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  1. Comish


    Wondering what the record is for most pass attempts in a game without a single holding call......??
  2. Comish

    Questions to Ponder

    I would suggest falling behind 0-17 may inflict some damage to the original game plan.
  3. Comish

    What did we learn? -Game 2- Troy

    That without a true threat from a true running quarterback ...our offense is pretty average...
  4. Don't they also have as an option Ethan Cox (currently a DB back-up) who successfully ran a spread varient as a QB at Blair?
  5. Comish

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    Still petitioning the NCAA for the Vedral transfer. IF wanting to play closer to home (and it appears to be for some previous petitioners).......that would be totally legit to grant it to Vedral. The trouble is with the NCAA (who seems to operate on their own timeline)............And seemingly have no solid criteria for who/what is granted and who is denied. (apologize if this was posted by someone earlier in the thread, but if so, I missed it)
  6. Comish

    What did we learn? - Game 1 - Colorado

    About 6 different guys had a shot to make this a 2 possession game late, and ALL failed. Hard to fathom the odds of that. Also, didn't seem to be the beneficiary of many spots or calls. Combine that with losing your QB late and it's pretty long odds to the W.
  7. Comish

    Possible Sunday reschedule

    I've got a friend that was in the "command center" last night and he says that campus police, Lincoln pd, stadium personnel all agreed they "could" pull in enough of a skeleton crew to make Sunday morning work after the weather consultant assurred them of a window without storms 10:30 am to 3 pm. Started working on it when they got a sudden alert that Akron was at the airport loading up...!? Looks suspiciously like it was a take the money and run..... I'd like to see some support from Delaney and the conference follow up on things.
  8. Comish

    **** Official Akron Score Prediction****

    Huskers 48 Akron 10
  9. Comish

    Duck - R position

    Like most, I have found almost zero things about the looming Frost era that I disagree with. But, if forced to pick nits, I might suggest changing the title of the Duck-R position. Do we really need a reminding vestige of anything Oregon? Just like the uniqueness of the old linebacker position being tailored by various schools as the Monster, Hero, Wildcat, etc.; perhaps we could huskerize the position with a moniker such as Husk-R or Husker-R or something more specifically germane to our program. (you know it's a positive culture and camp when something so mundane as this has to be unearthed to bitch about)
  10. He's an obnoxious self-promoter...
  11. Comish

    Chinander on His Defense

    180 degree counter to the priod D's philosophy. Terrific mindset!
  12. Comish

    Finally! Blackshirt Talk

    Agree 1000 percent on NO stickers! (Too Jr. High-ish)
  13. Comish

    New Huskers & New Numbers

    Let's hope the new numbers aren't reflective of their scoring averages....(except, of course, Heimanm)
  14. Comish

    So, who is going to leave?

    Although expected, still great news to have it confirmed...!