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  1. i think it's a fair question... no bowl game in your first 3 years would get 90% of P5 coaches fired.
  2. if we go 5-7 in 2020, is frost the coach in 2021?
  3. i mean it seems like frost left the door open for him to come back if he can prove he is committed to the team. "He won’t be in our plans in the immediate future, but for the farther out future we’ll have to determine based on a set of circumstances."
  4. 7 of the top 10 o-lineman this year were riley's guys and they will all be back next year. expect our offense to struggle again with this o-line.
  5. he hasn't recruited very well. he's really going to have to find some diamonds in the rough these next few months.
  6. they also didn't play ohio state who is the only team in the big10 with an elite offense.
  7. what are the chances he returns? a motivated mo with an extra 10 pounds of muscle could be a difference maker next year.
  8. i like luke, but coming in for a few plays is different than managing a whole game. there will definitely be a legitimate qb competition this offseason, and i don't think anyone is the favorite right now. whoever is going to give us the best chance to beat purdue is who should start the season. that is a must win game to start the season.
  9. the 1st half is what i'm referring to. similar to minnesota's schedule this year.
  10. we improved our win total 4 of our 7 losses were by a total of 17 points. lots of returning talent and recruiting class should be solid before it's all said and done. schedule set's up very nice next year. we will be way more under the radar than we were this year. potential for a minnesota type season if things go well.
  11. i love how people are acting like we can't fire him because of this extension...it's like some of you have learned nothing from the past 20 years. frost will probably get at least 4 years because of who he is, but if there's no improvement after year 4, he won't be here no matter how many years are left on his contract.
  12. He's doing worse than Riley did through 2 years, so i don't know how you can say things are going to get better. Maybe we will get better, but i'm not seeing any signs of it.
  13. i'm simply not seeing improvement. i spend too much money to watch a mediocre product. there's simply no excuse for Indiana to beat us in our own home. i will continue to support the skers, but from the comfort of my own home. gbr
  14. lol. it's not like other teams are going to stop recruiting and let us have all the good ones. i'm just saying it's way less likely we have an elite recruiting class with the way we've been playing this season
  15. you didn't ignore it by posting in it.
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