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  1. Is that the cost for the integrated solar panel shingles? Because typical solar installs don't cost anywhere near that much. Average costs in Colorado are $12k-$25 before incentives depending on the size of the system: https://www.forbes.com/home-improvement/solar/solar-panel-pricing-incentives-colorado/#:~:text=According to EnergySage%2C the average,solar panel cost of %2415%2C650.
  2. I voted in the Repub primary in order to vote against her. (Plus the Dem primary only had one candidate for every race, so it was pointless.)
  3. SC really dragging the bottom of the barrel for bad decisions.
  4. It's not worse than oil based on carbon emissions alone, but the oil companies will keep selling that line. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41560-017-0032-9 Even though lithium mining is polluting, lithium is recyclable and can be reused in new batteries over and over again. Oil and other fuels cannot be recycled and must always be extracted from the ground. And that extraction from the ground comes with many issues similar to lithium mining. But lithium and lithium mining is not the only way to store energy. If we invest in sustainable energy, then we can do a whole lot more R&D into areas such as graphene batteries (no lithium), solid hydrogen storage (not very efficient compared to batteries but can hold a lot of energy for months or years), liquid air energy storage (I think this one has a ton of potential as it's based on already existing technologies), etc. photovoltaics - the solar panels you see on houses
  5. If we're going to do that, why not instead invest in sustainable energy and energy storage? Current technologies can already provide more than enough energy from PV, so it's just about investing in storage - mostly lithium batteries, so we should focus on lithium mining.
  6. I'm looking forward to all the Satanists that will now of course be supported for exercising their freedom of religion at midfield.
  7. x1000 I would hope so, but we all know they won't because it was never really about protecting life.
  8. Intentionally missing the forest for the trees is still missing the forest for the trees.
  9. It's certainly weak-sauce from Biden and his admin but I've thought Biden was weak from back when he was in the primary, so no surprise. But if we really want to have dealt with this issue, it should have been when it happened, but that admin was also weak, so no surprise they did nothing too.
  10. I wonder how much of that is not fully understanding how job benefits work as compared to a higher wage. Took me years in the workforce before I really valued the benefits that different places had to offer.
  11. In fact, the 2nd Amendment is a change to the framework.
  12. Aren't you the poster that keeps bringing up Hunter Biden?
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