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  2. Since Hayden Moore, a one time Nebraska recruit, goes to this same school in the Denver area, I'd think Rhule would have already been introduced. Odd story......
  3. Nobody posts things here unless they agree with the messenger.
  4. Can I ask what you do see in Desantis? Granted I don’t know a lot about him but everything I’ve seen about him is similarly stupid faux outrage issues. Battling Disney, grandstanding busing immigrants to other states, worrying about CRT, wanting to censor books and curriculum in schools, don’t say gay nonsense, gas stoves…. What are the real issues he stands for that are worthy of your support? All I see is a slightly smarter Trump playing the wronged and marginalized white man to a prepackaged MAGA audience that is more than eager to lap it up.
  5. Great….I just hope he is good enough to get our linemen strong, limber and mobile. Im tired of hearing great things about our Strength and Conditioning team, only to get in the season and hear they did it all wrong. I don’t know anything about it, but I’m tired of hearing that it’s the problem.
  6. Huh, welcome to the party! We've been telling you this for 2 full years. The insurrection happened because Trump wanted it to, and they ensured it would happen by Trump and his senior staff denying requested personnel increases and national guard help. YUP- I guess you could say that is them not taking the Intel serious. Glad you've finally come around
  7. Yes….I wish he was back. But, good luck to him. The Chiefs could use him.
  8. Well, they should be smart enough to understand the playbook.
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  10. It's called the playbook.
  11. No $%^&! Knock me over with a feather.
  12. He was really good at football.
  13. Surprised Prime missed on this one. He also takes diamonds in the rough.
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