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  1. Will be attending our Spring Game.
  2. RB Braylin Presley - Oklahoma State obert1,Snowbird,Touchdown Tommie,HS_Coach_C,SkerLover95,CMorSkers,Young Grand Island Husker,SouthLincoln Husker,Mavric,The Murphinator,seaofred92,AZRaiderH8r
  3. Or not. Glad the Mets could be the cure for your ills.
  4. I thought it was probably a rebuttal to the Texas Volleyball Tweet (since deleted) that said something to the effect of "All sky. No sun."
  5. Player: Gabe Burkle Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa School: Prairie Position: Tight End Height: 6-7 Weight: 230 Power 5 Offers: Iowa State, Kansas State, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska Visits: Twitter 247 Composite: #1081 Overall; #65 TE; .8366; Rivals: 247: #65 TE; ESPN: Hudl
  6. 7 points and 9 boards in 19 minutes in their first-round win. Didn't play a lot of minutes as they won easily. Averaged 9.6 ppg, 7.8 rpg and 1.6 blocks this year. Freshman of the Year in the Jayhawk Conference.
  7. Of course it is. Everyone knows that Trent Dilfer is a better QB than Dan Marino. Just look at how many Super Bowls they won.
  8. First one will be June 4th - coinciding with the first weekend OVs are allowed and the big push to get our top targets in that weekend. Second one will be June 18th with the Pipeline Camp on the 19th.
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