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  1. "Just some guy." Yeah, it's not like he's a terrorism researcher working at a center for security and threats... https://www.uchicago.edu/research/center/the_chicago_project_on_security_and_threats/ You probably do believe that. Show us the evidence.
  2. No you don't. Nobody is claiming correlation. You're pretending that you don't see the hypocrisy.
  3. No. She's replying to Jordan's tweet that was comparing gas prices last year with now, which is why the unemployment rate last year was brought up because it's relevant to gas prices last year. And gas prices from 2018 are also relevant. At the end of the day though, Jordan is making a dumb argument about gas prices.
  4. Correct. I was probably editing my post when you were posting.
  5. Note my edit afterwards. Turns out this is not an attack. I left the original tweet for context. Edit to add:
  6. I wouldn't dismiss this quite so quickly. Here's a report linked from the article: https://thesoc.org/amazon-primed-for-pain/ The report shows that Amazon performs poorly when compared within their industry:
  7. Me too. I was just sharing my own experience that the vaccine doesn't prevent getting covid but is still effective.
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