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  1. Any rationale given? Soured? Other schools sniffing/promising?
  2. Was a set-up by Rinaldi who fancies himself as if he's whispering on the 18th green of Augusta. Total troll by a sap. Still would have been nice of Burrows to say the coaching staff's that ignored him are no longer employed there; but doesn't impact the legacy of Nebraska and his family.
  3. I actually believe calling the 3rd T.O. helps the kicker because after that, the uncertainty is gone. If you use the first two, the kicker remains uncertain and that plays to the advantage of the defense. Not that this is on only Fitz, but as a general rule.
  4. We learned that (even allowing that Pickering is injured) we are schizophrenic on special teams. Frustrating lack of containment on kickoffs, no great punt return game except for JD's single early-season effort, and general malaise on most phases of what coaches always preach about ....."one-third of the game."
  5. I believe it's channel 87 on Spectrum locally...
  6. Lol.... we're in their heads... EVEN as they prepare for their in-state rivalry game.....
  7. A bit surprised at the number of fans jumping ship after one frustrating road OT loss.....
  8. Totally believe it was an aberration. Huskers win and cover....
  9. I learned Ground Hog Day is more than a movie
  10. His choices for assistants were hamstrung earlier by perceived pressure from T.O. Most responding here are neglecting the root cause of the recruiting "failures". Frank was actually a pretty fair recruiter, but a number of his holdover staff were aging and had trouble getting out on the road with surgeries, knee issues, etc. He couldn't do it alone. His 7-7 season was a giant blemish, but remember the trigger in the bowl game with Eli Manning when our backup fullback misread a punt fake call and we ended up turning it over? Still wouldn't have been a great season, but 8-6 would have been easier to stomach and preserve some records. Frank did have a legit shot at the Pitt job, but Ditka basically demanded a "Pitt"guy. It would have been interesting because of his Ohio/Pitt recruiting area ties to see how that might of gone. And then he did get an offer from Army but chose to sit out a year and sift through things. The Army gig would have been really interesting as an option guy in power position.....it Might have proven more successful then Ohio. Still, it's all speculation but certainly an interesting thread going on here..............
  11. A lot of our runs in this tourney came not through our efforts, but through gifts of walks by the opponents
  12. The immutable laws of mathematics should dictate an OCCASIONAL call going our way! However, when hitters are ZERO for the game with runners in scoring position...it's hard to use the Umps as an excuse. So many of our strikeouts are by LOOKING, you'd think the coaches would be basically reminding them we've got plenty of Lookers...if you want to participate....Be Agressive! They grind with other aspects of the game, and congrats to reaching the championship game, but it's frustrating to watch them go down with the bat on the shoulder so many times.
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