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  1. BigRedBuster

    Alternate Uniforms 2019

    Ok....the scull and cross bones on the face shield is bad a$$.
  2. BigRedBuster

    Trump-endorsed news sources

    Kind of the same thing.
  3. BigRedBuster

    Trump's America

    So.....they admit he’s an idiot.
  4. BigRedBuster

    challenge for trump supporters

    And they did that by deregulating the mortgage industry.
  5. BigRedBuster

    Trump-endorsed news sources

    I actually think this has to be because there are people behind the scenes at Fox realizing that Trump is indefensible and they are trying to save face.
  6. BigRedBuster

    The Trump Economy

    I don’t know what you’re talking about.
  7. BigRedBuster


    My scientific wild a$$ guess (SWAG) tells me it’s illinois.
  8. BigRedBuster


  9. BigRedBuster

    Huskers in 2019....

    All I know is that I’m going to be one pissed off Mohican if Fox deems this which a great matchup that they put it at 11:00.
  10. BigRedBuster

    Trump's America

    This is great use of union power.
  11. BigRedBuster

    2 QBs on the field?

    Yep, and that's the main reason why I added the "almost" part. One benefit McCaffrey would have is that everyone around him has been in the system for two years now. Last year, everyone was learning something new while 2AM was trying to succeed.
  12. BigRedBuster

    2 QBs on the field?

    If I remember correctly, TO did that when the offense wasn't really clicking on all cylinders with Frost, so he put London in and he actually did worse....so he put Frost back in. He probably was coaching Frost like hell on the side lines. The fans booed because a lot of them wanted London as the QB to begin with.