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  1. 84HuskerLaw

    Will Bolt Named New Husker Coach

    Not much 'splash' on this one but I confess I am not into baseball very much so I could not even begin to name somebody better. I would have picked somebody with a big time baseball name (a household name type guy who could recruit with name recognition). I was a bit disappointed Erstad quit but I also understand that the program seemed to be stuck in second gear and was not really showing many signs of getting stronger. I don't see why NU can't be one of the top Big Ten teams as the conference is NOT a baseball conference and I believe our facilities and other attractions should be strong positives. Nebraskans seem to enjoy college baseball and without a major league team, a great baseball team has a chance to be a real draw.
  2. 84HuskerLaw

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    This is a good sign that perhaps his public defender is actually doing something more than standing up in the court room beside his 'client' and pleading him guilty. Hopefully he will actually present a defense. Not to be too cynical but in my practice, I have witnessed far too much of this sort of thing so I hope that Coach Frost is keeping aware of things enough to be sure Mo is actually being fully represented and not sold down the river,. On the other side, it would seem that the prosecution has likely not done a whole lot in preparation to have to actually present the State's case and prove him guilty. This is not unusual as many prosecutors simply expect a plea bargain without much real effort or evidence having to be adduced in court. In a case such as this one, the prosecutor also is counting on the defendant to be indigent and therefore under a great deal of personal financial stress from having to travel, skip work, etc as well as the tremendous pressure he must be feeling vis a vis the football team and his college and status therein. Another couple delays in the proceedings will push the matter deep into the fall season and the prosecutor knows this very well. He or she intends to make it as difficult as possible on the defendant to exercise his rights to due process, a fair trial and so on. This is a common practice in the legal process and I personally find it quite disgusting and unethical but it happens a great deal. The right to a speedy trial (6 months from being charged generally) is a Constitutionally protected one but the courts all but ignore it as a practical matter. Continuances and delays are the routine and rarely does a trial ever occur within the 6 months. Defense is entitled to discovery (being given all the evidence the State has or intends to offer to prove or even to disprove their allegations). This is a simple case factually and legally it would appear and there really is no reason why the State would not have any discoverable evidence in hand and ready for the defense to have reviewed immediately after the charge was filed. The defense need not have to wait while the State, who filed this action nearly 6 months ago or so I believe. Perhaps the State of California can't prove what they have alleged.
  3. 84HuskerLaw

    Extremely impressed with the new staff on the recruiting trail

    To use a fishing analogy, it seems as though we are setting bank lines all over the lake and fishing with a boat load of poles with the thinking that the more hooks we put in the water, the better our odds of landing some keepers. I am also wondering if the thinking may be that there have been large areas and numbers of schools and high school coaches, players, etc. that the prior coaches going back a decade or more perhaps have simply ignored. We are reintroducing Husker football and the current coaches and so on to places not recently connected with in any meaningful way. Frost and his staff have been recruiting the west coast while at Oregon and then Florida/Georgia/Alabama most recently. With Nebraska's struggles on the field, we certainly have plenty of 'selling' to do. Our brand was tarnished no doubt and needs a lot of polishing.
  4. 84HuskerLaw

    Huskers in 2019....

    The home field advantage is typically given atleast a touchdown or so for most teams. At first glance our home field edge ought to be worth as much 10 pts but it has not meant nearly so much the past decade or so. I tend to think our fans are worth atleast 7, especially when our team is having some success generally. The past two years - not so much of course. The problem with assuming our schedule is going to be so much easier than last year is it fails to account for the upward trends of some of the perceived 'weaker' opponents. Iowa and Northwestern have been giving us fits for years. Wisconsin has basically dominated the series with NU since we joined the Big Ten. Then you throw in the fact that we lost to Purdue badly, lost to Colorado and now go to both their stadiums, those games could easily be toss ups. Injuries and officials can easily negate several wins - look at the past several years' penalties etc. I think the Ohio State game will be tougher this year than last as the Buckeyes were reeling under the Urban Meyer wife beating scandal, and we kind of caught them off guard. There are lots of very winnable games on the schedule but only a couple look to be 'easy' ones. The 2 off weeks might fall nicely IF we survive the first 7 games without a rash of key injuries. Then you throw in the typical two or three games a year when the weather is not favorable to our playground - fling it around alot - offense - there are plenty of reasons to argue our schedule is NOT that 'easy' and should be amongst the more difficult ones in the conference. And, lastly, I believe we will find that the Big Ten as a conference is getting stronger from top to bottom and there are no real gimmes in there. Home or away - 2019 is a gauntlet NOT a cakewalk. The biggest concern I may have with the coming season is the ever building (over) confidence by far too many fans and pundits about the Huskers. We are still coming off two consecutive 4-8 seasons and were 0-6 last fall for the first time in history for goodness sakes! Let's all be enthusiastic fans and support our team and coaches and players with all the zeal we can muster BUT try to maintain that support whether we get rolling or not. The program is still in early years of a mammoth rebuilding project. We are FAR from reloading!
  5. 84HuskerLaw

    Extremely impressed with the new staff on the recruiting trail

    Not sure if this is being discussed elsewhere on the board already and I've just missed the thread but I am wondering about the 2020 recruiting success or progress at this point. With signing date in December (most sign by then anyway), it would seem that the numbers of commits would be above the historical norms generally for most programs. I randomly looked up the 2020 numbers of offers and commits for schools such as Iowa, Georgia, Texas, Texas Tech, USC, Michigan, Wisconsin and maybe a couple others, to compare to DONU. Frost has offered a lot more than everybody else and have just three reported commits. I am most curious as to what the recruiting approach for this staff is essentially? Are we just offering virtually every possible player from around the entire country in hopes we will find enough interested prospects to get a good class? Can we really do the best job of targeting the 'right' ones that really fit our system and so on, and then give the necessary time and personalized contacts and effort it will take to lure in those very best candidates? I am not really second-guessing here as much as trying to just have a better feel for our recruiting philosophy or strategy and so on. Did they recruit at UCF with this apparent 'shotgun' approach? Anyone have any ideas on this ?
  6. 84HuskerLaw

    Milto vs Martinez Year 2 Improvement

    Last year was a lot of interesting things but for me it was not 'fun' to go 4-8 and I don't think Scott Frlost is going to remain our coach indefinately going 4-8. I hope we have a winning season for everyone's sakes because another 4-8 is going to let the majority of the air out of the Scott Frost balloons in a hurry. None of of us want that certainly. In that sense, this is perhaps going to be one of the most important (make or break) years in NU history. The pressure is quietly building like in a pressure cooker and we're either going to have a great steam cooked meal or a massive hole in the kitchen ceiling if the lid blows off. I don't think it will be fair to put all this pressure on Adrian Martinez as if he's the one-man show although with the loss of Ozigbo and Morgan and potentially the loss of Washington and another blow to JD's head God forbid, this may be the case! He just needs to manage the offense and be a leader of consistancy and confidnece. He needs to get the ball in the hands of the playmakers and let them do the work - assuming we have enough playmakers who actually make the plays.
  7. 84HuskerLaw

    Pass Rush... Who's "The Guy"

    I am hopeful that our D linemen will, as a group, be much stronger and we will actually rotate a bunch so all should be fresh. I would expect to see more TFL and sacks from the Davis twins, Stille, D Neal, and several of the backups (we are loaded with quite a few and we get so little info it is hard to guess which ones will emerge). When we do use a blitz or hard rush from the DE / OLB or even safety / rover type spots, I would venture we see some good play from Ty Robinson, Wildeman, Snodgrass, Heinrich, A Davis, Hannah, Nelson, Domann or even a Javin Wright. We will show a lot of 3 DTs, 2 DEs and 2 LB looks but I would guess we will actually use more 3-4 techniques and schemes because we can field a much stouter front 3 against most teams. We will have enough more depth with good size against the more power ful run teams like Wiscy, Mich, etc. so I look for our defense to be the strongest unit of the team, overall, assuming our secondary play holds up to the task and tackles better. LB play may be a little hit and miss at times with the youth but it should be physically stronger and play faster. 2019 should be a fun season for the Defensive coaches as they will have a lot more experience and guys will be playing with much more confidence and physical toughness. I will predict the defense will end up being one of the top three in the Big Ten and top 20 nationally overall. Our defense played much better last year than I think most give them credit for and better than their stats would suggest . The key to the season and how successful it turns out to be will come down to improving our offensive 'efficiency' (we need to score about 10 points a game for every 100 yards of total offense) and that will be helped by fewer execution errors by the offensive players AND more importantly, by our defense giving them more possessions in better field position. Of course, it seems most discussions ignore the third leg of the football team - Special Teams - and I have to believe we will see the most dramatic improvement on the entire team in the areas of kick coverage and kick returns. I suspected last year that Frost & Co just didn't have enough time in practices to focus on those nearly enough. Again, the effectiveness of these units will enable the offense to get more scoring opportunities with much better field position when we gain possessions and the defense will get more changes to defend a longer field if we cover better and have fewer crappy punts, etc. Hopefully, our field goal kicker is called upon much less frequently because we a scoring more TDs and have more confidence in going on 4th downs quite a bit. Frost has recruited speed over all other things and this bodes well for finding better returners and getting down the field to cover as well.
  8. 84HuskerLaw

    *** 2020 Recruiting ***

    Scott Frost has the Huskers back at Number 1 !!! It seems like we'd have a few more commits with over 400 'offers'. I understand that Frost has indicated that our offers are 'subject to' a whole bunch of conditions precedent such as grades, on campus visits, family consultations, background checks etc. but you would presume they've done a lot of that BEFORE them make an offer but ??
  9. 84HuskerLaw

    2020 C Dain Dainja

    Let's hope he is a good buddy of Jalen Suggs as both of these guys could be of great benefit to both HC SF and HC FHn!! Not sure we can say yet which of them is recruiting better but it is readily apparent that both of them understand that its not as much X's and O's as it is Jimmy's and Joes. Tag team!
  10. 84HuskerLaw

    *** 2020 Recruiting ***

    I am wondering if there is a thread or discussion somewhere in the various topics on the board as to the general methods and processes and approaches taken by Frost and Co in recruiting? By this I mean to ask how are they approaching these prospects, etc. I seem to recall Frost saying something to the effect that he really doesn't want kids to 'commit' too early as in before they have fully visited and experienced games, looked over campus, etc etc. He has also said basically that he wants to be sure the kids they recruit want to be Huskers and know what they are getting into and are fully committed to football and working as hard as possible to be successful and contribute to the team goals. I realize these are in some ways rather generic and kind of 'obvious' types of things as it would make no sense to recruit or sign scholarship guys who are lazy and or not interested in coming to Nebraska to school etc. But, I wonder how and why we have apparently made around 500 'offers' based on the names and profiles shown for Classes '20 and '21 when we can only honor around 50 or so? Surely they could not have already done the background work and verified the apparent interest in being Huskers and desire and etc for all of these guys? Or maybe we have? But if so, then can we infer based on the offer dates that those offered first were the ones we are most interested in and those offered later are the 'seconds, thirds, fourths and fifths? Also, can we also infer that since we have seen little or no response to the early offers, most of them have no interest and we have moved on? Or, is our recruiting approach more aptly described as a shotgun approach and we are basically just offering about everybody who is anybody in hopes of finding some interest out there kind of like radiowave signals being beamed out into deep space in search of life beyond our solar system? I am not beig negative - rather I am just trying to get a feel for what the challenge and process is really like. I am pleased the Coaches and staff are out there beating the bushes trying to get the talent we so desperately need to compete for championships. I am just looking to get a better understanding of how they are actually going about doin it? For those on the board who have some knowledge and insight into this, point me to the right places or maybe this will stimulate a discussion of relevance and interest to many as there seems very little of late to be going on ?
  11. 84HuskerLaw

    2019 Spring Game - April 13 @ 1:00 CDT on BTN

    Unfortunately, I was not able to watch the game and only heard parts of the radio broadcast. I am really curious as to what the impressions and opinions of the Huskerboard members are after getting to watch yesterday? It seemed to me the defense played fairly well on a majority of snaps. Were there are new formations or other hints of 'new' schemes or plays ? Presumably Frost was not going to reveal much ahead of the fall. I don't believe I recall any mention of any traditonal option type plays but the radio broadcast often missed plays altogether and was so busy with sideline interviews with former players, etc that they seemed to forget to cover the actual on field stuff. Just hoping some good discussion of the actual game and individual play and so on might shed some light on things. Information has been so limited all winter/spring or atleast I haven't been able to keep up with what has been forthcoming. Gonna be a long summer if the information 'blackout' continues. ' I am also hoping we start hearing some real news on the recruiting and maybe start seeing a few commitments, etc. It is about 140 days until kick off and 240 until signing day. This is Frost's BIG year to really make the jump.
  12. 84HuskerLaw

    2019 Spring Game - April 13 @ 1:00 CDT on BTN

    If that is 62,000 their stadium must hold about 130,000 full. LOL Assuming the ends and other side are similarly filled, a realistic guestimate would be 35,000 to 40,000, maybe.
  13. 84HuskerLaw

    OLB Quandarrius Robinson [Alabama Commit]

    Good measureables certainly and could add 20 pounds to his frame without much problem at all. Would like to see more of his tackling skills as junior season highlight film is a little short but athletically he has potential to be a Blackshirt.
  14. 84HuskerLaw

    Martinez for Heisman

    Adrian gets the kinds of stats predicted above, he will be mentioned in the heisman race - but the team needs to win a minimum of 10 games and play in the CCG and do so competitively. There will also need to be a dramatic improvement in the play of many other players around him including some new stars in the WR group and our RB will need well over a 1000 yards and the if these all happen, we will then get the total offense per game that will get us on ESPN sports center regularly, The defense will have to play better although I feel more confident in the defense playing nearer this level that the offense. Time will tell. Of course we need a D line coach and the special teams will have to be MUCH improved all season long.
  15. 84HuskerLaw

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    So little fact, so much speculation. How do we know he didn't get the pics from her?