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  1. Pretty much this. Also, he still hasn’t been able to win a conference title in the MAC. So it’s pretty much just. A function of being there longer than most.
  2. Remember when USC had maybe the best team in college football history? Until they didn’t even have the best team that year? These things are fun.
  3. NCAA denied a couple other requests today. Still no word here. Will travel to the Caymans (didn’t need a waiver for that).
  4. ILB Lavar Gardner - Illinois HS_Coach_C
  5. That defense has Collins, Valentine, Banderas, Gifford, Jones, Kalu and Gerry. All played in the NFL. And those four former defensive coordinators that we had on staff combined to produce a terrible defense with that talent.
  6. Reports are the staff is still planning on 22-23 at this point. Wants to hold a couple spots open for transfers. Word is we are still trying to figure out if we want another OL or not. With Piper and Banks moving to offense, we aren't in bad shape with young guys. Considering a JUCO or a HS kid but also might pass on taking another in favor of another WR or OLB, which we have been hitting pretty hard with JUCO offers lately. Current Scholarships/Commits QB - 1 - LOGAN SMOTHERS RB - 2 - SEVION MORRISON, MARVIN SCOTT WR - 4 - ZAVIER BETTS, WILLIAM NIXON, Thad Johnson, JUCO Omar Manning, Xavier Hill, Justin Robinson*, Lavon Bunkley-Shelton, Xavier Hutchinson***, Marcus Fleming, Bryan Robinson TE - 0-1 - OT - 2-3 - TURNER CORCORAN, ALEX CONN OG/C - 0-1 - Chandler Durham NT - 2 - NASH HUTMACHER, MARQUIS BLACK, Alex Harrison DE - 1-2 - Tuli Tuipulotu, Nusi Malani, DeShawn Lynch ILB - 1-2 - Devyn Curtis, Mister Williams, Desmond Tisdol, JUCO Jamoi Hodge OLB - 2-3 - BLAISE GUNNERSON , Brennon Scott, Kaden Johnson, Regen Terry, Jared Ivey, Latarie Kinsler, Josh Griffis# CB - 3-4 - TAMON LYNUM, RONALD DELANCY, Darion Green-Warren, Myles Slusher**, Kendall Dennis S - 0-1 - HENRY GRAY, Jaiden Francois *-Current Georgia commit **-Current Oregon commit ***-Current Iowa State commit #-Current Florida State commit Early Enrollees - Smothers, Corcoran, Gray, Lynum (maybe Morrison)
  7. Not just worried about Kansas. Wondering if this is the first of several big time offers.
  8. Plays like this are why I think people were too quick to give up on Martinez early in the year. There are often plays to be made if you can buy some time to let them develop. There is a fine line between letting them develop and waiting too long and perhaps he was a bit too much on the wrong side early on but I think being able to make plays like this is why. He just didn’t have a great feel for the timing early on.
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