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  1. Alabama? Who could have guessed anybody from the SEC would be doing something like this.
  2. skers83

    DE Horace Lockett

    If we can get a visit here maybe we can lock it up.
  3. skers83

    QB Transfers

    You show a lot of confidence.
  4. skers83

    QB Transfers

    With the AAF folding that one coach might be looking for another payday. He could probably come back and have them turned around in no time.
  5. Thanks and thanks.
  6. It's probably been mentioned somewhere but any relation to Monte? I'm guessing his son.
  7. skers83

    Taj Griffin

    I thought Foosball was the devil. That's what Momma said.
  8. How about a huge Big Red wet bar. Open to the public. Free of course.
  9. skers83

    Valentine's Wishes for the Huskers

    In Nebraska the law requires almost all cases filed be filed in juvenile court if the offender is under age 18. it is very difficult for a prosecutor to get a case in adult court unless it is murder, rape or the offender has a serious criminal history. Senator Brad Ashford got this passed in 2013. I have seen very few cases filed in adult court since that time. I do not know the circumstances in the case above. The parents very well could have used connections.
  10. skers83

    Last to post wins

    Thanks Red Denver. But I thought I had already won.
  11. skers83

    Last to post wins

  12. skers83

    Discontent in the AD?

    Magic? Dragons? Moos? Is this thread really about Moos puffing the magic dragon. Not Drinking. OK. Sorry
  13. skers83

    Last to post wins

    OK. Never saw this thread before. Does that mean I win.
  14. skers83

    Discontent in the AD?

    I heard when he was drunk he actually text nude pictures of the boosters wives to the boosters.