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  1. This is one of the more unfathomable stubborn characteristics of Frost. The relentless desire to expect an inexperienced young line to move the LOS against a massive experienced d-line vs. ignoring giant tight ends in the red zone...???
  2. If Okie can hang 55 on Texas's defense, then maybe our defense ought to be garnering a bit more respect.
  3. Regardless of his NFL potential, he still retains the option of coming back to Dear Ol' Nebraska U for another season...
  4. Has anyone else noticed the odd fact that next week will be our sixth game, and we've only worn the traditional red one time?
  5. I learned we need a boat load of penicillin to confront that raging case of STD's (Secial Teams Disasters).....
  6. Zero evidence of that yet....
  7. You wouldn't think the Virginia offense is a style conducive to his play...
  8. Could this portend the death of the hyphen....??
  9. I wonder if they would consider giving him a one-year interim contract to prove his metal at this level. That would benefit both parties as he could sell himself "on the job" and we would have a full year without being rushed, to take a look at some possible replacements if he isn't up to the job....
  10. What? The NCAA looks like idiots?? When has that ever happened??
  11. I'm guessing it's not about the fans so much, as it is a recruiting selling pitch.
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