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  1. I was thinking the same as you till I read Herbie's reply. Then had to look it up out of curiousity.
  2. I believe you're thinking of Houston Nutt. Coached at Arkansas.
  3. Huskers 48 Pouched Rats 10 Rush. 260 Pass. 350
  4. You've been Blazin just a bit to much.
  5. I was calling out 66 during the game.And Frost never hearing of joint possession on a fumble..I don't think anyone else has either. I heard there was a camera shot that showed the Michigan player had his leg on the ball and the Husker had 2 hands on it. Has anyone seen that or heard that?
  6. I remember one of the announcers during the game mentioning the ref moving his foot but I dont think they went back and showed it again. That guy should never work another game.
  7. Can't go wrong with some Ozzy, and the Warriors come out and play was great. F#%k Desmond and GO BIG RED
  8. Everytime Adrian scores- Can't touch this.
  9. Good stories. If I had grown up in Lincoln I probably would have been doing the same thing.
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