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  2. I have high hopes for this team going into the season. That being said, I wouldn't be too surprised if we are 2-4 after the first 6 games.
  3. Translation: "We need to bring religion back to this country. We need people going to church, reading the bible, studying and living life the way Christ wants us to live.....you know.....absolutely nothing like what I believe or how I live my life. We just need them to go to there, to learn to vote for me".
  4. In other news, a family of MAGAts in Omaha lost everything in a house fire. Witnesses claim the fire was a very slow spreading fire, but the family refused to call the fire department because the department is woke.
  5. No visits set yet but is looking at his options. Might take a couple this month then a couple in the fall. Iowa and Nebraska said to be likely candidates for a visit. KState as well.
  6. Oregon and Tennessee kicking the tires. He visited Oregon this spring. Considering camping at Tennessee.
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  8. Sorry but when you're a presidential candidate this kind of S*$t just sticks more in people's minds. People will make judgements whether or not you or anyone else think it's 'low hanging fruit'. The bigger picture that today's Republilcan star doesn't seem to want to grasp is that going the whole MAGA moa of I say what I want and do what I want isn't the brightest move/tactic as far as getting/not hemorrhaging more votes. I'd say it's just the opposite.
  9. Of course for me, but if you think of how any politician would respond in these given situations, most would react similar to DeSantis. It's actually pretty rare for a candidate to open the floor to questions at a speech or rally. I'd like to concentrate on his willfully cruel stunts and policies and not pretend some awkward cackle of a laugh is proof of his unfitness. There's no need to get petty when there's bigger and better low-hanging fruit, and I think it can get counter-productive.
  10. I'm realizing you wouldn't understand. You obviously didn't understand that the bill that was passed wasn't the same as what was being discussed. If you did, you would have realized coming puffing up your chest as proof of you being right was....well....quite laughable.
  11. I did listen. Now I would love for you to listen to the clip and compare that to the description your twitter guy posted. They are not the same. as far as the spending and debt limit bill goes, still waiting for you to show us where Medicare, social security, and VA benefits were on the chopping block for cuts. (We know you won’t because you can’t). Like I said before, you were wrong, and it’s ok, it’s just weird you seem to want to double and triple down on being wrong.
  12. Ill take a 4 star version of Luke all Day...
  13. It just really passes way over your head that the bill that was passed, wasn't the bill we were talking about. And, you obviously didn't listen to his comments that were posted.
  14. Whoops, my mistake ....... well the same city. I never heard of IW until recently. I was stationed at Lackland AFB in San Antonio (boot camp)
  15. They went 1-11, and we lost to a 1-11 team last year. You really think 4-8 is that different? I am not gonna shut up because you want to think your 4-8 team is so much cooler than a 1-11 team. Have fun with your delusions, we may easily lose to them.
  16. And he said this where? You are the one who previously posted incorrect information about what was/wasn’t in the spending bill. The Speaker was literally on record in interviews saying those things you claim to be on the chopping block, we’re not on the chopping block. I can’t help that you’re upset you were completely wrong, but at least be honest with the discussion.
  17. Did you even listen to the clip provided yes I agree, someone IS losing credibility day by day.
  18. That poster has said FoxNews shouldn’t be used as a believable source when a different poster showed “video clips” that came from FoxNews but on a different subject two sets of rules. Typical
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