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  1. Yes nice guy. At least I think so. Just doesn't think he needs a mask.
  2. I did not know that about Hong Kong...the mask thing. I was at a Walmart yesterday and would bet over half the people did not have masks on. I also think some people, at least where I am from do not wear them cuz they think it makes them look weak. I have a nephew that basically says that. I understand the freedom thing and I don't have to wear one but come on it's only a frickin mask, put one on.
  3. With the reopenings in this country and the large spike in positive cases recently I noticed a lot of other countries have reopened and do not have the spikes in numbers that have occurred here. What are we doing different here or not doing. Are they social distancing more, more people wearing masks? I would think a spike in numbers would be expected with reopening but probably not at the rate we are seeing.
  4. Are you drinking a lot of red kool-aid or is it T.G.I.F. Hope you are right.
  5. 125 miles, 2 hours, 7 minutes.or 2 hours 11 minutes. Google gave me 2 routes. I don't take either one. Make it in under 2 hours
  6. Maybe Mike Riley advised him to transfer to Oklahoma.
  7. Don't tell Thurston or he'll be dredge jumping again or driving to Lincoln to do a sacrifice.
  8. I think Vedral chose UCF because he was offered a scholarship there and only a walkon here. I could be wrong on that. Plus that was during Riley's term so he gets a pass there either way. Not sure he was an injury away from starting as he might have ended up 4th this year. Agree that kids used to pay their own way and were even happy to wait 3-4 years to play as scholarship guys. School costs so much more now and most kids seem to want to play early now. Different time and era.
  9. If Solich had not been fired, the program would not have turned into a shambles. We would have a few more conference championships and maybe even a couple more Nattys.
  10. Could someone tell me what game this was? Kidding.
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