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  1. Iowa Results 21-28; 198 passing yards, 129 rushing yards Weekly Winner (closest to both scores): @chamrocck (5 off) Closest to Husker score: @Hilltop (2 off) Closest to Iowa score: @chamrocck & @commando (1 off) Closest´╗┐ to combined score: @68hskr & @admo (1 off) Closest to Point Differential: @chamrocck (3 off) Closest to Passing Yards: @huskered17 (14 off) Closest to Rushing Yards: @commando (6 off) Closest to Total Offense: @chamrocck (2 off) Results
  2. Apparently the Broncos are the inverse of the Callahan Nebraska years. Pretty good defense. But they insist on rolling out the same anemic offense every year.
  3. Because we were playing South Dakota and Fred was getting lots of guys minutes. Bryce McGowens (33) and Webster (29) the only players to play more than 22 minutes. McGowens was the only starter to play more than 19. Breidenbach, Tominaga, Wilcher and Webster all played more than 20 off the bench.
  4. University of Nebraska Volleyball vs NCAA Second Round https://huskers.com/calendar.aspx?id=21422
  5. University of Nebraska Volleyball vs NCAA First Round https://huskers.com/calendar.aspx?id=21421
  6. 5 assists in 16 minutes is pretty good. He's currently #23 in the country in apg. And has a better assist-to-turnover ratio that six of the Top 10.
  7. 24-14-1 Ohio State -7 Florida -3 Wyoming -10.5
  8. Glad they got this one. Down 0-8 to start and 11-18 early in the second. But a 20-5 run to end the half got things going.
  9. When people first reported it, it was still working for me. Then it quit a couple weeks later and I haven't gotten it to work again since. Not sure what could be causing that.
  10. Yeah, I was pretty surprised when he got the start the next game. He was barely playing before that. The only thing I can come up with is Hoiberg didn't want to completely revamp his rotations. So he put Edwards in the first rotation for McGowens and then can just make minor changes the rest of the game. Other than that, it doesn't seem to make any sense.
  11. Yeah, he's had some pretty ugly hedges on the defensive end. I was hoping he'd provide some punch on the offensive end but he's been pretty poor shooting, even on open looks. Just like pretty much everyone not named Webster or Wilcher.
  12. Yeah, they seem to have the images tucked in behind the main page somehow. Usually I can just right-click on the image, select "Copy image address" and then paste that URL into a reply. But when I try to copy an image from their web page I don't get that option. I could go into the page source and get the actual image link but it takes a bit of doing.
  13. Also, for all the stuff he forces, he is still running at nearly 2.5:1 assist to turnovers for the year and shooting 44% from the floor which is pretty good.
  14. There is too much of that, especially the fade-away 12-footers that I don't know if he's made one of them this year. But he does look to dish off the drive a lot. Sometimes everyone else is just standing around watching so there aren't many options. But if Walker is in the game he knows to dive to the rim when Verge drives and that connection has worked well.
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