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  1. More kids will want to come if NU has games while others dont. imo
  2. Dont worry - you’ll love Lincoln and the campus and facilities. And lots of new facilities coming too!!
  3. If we have a middle Big ten offense, defense and special teams, that will put us around #40 imo. That means about 7 big ten, 8 SEC, 3 Pac 12, 5 Big 12 and another 17 others around the country better. That seems pretty reasonable.
  4. Probably not playing this fall but should we, the O line should be about middle of Big ten level (top 40 nationally or so). QB BETTER be top 15 nationally or Adrian is #2. And WRs, RBs - middle of Big Ten and top 25 or so. TEs similar. Get average STs and top 35 defense = top 30ish team. That is atleast 7-5 or 8-4 even with big ten slate like ours.
  5. Most likely they will add canned background noise. lol. Games without fan noise will be dull broadcasts Id think.
  6. You mean 2021? No need to take 2 seasons off surely. Med redshirt this year (or nothing if no season happens probably). Sad deal to blow a knee before practice even starts. Lose 2 guys already - not a good sign but ?
  7. Most of the players we end up with in this class have been studied and evaluated and communicated with for a longer time than in years one and two presumably. As such, I would tend to believe the coaches know more about the players than the players know about the school itself. Probably more risk that recruits will be disappointed than the coaches. It will be even more important than ever that the people involved in academic support and school acclimation etc do a great job in that area. Simply put, I think they get good players that fit their needs athletically but will they be good fits academically as students. So transfer outs will be a concern. Just my guess but ??
  8. Buckley & Okoli would be a nice pair in the defensive package!
  9. Now, lets plug in Fidone & Helm and the TE spot will match up with the WRs. Put em all out there with the big O line we got and I think we change the “Pipeline” into the “Skyline”. lol. Be about 6-4, 6-3, 6-3 at WRs, 6-6 TEs, 6-7, 6-8 across the line. That will match up with any Big Ten groups.
  10. This young man is going to be a Husker great - he fits Frost’s ideal for a game changer TE imo. Refine his routes and get his steps down right and he will be Mr TD.
  11. Per NYTimes numbers June 1 - July 4. New cases 900,000. deaths 29,000. = 3%. Estimated unidentified infections another 9,000,000 at just the 10X multiplier = death rate of .3%. over entire population (all age groups). Estimated total deaths in U.S. to july 1 for those under 45 yrs old = 2900. Most with other illnesses already (not athletes or coaching staff types generally). I didnt easily find a breakdown of cases #s count by age groups but it seems reasonable to say that the younger and healthier the better. Point is - college sports participants have almost NO meaningful risk of death due to exposure to Covid 19. Very little risk of serious illness either. Most who get it will hardly have symptoms to deal with. Limit contacts of participants with high risk groups (older sickly, etc) and play football. Test and isolate if you must but no reason to not go forward otherwise except fear of something not very dangerous.
  12. Hope he is N ! Looks like a great addition to what could be a snneaky good, strong class.
  13. This is very likely at this point. Got a couple weeks to decide and there are enough places with new case #s (thats all the media talks about ) too many people are terrified of the virus to have sports. School is doubtful too. If we wait for an end of new cases, it may be a year until virtually everybody has had it.
  14. Same point as before. Masks or not, it will not matter in the end. Virus will rage on until we all have it or vaccine is found. Probably better to get it sooner than later. Lets get back to living.
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