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  2. Kansas Football Big Ten Reports Swirling Supposedly flights between Lawrence and Chicago, guessing that isn't totally rare. Until I hear something from an aquarium guy I don't put much into this.
  3. Nearly every game there are many seats around us in our section empty, for the past several years. I say nearly every game because for some of the biggies we'd see strangers in those otherwise empty seats. Once in a while we'd ask where they got the tickets and invariably it would be from a friend of a friend or co-worker, etc. In other words, they were season tix that the owners had lost the feeling of having to come to the games. Indeed we got ours many years ago when we lost our faculty tickets and found a pair across the stadium put out there about half an hour before we swooped them;
  4. https://www.cnn.com/us/live-news/george-floyd-protests-05-31-20/h_cb459ab077b164295d8d61d80987e3fb The officers and agents were injured when protesters threw “projectiles such as bricks, rocks, bottles, fireworks and other items,” according to the statement. “Personnel were also directly physically assaulted as they were kicked, punched and exposed to bodily fluids.” https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/verify/150-local-federal-officers-injured-during-dc-protests-verify/65-8fdaf04e-df2e-47d0-abd6-a47017a699f8 "They were battling over the fences," Barr said. "They were tryin
  5. Someone needs to tie this Matt Walsh guy to a chair and give him titty-twisters until he cries. Then slap the s#!t out of him from crying in public like a little b!^@h...
  6. What you posted is an attempt to minimize what happened. You must support that.
  7. We will see about this. I'm hearing about models that are predicting a rise all the way through Fall. If the vaccine is truly preventing infection in most exposures and with Delta being amazingly contagious... I would expect to see quick, intense flashes of community spread in low vaccinated areas, with the hotspots changing every few weeks. I've been wrong more than I've been right when I've ventured guesses in the past year and a half, though.
  8. yes the video of them smashing in the doors and windows of the white house and dragging cops into the street and beating them with flagpoles was very powerful if i remember correctly.
  9. I don't really view Florida as the "south". I know they are south but like they are their own thing. like Georgia and Alabama are south but Florida is some sort of bastard.
  10. ...which actually happened in the summer of 2020 btw...check it out
  11. do kohls 5* kickers still count as a 5*? if so sign him up
  12. Today
  13. This is all total offseason fodder stuff. The 2019 game in their house was pretty bad. We had to overcome a ton of mistakes we made, big runs we gave up on defense, and then Frost had some of his absolute worst play calling inside the 10 yard line in that game. We had to settle for a field goal late in the game instead of punching it into the end zone which put sealing the game onto our defense. We put up 674 yards on them but should have had way more points to show for it (kind of Frost's trademark in his short career here so far, mainly due to dumb mistakes, penalties & te
  14. Good deflection bro. This isn't last year. You've heard of the Delta variant right? So you don't have an answer to what DeSantis is going to do to try to save lives. Not sure why you're not more pro-life but whatever.
  15. Of course the major problem with this proposal is that it is completely "football-centric". If money is the aim, then let's acknowledge that fact and proceed. However, if promoting competition is the aim, this proposal will fall well short. An NCAA tournament that is Power 5 oriented would exclude the likes of Gonzaga, Memphis, and any AAC or Big East school. A college baseball field devoid of UC Irvine, Cal State Fullerton, etc. would be much diminished in my opinion. Rather than hastily moving towards a day where more and more power is concentrated with the few,
  16. Maybe I'm in the minority but I think any merger with Pac12 teams would suck for both conferences. Having regular games against teams 2-3 time zones away can be pretty brutal for all involved. I work on the west coast 4-5 times a year- it can really mess with you jumping back and forth.
  17. Oh yeah, I would definitely agree that we've got better guys in the front three than at LB, which is probably still going to be the weakest group on the defense. A lot of people have blamed the front three for things that were more the failing of the LBs, the DL has actually been pretty solid for the most part. Jojo is dependable, but the other positions are a little more questionable. Our lack of a pass rushing OLB is something I've been screaming about for like five years now, and we still keep striking out on recruiting a legit dude for that role. It sounds like Payne will be fi
  18. I figured that ecological succession would way over your head but thanks for proving that.
  19. the right wing is minimizing what happened on jan 6. wonder what they would be saying if it was BLM storming the whitehouse when don the con was president?
  20. Good, because that’s not what was posted. Remind me to stay off your lawn too. Geesh, get some humor in your life. Does a body good.
  21. She must be the Globes and not with the Oascors
  22. I'm sorry, don't really find an insurrection against our government and people who supported it funny.
  23. I think it would be most fair to everyone if the climate deniers and anti-vaxxers were given their own country (I'd be willing to sacrifice Idaho and Montana) where they were free to live their own life, listening to (or ignoring) their own scientists and medical professionals. In turn, they could not unite to f#&% up the adjacent United States of America. Maybe they'd prove us all wrong! Worth trying, though.
  24. ingram was also handing out best actor awards
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