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  1. Definitely DVR every game no matter if I’m watching it or not. I like to go back and watch specific things.
  2. Well...he did say he could pull it up.
  3. Funny how she works for a man who was found guilty of running one of these fraudulent universities.
  4. Oh....I so wanted someone to bring up a Republican that hides sexual assault allegations.
  5. When I was a kid, only 2-3 games were on TV. You didn't miss them. You scheduled get togethers around them. The rest of the season, you spent your Saturdays going about your normal business. You just tried your best to be around a radio to listen to Lyle Bremser or one of his prodigies. Now, every game is on TV. I still love watching them. But, I've gone way too many years where every single weekend is spent in front of the TV watching the Huskers because....well....they are all on. I still watch the vast majority of them. However, sometimes life gets in the way and if I'm going to either sit and watch the Huskers play South Alabama or go to a family function or hunting with my son....well....I can still listen on the radio just like the old times when people think we were more devoted.
  6. I don't follow Rivals rankings. But, it appears that this is equal to roughly a .8900 to .9200 rating on 247.
  7. I know absolutely nothing about either of these bills.
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