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  1. BoSolich

    we're not that bad...

    i will say that if we don't cover the 14 against NIU this weekend, i will be concerned. we are due for a complete performance saturday and if it doesn't happen then we might not be very good.
  2. BoSolich

    we're not that bad...

    not really frosts fault though. you can't recruit a full team with 2 recruiting cycles. he deserves more time to add talent. martinez and washington are a nice start to build off of.
  3. BoSolich

    we're not that bad...

    i mean it's year 2, and we don't have ucf's schedule... so i'm not sure what you were expecting.
  4. BoSolich

    we're not that bad...

    colorado has a legit offense and we held them scoreless in the 1st half. without some flukey turnovers by martinez, we win this game easily. heck, if our kicker doesn't get hurt (which almost never happens) we probably win this game. i definitely think we're missing some pieces to be a great team, but i still think we're a bowl team this year with a bright future.
  5. BoSolich

    Martinez for Heisman

    all i'm saying is let's wait to call him one of the best to ever play here. you could have said the same thing after taylor martinez's freshman year. he's off to a rocky start this season. 118 qbr against south alabama, and 3 turnovers and 6 sacks against colorado.
  6. BoSolich

    What did we learn? (The Rocky Mountain Low Edition)

    so do you not think the lineman at other schools work hard in the weight room?
  7. BoSolich

    Martinez for Heisman

    bruh...he's good, but clearly the media hyped him up way more than he deserved. we nearly lost to south alabama because of his poor play and now we lose to colorado because he had 3 turnovers. his career record is 5-8, so no i don't think he's the best qb we've ever had
  8. BoSolich

    What did we learn? (The Rocky Mountain Low Edition)

    -mills/wandale/other newcomers have not been able to replace what zigbo/morgan gave us last year. -martinez is in a sophomore slump, but i believe he's going to get out of it. -mo washington looked special today. JD was good as usual -defense has clearly improved, but got tired at the end. -we might win this game if our starting kicker doesn't get hurt. which happens to maybe 5 teams a year? all in all i think we are still a 6-8 win team. i think we need a few more playmakers on offense to step up before we are truly a great team.
  9. ziggy and morgan were great players, and their replacements have not shown much. mills is basically a worse version of ziggy, and wandale is basically just a worse version of spielman. i haven't seen anybody that replaces what stanley brought. and martinez was terrible in game 1 and a turnover machine in game 2. not sure what to attribute that to other than maybe a sophomore slump?
  10. BoSolich

    What did we learn South Alabama?

    if we don't see major improvement next week on offense, this could be a long season. i wasn't buying all the preseason hype, but i never thought we'd do this bad on offense today.
  11. BoSolich

    Huskers And The 2019 NFL Draft

    everything is lined up for us to win 7+ games which is why i'm saying it would be devastating to have a losing season.
  12. BoSolich

    Huskers And The 2019 NFL Draft

    pretty sad how far we've fallen. this upcoming season is going to be one of the most crucial seasons for the future of the program. another losing season would be devastating.
  13. you'll see in about a year. we're gonna win that one on the big stage and nebraska football will be back!
  14. BoSolich

    Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 50% off on Black Friday

    i know we are looking better, but it's sad to think this will be the 3rd time in 4 years we end the season with 5 or less wins. this program will be in trouble if we don't get out of this slump within the next few years.
  15. BoSolich

    Illinois Post-Game Pressers

    it's amazing how confident this team is now compared to a month ago. if we make a bowl game, watch out.