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  1. I guess so. I used to subscribe back in the 90's. Mostly for the swimsuit edition.
  2. I bet Pelini does too.
  3. Ya, you know, Melvins twin brother.
  4. I knew Pettibone had been here, but did not realize he was at Oregon State later. I bet those were some fun conversations.
  5. Well that was nice of them, was Uncle Mike in the Admin cuz he is known as a nice guy.
  6. Thanks for making this post short enough I could finish it before bedtime.
  7. I think I was about 8-9 years old. My brother found our presents hid in my parent closet. I do remember my mom getting mad, though not sure cuz we knew there was no santa or cuz we were in her closet. I got a BB gun that year. Damn near shot my eye out.
  8. I think i read that they took 2 weeks off but are back it now. 15 hours a week.
  9. I always thought Harbaugh was an asshat but I guess he just changed my mind. Go Ravens
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