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  1. Kalen Deboer is the guy I would go after hard. Will he leave? Probably not, but would press hard and see if you could convince him.
  2. Went with 2. Think they will get one out of Indiana, Illinois, or Rutgers.
  3. One game closer to the end of the season. Also nice to see some of the young guys get some run. Ajay Allen looked really good
  4. Yeah lets waste 40 seconds before calling the timeout only leaving 20 seconds left in the game. Then decide to take the ball out of the hands of the guy you paid 250 million dollars and settle for a 64 yard field goal. Terrible.
  5. Oklahoma 49 Nebraska 24 Rushing 187 Passing 266
  6. Thompson pretty good. Run game/run blocking not good. Defense awful no pressure at all. Hey at least the punter was good!
  7. Yeah. Frost is done. Knew the game was over as soon as they went for that onside kick. Just watching to see how they decide to beat themselves each week.
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