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  1. Realistically, how many new players will be even third team All Conference choices? How many returning players will make that status or better? Unless we have 1400 yard RB, probably not many. I don’t care how we do it, but the team needs (must) find 7 wins and win the bowl. Hopefully, most of the two deep then stays for 2024 and this boosts our recruiting into the top 15 level.
  2. It’s obvious they are not looking at being fair to anybody. They want to milk Nebraska’s fan appeal (probably still in the top 5 nationally) and so we get the most attractive (and difficult) schedule. I’m gonna guess our home vs away comparison favors the better Big Ten (Michigan, OSU, Wisc, PSU for example) foes as well. They’ve revamped the divisions and schedules several times in 12 seasons as well. Sure, it’s ‘fun’ to play the ‘big’ games vs name brand schools but they are wasting NU fb brand legacy in the process. Mich and OSU pull a lots of strings and they’re not interested in seeing Neb take a seat in the leadership / flagship role of the Big Ten. Neb is still a stepchild at best. Probably will be for a long time. In a lot of ways, we still get leftovers just like Texas ran the Big 12.
  3. That was then, this is now. Ohio State is much like OU was until Switzer left. NU was much like Ohio State until Osborne left. It was a natural fit and effectively was the Big 8 championship every year and the winner played in Orange Bowl, often for national title. Now, NU is more like KStste or IState from back in the day. We are bottom tier. We will never get back to relevance until we find a way to win 10 games consistently. You don’t schedule losses. Schedule competitive teams to the extent you can. We are stuck in Big Ten likely indefinitely now. Last thing we want to have is Big Ten makes us the conference’s permanent designated homecoming opponent. They may put us in road games all season! Lol.
  4. What does it say about Frost’s ‘eye’ for WR talent when our best receiver, so far, is a transfer from Dakota, out of small bus load of guys? And still recruiting them with so many other positions with inadequate depth or ify starters. I really dont recall that many issues with his receivers costing us games. Other areas of much greater value and need imo.
  5. The team that went 3-9 last year returns WITHOUT a lot of major contributors (basically most of its better players) - secondary, def line, QB, RBs, WRs, TEs, etc. Also replaced a third of the coaches, the kickers are new and likely most of the kick returners. A modified offense and possibly some of the defensive schemes will need to be changed to accommodate talent changes as well. While the schedule, at first glance anyway, could be less daunting, it will certainly NOT be easy. Team confidence is very uncertain. Injuries continue to haunt the program. This team will be very inexperienced and, as seems to be the case every year under Frost, very young. On the other hand, Whipple is a wise old owl and MJ has shown capabilities. Do these two considerations offset the foregoing? Could be yet another long season. I hope not but hard to be bullish at this point.
  6. Lol. It has nothing to do with my feelings. I just asked the questions. yes, it does spread the talent somewhat, outside the top ten tier anyway. It’s diluted the talent for most others, leading to mediocre play by the vast majority. As did adding teams to Div 1 etc. As a practical matter, scholarships are being devalued by NIL. Walkons with NIL may be better off. Programs with ultra wealthy donors and sponsors will reign over the rest, in perpetuity. Many programs will drop football as the cost to field competitive teams becomes prohibitive.
  7. I tend to agree although it will depend on the losses as well as the win/loss records of opponents too. Blow out losses and or ugly games where team effort fails could qualify things somewhat. 8 plus a bowl win almost certainly buys another conditional year. 7 plus a solid bowl win, very likely. The losses need to be respectable and vs top 15 teams. There has to be clear, unequivocal improvement - period. Imo. ( 5 years without real progress is not acceptable to most of the fan base imo.) The staff changes will be weighed heavily but this is Frost’s team and program - period. If Frost delivers more of the same, and especially if fans and commentators see only slight adjustments, Frost is done and his future coaching will take a major hit.
  8. Didnt they add a win over hapless Bethune Cookman? That one shouldn’t count either imo.
  9. If we could find one top caliber O line and D line guy by Aug 1, and somehow hang on to the better guys across the team, there is reason to hope for team improvement thru the season. Not sure it will mean many wins and the first 5 weeks will be tough. Going to need lots of luck to find a way to win some. By middle of season, barring injury to starters and most backups, the team will be much like last year imo. No team will find them easy to beat but Husker wins will be equally hard to get. Ultimately, the season comes down to line of scrimmage and QB play. The offense will need Whipple to find a way to move the ball by getting first downs, controlling the clock and taking advantage of short fields etc. hopefully we don’t hear the term ‘chunk plays’ much. That will be a good sign. Teams trying to make 10 plus yard gains all the time have turnovers, penalties and time of possession issues. Nothing wrong with a few ‘big plays’ but ball control, physical play and error free play is Big Ten football. Our defense is not physically over powering so we don’t wear people down. D line won’t be strong or deep so we need to help them by retaining ball possession and scoring TDs. Fewer possessions per game and high efficiency is critical. Whipple, if Frost lets him, will be almost as important to our defense as Chins. The best chance for a bowl game will be if STs ‘wins’ three or more. It could happen, if Frost will truly devote practice and talent to it.
  10. However they send in the original play call by Frost (or hopefully Whipple this fall - at least it may be some new sequencing and so on), the key is to get all 11 to execute their assignments well. It’s hard to know from just watching who is and is not running the plays correctly, especially in the passing game where QB and WRs and backs / TEs are presumably ‘ad libing’ on the fly. Presumably, Frost offense has plenty of QB-Rec reading and adjusting post snap based on the defensive reactions etc. This can lead to the feast & famine kind of offensive output we’ve seen. I believe the idea for signaling in plays after lining up is to keep the defense from making substitutions and to allow Frost to ‘read’ the defense instead of the players on the field. I suspect most of the QB ‘reads’ are post snap, especially on the 50% of plays (my estimate) with RPO aspects. My hunch is Frost is pretty good at creating and designing plays to attack defenses in their weaknesses. But players - too young, immature, inexperienced - are just not ready to follow thru in the schematics at split second times. Too much thinking. Too many reads by too many guys. Just too complicated - maybe. Osborne had a very intelligent, complex offense but very rarely did he rely on first/second year guys. Blocking was very complicated too. Development and learning was critical. Recruits expected to redshirt, play scout team, grow, learn and practice BEFORE seeing game snaps that mattered. I’m not sure Frost & Co have told players this ‘reality’ in their quest for star recruits. Thus, execution / consistency have failed to produce sustained drives and points.
  11. Frankly, most of the recruiting has been non-productive lately. Lots of hype but mostly duds. Make reported offers in the 400 per year range and struggling to land 20 when the dust settles. Usually was a late flurry of three or four that seemed to ‘fix’ the class in ‘star ratings’ for the media to suggest ‘we’re back’ but several fail to come, grades ?, homesick after a few months, etc. After 4 years, it seems to make the shine is gone off Frost and those recruiting visits aren’t coming much. We are still focused on SE (AB, GA, FL) and have lost out on too many guys from right near Lincoln. ‘Day by day’ should have been ‘Year by year’ by building the heart and soul (culture) locally in the lines, LBs and TEs, RBs, etc. Instead, the focus has been the ‘flashy’ WRs and QBs. Those are the least important to building the foundation. Now, scraping the bottom of the barrel for any kind of DL and very sad. 8 QBs - only one or two will actually play while need at least 6 ready to rotate DL. Probably have 4, maybe. Same on O line. Got to recruit and keep. All the recruiting ‘over ‘ talk doesn’t encourage duration and development. Roles and longevity with a plan the players see and understand. The team motto used to be ‘where the good get better’ and now it’s ‘no fear of failure’. That kind of sums it all up.
  12. Why have any limits. ? The limit makes no sense - never has? Why limit coaches? Why limit practices? Ultimately you are just restricting the players’ ability to learn, develop, go to school etc? Why have an NCAA anyway? All these caps are purely anticompetitive in nature. Why? What purpose, except to shield the NCAA and collective group from basic economic fairness of free markets.
  13. Basically, Nebraska football has a very big fan base across the country, even after a decade of mediocre/poor football teams. There always remains a degree of hope and wishful thinking amongst some die hards that keep on thinking that somehow, someway the team will miraculously wake up and go back to the way they were in the Devaney-Osborne era. This explains the odds makers with Huskers so positive despite very little, if any, real evidence that things will get dramatically better. Frost and his overseers have seemingly identified those areas of most dire need of drastic change for the better. The steps taken are by no means certain to be positive difference makers. And, there are no guarantees that last year’s ‘strengths’ will remain so. Untried, untested and almost unknown are many of the changes we’ve heard about - coaches, players lost and found, team chemistry and morale, fan support was off 10,000 per game attendance wise and apathy abounds. Recruiting has become NIL buying (renting month to month frankly), and new turf and more fan amenities won’t score TDs vs Big Ten bruisers. But apparently enough dreamers remain to keep the betting balanced at a point much above the realistic expected outcomes. How many seasons has it been since NU exceeded our win expectancy as indicated by preseason lines? I want to believe and used to be confident enough in the season outcome that I would of bet, had the win number been at or below 8-10. Not anymore. I’m not pessimistic nor optimistic - just realistic. At this point, the traditional high school recruiting class was nothing special. The attrition (graduation, transfer, etc) has been quite substantial. The walkons hardly noticed. The transfers, comprised largely of backups from respectable programs, are big ? marks at best. On balance, we’ve probably lost more ‘stars’ than we’ve picked up but that may not be all bad. Attitude and effort are undervalued while recruiting hype and flashy social media gets all the attention. The team attitude has been better than it’s game product. That is critical to having any hope that major schematic changes coupled with personnel replacements will tip the scales. So far, Frost has produced a lot more stars off the field than on it. His players have been good students as far as we know. They’ve come with starry résumés as judged by third party gurus. Nearly all have been good ambassadors for Husker Nation. We can be proud of the team and it’s many members for many of the most important reasons they exist. But, winning and playing better than our opponents as a general rule is not one. Will it turn around someday? Hopefully, possibly, maybe but Idk? This fall? Who knows? But I wouldn’t bet any money I didn’t expect to lose. The spring ‘game’ didn’t inspire confidence certainly. At this point, I’d say a win- loss record of 4-8 is most probable, plus or minus a couple. Chances are about the same of 2 wins as 8. Imo. And I want to believe! And maybe I’m still a tad optimistic, as painful as that is to admit.
  14. It’s a Federal antitrust issue which takes Congress to act and we all know how that works. Just add a bunch of politicians to decide every year what the new rules are and who (which alma mater) gets the benefits and which doesn’t . That will really be ugly but it’s coming. The value of scholarships are tax free, only because Congress allows it. NIL money is taxable earnings (income, social security etc). Big $$ = big tax! All those ‘free’ cars will be taxable too! Govt loves tax revenues too. It’s all going to be very interesting to watch play out.
  15. I’ve always felt the top tacklers were supposed to be LBs and DEs. That was before all the pass happy offenses too. Now I guess the secondary is doing more tackling assuming completions anyway. Still, if run plays account for over half the plays where a tackle is needed, the primary tacklers should be the front 7 unless options and lots of outside / wide runs occur. That stresses the run support by the safeties and corners.
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