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  2. Seems like he's found the right job. He's proven he can raise money for husker athletics. He's no boyscout but that fits the grey-area world of NIL, it is largely buying/paying-off players under the guise of them marketing themselves afterall.
  3. It really seems like "YES!" after a 10 minute delay on a good play is all he says anymore.
  4. Every coach who's ever had a successful career had one place give them a chance before anyone else did. "If Mike Kryzewski was such a great coach in 1975 he would've gotten hired by somewhere better than Army." See how dumb that sounds?
  5. There's coordinators that are candidates who've coaches zero games that makes your rebuttal stupid
  6. What a stupid thing to say. He’s coached two freaking games. Of course Alberts is continuing to pursue other options…we don’t know how the rest of the season will play out. But rest assured IF Mickey were to say, get us to a bowl, then he would absolutely be at the top of the list AND be getting pursued by other schools.
  7. Of those mentioned, only Rhule is a possibility. I'd very much like Petersen. I just don't think that he's interested in returning to coaching. Sanders has a lot of intangibles although is lacking experience at this level. We might be getting Billy O'Brien or Jake Dickert at Washington State...I'm not getting my hopes too far up.
  8. Urban Meyer is a shady individual who has a peculiar relationship with the truth. He's demonstrated himself as an opportunist that's sought opportunities to exploit. "Excellent" coach. Low character human being. He got bored with college football, gave the pros a whirl and now he's seemingly flirting with other exploits again. There was the assistant that was abusing his wife. The disaster at Jacksonville. Cayman Nebraska. And the like. Plus, you never know if he might experience a brain aneurysm or some other health related issue to conveniently excuse himself. That he was receiving all that attention was the cause for him having a gleam in his eyes on set discussing Nebraska. Not the program. I can see the reasoning behind people's interest in Meyer. I just don't think the extent or significance of his character flaws is understood by most of his supporters. I'm not picking on you. I've liked a number of your posts. On this one we'll have to disagree about Urban Meyer being a home run hire.
  9. Aranda was considered for LSU but probably only floated in rumors for USC. Maybe someone smart can start a thread on what it would cost to buyout some of these guys like Aranda, Kiffen, Campbell, Gundy, Fickell, Leipold, Dykes, etc. That’s why I think it could still be a guy sitting in the sidelines and I would welcome that if it’s Meyer or even Petersen. Rhule could be open at year end too. Don’t sleep on Deion either.
  10. The quickest way to rebuild is acquire talent and Meyer has done that everywhere he's been. I won't waste too much time discussing Meyer because it won't happen but he's absolutely a home run hire.
  11. Looks like we got some blind homer passively laughing at posts because he can't back up his opinion. If Joesph were such a great coach he not only would be at the top of Alberts list but other schools would reach out to him. This hasn't happened and again it's a clear case of a % of fans living in the past. This program needs a complete teardown and rebuild.
  12. Great listen with coach Joseph interviewed by Clint Cosgrove.
  13. Cornhuskers 17 Scarlet Knights 14 Rush 125 Pass 210
  14. Last back to back B1G win was 2018.....WTH....Needs this win. To build for the next one.
  15. If you've listened to Alberts repeated comments it's clear he wants a coach who can build a program. Howcome none of the guys locked in like Feldman, Thamel, etc have mentioned Mickey as a candidate? They've all mentioned Campbell and there was a rumor Trev had him last year before being overruled. 1 sloppy win against Indiana doesn't change the fact that this is a rebuild.
  16. Assistant to the Coaching Staff Elaine Anderson Calypso
  17. Guys laying on Thompson and Corcoran pulls him off. They changed things recently (or not that recently) that pulling people off a pile is a 15 yard penalty. Edit: I'm wrong, Cocoron pushed him back in another one of those plays/actions that's not called at all that the refs were calling all night. Also embellished by the defender to draw the penalty.
  18. It's hard to see exactly what happens right at the end. But the Indiana guy is down on the ground and it looks like Corcoran shoves him over (to the left as we watch it).
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