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  1. Agree, but hard to minimize the potential impact of a Big 10 proven player vs. a high school junior....at least for this season.....
  2. Except for the pesky fact that neither was competitive for many of those years....
  3. Was it the media? Or was it the self--crowned mystic 0mnipotent see-er Steve Peterson?
  4. So, how does the lacrosse love square with entering the portal? Or does the infamous "portal" convey multiple sport opportunities?
  5. Hate to be a spoiler, but my take is that J.D. is history. (Love to be wrong)
  6. Guess we'll have to wait and see, but to my mind, he will be the primary go-to scoring option. His other tangential stats are also fine, but when you break it down, I believe he will be our volume scorer.
  7. Zero chance Teddy doesn't start.....
  8. Better UConn than Maryland at least.................
  9. I haven't seen this discussed, and maybe this isn't even the proper forum; but has anyone else noticed the sardony that the Big Ten (which you'll recall wouldn't allow us to count the Med Center as part of our campus in order to meet the prestigious Academic Hierarchy designation (whenever it's official title is) when we joined the league....has picked a university of Nebraska Med Center Dr to be the HEAD of the leagues Corona virus team. Is there not some sweet irony at play in this accounting?
  10. Sure, there are always statistical outliers; but I'm of the opinion that if you were to ask 100 random college football fans who (between UConn and Nebraska) would have more input and/or relevancy in the college football landscape, it would probably be 100-0 UNL.
  11. Kind of sorry to see this, I thought a year in the weight program redistributing his body a bit, and he might have been a fairly agile force....
  12. Since UConn football is a bit of a wandering in the desert, I'm thinking their stance on things isn't exactly emmanating from much of a leadership post. We might need to remind the UConn Prez that Gino's view here doesn't resonate much...
  13. Who, would you think, is In Haarms Way...??
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