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  1. The Murphinator

    2018-2019 NBA

  2. Back to the Future (All 3) Forest Gump Shawshank Redemption The Green Mile The Goonies
  3. The Murphinator

    Pass Rush... Who's "The Guy"

    Hopefully Tannor
  4. The Murphinator

    2018-2019 NBA

    Sounds like Klay is going to be out tonight
  5. The Murphinator

    WR Muhsin Muhammad III [Texas A&M Commit]

    Committed to A&M
  6. The Murphinator

    TE Tommy Christakos [California Commit]

    Can't add to the poll if he is already committed there
  7. The Murphinator

    WR William Nixon

  8. The Murphinator

    All hail the transfer portal....

    Also looks like he might be going back to USC after all of this
  9. The Murphinator

    2019-20 Schedule Announcements

    Too bad we waited until Daum was gone to get this done.
  10. The Murphinator

    2018-2019 NBA

    I thought the Raptors would win this game. I still have GS in 6
  11. The Murphinator

    Potential Transfers

    Unless Roby decides to come back (which is not happening) Thor is coming back and will likely be coming off the bench.
  12. The Murphinator

    Isaiah Roby to enter the NBA Draft

    Yes. I know. What I am saying is guys in the 40 range will drop a little because of teams using 2nd round picks on draft and stash prospects.
  13. The Murphinator

    Isaiah Roby to enter the NBA Draft

    Overseas draft and stash players always push down guys in the 2nd round
  14. I think it is pretty clear Roby is staying the draft.