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  2. ADS

    CB Tavian Mayo

    Fong with a WVU CB
  3. broganreynik

    S Noa Pola-Gates

    Just sub in Chad Pennington and nobody will notice the difference.
  4. Moiraine

    Maher sets Cowboys record

  5. Stumpy1

    S Noa Pola-Gates

  6. Cdog923

    Look back at Suh and the erroneous Hypesman

    I'll be That Guy: the offensive line is more responsible for the 1994 National Title than Tommie or Brook were.
  7. Cdog923

    Look back at Suh and the erroneous Hypesman

    Of course I'm a homer. I thought we all were here?
  8. HuskerNation1

    DT Matthew Pola-Mao

    I couldnt agree more Ulty!! Plus NU can offer four seasons and prepare him for the cold weather reality in the NFL!
  9. huskerfan333157

    Look back at Suh and the erroneous Hypesman

    You should change your name to ImAHomer.

    DE Ethan Piper [Nebraska Commit]

    Shows his versatility and athletic ability if both sides of the ball want him. If we fill out the class with Robinson, Matthew Noa-Poa, possibly Datona Jackson (still visiting tomorrow?) and I'm sure this staff could pull that rabbit out of a hat. He'll end up as a good interior lineman... Pay check for playing on Sunday.
  11. Today
  12. KazLongDrives300

    S Noa Pola-Gates

    Nobody ever was coached by Mike Riley. At least not well.
  13. SUHperman

    DT Matthew Pola-Mao

    Visit is in the works of being set up. He apparently had some academic issues but he has made up a bunch of ground and should be good to go. Clouse mentioned many have noted his film was not that impressive but he apparently was coming off an injury and had to miss 6 games due to transfer rules. HOL guys think we are trending in the right direction with him and Noa.
  14. ECisGod

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    So you are saying LSU has no basketball tradition? Say hi to Shaq & Pistol Pete.
  15. cheekygeek

    WR Darien Chase [Nebraska Commit]

    For the record, Troy Walters at Stanford was listed at 5' 8" and Brandin Cooks (Oregon St.) 5' 10" but knowing stats, both figures may be a little generous. Random thought: I wonder if SF calls him "Troy McHenry Walters" when he's upset with him? Bonus link (because we're all about VALUE): Small Size, Big Impact: Best short guys in NFL history.
  16. SUHperman

    S Noa Pola-Gates

    Following up on @Warrior10 post it sounds like ASU is more concerned about Nebraska than Alabama at this point. ASU does not have room to offer his cousin. We also get the last in home visit and I anticipate we will be sending the entire crew except Frost since he has already been there. Im starting to like our chances here.
  17. macroboy

    CB Myles Bell

  18. Yesterday
  19. Warrior10

    CB Myles Bell

    That's fine.
  20. spurs1990

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    Datona Jackson possibly
  21. Warrior10

    S Noa Pola-Gates

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