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  1. Maybe the wrong thread but got my second dose yesterday. Probably leaving work in a few minutes. I thought I would struggle through the day but f%#k that. Bad chills and body aches, no fever though. Would still recommend everyone get vaccinated. I will put up with this for a day or two over taking the chance with covid. Go home, indulge in a little chronic and I'll be good.
  2. Yeah, I've been saying for awhile I'm in Masker's camp.
  3. Hey this is good to hear. Thought my computer was crashing or something last night. My wife and her damn adult web sites.
  4. Bo Moos( Bill's son) is the Associate Athletic Director of Development at Montana State. Found this interesting.
  5. .500 happened once with Solich and he was gone. I know he had a year after that and there were other circumstances involved too but that one .500 year basically sealed his fate.
  6. Well if I was his dad I would advise him to go to a certain school in the BIG XII. Hint, they are on our schedule next year.
  7. If they want someone to analyze special teams and are paying 150 grand, I'll do it. My analysis..We weren't very good last year and need to improve next season. Tell Frost I'll be waiting for my check.
  8. From what I've read I would tend to agree. Maybe provide some depth or could he be a long snapper.
  9. Where is Wistrom Disciple and what is his prediction.
  10. So Frankie London joined the board and is still rooting for Frost to fail? I doubt Frankie ever did that.
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