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  1. The US has been a mixture of privately owned capitalism and socialism since it’s inception. That’s what Republicans refuse to acknowledge. So, ridding the US of socialism isn’t the correct conversation. The conversation needs to be about what parts should be socialized and how to make them as efficient as possible. At the same time, how do we create the best business environment for capitalism to thrive so the most people possible have good jobs. Another part that Republicans don’t get us that takes a certain amount of regulation.
  2. Yes switching a plant over to making something like a ventilator takes time even in these kind of situations. you don’t walk into a plant and a week later have 100,000 units.
  3. Has United actually reviewed their billions? Truly a moment for history.
  4. Who knows, but it pisses me off. a) If true, he's a piece of s#!t. and b) It gives Trump more ammo and it's harder for Biden to attack Trump for being an immoral piece of s#!t. How the hell do we end up with two 70+ year old jack asses that we have to choose from?
  5. We are a small state with a lot of square miles. A lot of the state naturally socially distances themselves and a lot of people don't travel in and out of the state. But, the lack of testing is a factor.
  6. Now...the bolded part IS a major problem that is inexcusable.
  7. Nobody before Trump ever thought we needed 100,000 ventilators in the US stockpile either. Factories are being ramped up to build them. My biggest question is, if we have factories ramping up fast to build them, what difference would it make if the DPA was used? Trump's words and actions at the beginning of this crisis are inexcusable. His words and actions acting like it's all coming to an end and we can open up the country are inexcusable. His act of playing doctor on TV against the experts is inexcusable. BUT...we have lots fo companies ramping up to make equipment. Not sure the DPA would make a difference. I just received a link that was created by the government for me to go on and list things I could make for the effort. None of them match any type of equipment I have now. It would take me a year to get ramped up to make a lot of this stuff. Would the DPA being forced on me make that any faster? I don't think so.
  8. If someone thinks I'm defending Trump. I'm not.
  9. Not sure how much more I can agree with you that he needs to stop spewing his BS.
  10. I said earlier, I would love to see a documentary some time on how Ford is doing this. It has to be an amazing task to switch a factory over from making cars to making ventilators. For us, if I were to want to produce something similar, but different it would take 4-6 months at the earliest. That's using the same equipment, just new tooling.
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