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  1. He does need to let them do their jobs. Either they need the autonomy to run the offense or we don’t need to pay millions for O staff to serve as trainers and message conduits. We don’t know how much Frost’s staff actually actually controls. But, after 4 years of struggles with previous assistants, we need change for the better. It’s too bad we waited 4 losing seasons to make changes. If we get more of the same, we will know where the issues lie. Special teams the same. The defense is far from perfect but seem much more organized and did about as much as could be hoped for by comparison anyway.
  2. Yea. And if it’s true that the QB is gonna be a pocket passer, the O line coach doesn’t have to teach all that time consuming run blocking either! Frost is even smarter than ever dreamed!
  3. Perhaps that’s the new exercise to build that grip on the ball to cut down of fumbles and discipline the center before a bad snap or blitz occurs?
  4. Well, apparently we’re not going to run the ball anymore so it’s Special Teams.
  5. It’s a nice post - worth repeating a dozen times maybe.
  6. Hopefully he doesn’t squeeze the Charmin - too much!
  7. Bama has about 40 assistants - their Bama so rules and money are not relevant.
  8. I think it best to keep the Defensive staff “as is” - fill special teams with somebody on the offensive side or divide the duties between a couple. Frost needs to do something.
  9. I tend to think the best teachers were students that tended to have to work extra hard to master the subject. Dominic was a much better player but Donovan surely knows the game. His brother can provide a wealth of advice and expertise too. I tend to feel optimistic on him. I think Austin was better than many of his critics. I think scheme and talent were the biggest issue for O line play. Apparently Frost believes otherwise. We shall see soon enough.
  10. Until lately, reading this Board was kind of depressing but now it’s downright funny ! Lightens up the day. Be great to have a strictly just for fun thread where the laughs keep on coming. That way we all can be sure the stuff is not serious - though must good humor has elements of truth. GBR.
  11. Maybe that’s it. No more hires until Frost gets paid so they can deduct it from his check - until it runs out. Guess he’s got savings surely to tap next.
  12. Any hints yet on the money involved in these hires and fires beyond Frost giving his $1M. I’m thinking he ought to pay for the buyouts and pay increases out of his $, as far as it goes. He’s doing all this.
  13. I’m sure the rest of the Big Ten is giddy!
  14. First thing we ought to is go out and get a whole O line and coach thru the transfer portal. That an immediate fix.
  15. Yup. Clearly there a lot of batship crazy goin on out there! Football coaching is not rocket science or modern day techno farming. Neb athletics has spent a hell of a lot of $$ over the past 20 years on men’s football and basketball and hasn’t won much. In fact, the more they spend, the worse it gets. Very odd ??
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