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  1. The Murphinator

    Your Fortune for Today

    Collide with Destiny. I am going to die by crashing into an iceberg.
  2. Not worth it at that price. Colleges are paying the kids that much or more already. It will have to be 500k to make them think about it.
  3. The Murphinator


  4. The Murphinator

    2018-2019 NBA

    They will make the playoffs this year. They have talent everywhere.
  5. The Murphinator

    What if Nebraska has TWO games canceled this year?

    Well if they are in need of money, I assume it would be important to play this game and get that check.
  6. The Murphinator

    QB Luke McCaffrey [Nebraska Commit]

    Yeah. He is a 4 star composite. I fixed it last night on his profile.
  7. The Murphinator


    I hope this isn't what I think it is.
  8. The Murphinator

    Ozigbo Makes PFF's National Team of the Week

    He could be a Frank Gore, or Legarrette Blount type back in the NFL. He could play 3-5 years in that role.
  9. The Murphinator

    2019 JUCO SG Jervay Green [Nebraska Commit]

    The coaches son is the best. He is always in the gym shooting on his little hoop or diving on loose balls. He is adorable.
  10. The Murphinator

    Ozigbo Makes PFF's National Team of the Week

    This might be an unpopular opinion, but I think Ozigbo has a chance to be an excellent NFL running back. He is powerful and has the ability to make people miss. He will be a great NFL running back.
  11. The Murphinator

    ***Official Weather Thread***

    Here in Scottsbluff we have 8 inches of snow and it is still coming down. It is way to early for this much snow.
  12. The Murphinator

    *** Minnesota Prediction Contest ***

    Nebraska 30 Minnesota 28 Rushing 210 Passing 290
  13. The Murphinator

    *** Official Northwestern Game Thread ***

    We are going to win!
  14. The Murphinator

    *** Official Northwestern Game Thread ***

    Who blew the coverage on that play?