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  1. 12 teams is insane. 8 is perfect.
  2. idk. apparently frost invested a lot of time and resources so cam could play center. and like i said had no indication cam was leaving.
  3. I heard frost lost it when jurgens said he was leaving. apparently jurgens gave no indication he was planning to leave early. sounds like it got very heated and their meeting ended very badly. i heard some details that did not sound good at all. not hopeful about next year to say the least...
  4. if jurgens is leaving because martinez is leaving, then letting martinez leave was a huge mistake. jurgens would have been an all american center next year. frost is going to have to work some serious magic in the transfer portal to have a chance of a winning season next year...
  5. martinez would have beat 4 top 25 teams if our special teams was better than the average high school team.
  6. hilarious that we're losing like 4 -5 guys early to the draft on a team that went 3-9. frost has the worst luck. i'm not sure why we're even bringing him back. we're basically starting over from scratch at this point. knowing frosts luck we're gonna lose another 4-5 key players to the transfer portal. oh and we have the 77th ranked recruiting class. every time we think things can't get worse they do.
  7. i mean if frost is smart this will be his game plan when looking for a portal QB.
  8. does it really matter if he's good at football?
  9. this is disappointing. with an adequate special teams martinez probably wins 8 games this year. i will be shocked if frost finds a qb that can run his offense better than a 5th year martinez. i'm going to make a bold prediction and say next year will be frost's final year.
  10. if frost fails the next year or 2, i can definitely see trev hiring a run heavy coach.
  11. we desperately need a deep threat wr and kick returner
  12. idk why, but i think he comes back. i mean he was 1 score away from beating every team on the schedule. if he even makes a slight improvement next year he will be a really good qb.
  13. what about when the recruit asks about the illinois and purdue losses.
  14. like what's going to excite a recruit about the state of the program right now?
  15. if the assistant is just coming here for a quick payday, then that's probably not the assistant we want...
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