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  1. You shut down alcohol supplies and alcoholics would run amuk and all hell of another kind would happen. Same with drug addicts. The same reason food stores are essentially open. imo. Many businesses are critical to life for everybody. Trucking. Groceries, medical, etc. Sports are optional as most other entertainment things. Short term stoppage (weeks, months or even a couple years) is “acceptable” to save thousands of lives - the thinking goes - but starvation, hunger, basic med care, etc are vital at all times almost. Duration of deprivation varies of course. My idea was as near national “pause” of virtually everything as possible for 21 days simultaneously with a complete nationwide border/entry closing (100%) for three months with exception of ports of entry with national guard / military control. nobody in or out without inspection and quarantine. Id also keep borders closed until vaccine given to large part of population. Years hence most likely.
  2. The only way the entire shut down approach is worth the social and pure economic cost is if you assume the drastic models were fairly accurate because if the virus turns out to be relatively similar in death rates to other major illnesses such as the other flus and pneumonias and car crashes, alcoholism, drug abuse, etc. I suspect that the shut downs have reduced vehicle accidents, less flus, etc. Presumably in the short term many thousands of lives have been saved. The question is how many others will be lost as a result of the economic and social “poison pills” we have taken over the coming years. There will be long term consequences that will be extremely painful - maybe permanent.
  3. Straight line speed is great but football field speed is more about quickness and agility and cutting and acceleration over shorter distances. For example - the shuttle runs, 10 and 40 yard, and running in pads etc. Usually 100 yard sprinters have good other times but Im like those sub 4.5 fortys vs the 100/200 measures, especially the 10.75 and ups. Probably add half a second to translate to the field vs track - roughly. Speed is vital and helps at nearly every position really. Add weight and height but first you want speed and rarely sacrifice much speed/quickness just to get size.
  4. Every college town will suffer greatly with the loss of economic activity directly related to having no sporting events for sure. But the closure of campus to students would be tenfold worse. Lincoln is about 250,000 pop and 20,000 are students, most of which move into town for school and leave after completion. If the university doesnt have on site classes, the economic hit will be immense. It will be as if 15,000 resudents up and left town permanently. Apt rents will drop big time as there will be many unrented places not to mention all the other spending students do year-roubd. Almost like the suffering a small town goes thru when the local school consolidates into another some other place.
  5. I want to believe ! But the hard cold facts suggest this virus is just plain BAD and is truly a real threat to human life globally. Even if the USA gets it controlled, we will absolutely have to virtually ban all international worldwide until a cure & vaccine is readily available (billions of doses literally). How many season tickets holders will buy tickets in a few weeks knowing the tickets may not come at all and Moos says - we will call the $ a donation and keep the donors on the first come first serve list for 2021. ? No doubt Moos postpones the new facilities spend indefinitely. some $ already spent on design but the work will be ready to start when things do get going someday.
  6. They can shorten season such as just start oct 15 and play 6 or 7 games and no bowls etc. Trouble is the schools can’t afford to not sell tickets. TV $ not nearly enough. Coaches and staff pay can be halved - they need to be a part of the sacrifice like rest of society. No frills equipmemt. Students get a minimum course load to cut tiition costs. Share books (lol - if they even use books these days?). they may eat more beans and bread and less expensive meals. But trimming wont balance a 60% cut in revenues as surgery is required. NCAA has similar budget crisis as well. Slash and burn.
  7. player safety from both a virus risk as well as comditioning / training standpoint would be at risk if “the all clear” is not in place by July 1 I’d say. School is in serious question as well. As of the NY Times numbers from this morning there are 173,700 diagnosed/reported cases nationally with 3,433 deaths. There is no doubt countless thousands more unidentified current infected in addition. A much bigger number of people who had the virus with little or no symptoms and recovered already. I don't know but I’d guess that there could be as many as ten times the diagnosed number (perhaps 1.3 million). This tells me there remain another 348 million of the total population of approx 350 million left to go. And hopefully those who have survived it can’t get it again AND are not carriers indefinitely. Either we do find a cure that’s fast and easy or a preventative vaccine soon or the world is in great peril for the forseeable future. I hate to be a doomsayer but??? Miracles can happen.
  8. The chance of fall football is probably less than 50% at this point. If the virus is not under near full control (i.e. an actual vaccine in full use combine with herd immunity above 65% etc), I dont see large crowds being allowed before June 1 2021. And treatment with meds for new infections that is proven and mass testing of nearly all vulnerable people in the coutry). International travel ban will last a lot longer still. Moos has no real options but cutting payroll. Presumably he cant scholarship funding so he and his high dollar employees are going to have to waive about 80% of their salaries and he will have to put hourly folks in the unemployment lines like most other organizations across society. TV money will end without games (except reruns maybe?). He probably has nothing to justify big loans from banks or other sources without assets or secure revenue sources to pledge. Moos is in a very bad place and absent donors with Buffet sized pocketbooks (his isnt as big as it was lol), NU athletic budget is in DEEP hole.
  9. Lincoln may have some “big city” issues that it didnt have 25 year (100,000 people) ago but compared to Miami, LA, Chicago, etc., so recruiting for some kids is benefitted. Lets hope this is a big factor for some of the best of the best.
  10. Ok. I see that “virtually” now. thanks.
  11. Does this mean he visited Minnesota march 24? Thot that was not allowed these days?
  12. 60 tp 70 hrs a week year round? Before the helpful tech and before staffing nearly doubled. During the season maybe.
  13. hes basically not working this spring. No practice, no players and no recruiting. This is different but we havent even had bowl games the past two seasons so recruiting and film review is basically it. He doesnt even do a TV show that I am aware of. I would guess he has six or more extra staff / coaches and flies by private plane. He does short pressers after practice a couple times a week. He meets with players and staff but - frankly the organization of defense and special teams is apparently done by others as rarely has much to say about those. Film is reviewed and edited down by GAs etc Practice time is limited by NCAA. He attends other sports events for fun presumably. Somebody fill me in just what he spends all his time doing.
  14. Its not dumb by any means. If Frost is working 50 weeks a year at 60 hrs a week he is not very efficient, especially with all the staff he has. Osborne did much more with less staff and managed to spend several long fishing vacations around the world. Frost likes his fishing and family times as well.
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