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  1. That, AND the fact that the tone was set with the very first play call.....
  2. Hung on for the win, but lost Izzy at the end to injury....
  3. Yeah, plus the entire Buffalo football experience is reminiscent of the Husker teams of yore, including long suffering "only game in town" fans feeling it's hard to catch many breaks.....
  4. The numbers and the name are reminiscent of recent Wisconsin linebackers.....
  5. It may not be his intent, But it looks like he's too casual.
  6. Good luck to him. It's also fortuitous that he's not leaving an empty room behind...
  7. That those are all valid points. I was only commenting because all reports say he is the most natural thrower of the three, and both Luke and AM seem manufactured with their motions. Regardless, it didn't happen and I hope Smothers is not disillusioned enough to become impatient.
  8. Probably an inaccurate modified on my part calling it garbage time. I was thinking of having him inserted at some point in some game, much like we used Luke in set situations earlier in the year. Just an opportunity to get his feet wet in a year when no one assertively took control of the job. Even at Rutgers, with Luke in street clothes, I'd have liked to see him get some sort of shot.
  9. So what explains their lack of interest in getting Smothers on the field even in garbage time?
  10. Woeful exhibition all the way around start to finish.....
  11. Probably is the right decision, but be prepared for a lot of national backlash resurrecting their disdain for us once again....
  12. The portal is an ideal place to pick up a solid running back.....
  13. So will BB be all IN for the trip to Ireland?
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