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  1. I really enjoyed Knighton’s remarks. He is sharp, devoted, enthusiastic and excited. The whole staff is apparently. He maybe downplayed the X & Os a bit but that’s understandable at this point. They haven’t practiced anything yet. They’ll need to see what they have first in the locker room. I think the players will buy in to what they’re selling. They’re all good sellers that seem genuine and honest and energetic. They believe in their system and players are buying in. Toughest part will be when the practice conditioning gets tough and the book learning of football AND school come crushing down on these guys. Attrition happens as not all will make it. The change from high school to college is a lot bigger than some realize. I know DONU athletics has systems and people to really help in the academics support. I hope that they give this another boost as well. Sink or swim in schoolwork may not be advisable. They all have to grow up and ‘man up’ but the end goal is to see that they learn the materials. Everybody learns at their own pace and methods and styles. Really don’t want to lose sight education - it is still the mission priority.
  2. Decisions have consequences. Sometimes you make good choices. Sometimes not. 95% of D1 players will not play pro fball. College football at any level is played by a small % of high school players which is a fraction of guys who would like to play football generally. Competition is the free and fair way for players to achieve their goals and dreams. Period. I have never thought a limit should be placed on a school for scholarships of any kind. If the school wants to award academic awards to students, the school should be allowed, whether or not that whiz kid wants to play sports too! frankly, all divisions should allowed to compete for students and or athletes / students. It’s fair to all. NCAA should not have deprived so many of the opportunities to enjoy college and sports. But the NCAA does what its majority membership wants. The have less schools wanted less scholarships so they limited it. Ultimately, the SCOTUS said that’s fundamentally wrong to deny individuals the right to make money.
  3. The ‘jump’ Neb has made is mostly done for 2023 at least. We dumped our previous expensive coaches and hired even more expensive coaches. That was a $50 million dollar giant LEAP of faith in the future and bet the bank of our ability to win in the process. There has been a huge recognition by the University Admin that winning football is very important to the brand image and collective psyche of the State, the City of Lincoln, the school and the Husker Nation. This has been done before but never to the utmost degree that it is now. This reflects a realization that winning isn’t easy nor automatic. It will require the combined efforts and dedication of everyone to turn this around. Neb FB was on its literal deathbed before Rhule. Trev searched and deliberated exhaustively. He chose a real grinder. Trev and the powers of the inner circle rightly see that it’s all hands on deck to save the entire Ath Dept. from sinking. The question is will the work continue or will the first hurdle be too hard? Will the collective efforts continue until the job is truly accomplished? Perseverance? 5-7 years worth? We need a sign? Initial recruiting will have to do. A big leap in win total IS unrealistic and should not even be seriously discussed. My feeling is this is the last great hope. If Rhule fails, DONU fails. There won’t be another chance. Husker Nation better unite 100% and help pull in the same direction. And realize and never forget this is a long term project, essentially never ending. Immediate gratification ain’t happening. It’s gonna take time and while we can expect a turnaround - more competitive teams starting in 7 months, we are in for a long haul. Like the first Huskers that settled and homesteaded Nebraska and those that traveled west to California on the Oregon trail, it will be a fearsome struggle for years to overcome the challenges. The hard work is just begun. Those players have to do their part too! Rhule is following Devaney’s model. Be positive and patient.
  4. He has the motor and drive. He finished plays well. Highlight vids never show the ‘low lights’ but presumably the coaches saw the full game tapes. He has the size already - even if it’s 6-3 and 275, he’ll be able to help in a couple years for 3. It’s not like he is 6-1 and 235 so needed 50 pounds. I think, (I’m no expert in D line play) he needs work in hand deployment but he seemed to hold his ground and pushed his way in the direction needed.
  5. There may be some new ways to do somethings but there is no substitutes for WORK (hard, strenuous, exhausting, physically demanding work). Players who don’t have what it takes (heart, desire, guts, determination, willpower etc) should leave now. No more ‘partipation medals’ for showing up and being on the team. This is no longer amateur games for fun. This is real pro ball. The players wanted to be paid for their efforts. They got their wish. Now, the free college education is replaced by a hard job that a lot competitors will try to take away. In the end, some players will like pay for play. Others will not. Some will benefit and some will not. I’m not sure that the NFL will appreciate the competition. It’s possible some stay at the college level for their careers.
  6. Your returning players, especially third year on up, are on scholarships and will take hefty NiL $ to keep. The new recruits (4 stars or better which is what everyone wants) will require big NIL $ and initially a scholarship too. Ultimately it costs the Ath Dept more to give scholarships. NIL money doesn’t cost NU anything so long as the donors are plentiful and have the money to spend. There is a limit on $ but it’s got to be in the $15 to $20 million per year on NIL. 110 players @ $100,000 per year = $11,000,000 Thats about right with bigger bucks to the highly sought after ones that that u desperately need. Is it sustainable? Idk. Depends how many big $ boosters want to spend their money buying football players. In the short term, say 5-7 years, perhaps it’s doable, but long term, the real winning has to be there. Thus, Rhule is the final answer for Nebraska, sink or swim, it’s all come down to The Rhuler. He either gets us back to perennial power or he doesn’t. The NIL well will have run dry without the glory returned. That winning is where the long term $$$ is sourced. Higher game ticket $. Ultimately, the NIL collective will need to tap the fan base for annual donations. Priority seating etc will come down to how much a ticket holder will give to the collectives to buy players.
  7. The Big Ten wants tourney teams. Neb is not going to get many wins in the final stretch. Those go to enhance tourney prospects. A ‘good’ season needs to happen in the first 20 games, not the last ten. Maybe next year.
  8. I think Nebraska BB could be better if locally there were better players, and twice as many. Without even 3-4 a year as a basis to build from, it’s almost impossible, especially at a top tier conference level. I always felt to rise up to a top 50 Bb program, not just a one year wonder, we would to have a couple great, local players come thru and transform the program. From that point, we might be able to go afar and recruit entire rosters. Sadly, never ever happened. Any truly great players usually get recruited away. These difference makers end up at the elite schools with long time traditional powers, etc. We have teetered on the edge in having this happen in football last few years. That is scary as hell. Thankfully Rhule seems to be reversing this but we will have to see if he actually succeeds. NIL and a supersized work effort appears to have recharged recruiting. Can this be done in BB? Do we have NIL $ enough from basketball boosters? Idk but it seems not. Sell a good number of game tickets but I get the impression they’re more ‘basketball’ fans than Husker basketball fans. Some come to see the play of any good teams, Husker or opponent..
  9. Scholarships # @ 85 does not mean player reduction. I’d expect upper class level players to move from scholarship $ to NIL $. Some will quit / move but it won’t be because they’re cut off from financial aid. If they leave NU, it will be from choice of schools, etc.
  10. Say those numbers are accurate, that suggests to me he’s reached the point where another 20 lbs is all that’s needed. He’s a big man. Period. 6-8 325 is not overweight and might be a tad ‘thin’ for his size. For someone that’s 70 lbs over weight, the hard part is the first 50. By then, he already feels much better and he gets the personal satisfaction of actually seeing the big changes. Now, the visible results are there and become the incentive to do even more. I am guessing same as everyone else but it won’t surprise me if this guy IS a factor in the fall. He’s maturing from being a teenager into a man (18 into 20 essentially). Just my hunch.
  11. UF facility was not impressive imo. Much smaller and didn’t look like much when I took the virtual tour at its opening.
  12. There have always been some walkons that were essentially roster filler in some respects but as recruiting declined dramatically during the first 4 years of Solich, the quality of walkons (talent / capability) declined as well. There were walkons by 2002 that were below the Div 2 level, mostly just to give the team numbers. The first and seconds were becoming third stringers. From that, the quality of backups and scout team declined and practice reps tended to give a false look in game preps and competition across the roster generally. Callahan promptly reduced the walk on numbers for the simple idea that many were just not D-1 capable and would take up valuable practice and coaching time etc. Reviving recruiting generally helped but it has never been nearly as vigorously and methodically run since. It appears Rhule has a detailed, systematic and energetic effort to find and pursue more quality players. Today, after NU has fallen from the top ten to the middle (or less ?) of Div 1. This handicaps ANY recruiting seriously. Thus, the time table to restore Neb fb to the upper tier will be more gradual and time delayed than some Husker fans understand. The support for Urban Meyer or a few other splash type HC hires was largely a response to the desire to find immediate, transformative recruiting. Rhule has a little splash but mostly is just reorganizing and energizing the process and he literally hired the staff with a big emphasis on reopening the recruiting doors with NIL $ as a way to ‘buy’ much better players than could have been otherwise even be considered. Rhule is trying to do the rebuild of Neb football as a program by out working and hustling with NIL $ as the Ace trump card to close deals. Imo. It’s better but it’s a multi year time frame. I like this first batch and short term help is coming this fall but no miraculous change should be expected. Better coaching and schemes coupled with some returning experience and a less daunting (not easy) schedule can help too. Still, 2023 will be a very difficult road. Going bowling is probable but should also be greatly appreciated if it happens. Imo.
  13. I’m not much for the rankings bc of a number of things, but this is, imo, the best group of recruiting additions (‘23 and portal) in a long time. There could a couple / three more yet. We still need a NT transfer and another OL or even two. Those would fill in the team quite nicely imo. Not complete but much better. Too many WRs but I realize some will not play that position and some may not stay. I’d like to have had a top 5 nationally RB but we have some in the roster that are pretty decent. Still feel better if Hornsby (as a QB) could have come. But all things considered, the team added a broad array of talented athletes that have fb potential. Can they get better in three months of practicing? Yes, but the game reps will not come until mid season. Team will be green, raw and young but there are some guys returning to help teach etc. if CT gets healthy, we have a QB to start the season. Got to do some creative O line things but scheme and gimmicks won’t fool many P5 coaching staffs. The weak links will remain thru 10-15-23 certainly. Be a rough first season but if the team can remain confident, this will be a good bunch by late Nov.
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