eat, good Frostys changed for the worse. What’s next, a kick in the nuts with every order of fries?
  16. Creighton has the 12th toughest schedule in the country while Nebraska has the 43rd toughest schedule (and we're probably gonna drop a bit because the last 3 games are against the dregs of the Big Ten). Also Creighton is 2.5 games better in Quad 1&2 games. The pitiful nonconference scheduling was always going to prevent us from locking in a 5 seed or better without a really dominant conference record.
  17. At least we aren’t voting for Presidents who actually organize the attack on our government.
  18. That was well done! HAHA
  19. And you’ve fallen for the Mueller report exonerated him. Even though Mueller said it didn’t.
  20. The pentagon is working on a new laser. But for realsies, there are actual anti-drone weapons out there. https://www.popsci.com/technology/pentagon-anti-drone-weapon/ https://www.militarytimes.com/off-duty/military-culture/2021/06/22/this-enormous-drone-gun-can-pluck-uavs-right-out-of-the-sky/
  21. Drone vs drone fighting? Jamming the signal? Shooting them down seems like it would be hard.
  22. II. Day 1 Dictatorship Promise: Energy and the Environment "Trump plans to violate statutory requirements by using administrative agencies within the executive branch to promulgate rules that prevent oversight and regulation required by Congress." "For instance, Congress passed the bipartisan Toxic Substances Control Act in 2016, but Trump’s EPA illegally withheld chemical safety studies where public disclosure was required, violated the law’s requirements to review new chemicals, and refused to ask companies to disclose data required under the law.''' "Trump has called for dismantling the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Trump’s 2024 plan includes “systematically dismantling” the EPA, including cutting funding, rolling back regulations, forging closer ties to the fossil-fuel industry, and loosening fuel economy standards."
  23. Russias english language news channel i like the idea of spitfire drones
  24. I wonder what the "new" way to battle/attack drones will be.
  25. I am boycotting Wendy's until the bring back the SuperBar.
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