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  1. I disagree. I have no problem with Frank taking over. However, TO should have allowed him to bring in his own staff as he sees fit….just like any other new head coach.
  2. https://www.mashed.com/247581/the-strange-reason-people-eat-chili-with-cinnamon-rolls/
  3. I would be upset if I was the politician for the simple fact that he had been having dis issuing about it and requested to be notified. I wouldn’t really care even if I lived there. Would you be?
  4. I figured since you posted it and acted like it was some huge bad deal, you would no.
  5. Jojo and Nelson had almost the exact same stats in the Minnesota game. Both with 8 tackles, 4 solo, 4 assisted, 1 tackle for loss.
  6. LOL...yeah...invade Australia. How do idiots like this get such a loud voice in the public?
  7. I'm sure he would like a different kicker or a back up RB that doesn't trip...etc.
  8. And, yet, those programs aren't any closer to winning a championship than when they fired those coaches.
  9. You obviously haven't read this board much this week.
  10. Anyone can find an example of a politically active professor somewhere. But, the vast majority just want to go teach Economics, Biology, History.....etc. and go home and enjoy life. They are not there dreaming of turning young minds into extreme liberal wackos.
  11. It's a very difficult question to answer. When you play so many really good teams so close, and, in those losses, you can point to one or two plays that would have changed the outcome, it makes me think we are that close. (no, that isn't saying they are moral victories. We lost and that sucks). However, it seems like in so many of those games, it's a different player here or there that could have/should have made the play.
  12. What's amazing is that our BB recruiting has come so far that when a 3 star player is about to commit, I have a "cool....I guess" feeling. However, I have a lot of confidence in Fred to evaluate players.
  13. There are also a lot of examples of major programs constantly in the fire coaches every 4 years mode and they never get out of the hole because of constant change. Texas USC Tennessee Just to name a few. That is where we have been for the last 20 years. I'm willing to try a different route if that's what Trev decides.
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