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  1. The Murphinator

    NFL 2018

    Yeah the whole incident was crazy.
  2. The Murphinator

    NFL 2018

    g Incoherently" This is really disappointing. He looked really good in the preason. He should be cut for this.
  3. The Murphinator

    Cheesy Game Day Dip Video

    Welcome back. Wish you the best in your recovery
  4. The Murphinator

    *** Bethune-Cookman Prediction Contest ***

    Nebraska 63 Bethune-Cookman 21 Passing: 315 Rushing: 320
  5. The Murphinator

    2018-2019 NBA

    Yeah they should probably bench him.
  6. The Murphinator

    RB/WR Wandale Robinson

    Lets Go!!!!!
  7. The Murphinator


    He would have been a 5 star. We are very fortunate to have him. He is one of if not the best QB in his class.
  8. The Murphinator

    2018-2019 NBA

    First time anyone has put up a stat line like this since Wilt Chamberlin in 1967. Don't sleep on Jokic.
  9. The Murphinator

    WR Xavier Watts

    Here are his links 247: https://247sports.com/Player/Xavier-Watts-46052273/ Rivals: https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/xavier-watts-209161 Hudl: https://www.hudl.com/profile/7629864/Xavier-Watts
  10. The Murphinator

    WR Xavier Watts

  11. The Murphinator

    WR Xavier Watts

    Player: Xavier Watts Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska School: Burke Position: Wide Receiver Height: 6-1 Weight: 185 40 Time: Offers: Iowa State, Minnesota, Purdue, Nebraska, Northwestern, South Dakota State, Wisconsin Visits: Twitter 247 Composite: #575 Overall; #104 WR; .8556; Rivals: 247: ESPN: Hudl
  12. The Murphinator

    *** 2020 Recruiting ***

    We finally offered Watts
  13. The Murphinator

    Look at this moron right here:

    I think we all should eat crow. We all scoffed at the thought of Ozigbo being a major factor in this offense. He is working his tail off and has made himself into a guy who will play on Sundays. Nothing but respect for how this young man has handled his business.
  14. The Murphinator

    *** Official Minnesota Game What Did We Learn Thread ***

    When there isn't 5 holding penalties on the offense, we are lethal. Martinez can win the heisman next year. He is that good. This year will be rough, but the future is bright.
  15. The Murphinator

    RB/WR Wandale Robinson

    If he does come next week, I like our chances. This would be huge.