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  1. Grub Hub should be offering this guy now.
  2. So he is good at football and probably an upstanding citizen too.
  3. James Carnie? Chris Hickman? Chancellor Brewington? We have our pick of tight ends.
  4. Didn't Frost say we were 2-3 players away. Guessing we just took a huge step.
  5. Yea I agree with you.After today it just seems like we get worse week after week. Should change my name to Frustrated 2.
  6. I thought we had it at 21-6. Should have known better. If we were up 28-6 ,I think we still would have found a way to lose.
  7. I don't believe in the curse and all that but if we f×%k around and lose this I'm driving to Pender and taking the plunge.
  8. Faith and Honor held high
  9. So now they'll use that for an excuse after Smothers shreds them tomorrow.
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