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  1. I agree, but I also thought that in 2016 right before Hillary gave the middle finger to Bernie's supporters with her pick of Tim Kaine and then ignoring the entire progressive movement. There was a movement for a People's Party after 2016 that tried to recruit Bernie but he refused. I think Bernie will continue to support the movement he started but start to fade into retirement over the next few years.
  2. I'm honestly not sure. I'm more interested in the policies than the personalities, so Bernie might actually do more to push his agenda by leading a movement outside of the Dem establishment and Biden team. And I'm not sure if a cabinet position is any better than being a senator. But I'm open to whatever overtures Biden is willing to make. I'm interested to see what team Biden ends up doing, but I remain skeptical. Now that Bernie has suspended his campaign, I think Biden and co will pretend like he never existed as they pivot to the right.
  3. Note that Perez was against Ohio and other states delaying their primaries, which were scheduled for the next day. How the hell were they to implement these proposals in a day? 'Willfully Choosing Not to Listen to Scientists': DNC Chair Tom Perez Under Fire for Urging States to Hold Primaries Despite Coronavirus Crisis
  4. I'll happily eat crow if Trump gets curb stomped, especially if it leads to major changes in the Repub party. But I wonder if there will be any self-reflection, let alone crow eating, if Biden loses or gets curb stomped by Trump.
  5. A) I agree it's getting blown out of proportion and B) just like how I expect pearl clutching by the establishment and their supporters
  6. Isn't this whole thing about Biden supporters wanting ideological perfection from Bernie's surrogates? This doesn't strike you as hypocritical?
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