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  1. I've been making the same argument about Raiola. I honestly have no way of evaluating him because he had neither the numbers nor the talent to work with. They actually struggled with even having enough bodies to field a complete o- line some games. So while it's easy to affix blame to the position coach, we actually have no idea what he might have done with even a modicum of athletic talent and sufficient competitive numbers. Maybe he just isn't very good, but how do we know that because of the circumstances?
  2. It won't happen but Bush arguably did the best job of anybody on staff this past season.....
  3. Couldn't win WITH 'em, so................hard to imagine they're irreplaceable..............
  4. True, because outside of running the table, Trev was never going to bet HIS future/legacy on an inexperienced guy with zero P5 head coaching on his resume. And that's not a knock on Trev, that's just reality.
  5. I've been wondering why the marketing team didn't introduce him at the presser with the song "Son of a preacher Man" ??
  6. Agree on Allan. Grant seems to have regressed into a dancer...........
  7. Plus, working with Rhule seems like a great opportunity for being mentored into ALL the aspects that being a Head Coach entails. Not only burnishes his resume, But keeps his name publicly around for a possible succession....
  8. Rumors of Spencer Rattler following the offensive coordinator to the Huskers.... If true, which version do we get?
  9. I expect the first casualty to be Gary Michaels Clothier ....
  10. Actually I don't think you want Mickey as recruiting coordinator, in the same manner that you wouldn't want your top salesman to be the sales manager. You want the manager to identify and cull the prospect lists and help establish priorities, and then send your number one closer out to finish the job. We certainly don't want Mickey buried in administrative paperwork Just for the sake of a title. I'd rather we pay him whatever it takes just to be the top dog recruiter regardless of title, and let someone else do the administrative end.....which I think Vince is already pretty decent at.
  11. Missed 5 consecutive free throws that would have ended it in regulation. Then 2 more in OT Then Shelley hit 4 consecutive 3-pointers in OT Nice that she got her stroke back.........
  12. Don't forget the original perpetrator of all this sordid mess.................the insufferably arrogant and incompetent Steve Pederson..............
  13. The absolute best scenario IF it is Mickey, is to back up the Brinks truck for two bona fide proven coordinators and give them some autonomy.
  14. Playing like a frightened team of unseasoned rookies; yet all played in tougher enviroments last year...........really playing soft and timid.........
  15. Also since we were the underdog with virtually nothing but pride to play for, I question twice not going for it on 4th and 2 mid-game.
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