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  1. skers83

    2019 Walk-On Class

    I looked him up and all I can find is rivals shows an offer from Chadron State and Sioux Falls. Woodhead was unwanted and went to Chadron so I guess he has that.
  2. skers83

    2019 Walk-On Class

    I thought I saw something on here once about Dylan Kautz from Norfolk Catholic. Does anyone know if he is even being looked at. I've seen the kid play a few times and he is fast as hell. Not real big and played in C-1 and this year C-2 but I would think he would get an offer to walk on.
  3. skers83

    WR Winston Wright [West Virginia Commit]

    Hopefully you're wright about this.
  4. skers83

    Huskers Save The Universe

    Remember- puff, puff, pass
  5. Before the season I was high on the kool aid and predicting 9 wins. At the same time I felt if we show improved effort etc. I would be satisfied. As the OP said there is hope for the future. If we play these last two games like we have the previous 4 I will be satisfied with this season. Looking forward to next year.
  6. skers83

    Brohm gone?

    A former Oregon State coach will probably need a job soon. I'm sure his gig in San Antonio wont last long. Purdue could use a nice guy.
  7. skers83

    CB Brandon Turnage [Alabama Commit]

    Totally agree. I'm sure it happens all over. Just saw he was from Mississippi so took a swipe at them and the sec.
  8. skers83

    CB Brandon Turnage [Alabama Commit]

    I bet Ole Mi$$ ha$ $omething he would flip for. Or anyone else in the $EC.
  9. skers83

    OT Bryce Benhart [Nebraska Commit]

    Great way to end the weekend.
  10. skers83

    tOSU Gametime

    They have to play early. Urban has that memory loss thing. I think it's called sundowners.
  11. skers83

    Stealing Nebraska's identity

    Absolutely. I remember when people said Osborne would never win unless he changed his offense. The option game was outdated. We won some championships with that offense. Frost can get it done. Gotta believe.
  12. skers83

    OT Bryce Benhart [Nebraska Commit]

    He commits after we stomp the Gophers, could be a good weekend.
  13. skers83

    OT Turner Corcoran

    This guy and Atterberry next year. Benhart this year. Get the pipeline going.