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  1. BigRedBuster

    The Angry Violent Right

    Yeah....Trump doesn’t promote violence.
  2. BigRedBuster

    NU Alternate/Throwback Unis for Illinois

    If i tune into the game, I wouldn’t even notice they are wearing alternates. Why do it then?
  3. BigRedBuster

    How the $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy Affects Nebraska and Minnesota

    I agree. The other two are examples of marketing plots they put out thinking.....well anyone who doesn’t like this must not like freedom or heros. It it needs to be something totally meaningless other than proving who won the game last.
  4. BigRedBuster

    The Trump Economy

    True. The tax break on corporations won't fully be recognized for another year. Tax rate are as such: 2017 = 35% 2018 = 28% 2019 = 21% Edit: That's what it is for us. But, the 2018 figure might depend on when your fiscal year starts and ends. Ours is October 1st so we have a blended tax rate for this year. But, to take this another step....some companies might not fully recognize the tax savings till they do their taxes at the end of fiscal 2019.
  5. BigRedBuster

    Trump Foreign Policy

    Oh...this is going to go well.
  6. BigRedBuster

    The Trump Economy

    No real reason to yell. If it's a cumulative figure, that really is 1.5 for Obama and .25 for Trump Still, Obama wins. But, no where close to as impressive as the graph makes it look. With no further explanation to the graph, the graph really doesn't mean much. How is this hard to understand?
  7. BigRedBuster

    Your Fortune for Today

    Don't Look Back with Bob Dylan. Never heard of it.
  8. BigRedBuster

    The Trump Economy

    Meh..I agree with Zrod. The graph is too simple to really mean something. Is this an average annual rate? Cumulative? If it's Cumulative, there are more years for Obama than Trump.
  9. BigRedBuster

    How the $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy Affects Nebraska and Minnesota

    @Minnesota_husker I was just going to post, which trophy would people/fans find more fun to actually play for? Which one represents more what a trophy game is supposed to be about? a) Freedom Trophy b) Hero's Trophy c) $5 bits of broken chair
  10. BigRedBuster

    The murder of Jamal Khashoggi

    Jared is so compassionate in times of tragedy.
  11. BigRedBuster

    Trump's America

    @HuskerNation1 I have a question for you and really didn't think he deserves it's own thread and thought maybe this is the best one since its talking about "America". I'm asking this definitely not as an attack on you and I hope others don't take this as such. I'm asking for discussion purposes and I'm truly interested. I noticed your sig like is "Proud Patriot". Question: Do you consider yourself more of a "Patriot" than others on this board? If so, why?
  12. BigRedBuster

    Healthcare Reform

  13. It really isn't when you look at our pass rush. When our D linemen do nothing but bull rush, it's pretty easy to not get a holding call.
  14. BigRedBuster

    The Angry Violent Left

    Actually, that....and.....the actions of the minority who act like this hurt the party as a whole because it's easy for the other side to paint with a wide brush. Again...I didn't read the entire article. Honestly, I have no clue even who said this and really don't care. But, angrily confronting politicians like what has been done (Ted Cruz in the restaurant for an example) is unacceptable and should be shunned by everyone.