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  1. GREAT at bat from Swanson. Wasted pitches...then BOOM!!!
  2. Yes, that price is in small town Nebraska. But, maybe in your area that's a $350,000 house. They aren't big. But, they are new and fairly nice. They are also no smaller lots. Maybe in San Fransisco that's $500,000. If you read the articles I posted, a huge amount of the cost is the regulations that are in place that makes it so difficult to and time consuming to get the permits to build. CHANGE THAT!!!. There's no reason why it needs to take over two years for a builder to get a permit after he's bought the land. Think about the additional cost the developer has if he has to pump millions into the land only to sit on it for two years before he can even start to do anything with it. We are also able to do it because we are buying the land, plotting it out and then hiring a contractor to build the houses. We pay him and then sell them. We don't need to "make money" off of it. if we get our original cash back, that can then be rolled over to the next project.
  3. I know it's small town and anecdotal. But, our community has had a housing shortage. What we found is that there was low income housing and then upper income housing. But, we lacked housing that maybe would be a starter home for a young couple, or maybe an older couple that's empty nesters that want to downsize. So, our community worked with contractors to build houses around the $200,000 range. There is a demand for that here, but nobody was building them.
  4. It doesn't necessarily have to be low income housing. https://www.marketurbanist.com/blog/san-franciscos-regulations-are-the-cause-of-its-housing-crisis And, there are other problems. https://www.kron4.com/news/bay-area/san-francisco-blamed-for-its-own-housing-crisis-in-new-state-report/
  5. It's just one of the reasons why people on both left and right have no desire for her to end up President.
  6. From what I have read it's a problem that cities put so much regulation in on how concentrated the housing could be. So, there's a plot of land that they are more than willing to have housing built, but it has to be something that ends up being very expensive. Cities need to start allowing developments that are smaller housing or multi family units (town houses..etc.) and in walking neighborhoods. These tend to be less expensive and more people can live per square mile.
  7. Is this done by having indicted gang members on stage endorsing him….probably thinking he will pardon them and their friends if elected?
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