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  1. Probably the same seeding geniuses who sent the baseball team to Arkansas last year...
  2. Lack of simple fundamentals and execution seems so egregiously anti- Boltish...
  3. Without commenting on the past, the reality is that Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota is our Natural Pod, and I have no problem with that...
  4. Fair to say an even swap for an oft- injured, Casey Rogers?
  5. The NAME is the perception...
  6. At least stayed away from the BIG! Will be interesting to follow since Whip made it clear his preference was for the QB from Massachusetts. Hopefully, it could end up a win-win for everybody....
  7. The mindset of taking a called 3rd strike to end the game is iconically familiar for this year's team.....
  8. Could we not also consider the possibility of the new assistant coach bringing along a player...??.
  9. No, I think your memory is just fine. I was just ruminating on remembering how his introductory presser (I was listening on the radio) gushed about how they would be almost frantic (my wording) on defensive pressures. Alas, we eventually morphed into bottom feeders statistically........especially guarding the 3.
  10. Supposedly a defensive in-your-face type of pressuring defensive advocate. We can only hope. (I remember when we hired Doc the first time, his presser told us his defensive style would be akin to watching a tennis match because of the constant back and forth issues it would necessitate for the watcher. Turned out..........Ahh, not so much in reality.
  11. If Frost is fired, that would mean this season was another failure....so yeah, I guess I would care.
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