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  1. if iowa st beats baylor today, then might as well just write the check to campbell today.
  2. depends what other coaches get fired. do we really think urban would pick us over texas or auburn? i also think trev is going to be selfish and make a stable hire like campbell or arnada who will stay here long term. good luck selling tickets with those names though.
  3. i believe so, and i don't think urban has any real interest. our roster is a dumpster fire, and even urban isn't turning us into a top 25 team for 2-3 years it'll be someone like campbell who will build things from the ground up and has the youth and energy to do so.
  4. it's going to be campbell. he's a long term option that knows how to recruit in the area.
  5. The insiders are saying matt campbell is target #1 as long as iowa state has a winning season this year.
  6. kind of crazy he's still employed given that he only got the job from being scott's best friend and wasn't qualified at all.
  7. guessing stadium will be half full against indiana. what's the point of propping up this streak? everyone already knows we have good fans. have the boosters use that ticket money to hire a better coach...
  8. he'll be 60 after his 1st season here. feels like mike riley all over again. mike riley won games at oregon st too which is the kansas of the pac10.
  9. she's hot af. why do people judge him for this? maybe his wife doesn't even care? and if she does care its still none of our business.
  10. I don't think urban would consider AZ st with the pac 10 becoming irrelevant.
  11. at the very least an offer needs to be made to urban, and it needs to be publicly announced that an offer was made. fans should expect nothing less. passing on Urban is an F U to the fans who have supported some awful football over the last 20 years. if Fox can hire urban with very little public backlash then a public university should have zero problem hiring him. i will not be going to another game any time soon if we hire a 6 win coach from the big 12.
  12. yea. the message boards are so stupid for wanting a 3x national championship coach.
  13. with the new transfer rule, i would say things can be turned around a lot faster than in the past.
  14. it's a historic rivalry. we almost beat them last year on the road. that was the reason for thinking we could compete.
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