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  1. Roughly about 6'4" and 245 or so average. That is for fuill grown best in the NFL. College players would most likely want to be about 6-2 and 225 or so to compare. Expecting DEs to get to the QB of today (most of whom can run pretty well themselves btw) that are 6-5 -- 265 OR 280 is a mistake. They are too big for LBs and too small for DTs in my view. I have felt our LBs and rush ends and so on lately have been abit oversized (especially weight) and as result are just too slow. You want all the size you can muster without losing speed. We need LBs who can run legit 4.5 in the forty or faster. Guys in the 4.3s are ideal. Jamell Williams or Farley was around 4.4.eu. I'd rather use a big safety as a LB in most games when possible. It seems reasonable to have a couple hole plugger types LBs that are around 6-4 and 245 or so but it is extremely rare you find speed enough for guys that heavy. Mark Gastineu (spelling? are extremely rare specimens. There is no substitute for speed with scheme unless the defense is allowed to play around 13 guys instead of 11.
  2. I think there is plenty of room all over the team in every phase and position. However there does seem to be a fairly high percentage of comments that seem to want to blame one area as the primary problem. The defense played better as the season went along (improved) but needed to be where it was at the end of the season at the beginning. The offense should have started out where it was last year too! Sadly it ended up worse by yearend worse than we began last year in my view. Turnovers were cut back or we’d have been awful this year. Special teams were poor in almost all respects (kickers, punters, blocking, coverage, returns, etc). Minus about five plays the special teams play was just plain bad. The injured place kickers really is the only excusable area. We have plenty of athletes to field a coverage unit and punt receiving is mostly the starting defenders anyway. And how can we have no decent punt catchers besides JD from all those WRs who didn’t play much? It seems as though the special teams never practiced much. With 150 plus on the squad and lots of practice areas there is just no excuse I can see. Help me to understand this one. I feel the blame (if that is the term to use) as maybe 35% offense, 40% special teams, 25% defense. Coaches and players share the responsibility alike.
  3. Do we know Adrian can run Frost’s full offense ? No. Do we know what Frost’s full offense even is? If what we’ve seen is all of it, then more needs to be added - no matter which QB is in the game. Clearly we are struggling mightily to score and or move the ball consistently. Evidence the high number of punts and 3&outs vs nearly all our opponents over two seasons. We’ve gained lots of yards but scored about 2 or 3 TDs a game less than yardage would tend to indicate. Just my general observation. I’m fairly sure the stats would tend to prove our offense has been very inefficient when comparing points per yards of total offense. I haven’t looked but I suspect our punter has been way too busy this year in almost every game. I agree we have not seen much of our back up QBs in two seasons so we don’t know how well he may do but we do know we are not winning many games as it has been.
  4. Tom Osborne is quite capable of doing any analysis without charge I’m sure. Most likely already has done this type of thing all along. I’m sure if there are coaching changes or schematic or other ideas that can help Frost Tom can and will and most surely has offered. I doubt Frost would turn down the advice and help from someone like that. He already gets all the free counsel from all the know-it-all’s on Huskerboard. There’s almost no crazy suggestion left out on this site not to mention all the experts in the media. Lol. frost just needs to carefully dissect the first two seasons and be willing to ask himself what they are doing wrong and why and formulate strategies to do better!
  5. The attitude is getting better in my view as most of the players seem to be playing with more heart and determination. There was definately more disappointment in the eyes and voices of the players after this Iowa loss than we were seeing a couple years ago. I think the losses are really starting to hurt. That is a great place to start! The team is getting better. The games are getting closer and we've had a chance is nearly all of them this year (Ohio State excepted). We played a tough schedule (much tougher than most realize I think). Not making excuses but trying to put some perspective on things. We were not outclassed for the most part and in most of our losses, a half dozen or less plays go slightly different and we probably win. The glass is not empty. We make even one more offensive play in the fouth quarter on offense or defense or even special teams and we could have won by three instead of lose. We could have kicked the walk off field goal! I know we didn't make them, but we are getting closer all the time. The team continued to play hard and we almost defeated a top twenty Iowa team and gave Wisconsin all they wanted.' I suggest we all take a deep breath, relax and give our Huskers another chance next year. Let's wait to evaluate after 2020 when hindsight is always clearer!
  6. Frost and his staff are relatively new and young in the coaching game, for the most part. The program is no doubt a long way from where we want it to be but changing coaches at this point is nonsensical. Unless Frost or staff fall short in the moral or ethics or character traits we all want our program to represent, we need to be patient. There are good things being done and the team effort is there. The players (the vast majority atleast) are playing hard, giving good effort and seem to express the desire to get better. Frequent interviews with the various staff coaches indicate good understanding of the subject matter and all seem friendly, personable and able to relate to their players. There is good reason to believe they will get better as they all get more experience. Dealing with teenagers is not easy but there are no glaring examples of problems not being handled reasonably well. The areas of biggest concern for me are: special teams across the board, WR production and LB play. Dewitt was deathly ill for half the year so the other staff bear some of the responsibility for the poor coverage, poor return game issues. Kickers getting hurt and missing large parts of the season demonstrated that the kicking game is CRITCAL and scholarships and practice time deserve a LOT more attention by Frost that apparently has been given. The receivers (TEs and WRs - except for Wandale and JD - were AWOL. Injuries, etc played a role but nobody made plays. The ball was rarely thrown to them as I don't recall a bunch of drops all year. QB play is an enigma as the dramatic improvement by Luke and Noah and even Bunch stand in stark contrast to Martinez. The backups gained confidence and improved markedly while Adrian struggled in every aspect (runs, throws, reads, leadership, etc). This suggests a personal issue for Adrian as the rest of the room made big strides so it is not likely a coaching thing. Put it all together andwe have the makings for a season full of 'almosts', and disappointments, and never had a complete game for 4 quarters. This translated into a 5-7 reccord. Close only counts in horse shoes and grenades as they say but I firmly believe we need to stay the course. I am reminded that Columbus sailed west to get east and about half way many of his crew wanted to turn around for fear of sailing off the edge of the world or something terrible. Columbus stayed the course and a new world was discovered. lar .
  7. Iowa is almost certainly going to play us just like they play everybody else every year. Slow, methodical, grind it out old style basic fundamental football. No flash, no gimmicks,, etc. Basic blocking and tackling, smash mouth with some tight ends and a couple shots down field to keep the defense halfway honest. Nothing new or different. That is classic Big Ten style football, played in the trenches, etc. The Big Ten has played this style in part because of the weather factors which tend to influence the last 3 or 4 weeks of every season. Power, strength and push with much less speed and finesse. The weather forecast is basically going to be Iowa football weather and has to favor them over Frost's flashier, gun and run, or whatever one might nickname it. Frost may end up with more runs than passes but it is really not nearly as power as it is finesse. The runs are really the counter punch to the throwing game. I've felt fairly bullish about Husker chances for this week until I heard the forecast and we learn about the deficiencies in the skill players (WRs, RBs, etc) that are absent. We don't have a very good smashmouth run capability without the ability to threaten with passing. Iowa will NOT make the mistakes in scheme and strategy that Wisconsin did so running the ball will be very difficult. My heart says Huskers 27 - Iowa 20 but logic and intelligent experience says 27 to 13 Hawkeyes.
  8. Hopefully we get a video of the game posted this week so can watch it and get another evaluation. Trying to find the most positive, optimistic view, I am thinking that maybe, just maybe, at some point in the future, we will look back and say that the dramatic improvement in the team's play in the '19 Wisconsin game was the turning point where the turnaround and climb began! We could win a couple more this year and then get rolling for real next fall! It's a long, steep climb but it has to start at some point! Maryland probably as bad as Bethune Cookman but we still played much better last year after finally getting over the hump.
  9. Yup Red zone offense still struggling against a crappy defense that has all but quit for the year!
  10. Blocking has been more like 'normal' as opposed to last week. Maryland just played incredibly bad today as I don't really feel like we played all that well. Certainly didn't play as well as last week. Let's hope we play our best game of the year next week and can score about 40 on Iowa and keep them under 20. We seem to finally have a kicker on FGs and PATs. Our kickoffs being short aren't any worse than the ones all year.
  11. Time to second string QB in there. No more injury to Adrian and need the snaps for the younger guys too!
  12. Well, we can see if this team has real heart and guts now in the second half. If we let Maryland climb back in it - about 10 points would change the complexion considerably with our defensive ability to collapse under slight pressure at times - then the offense will have to take its turn with some ill timed turnovers, etc. The second half can go the other way in a hurry with the bad news Huskers after our half time adjustments. I am so very happy that we are way ahead on the scoreboard, no matter how we actually got that way. Now let's hang on and try to find a way to pull off the upset vs the c$%keyes in the Turkey Game.
  13. Defense better stop this drive if they want to keep this game from turning uglier (if that is possible?) in second half.
  14. Let's quick schedule another game with Maryland for tomorrow afternoon. We can get those 6 wins this weekend and then maybe move the Iowa game for a few days and get a few extra days rest. Maybe get to 8 wins with a win over Indiana in the Rematch Bowl!
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