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  1. I wonder if they would consider giving him a one-year interim contract to prove his metal at this level. That would benefit both parties as he could sell himself "on the job" and we would have a full year without being rushed, to take a look at some possible replacements if he isn't up to the job....
  2. What? The NCAA looks like idiots?? When has that ever happened??
  3. I'm guessing it's not about the fans so much, as it is a recruiting selling pitch.
  4. Of course it's a good win and I agree middle relief can be dicey, BUT it's also fair to question how long you stay with a middle reliefer when he obviously doesn't have command and can't locate.....
  5. With his professional potential, I doubt if Christo ever reaches the campus.............
  6. And the only non-strikeout was a check swing ground out... WOEFULL!
  7. Continuing trend of failing to put the ball in play in crucial situations. Really need the offense to get back into a more aggressive posture.
  8. Next will probably be Bohannon of Iowa...(not as a dirty player, just as a thorn in the Huskers side)
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