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  1. Has it been announced yet when we play on Saturday?
  2. Didn’t have another thread to put this in. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture like this of the Arizona.
  3. I’ve been saying this for years. But, why is he saying it right now?
  4. Silly me, if they were cheating, I don't have a problem with the other team paying someone to find out.
  5. Really? Just because he's 80??? He's chicken s#!t to list all the other reasons.
  6. That's hilarious. He's one of the three that refused to admit that Trump was unfit to hold the office. He's just another chicken s#!t and it should disqualify anyone from voting for him.
  7. Yeah...wonder how this is going to work out for him.
  8. Come on Creighton. It's over. Stop delaying the end of the game.
  9. This is what makes this past season so frustrating. There actually have been so many good things happening in the program, but one position (the most important) held everything else back. I happen to agree with you. And...everyone needs to remember that the playoffs expand to 12 teams. So, that helps with the "contending for a playoff spot".
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