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  2. In search of... Guardians - 13 Phillies - 2, 11, 13 Mets - 11, 12, 13 Yankees - 7, 8, 11, 13 Diamondbacks - 7, 10, 12, 13 Rockies - 8, 11, 12, 13 Blue Jays - 9, 11, 12, 13 Braves - 8, 10, 11, 12, 13 Cubs - 8, 10, 11, 12, 13 No one has 13 in our contest yet. But the Guardians are only missing that. The Angles and Padres are also only missing 13. The White Sox and Braves have both scored exactly 3 10 times already.
  3. I want you to know that he'll win again if he decides to run. That's how these Republican voters are. They love this guy. I mean, most of them voted for the guy after he suggested injecting bleach on national TV.
  4. I honestly thought it was the left that didn’t like To Kill a Mockingbird because it was offensive. Same with Mark Twain’s books. My kids read To Kill a Mockingbird at their Charter school a few years back. They also read Animal Farm. The should have read 1984.
  5. The most important thing is the Senate majority. Not the decline of America.
  6. I don’t remember hearing about many African civilizations outside of Egypt being taught in my daughters charter school, but slavery and the trail of tears were taught. Do the British teach their students about the history of slavery in their colonies? I have no idea. We do though.
  7. Today
  8. I agree. OL play will be the key to success. I think we’ll be better at all phase of the game on offense wt the OL being the biggest unknown. Defense: I was really very concerned about the DL but the recent transfer players will have a impact there. Fisher will get the DBs ready and our LBs will be the strength of the D even though JoJo will be missed.
  9. 6’4 165?? Somebody take this kid to the nearest Golden Corral.
  10. I GOT 9……I GOT 9…….. ain’t ever getting anything higher. We suck.
  11. Oh... my god. OMG. Are you telling me George Washington didn't cross the Delaware to bring presents to the British soldiers so far away from their families on Christmas night? HAS MY WHOLE LIFE BEEN A LIE?!??!?
  12. Why couldn't they have made these changes 25-30 damn years ago...
  13. It's like you forget we all went through school. We know how you teachers are. We know what you're about. But it could be worse. I was taught that firefighters are the bane of taxpayers everywhere. Imagine if those hose nozzles were in charge of our education!!!!!!! Gahh!!!
  14. I was in 5th grade in the mid 90s when I learned about our POW camps, when I read in horror that we had Japanese internment camps that cost those Japanese Americans all they had, when I read about the Cherokee trail of tears and the sand creek massacre, and that Martin Luther King was assainated because of his fight for Civil rights and of course there was Rosa Parks and the bus. It wasn't until 10th or 11th grade that I had to watch Mississippi Burning, and learned about the KKK, lynchings church bombings and more. When I learned about Matthew Sheppard and others. It wasn't until college that I learned about the economic and socio-economic outcomes these populations still struggle with as a result of the persecution they faced. I learned through first hand, eye witness experiences the treatment of Hispanic Americans, INS raids, the fear that illegals were stealing jobs and what the Hispanic people were really like. That wasn't a school subject yet. This stuff is taught in schools. But how much longer will it be if a guy like DeSantis takes over or Pillen goes the way of the Trump? First they outlawed talking about climate change by anyone with a government job, now CRT ( though no one screaming against it can accurately define it.) They are trying to ban/burn books. How long will Uncle Tom's cabin still be allowed in a school library or To Kill a Mockingbird??? When will a Child's Guide to Trump by Mike Huckabee replace all that? And I'll add one more, how idiotic do people have to be to lock arms and scream about illegals and vote those leading the hate into office when the ones leading the charge are profiting off of hiring those very same illegals they claim to hate. Looking at you Trump and Pillen voters...
  15. I’m not talking about what you teach now. I’m talking about some people think you should be teaching. Brlieve it or not, some of us that have had multiple kids go through the system and have good friends as teachers, know some of what goes on.
  16. Some are trying to change that.
  17. I wouldn't hold my breath here. This kid was shopping around private high schools in Florida when his father received a new job last summer that moved him to Austin, TX to play for Westlake HS. Of course, it is entirely possible that's all a coincidence.
  18. Had a student from Russia a few years ago...who in class said... "Don't you think capitalism is the worst form of government" (I said no, because, well...) then the student said "I hate America, it is the worst, Russia is the only country that does things the right way" They are now at a university here in Nebraska.
  19. The student that "turned them in" is...well, I don't know how to explain it! But it was an issue. Student is a diehard commie lover.
  20. It is the age... When you are in little kids school you are taught that GW was this amazing dude that never lied...you don't learn that he helped kill british soldiers. Because when you are 6 years old, learning a song about GW...it is really hard to fit "ordered his men to kill redcoats" into a song at family night.
  21. And why can’t “commie” be used in the classroom? It’s just short for communist, and that is an actual thing.
  22. Yeah…..of course I’m older than dirt but we were taught about slavery and how native Americans got screwed. My kids (a lot more recently) were taught all kinds of negative things about ‘Merica. Heck even Christopher Columbus is a bad guy now. He was still a good guy when I went to school. I don’t doubt though that in some locations of the US that many things aren’t taught or covered fully. Recently the CRT issue comes to mind.
  23. Interesting sidenote...had a colleague that ALMOST got in trouble for using the word "commie" this year. A student "reported" them.
  24. I saw yesterday that the governor of Oklahoma "warned" Native Americans not to create "abortion havens" on their reservations. Quite the hubris to even sniff that statement.
  25. Sort of...schools should teach how to learn. Parents should teach how to think.
  26. You people have teachers right here on this site...why not just ask them what goes on?? Good lord. If one of you was a car fixer person (I don't know much about cars) I would ask you about that stuff instead of just saying that the Johnson Rod needs to be replaced.
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