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  1. BigRedBuster

    Trump's America

  2. BigRedBuster

    The Republican Utopia

    This guy needs to go.
  3. BigRedBuster

    The Republican Utopia

    I don't really care what word someone calls it and I can understand people being offended by it. However, I appreciate Conservative Independent's tweet about it being a constitutional right that should be protected.
  4. BigRedBuster

    The Republican Utopia

  5. BigRedBuster

    Healthcare Reform

  6. I had no clue she was Anderson Cooper's mother.
  7. BigRedBuster

    WR Josh Imatorbhebhe [USC Commit]

    So, he was a USC commit and now switched to Illinois?
  8. BigRedBuster

    Pipeline Camp and Frosts Experience

    I have seen Dishman lately and wish he could look more like these guys. I understand that many lose weight after playing. But, some don't. I was just impressed that it looks like all of these guys are in pretty good shape.
  9. BigRedBuster

    Trump Foreign Policy

  10. BigRedBuster

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    I wonder if he will fire Fox News.
  11. BigRedBuster

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    Yeah.....the polling team is the problem.