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  1. So the standard is number of hours being deposed for something? That's just silly. For example, if Hunter Biden has been deposed for some hours at some point, that's apparently good enough?
  2. We don't know that. It's a bizarre year for recruiting because of the extra year of eligibility but not an increase in recruiting class size. Good point. But it also means having a poorly ranked class would have less of an effect too. If we just want to fire Frost for past performance, then I'm against that as being stupid and vindictive. We can fire him or any HC for a variety of reasons, but the question of Frost isn't about off-the-field stuff, it's about performance. So can Frost be better in the future? Hard to say, but it's more complicated than just looking at past performance.
  3. I'm not discounting it. But I am discounting the opinions of those who have been calling for Hunter to be investigated with hardly a mention of Trump's family being investigated. Trump's family wasn't investigated by the admin anymore than Hunter has been. If we're finally going to investigate the elites for real, then I'm onboard, but let's be sure we're looking at them all without partisan blinders on.
  4. I mean, that's what we hope would happen if we got a new HC, but there's no way to actually know that. What if a ton of players transfer away, for example? What if the coaching search took a long time and recruiting was decimated? What if the next guy sucks as much or worse? There's no certainty in keeping or firing Frost no matter how much we might think one way will turn out or at least be better.
  5. There's a few things missing from a lot of the discussion of whether or not to fire Frost. The season isn't even half way done, so we don't know how it's going to turn out. What happens with recruiting and perhaps more importantly the transfer portal? The risk vs reward of what the next coach will accomplish. I think it's premature to want to fire Frost before we've finished the season, let alone not yet eliminated from winning the div/conf no matter how unlikely that appears to be. Also, we've been bad for a while now - we're a bad program. I think it goes beyond the HC, and I have no idea what we need to do to fix it, but I don't think getting a new HC is going to be some quick fix - that guy will need 4-5 years too.
  6. I missed most of the game but saw the 4th quarter. Some of the craziest s#!t I've ever seen.
  7. I did some more digging, and the OECD definition of poverty is... questionable: https://data.oecd.org/inequality/poverty-rate.htm Seems like the poverty rate should be income measured against cost of living. The Census has lower poverty rates for the US than the OECD numbers, but use what is called the "official poverty rate", which is based on threshold tables that I cannot find the basis for their values. So hard to argue that the Census numbers measure anything any better than the OECD without being able to find the math behind the numbers. The OECD poverty rate is at least transparent with how they came up with the numbers but doesn't seem very useful as a measure of poverty - more like an inequality measure. Regardless, Jayapal's number doesn't match any data I could find.
  8. Culp is 1/2 from 50+. But even counting all the misses, Culp is WAY more likely to make a 50 yard FG than our offense is to score on a hail mary from around the 33 yardline.
  9. If he continues to run hard and take on tackles like in the OU game, Rahmir is going to break a tackle and then have speed to take it to the house. Hopefully we see it against MSU.
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