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  1. One positive was our improved physicality....(not that the refs always appreciated it)....
  2. A decision from the Big 10?? What a novel concept! Sleepy Warren might want to also consider letting Coach Frost in on some Minor stuff like roster size, etc. You know... minutiae....
  3. Scant or non-existent news on yesterday's scrimmage?? I know there's pretty much a blackout on press coverage but would be interested if we got through it physically unscathed? Word or rumors from anyone?
  4. The way 20/20 has been rolling, I wouldn't be surprised to see Lancaster county blow through the upper limits of the covered 19 local protocols .....thus prevent our hosting
  5. So, did it get started today.......And, does that mean we are ok to go in pads??
  6. I was also at that game and it was one of the more physical games we've ever played, which I believe contributed to our loss the following week at Missouri.
  7. My view is that's precisely why we're waiting until October 24th ...to allow Wisky and Minnesota to catch up...
  8. That, AND the fact that he has already labeled Fred a "Genius".......(which would seem to indicate a level of respect worthy of further recruiting attention)................
  9. Being from the middle of the state, and not Omaha, It would appear that that might negate a potential Creighton influence.
  10. I was quite young, but remember Sayers running away from my vantage point in the south with that unbelievable run.
  11. If he played last year as a true Freshman; then wouldn't he be a true Sophmore this year, BUT...............since this year is basically a freebie, would that regress back to a second year freshman?? Not really a redshirt fresh, but more of a yet-to-be-determined hue frosh?
  12. Totally agree with this post with this added caveat. You could make the argument that it were not for Nebraska and its players and its coaches and its stance, and then dragging along an originally recalcitrant OSU, that the Big Ten very well might not be playing at all this fall, nor the pac-12 nor the others that are reconsidering. It would just be nice among all the cheap shots to at least acknowledge that someone had to start the train.....
  13. I think they feel (we can argue about whether that's an objective rationale or not), but they feel they're being singled out by the conference and national media. And evidently they've decided they're not going to sit silently by and take it. Whether or not this is sound media strategy is yet to be determined, but I applaud them for sticking up for themselves (albeit not always in the most friendly media interpretive manner).
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