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  2. They need 60 votes in the Senate. They may not get 50.
  3. Running out of patience with the cranks on here who continue to actively not read or understand posts about statistical rankings and choose instead to counterargue points no one is making and operate in bad faith. I have never seen a post suggesting things are all-good because of our SP or EPI or FPI ranking or that those don't ultimately need to translate into winning games. People are excited about them because they show things might not be as bad as internet rando crybabies on this board like to suggest.
  4. Tom Brady is real mad about the new uniform numbers rule change:
  5. This. And I listened to the actual interview last night. Beckton did say the defense got the better of the offense. But he also said in the next sentence it was welcomed because the offense needed some humbling after beating up on the defense over the last few practices (paraphrased). The fact is no one should be making judgements on "progress" because of one Tweet. But, it's Spring in Nebraska...
  6. If the offense dominated, would you be happy? Or, would you be just as upset at the defense not being improved?
  7. Or we could lift any embargos on vaccine raw materials and let places like India make their own. We can argue about this all day but I don't want to. I am just saying it isn't as cut and dry as sending it to another country and feeling good about ourselves.
  8. It is in good faith as we could just keep it tell it expires if we wanted and those countries could be on their own. And it’s possible that once the pause is over we won’t need JJ because we have so much MRNA.
  9. @Guy ChamberlinI am not trying to bust your chops regarding your own view. I just take exception to hyperbole, anecdotal at that, presented as fact regarding what outcome was inevitable. Empathy for POC is needed, of course, but not by way of something totally un-provable.
  10. That's awful ballsy, comparing Crocodile Dundee to Han ****ing Solo.
  11. Couldn't remember which thread was correct. Feel free to move.
  12. QB - Who RB- Really WR - Cares WR- At WR- This TE- Point RT- They RG- Aren't C- Particularly LG- Good LT- Benhart /s for those of you who will get your feathers ruffled over this.
  13. Really? All the practice stuff we've seen has Scott getting a large share of the carries with the 1s.
  14. The cop's life is being immediately threatened in the second scenario.
  15. Today
  16. As long as you include some bowling balls for the poor orphans.
  17. You are the one who said if you had been black you would have been killed...?
  18. Why do you insist on missing the point? I mean, I know why. I'm just hoping you can make an honest attempt to step out of yourself, imagine the two scenarios -- one with white kids, one with black kids -- and see if you can detect the unconscious bias that most of us have. It applies to years and years of police enforcement across every jurisdiction in America, and overlaps with the most recent and publicized cases being discussed. Suggesting that the example is invalid because the LPD didn't kill any black kids is really reaching, and suggesting that black kids aren't killed or im
  19. I can saw that I would be more likely to shoot a dude coming at me than a dude going at someone else.
  20. The J&J shot can be part of a gift pack that also includes Chiefs repeat Super Bowl champion t-shirts.
  21. Bielema will be a bust at Illinois imo. I also am of the opinion that Lovie was on the cusp of producing a highly competitive team year in and year out. Guess we'll see soon enough.
  22. i though strength and conditioning was supposed to fortify our guys to less injuries? seems hopeless we have so many guys who can't get through a whole game or practice without getting hurt. everyone ends "nicked up" and then they are out for half the season or more. are we recruiting the wrong body types? at least it appears so. and look at Stepp, he gets off the plane in Lincoln and is immediately pronounced injured! and we didn't know that? he didn't know that? right. we are desperate.
  23. You might as well throw out any thoughts about who is the best RB on the team, because it's probably just going to come down to who is healthy.
  24. We know you're a smart guy. They're clearly very different situations. A civilains life is being immediately threatened by a person with a knife in one. The cop is the only target in the other.
  25. But he was that smart/talented to have the calling card. What does Bielema bring to the table that is elevate Illinois? He had ok teams at Arkansas that did the basics well and he beat a couple of overrated teams in his tenure.
  26. I wish the US didn't do a hard stop on the J&J vaccine, but as of right now it is not being used in the US so that is why I called it a reject. Other countries may very well take whatever we can give them and be very happy with it. However, lets not act like all of our "help" that we have given to the majority world has been in good faith since sometimes we do pass along our rejects and/or trash. I am just saying that it might be framed that way in other countries.
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