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  1. Ladies and gentlemen. The President of the United States of America.
  2. I know some people really don’t like rickets. He’s not my favorite. But, as red as Nebraska is, I dont see him or our legislature going for this even if a miracle would happen and Trump win the state. I expect Lincoln and omaha going Dem and they will send the appropriate delegate.
  3. I'm pretty sure when he said "Without the last five, it's almost dead even" it would mean the 10 years before the last 5. So, if my math is right, that means we had 88 wins and they had 90. PSU = 139-49=90 NU = 116-28=88
  4. Johnny Walker is absolutely the worst of the worst. Don't know where that's made. But....
  5. You did better than me. Once I saw it was Red State I couldn’t take anything else serious.
  6. I've never drank a type of whiskey that varies more than Scotch. There is some really bad rot gut crap that tastes like turpentine and then there is some really good stuff. My problem has always been that I had never tasted anything but the turpentine.
  7. Well....for that to really troll them, it has to be worn by someone with skin a little darker than the suit.
  8. This guy is just real treat. And Republicans won't have any problem with him using public funds to buy votes.
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