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  1. Mavric

    Who's Next?

  2. Mavric

    Name Change

    I was a bit worried when I saw this. RedNebraskan Scott Frost avatar How exactly are we getting better than that??? But this works.
  3. Mavric

    Permanent Blackshirts away uniform ideas

    Put that on the side of the helmet
  4. Mets send six guys to the plate in the 10th Mets send five guys to the plate in the 11th It's still 1-1 in the 12th
  5. Really the only explanation is the Mets don't try to score runs when deGrom pitches. Currently 1-1 in the 11th. Mets only run is a deGrom solo shot.
  6. Mavric

    Tristan Gebbia

  7. I assume this is a clue....
  8. Mavric

    Fall Camp Notes

    As long as it's not an Antonio Brown tank....
  9. Mavric

    Fall Camp Notes

    You over-emphasize snippets to fit what you want them to say. Yes, the reason there is a formal depth chart that is released publicly is because fans and media like to look at them. But the coaches aren't just drawing names out of a hat to put on the depth chart or throwing darts at the wall to see who plays. The depth chart is a public representation of the decision-making process the coaches go through internally decide who is going to play how much and in what order.
  10. I'm sure people get tired of me beating this drum when Northwestern comes up. But they have been nowhere near as good as we have. We have just managed to shoot ourselves in the foot often enough for most of the games to end up being close.
  11. Mavric

    New "No Blind Blocking" Rule

    Scott Frost says "Take your blind block rule and ...."