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  1. I hope Bo makes it but I’d be surprised if he lasts 5 years there. LSU fans just got a big taste of winning big time and will certainly expect more than is realistic. They’ll blame Bo at the first loss. I guess he’ll get about four times his current money so in just a couple seasons he can leave with another bucket of money no matter how he performs. He better hold his temper awhile even at LSU the media devils will be all over him at the slightest sign of a tantrum or outburst. Not fair but it’s all but a given. He’s used up his free bites.
  2. I’m sure glad we didn’t have to hire Bill Snyder to come in to resurrect the entire program but maybe the son is chip off enough of the old block to ‘reboot’ the kicking game! Bill is a good man and dam good coach. I’m guessing son needs some grooming so he’ll be ready to return to Manhattan in a few years.
  3. Just curious - where are the recruiting services located and where are the camps etc. ? By population CA TX Fl ought to have the lions share in simple numbers. I tend to believe that the ratings are fairly accurate but only to the extent of their true scope. What % of h.s. players are actually fully evaluated ? I’d guess a third or more of good players are not seriously considered to start with. Some regions of the country are more football focused generally while others tend to be more in other sports or even non sports activities. It might be that the % of high school boys that even play football in some states with higher populations is far lower than in some smaller pop states. Population alone is not the only factor in determining where the best players may hail from.
  4. This longevity in staff and even HC is really kmportant to the players as recruits and as team members. Most guys take a couple years to get settled in to school and living away from the structured home life (assuming they are lucky enough to have a good childhood setting). Physical and mental development and learning and with those - confidence - come over time. After 2 or 3 years maybe half,,if the program is well oiled and running steady, turn into good college fball players. Change systems and coaches and schemes and positions etc and about half of those will need another year or more to get upto their game performxnce potential. This is where Nebraska has been since Callahan (or even the last year of Solich after his asst coaching purge). It doesn’t work. Give it time - stop pressuring Frost to make big changes in staff on top of big roster change. Stability and minimal change is what may be needed. IMO.
  5. I don’t buy that he fired him as such beyond that he may have be tired of Walters’ constantly looking for greener pastures. We don’t really know the true reason if it was a not so mutual parting do we?
  6. Good points. If he brings new ideas and adjustments to game plans when opponents present their own adjustments then perfect hire. So long as Frost is open to constructive criticisms etc. I have the feeling he is just that but we all want to see it in the games to rest assured. When’s the first practice? Can’t wait to get back to football! Lol
  7. Maybe our guys played harder than Iowa - effort is hard to measure in recruiting ratings if it even factored. Self confidence the same way. Those are variables that can’t be objectively tested.
  8. This is critical imo. I feel the big guys are the most important and should be weighted heavier in class rankings than skilled guys - I didn’t realize they count less. That really casts doubt on the ratings comparisons generally.
  9. Yes we’ve not had great RBs two or three deep but we’ve had guys capable of doing more than they did if the general offensive execution would have been better. Ozigbo with good blocking and play calls was capable of $1500 yards a season imo. We’ve just had RB by committee for several years - not sure whose fault for this really and inconsistent play. Bottom line is our football teams for about a decade have just not been very good overall. Different coaches, different schemes, different players = same results. Ultimately there’s blame enough all the way around from the front offices to coaching to players to scheduling to weather to officials to injuries to just simple bad luck! It can’t last forever and I firmly think things are about to change for the better!
  10. Yes it’s always comfortable to hire the ones you know but you need to hire who you need. And maybe what Frost needs is someone with a new and different perspective and perhaps background. I’m not sure because I know I’m no expert in the spread offense Frost style. I think I understand the game of football pretty well but may not know all the latest verbiage and jargon. There’s more than one way to skin a cat or score TDs as it were. But blocking and tackling are still the prerequisites for winning no matter what fancy scheme you use. Been that way for hundred years. Over that time I dare say every scheme has been tried and worked then didn’t as there’s always a strength and a weakness. Frost has been around the sharpest football minds. He just needs to keep his mind open to learn and relearn. Things cycle and evolve.
  11. I think Walters basically is or now was a yes man ( whatever the boss wants - right or wrong - is my rough definition) whether he believed in it or not. If the rumors are true that he’s been looking to move up to a HC or higher grade coordinator job then one might well expect Walters to publicly accept his next job coaching any of a dozen offensive schemes with equal enthusiasm. That’d be a yes man! Never questions much - just takes orders and follows without question. I’m saying Frost is young and many times young bosses don’t relate well with older underlings that may have different ideas.
  12. If you’re talking the right players it wouldn’t have taken six. You add Suh and Wistrom and Mike Brown to the defense and Raiola and LP and even S Morgan and Alex Hennery to the squad and 9 or 10 wins happens. Maybe even better. Just think what a dozen starters from most of the teams of the 80s or 90s would be magical - not just the big stars necessarily. Recruiting can fix most of the problems.
  13. I have no idea if he will or won’t be a yes man. But Frost has shown he tends to hire almost exclusively those he knows and worked with. This is true of most hires by most bosses. But we’re only two years in to his tenure and the continuity of staff which many argue as important hasn’t been all that exceptional. Players need to build trust and many want to know who they will be coached by too. Coaching in general is a revolving door business I know but when you are just starting out I’d think getting some stability and team building for the coaching staff seems even more critical. I’m a Frost supporter fully yet I think he’s still young and inexperienced as the boss. Lubick has lots of experience - I hope he stays on long term and provides whatever has been missing.
  14. Hahaha. At $5 million a year Frost is getting a mere $800 per hour assuming he works 120 hrs a week every day of the year! As a football coach. I don’t begrudge him making all he’s worth but let’s not feel sorry for his hefty workload. The assistants are making more than Osborne did I believe for most of his tenure. I guessing about half the staff etc at that time and lots more frequent flyer miles sitting in airports and hailing cabs. Frost has his own private jet.
  15. Let’s hope if we pay more we get more if he already helped last year.
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