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  1. If it’s talking about his death, the word tragedy is being generous.
  2. What an idiot. So, Biden is supposed to secure the southern border of Florida?
  3. Who is #91 in the D line drills? The only #91 on the roster I see the long snapper from Lincoln. Whoever it is, is a physical freak.
  4. My mom's fried chicken mashed potatoes and her gravy. Her fried chicken is well known in my home town as being awesome. She won't ever be making it again.
  5. I’ve thought the same thing. The guy is a fraud. Why do people think he’s not lying about this too.
  6. I would love to see some clips of our bigger WRs high pointing the ball and winning some 50/50 balls.
  7. What? He wasn’t going to be on the team?
  8. So…..Vedral leaving is mismanagement by Frost but you’re not saying Frost didn’t mismanage Vedral. You’re confusing. You disagree with my opinion on why he was brought in by ignoring half of why I said he was.
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