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  1. I see this argument a lot, but I haven't seen any data to back it up. Voters don't vote for left/right, but for a variety of reasons including party, anti-establishment, policies, etc. So it's possible that Bernie could do better among conservatives/Republicans than a "moderate" would. I think the country is against the two parties and the establishment and that populism will be a significant factor in 2020, but we'll have to see.
  2. This already failed in 2016, why should we try it again? Remember Schumer's famous quote: “For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.” Chuck Schumer: Democrats Will Lose Blue-Collar Whites But Gain in the Suburbs
  3. RedDenver

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    The Steele dossier is mostly confirmed with some of it unconfirmed and none debunked. That's some crazy accurate fiction.
  4. Buttigieg has some explaining to do: Buttigieg's Police Issues Go Beyond Secret Tapes Firing a whistleblower and then firing an attorney for not preventing an investigation that the public safety board voted for is not a good look.
  5. I don't understand this argument at all since it literally applies to every single candidate. In fact, Bernie is the only one who's run as a Presidential candidate before (and Biden if he runs). Plus we heard the same thing last time and how much better Hillary would do in the general, but she didn't do well. It's a crap shoot who'll do well and who won't in some future race, but a good place to start would be with candidates that don't have serious baggage (like being under an FBI investigation).
  6. RedDenver


    I see what you're saying, but at what point does that become to the detriment of society? Do you not have to pay taxes for the next 90 years in that scenario? The way I see it is that letting businesses offset their losses is a way to encourage business startups, but if the business still can't make a profit a decade later, then maybe it's time to stop encouraging that business. FYI, I don't think the tax offsets we're talking about are really that big of a deal. I'm mostly just playing devil's advocate to your argument. There's a million other things I'd fix before worrying about loss offsets.
  7. RedDenver


    It makes a certain amount of sense except that there should be a sunset or time limit clause IMO. Something like you can only carry it forward for 10 years.
  8. RedDenver


    Somebody can correct me, but I think the Green New Deal addresses all of these plus climate change.
  9. RedDenver

    Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    off the top of my head: climate change, deregulating banking before the Great Recession, and enacting ineffective banking regulation afterwards On the politics side, under her leadership the Dems lost over 1000 seats across the country and saw the worst state of the party in 100 years.
  10. Watch Bernie on the Fox News townhall. IMO he's going to be much, much better going against the right than any of the "centrist" candidates like Pete or Beto.
  11. RedDenver

    Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    Maybe Pelosi has been around long enough that we can say her ideas and politics aren't working. And if the Dems split then the Repubs will have the Presidency for the foreseeable future because of the 270 electors required.
  12. No matter which Dem makes it into office, we'll have tons of acrimony - just look at the Obama years. This idea that one of these candidates is going to magically bring the Repubs into the land of reasonable discourse is just nonsense. Pete, Beto, Biden, etc. who keep saying flowery stuff about unity and continue to have no policy plans are just going to give us more of the same hope without change that we've had for decades. On a side note, I've been coming to the realization that it doesn't matter all that much who the President is. What we really need is a complete overhaul of Congress, especially the Senate. I don't know how realistic it is for the Dems to take control of both houses, but I'd MUCH rather have control of Congress and let Trump remain in office.