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  1. The Murphinator

    All hail the transfer portal....

    He is transferring to Georgia.
  2. The Murphinator

    College Basketball 2018-19

    Out for the game with a knee injury.
  3. Don't get me wrong, this would be a bad loss, but they just beat Michigan, and almost beat Purdue. So, Penn State is playing better basketball than Nebraska right now.
  4. Penn State actually has a nice team. They are way better than what their record is. Still, that was a terrible first half
  5. The Murphinator

    WR Xavier Watts

  6. The Murphinator

    Inside Linebacker Nomination Thread

    Nominate @Clifford Franklin
  7. The Murphinator

    OLB Mitchell Melton

  8. The Murphinator

    OLB Mitchell Melton

    Here are the links https://247sports.com/Player/Mitchell-Melton-46055245/ https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/mitchell-melton-185067 https://www.hudl.com/profile/8220383/Mitchell-Melton
  9. The Murphinator

    OLB Mitchell Melton

    Player: Mitchell Melton Hometown: Onley, Maryland School: Good Counsel Position: Outside Linebacker Height: 6-4 Weight: 225 40 Time: Power 5 Offers: Duke, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Pittsburg, Purdue, Rutgers, Syracuse, Texas A&M, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Wisconsin, Nebraska Visits: Twitter 247 Composite: #563 Overall; #43 OLB; .8628; Rivals: #40 OLB; 247: #39 OLB; ESPN: Hudl
  10. The Murphinator

    2019 Starting Lineup Campaigning Thread

    Last chance to vote for Wide Receivers and Tight Ends. Get those votes in!
  11. The Murphinator

    Bracketology 2019

    To get in, I think we would have to win 4 of the last 5 and probably win a game in the big ten tourney. Or if we win 3 of the last 5 we would have to win a couple of games in the big ten tournament.
  12. The Murphinator

    2018-2019 NBA

    Well deserved.
  13. The Murphinator

    Valentine's Wishes for the Huskers

    I don't know, maybe @10_point_buck knows
  14. The Murphinator

    Valentine's Wishes for the Huskers

    I am literally dying of laughter right now