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  1. If the offense dominated, would you be happy? Or, would you be just as upset at the defense not being improved?
  2. If that's the case, it very well might be because we have others that have stepped up and doing well. I'm fine with someone like this getting beat out by someone else that is doing well.
  3. I probably wouldn't have done anything because I tend to have the opinion that when I see police doing something, I figure that I don't know the whole story and it's possibly justified. If you're an innocent bystander just walking by in the George Floyd issue, you have no clue what the person was doing before the police got involved and you have no idea if it is justified or not. Another question is, let's say there was something that happened that you don't know about and how dangerous George Floyd was before the police got involved, are you putting yourself and the police in m
  4. I get it. I tend to go the other direction. If we suck again next year, at least I was excited for 6 months.
  5. I was pretty much agreeing with you.
  6. I wish he would have used a taser to take her down and disarm her. However, this is a tough one. She clearly was attempting to kill or severely harm another person. That is when a police officer should be justified in using whatever force necessary to prevent that.
  7. While I agree with the sentiment, it's pretty normal that this time of year the defense is ahead of the offense. Also, I think it's good that we have a good defense that is challenging the offense. Hopefully, it challenges them enough to improve.
  8. Hmmmm....I guess....thanks for visiting Chicago?
  9. Yes, I think he’s a good coach. But, he didn’t do well at Arkansas. I’m not convinced he’s going to make Illinois competitive either.
  10. No I didn’t, my friend didn’t get shot.
  11. Nobody is blaming the victim for the bad behavior.
  12. It's one of those situations where what is happening is wrong. But, all you can do is control what you do to minimize the problem. If you don't do that, then you're not doing what you can do to protect yourself from a bad cop that shouldn't have his job.
  13. No, it was an example of someone doing something that put themselves in a situation where a bad cop was able to do something wrong. I said the cop needed disciplined. He was actually fired shortly after due to this and other situations as he should have. But, none of it happens to this guy if he didn't drive drunk.
  14. Nobody has said in this conversation that the police aren't doing something wrong that they need disciplined for....that I can see anyway.
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