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    JUCO DE Niadre Zouzoua

    Player: Niadre Zouzoua Hometown: Rochester, New York School: Monroe C.C. Position: Defensive End Height: 6-5 Weight: 241 40 Time: Offers: Baylor, Nebraska, Rutgers, Temple, Tennessee Visits: Twitter 247 Composite: Rivals: 247: ESPN:  Hudl
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    NFL 2018

  3. Mavric

    What did we learn today

    Really not most of the season. Really just the Michigan game. Other than that game, we are nearly a Top 10 offense in the country.
  4. Mavric

    NFL 2018

  5. I say yes because people were blaming Pelini for everything and would have insisted that there was a toxic environment that was devoid of talent. Plus, Riley was Eichorst's guy (and Pearlman was still here) so there was no way he was gone after one year.
  6. Mavric

    What did we learn today

    Definitely. That's what really sucks about the Northwestern game. They torched us in the passing game even though Jackson played really well and Bootle was solid. Stopped the run. Corners played pretty well. Still give up 400 passing yards. Dang.
  7. Mavric

    What did we learn today