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  1. I think you mean Bethune-Cookman. Probably the same level.
  2. Going to Frosts first home game
  3. Do people really take 45 min. bathroom breaks. I adopted this motto so I don't miss a play
  4. The big question is..Did Crouch like playing against road games.
  5. You make some good points there..Sam.
  6. A couple good ones there. I have a buddy who played against Davies in high school. Said Davies hit him so hard he didn't know where he was for about 5 minutes.
  7. Oh yea. Forgot about him. I'm a Fu%$in Dumba$$.
  8. No runners, thats for sure. Also Callahan never played his best QB. Ganz. Fu%$in Dumba$$
  9. If we are talking fullbacks, I would say Tom Rathman, Cory Schlesinger,Joel Mackovicka. Not sure on the production part. Lot of great ones. Andra Franklin? Was he considered a fullback.
  10. I was actually thinking Jeff Smith too, but had to look that one up. He was injured most of his senior year
  11. How many of those have a National Championship? I think Heupel. Therefore Frost is 1st or 2nd.
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