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  1. I honestly thought SI went out of business. I'm surprised they're still around.
  2. Benjamin Franklin is quite a bit more famous than Kissinger.
  3. CU got what they needed from Deion - selling enough tickets and such to get the athletic dept out of having to make some deep cuts. Deion winning was always a bonus. It'll be interesting to see what happens next though.
  4. I thought we'd only win 2 games, so definitely exceeded my expectations. Offense: F (I know there were a ton of injuries, so maybe they couldn't have done much better but it was absolutely awful.) Defense: B (D was on the verge of being great - and were at times - but not quite there with the lack of turnovers and giving up critical plays late in games.) ST: C (3 blocked FG's bumps this up from a D or F. Kicker and punter were hot and cold and cost us some games.)
  5. Rhule can handle the press and the fans without alienating either OL slight improvement, which is much better than the continued slide under Riley and Frost Injuries - while a major problem this season - got a lot of players experience which hopefully translates into better execution next year Got 5 wins! (I predicted 2 before the season) Competitive in both getting to a bowl game and the B1G West defense was really good and looked great at times young players - especially at DL and WR - seem like the talent level is getting better
  6. Strong disagree. RB easier to find talent than probably any other position. It'd be great to get this guy, but way down the list of ones we absolutely need.
  7. World's richest 1% emit as much carbon as bottom two-thirds: report
  8. Trying to maximize the number of plays is not the only variable in clock management and doing so does not necessarily give the best chance to win.
  9. It's probably 15 minutes of review followed by letting the call on the field stand.
  10. That's all I'm finding as well. Didn't know if someone had heard anything more specific. Hopefully he's full go for spring practice.
  11. They're all the same when you're just trying to get to 6 wins and a bowl game.
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