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  1. Amen! The good news is that there is lots of room for imiprovement in every area of the team!
  2. In deed! Our kicker scored 7 points. Rest of team- 6. Thank goodness Noah Vedral was a 'team' player to never complain, transfer away from NU or otherwise, and just patiently and unselfishly wait in the wings (in the shadows really) for his 15 minutes of fame and saves the day! His performance was exceptional under the pressure and circumstances. The rest of the team playing like deer in the headlights and he calmly goes in and leads a couple solid possessions, without major error and makes a couple great plays to avoid sacks, etc. and good throw on a critical down. Managed the clock perfectly, etc. He's a gamer!
  3. Maybe they plan to redshirt Mo Washington? Has he played in 4 games?
  4. NU to win 34 - 24 Passing 210 Rushing 155
  5. I think there are quite a few comments suggesting Northwestern is just not very good and we 'should' be able to handle them. But based on their opponents and the final scores alone, one would surely be able to conclude their defense is pretty good. Nobody is really scoring a bunch and even Wisconsin's power ground attack was pretty much stifled. If we can core over 30 today offensiviely, we better feel that was our best performance of the year. Defensively, we need to find ways to make some critical stops and get a couple turnovers to help the offense find the end zone a couple times as well. As always, penalties, turnovers, field position, blocking and tackling will be critical. We need a strong, determined TEAM effort. Our struggles this year, so far, have been TEAM struggles really. It is not fair to point at Adrian Martinez primarily. He has played winning caliber football (except for Ohio State anyway). The O line and RBs and WRs have played well enough for maybe 50% of the snaps. The D line maybe for 75%. The LBs and seconday maybe 65%. Special teams play overall - maybe 65% but 20% of the punts and place kicks were not good. Kickoffs around 50% or so were OK. Coverage units have been mostly OK. Today, the variosus position groups match up much better physically and athletically so if they play as well as they can play, there is reason to be optimistic. But it will likely take 4 quarters (not just a fraction thereof) to win!
  6. I think we were all expecting/hoping we'd take off this season somewhere near where we ended last year. But, really, I don't recall many seasons over my 45 years of watching Husker football, when we actually started off a new season where we finished the year before. There are always new season struggles but typically we see plenty of improvement from game 1 to game 3 or 4 certainly. ' But, last year's 'perfrect storm' season began so incredibly bad that even the relatively poor play we saw in the second half of the season was so much better, we were expecting too much. We are now hitting the heart of the schedule and if this year's squad is gong to get things put together and play better (we cannot really be expecting a top twenty team at this point frankly), hopefully today is the starting point. The team may have some serious confidence issues after struggling and then suffering through last week's horror show. Let's all try to send out all the positive waves possible and encourage the 'new and improved Huskers' to present themselves today! Go Huskers!
  7. I think there are many supporters of paying college athletes some kind of cash wages in addition to the numerous non-cash benefits (tuition, room, board, medical, books, fees, travel, etc) that just have not actually really looked at the math. There is just not the money to do what they are suggesting. Dam few colleges (probably less than 20% of the D1s) have ANY money available to 'pay' their athletes cash wages in addition to the cost of the education etc. And probably less than 20% of the ones that have ANY money would have the funds to pay cash wages of $20,000 or $30,000 a year per athlete. Nebraska is one of those very few that actually have a self suporting athletic department (no State tax money is provided by Nebraska's 300,000 or so tax payers). I believe that the budget surplus for 2018 for NU was around $8 million. If Bill Moos were simply to say to our 700 or so student athletes "Here you go, here is your pro rata share of the 'profit"' (this is not a profit as it does not reflect the depreciation of literally hundreds of millions of dollars of current facilities, etc). Moos would be writing 700 checks for $11,425 roiughly. Those are rough numbers for Nebraska as one of the wealthy few schools. If student athletes become 'employees' as I believe these laws would ultimately require, then there would be numerous other legal issues such as insurance, benefits, and hiring and firing rules and regulations, discrimination based on physical or other disability, etc etc etc. And, of course, the dreaded INCOME TAXES apply (state, local and FEDERAL. It is not certain whether the value of the benefits including food, housing, travel, tuition, etc would then also become taxable. It is not inconceivable then that the student athlete may find that instead of actually gettinga check for the cash wages, there may be money owed to the employer to cover the unpaid tax liability to be withheld to cover tax burden in excess of the cash. And what are the great majority of schools that don't have operating supluses (any cash at all) to pay athletes going to do? Drop sports altogether?
  8. The Hudl page lists his 40 at 4.7. Where does this 5.1 time come from. I don't think we'd offer a 5.1 guy to play LB. He'd have to switch over to center or punt or something. LOL.
  9. The next four games are the important ones which will make or break the season in terms of whether we manage a bowl game, etc. The Ohio State was penciled in as a big LOSS since last year by almost everybody with a reasonably objective opinion. The only disappointing aspect of last night's game was the blowout nature of it. But it is not all that surprising when one considers the performance by Ohio State in their first four games vs the Huskers' up and down - fits and spurts - play in games 1-4. Hopefully the players are not too discouraged because practically all of their realistic goals for the 2019 season remain well within reach. The Big Ten West is still fully available and of course a good bowl game and all that the extra practices etc will entail are there for the taking. They are quite capable of playing well enough to win every remaining game, including Wisconsin with their best game. The matchup with the Buckeyes was gong to take lots of help by winning (not losing) turnover and field position battles, etc. We came up empty but this team has lots to play for and can make all their hard work well worth it if they buckle down now and go for it.
  10. Excellent point. Huskers don't really need to win this game - just survive and learn and improve from it. Play lots of backups and test new plays and plant 'seeds' in the future defensive coordinators on the important and most winnable games in order to win our division mainly. Would be a great bonus to win this one but really we need to focus on the season and future goals most importantly.
  11. It looks like he had a perfect opportunity to slow down in front of the receiver and get a block in the back and defend defeat the play in thatway. It was borderline a block in the back as it was. That would have been a great defensive play.
  12. I would think, statistically, with our offense (running QB, and so many run pass options, etc.) and the fact that we are averaging around 6 yards per offensive play, that going for two, would likely produce more total points than kicking the PATs. I am actually surprised Frost has not already started going for two much more often. The kick offs are a problem and I think we'd be better off to squib kick it around 20 to 30 yards as a rolling and hard to field ball. We have a real chance of recovering one out of three or four. That would be better than giving them the 25 on touchbacks or the 35 or so on good returns or out of bounds errors. Get our weakest kicker and let him have a shot at this type of kick.
  13. In addition, in the case of the fumbled ball that is touched by a player that is out of bounds, the ball remains 'live' until the ball goes out of bounds or is possessed by the player out of bounds. In such case, the ball is then spotted at that point on the field, and not returned to the previous spot or the 35 or something. Once a player leaves the playing field he is not able to participate in the play and doing so would be a penalty on him. Also, if same player steps out of bounds and then reaches out and trips a player on the field, that also would be a penalty I believe. Whether the rules is technically correctly applied, it certainly makes no sense. If the same player had caught the ball in the air and then landed out of bounds, the spot would be at that point as he took it out of bounds. I believe that would be the ruling.
  14. Evidently not but then again there are many references made in various ways on this board, as well as many other places in today's social conversations, that are quite dubious.
  15. Whether joking or not, please don't make this a sign to display on ESPN game day for all to see. At least reference Japan, not Germany, as far too many think the"N" on our helmets stands for Nowledge already.
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