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  1. Also, I think more people were willing do vote for other Dems for the house and senate because they knew a moderate was going to be in power if Biden won.
  2. I’m sure I would have, but it would have been harder. I didn’t vote this election on typical political issues. I voted to remove a tyrant that goes against everything America is about.
  3. For the most part, I agree. However, I'm fine with them trying it every once in a while. If you're a team that doesn't return many, maybe sometime you can catch the coverage unit sleeping.
  4. I gotta admit, I'm torn on this issue. a). I firmly believe that someone should be protected by blowing the whistle on serious abuses of power within the government. But.... b). I also firmly believe that the government needs to have the ability to have secrets while working to protect us from danger. So, I struggle with how you reconcile these things. Let's say someone believes they are doing the right thing by dumping a bunch of secrets on the internet. Sure, it causes a whole big mess. However, it's all true but it doesn't show the abuses
  5. Our opponents only returned 22 for the year, so even with our horrible coverage, they only returned less than one more per game than we did. If the rules stay the same, I don't see us really increasing the number of returns a lot because of what you and I agree on. It's just not worth it. Even if you're ahead. Are you sayin that you think the lack of number of returns falls on bad coaching? If so, I disagree.
  6. And, I think this is why we didn't even try returning them 2 times per game. I'm actually of the opinion that if you don't have a great returner, you should almost ALWAYS fair catch kickoffs since you can just get it at the 25. There is just way too much bad that can happen.
  7. Doh.......Now...why did you have to go and point that out?
  8. Nope, I'm not a Newsome fan. But.....I also don't need to work so hard to try to find fault.
  9. That's a pretty bold statement when Biden received the most votes in the history of our country.
  10. Do you really think Biden ordered a major military offensive in his first few days in office?
  11. This is easy to believe if you're someone who wants an extreme candidate. But....that doesn't play well with the middle and a lot of those people would have sat out.
  12. And, earlier I showed you that the daily positive cases are dropping. That's a prequel to hospitalizations dropping. So.....the feel comfortable opening some areas back up. You're really trying hard to have an....AH HA..GOTCHA moment....and it's failing.
  13. Totally agree. But, I don't have any other stats to go on. I always feel like they should have return yards based on where the ball would be if they didn't return it. Meaning, if they field it at the goal line and return it to the 30, that should only be a 5 yard return. If they get to the 20, that's -5. So, if we only kicked it to the 15 and they returned it to the 35, that's a 10 yard return. It would take into account the kick and the return.
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