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  1. Are you familiar with the introduction of technology labeled video tape or subsequent iterations?
  2. I have expectations that a year in strength/conditioning will reshape that body into a more efficient and productive version.
  3. Would be nice if at least one of our coaches would explain the benefits to Drago of DUNKING the ball.
  4. What I'd really like to see (and they probably do this already to the nth degree) is to have some G.A. put together a mashup of comparative down and distance plays from 2018 vs 2019. I.E. First and 10, Martinez runs a read-option and compare it exactly 2018 vs. 2019. 3rd and less than 10 ... same deal....same play, same direct year to year comparison; 3rd and long.. same deal. I believe a direct year-to-year comparison in the same down and distance situation would be illuminating for the coaches and the quarterback to see and compare, and perhaps to discern exactly what is different. Just a thought.
  5. According to head coach Scott Frost, " He will have to find that out"....?!?!
  6. Why the constant fascination with the quick out to the sideline? Martinez cannot seem throw in front of the receiver and we lose yardage five of the seven attempts; and puts us behind the chains.. If you can't execute the play, either play someone who can, or scrap the play from the game plan!
  7. If only the dinosaurs at the NCAA would make decisions that fast!
  8. Actually I signed up for it today and the minimum for the month was $29.95 ; and can cancel after a month so the $12.95 would have been a bargain..... I figured $10 a piece for 3 games is not a bad deal....
  9. Pretty hard to state that as a fact, when he was hamstrung at the outset by some peer jealousy and an aging staff (some of whom had some physical liabilities that impacted their ability to travel and recruit.) In retrospect, you wonder if he has had second thoughts about declining the job at Army, which would have been a great fit for his offense and mind set. Also was in line for the Pitt job until Ditka intervened and mandated that the Pitt job would go to a " Pitt Man"
  10. Hope you are correct AND that we are running out of ways to beat ourselves...... BTW, this is a bad year to NOT have Rutgers on the schedule...
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