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  1. Held said Ervin had been the best pass-protector among the RBs. Johnson has the second-best grade.
  2. Don't look now but Nebraska is #25 in the country in Yards per Game. #16 among Power 5 schools.
  3. This guy must suck as a coach. Doesn't even have a dedicated Special Teams Coordinator.
  4. And sometimes an inside zone play gets bounced outside and gets fewer yards than if they would have just plunged ahead. But let's only make assumptions one way that fits what we want to say.
  5. You keep assuming that you are so much smarter than everyone else and have to explain everything. Where have I ever said anything even resembling that?
  6. Ouch. Really nice job to hang on to this one. Again, some might dismiss this as not really play-action but look how much it influences the LB to clear the middle for the throw behind him.
  7. Lots of pulling from Jurgens in this game. Kind of odd for a guy that moves so well and is crazy explosive that he struggles so much in pass protection.
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