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  1. It's hard to see exactly what happens right at the end. But the Indiana guy is down on the ground and it looks like Corcoran shoves him over (to the left as we watch it).
  2. ... and raise $80M for the facility project.
  3. Definitely agree with this. I have threads around here somewhere where I was tracking the East/West matchups each year. Most years were MUCH closer than the prevailing opinion warranted. This year I would say is a different story.
  4. @BigRedBuster that might be a little extreme (possibly intentionally so). Though I have not standing to know for sure. Not sure that person does either. But I definitely think he should be out for several weeks at least. I find it very hard to believe that the hit last week caused the issues we saw. In my completely uneducated opinion, that is a textbook case of Second Impact Syndrome. The first one wasn't seen as very bad so he played but then it didn't take much of a second hit to produce some ugly results. So he needs plenty of time to recover before being subjected to any other potential impacts.
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