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  2. Toe

    Bethune-Cookman Week Pressers

    @swmohusker His coach wasn't here last season, either. And I doubt they watched much of last season's film - why would they want to?
  3. ScottyIce

    AP Poll

    To be frank, this is probably for the best. Our guys need to continue to feel like they are being slighted. I can't imagine a scenario where us feeling like we are the kings of the B1G because of our ranking would be good for this team. Would completely smell like 2014, or whatever the heck year that was.
  4. swmohusker

    Bethune-Cookman Week Pressers

    I would guess that he knows this bc they watch film and he has a pretty good relationship with the DB coach. Probably echoing what his coach has been saying.
  5. ScottyIce

    Will we beat Bethune Cookman?

    Would be our first true blowout win since........Wyoming 2016.
  6. ScottyIce

    Will we beat Bethune Cookman?

    Yup, agree with your second paragraph. Momentum is key here. We have a ton.
  7. BigRedBuster

    The Trump Economy

  8. GBR on a Tuesday!

  9. Mavric

    Will we beat Bethune Cookman?

  10. ScottyIce

    tOSU Gametime

    All I want for Christmas is a night game with Michigan State.
  11. I mean ... 10+ would be great. That would be top 5 in the country. So .... yeah .... that would be awesome. But really over 8.5 would be really good. That would be Top 25. Over 9.0 would be Top 10. Three out of six games he's been over 9.0. Throw out the Michigan game and he's at 8.45 for the season so that's basically Top 25.
  12. Cdog923

    End of NCAA College Football?

    It's been stated time and again that the trade between the work that a student athlete does and the value of what they receive in return is not equitable. At the very least, athletes should be allowed to make money off of their likeness, from apparel sales or commercial use.
  13. Cdog923

    RB/WR Wandale Robinson

    Watkins is a former 1st rounder and runs a sub 4.4 40, as do Robinson and Conley. The reason why that offense works as well as it does is because it puts a ton of speed in space.
  14. Mavric

    End of NCAA College Football?

    Yes, I said that in my post. It' is also about 80% of what the NCAA makes in a year.
  15. Enhance

    How bout an important clips thread on game day?

    You're more than welcome to lead the charge on this, OP. Jokes aside, it seems like a quick and easy option would just be posting a highlight reel from the few choices that show up on YouTube following a game. Someone on the board (could've been Landlord or LOMS - can't remember) used to put together highlight reels following the games but it can be a significant time commitment to generate those from scratch. My usually strategy is often checking out the play-by-play/scoring plays tab on ESPN and rewatching the game on BTN2GO or waiting a few days for it to show up on YouTube.
  16. Sharp and Benning are trying to get the BCU band to make the trip for the game this weekend. 

    1. knapplc


      That's a pretty hefty expenditure for a cash-strapped school. We going to pay that? Are Sharp & Benning going to crowdfund it?

    2. Cdog923


      They're in communication with the President of BCU, and if interest is there, they're going to start a GoFundMe. 

  17. ScottyIce

    RB/WR Wandale Robinson

    Comparing NFL/NCAA is kinda goofy in that scenario. Those players get drafted by a team and have to play there. We are talking about players who get to choose where they are going.
  18. PasstheDamnBallGuy

    RB/WR Wandale Robinson

    I mostly agree that you need to load up on playmakers, but the Chiefs really just have 1 TE, 1 HB, and 1 WR. Everyone else is mostly meh(other than QB obviously).
  19. Mavric

    2018-2019 NBA

  20. Today
  21. runningblind

    End of NCAA College Football?

    NCAA tournament? What has that ever had to do with Nebraska?
  22. knapplc

    How bout an important clips thread on game day?

    This is a good idea. As a guy who grew up listening to football games on a junky old plastic AM radio, it's pretty cool that we have the option of finding highlights and watching them in near real time.
  23. BigRedBuster

    1,000 Yard Rusher Watch

    I went with just Ziggy. I think the more important stat for 2AM is that he’s on pace for over 2,600 yards passing ALONG WITH having a 1,000+ yard rusher lining up with him. I REALLY REALLY hope they come into this game this week and take care of business, look crisp, play a clean game and sit on the bench most of the second half.
  24. lo country

    *** Official Minnesota Game Thread ***

    I truly like his humility. He is all about the team in the presser. After Minnie he made the quote about "just doing my job". What's so crazy, IMHO, is that he is really "under the radar" considering the production and stats that he is putting up. If we had more W's, the media would be talking about him a lot.....His numbers are great compared to the "recognized" QB's. As you mentioned above, he is playing to his potential. And this potential is still only 7 games into his career. A career that last saw him play as a junior in HS. Another year in the S&C and another year for he entire O to learn more about the scheme and the nuances. Another year to be coached up in the QB department...
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