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  1. I don't really know where they like Bootle better. But our safety depth really took a hit last year when Deontai Williams went down. I would think Williams and Dismuke would have the safety spots taken care of pretty well. If they stay healthy and get any help behind them for depth, we should be in good shape. Of course, with CTB and Joseph plus Clark and anyone else, we should be in pretty good shape at corner as well. So Bootle might be able to float a bit.
  2. As @Comish said, at this point I'd be pretty much shocked if he's back. But Omar, Wan'Dale, Betts, Brown and Fleming should make for a good core group.
  3. ATH Daylan Carnell - Missouri Mavric,Young Grand Island Husker,HS_Coach_C,runningblind
  4. Seems to be smoke about him being a late add to the class,
  5. WR Jaylin Noel - Iowa State HS_Coach_C,seaofred92,Snowbird,CMorSkers,Treand3,The Murphinator,Loebarth,bugeater17,runningblind,Ziebol,LumberJackSker,Young Grand Island Husker,Decked,obert1,husker_fan_from_sweden,Mavric
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