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  1. Ya, I knew what you meant. Just messing around.
  2. Why is Satterfield visiting Steve Sipple?
  3. Darren Sproles. Not sure on the spelling.
  4. Hey!! I've only done that twice. Learned my lesson.
  5. Sharlandiin? Kind of a strange name.
  6. Gebbia . Do not see him playing at Ohio State much, if at all.
  7. Not sure that's agriculture you smell when crossing into Council Bluffs.. Iowa's women have been referred to as agricultural animals though.
  8. When I first read that I thought he was joking. If not, like you said.
  9. No one is mentioning Masker. I thought he had one more year. I know he is 34 years old but give him a shot.
  10. Ha. This is what they need at the games.
  11. Earthy aroma? Wouldn't it have a shi##y aroma?
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