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  1. Haha! Aberlour is one of my favorites and got me into scotch, and I hate Laphroaig.
  2. 28% of the 200,000,000 are underinsured and will not be able to pay for healthcare as seen by the number of bankruptcies caused by medical bills. Underinsured Rate Rose From 2014-2018, With Greatest Growth Among People in Employer Health Plans This is the real reason most Americans file for bankruptcy And medical costs continue to soar. The current system is not sustainable, so it's going away one way or the other.
  3. Start at this point in the video (38:30) and watch the hypotheticals, that's probably the best way to address the different scenarios:
  4. No, that's only under the 12th Amendment as a contested election, but the Dems in the House can stop the process before it ever becomes contested. Details in the video I linked earlier.
  5. By pointing out that Republicans don't really care about censorship, it's just whining about the other side or how unfair life is. "What's good for me but not for thee."
  6. It's an excellent reason to disband the current system. And there's not really a way to fix things such that the current system survives. Most people get their current insurance through their employer. Businesses will drop that expense the second Medicare for All or a similar system comes along. But I'm fine with people paying for private insurance if they want. But they'll already be paying for Medicare for All, so nobody but the super rich are going to do that. (Similar to how schools are setup with public and private.)
  7. Moss is pointing out the hypocrisy of the right-wing censorship claims.
  8. The Americans dying because they can't afford medical care More than 26 000 Americans die each year because of lack of health insurance 'Kids are falling off': Why fewer children have health insurance now (From before ACA passed) New study finds 45,000 deaths annually linked to lack of health coverage: Uninsured, working-age Americans have 40 percent higher death risk than privately insured counterparts Key Facts about the Uninsured Population
  9. Maybe talk about taking the plank out of Trump's eye before talking about taking the splinter out of Obama's.
  10. I'm guessing the normal humans that can't afford the care that his son got would consider his rant dumb sh!t.
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