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  2. I grew up on a farm in South Dakota south of Gayville, about 1-2 miles from Nebraska (as the crow flies). My family centered on Crofton and Wakefield/Emerson depending on the side of the family.
  3. MissSt, UCLA and Oregon offered in last few days.
  4. There'll be sports from other countries where they stopped the spread. In some totally mysterious, unreplicatable way that is most likely pure chance and not related to any conscious decision made by the citizens of those countries.
  5. And so did Pelosi’s husband and I’m sure countless other ‘rich’ people in politics and in general. People on here are so emotional...
  6. Clearing the swamp indeed! Remember this in November
  7. If sports are cancelled there is literally no reason to pay for a tv service for the next year
  8. Today
  9. I’m at the point now where it’s hard for me to give any Republicans the benefit of the doubt, because I question why anyone would be willing to associate with the party. How is it not too embarassing to take?
  10. This guy has been talking about this for a long time. Seems to be closer to correct than most of the others. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6169738032001#sp=show-clips Give it a couple of weeks and see if the death toll goes up percentage wise. I hope he is correct.
  11. A bluejay?? They had a heck of a nice football program for a few years. Beat Boys Town for a title about 10 years ago. I was no longer coaching at BT at that time but it was a heck of a game by Pierce.
  12. Curious to where your hometown is. I grew up in Pierce, I feel exactly the same way.
  13. If we're forming two nations I'd propose making the border a 10-mile radius around every city over 100k residents and we would be well on our way. The city and country already feel like two different nations, it's a shocking experience whenever I go back and see my extended family in NE Nebraska. So many strong opinions on how the world should be run when in reality they are completely isolated from the world.
  14. Ya. There was no other reason to support him or stop using the flag of traitors.
  15. He just carried the weight of a grown man like a baby....Pretty impressive. Great flexibility as well....
  16. Are these kids in an impacted area? Are they shipping in kids from Florida and Texas? You make this statement like K-12 schools across the country are making a decision in unison. It's completely up in the air here in Minnesota.
  17. College Kids don't need anyone to watch them. Kids do, if they're not at school they'll be at daycare. Maybe we need to rename the thread, Will there be a 2020 College Basketball Season?
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