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  1. I agree with all that and it was my bad that my response was not cogent to your original post.
  2. I'm saying with the history of the fragile mental state of the last few years, a loss to start the season AND the conference could resurrect ghosts of Colorado 2019.
  3. Not a stretch to say it all hinges on Purdue September 5th....
  4. Only 2 things you can absolutely bet on with Nebraska basketball this year. (1) The opponent will connect on a season high number of threes, and (2) Nebraska will miss 1/2 their layups. Take it to the bank!
  5. Classic misalignment of a transition year coaching change. Fred wants to shoot the threes and the layups and his roster can't do either.
  6. Feel bad for him; a classy message to send in the middle of the disappointment. (Just another indication of how snake bit this team really is).
  7. I am going to go out on a limb here and predict the Huskers end the losing streak with an ugly rock fight win vs Bucky
  8. Coming in from sun valley There is parking both south of breslow and around Haymarket for five bucks. Simple five to six minute walk up over the overpass to Pinnacle. Piece of cake and always plenty of parking.
  9. Makes the sucker induced 3 free throws with 2/10 of a second left in the 1st half on Arop look pretty big , as well as them stepping out of bounds on the baseline earlier in the game official missed it...good effort though... Look out whiskey.
  10. I predict we will win two more. Northwestern and one surprise...
  11. I talked with a Official a year after the Championship game when they put a second back on the clock, and his opinion was the same.. with the caveat that the 2nd worst coach was Carl....
  12. Really have a hard time seeinging the Huskers win this one. Bad timing to have a week to prepare your effort and scrappiness vs a team embarrassed last time out holding more talent and a decided home court advantage.
  13. Ahh..... probably not much chance we catch them in a lazy look-past mode.....
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