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  1. One point that I haven't seen addressed much (possibly because there is such an overwhelming plethora of other glaring weaknesses), is the utter lack of court leadership. Generally this would fall, by default, to the seniors, but this particular group of seniors just doesn't seem to possess the requisite characteristics necessary. Copeland is too quiet, Palmer is too casual and Watson is too enigmatic. Next in line would be Robey, but he seems spiraling on regression. This is not a knock on these kids, just an observation about their mental makeup. I firmly believe that if we had a strong, decisive, tone-setting player willing to command (even with a touch of anger) on the court, this group would not look so rudderless when negative circumstances occur (especially away from the comforting womb of the Vault). JMHO
  2. While it's been fashionable to pick at the defects in this team, it might be productive to remember that (during a challenging schedule), all of the losses have been away from home (3 Roadies and 1 neutral) against ALL RANKED opponents...
  3. Comish

    WR Charles Njoku

    With the Huskers renewed emphasis on discipline and detail..... Njoku has got to be a semantic fit for No Joke U.....
  4. Comish

    WBB: 2018-19 Season Notes

    A bit baffling why Amy doesn't run more set plays for Kissinger since she's one of the top 3-point percentage shooters in the country??
  5. Comish

    Which Schools are "Blue Blood" Programs?

    The remnants of Holiday cheer emboldened me to cut them some merciful slack...
  6. Comish

    Which Schools are "Blue Blood" Programs?

    Wondering if the list could be expanded down to a 100 so we could see where Iowa checks in ??
  7. Both coaches and players are mentally weak on the road with out the buttressing factor of supportive home crowd.
  8. Easier for Fernando to get his with the traveling call put on ice...
  9. Comish

    OLB Steven Parker

    Ha, probably true...
  10. Comish

    OLB Steven Parker

    Quite a few years ago, I walked into Michigan Stadium and tackled my son on the 50.............nobody around............
  11. Against their Bigs.....20 minutes may be a foul induced limit anyway...
  12. Comish

    The BIG in Bowls

    Part of the "profit" is forcing the competing Universities to buy a specific number of tickets at a much higher price than the open market.
  13. Only win by 41....?? Probably drop out of the top 150 in the rankings.....
  14. Comish

    AP/Coaches Poll/KenPom

    I believe once you get in the top15 to 20, you pretty much stay there and those teams just marinate through the car wash and exchange positions with each other. If you're a fringe team with no current or historical cachet, you get no benefit of the doubt, athough winning by 20 plus and then dropping out is a bit odd......
  15. And, the Vault was more of a silent crypt for most of the day. Revved up once to tally decibel Runza's... otherwise like a neutral court contest.