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  1. This is interesting. I read where he had been running their scout team, and Frost had stated something about Milton starting his coaching career here. Anyone think Frost will take him now.
  2. Can we get him eligible early. In time for Purdue.
  3. Vedral and Rutgers going to O.T. with Michigan. Vedral with a nice stat line
  4. Had a call from work, didn't log out.Just browsing as usual.
  5. I'm in the Masker camp myself.
  6. And cheer as the winners go by.
  7. Bruce Mathison-former husker who made a NFL roster with the Bills. I don't believe he was ever higher than 3rd string here. I'm sure a lot of fans have never heard of him.
  8. Maybe the coaches are being really coy and it's Masker.
  9. And unbelievable that they got another job coaching after the s**t show they put on here.
  10. Hopefully this will help get Martinez back to freshman form, or even better. When was the last time we had two really solid quarterbacks.
  11. I'm pretty sure Gates came here out of high school. Bishpo Gorman in Vegas. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. Never get tired of that play, no matter how many times I've watched it.
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