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  1. RedDenver

    The Trump Impeachment Thread

    I think you are both missing my point, and we're talking passed each other. Let me clarify my stance. I already said we have every right to defend ourselves against foreign meddling in our elections. I did not say Trump was correct or agree with him in any way. I also did not say that because we've done it that we should be less upset or less vigilant. What I am saying is that we shouldn't turn a blind eye to our own actions and history, and how we choose to respond or solve these issues should take into account the context of history.
  2. RedDenver

    The Trump Impeachment Thread

    Of course we should. This makes no sense. History and context do matter. It's like saying that someone punching you in the face has no relevance to you punching them in the face. One possible reaction is for us to stop punching people in the face because then they might be inclined not to do it to us. The US has toppled democratically elected governments in order to put friendly dictators into power, so that argument doesn't really hold much weight.
  3. RedDenver

    The Trump Impeachment Thread

    I don't think he has to be cornered to point it out, nor do I think pointing out our own history should be taboo.
  4. RedDenver

    Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    teach can make that argument if he wants, but that's definitely not the way he wrote that post. See if you can figure out why the post is meant to be funny.
  5. RedDenver

    Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    I put his post in this thread because it's sexist. And it has nothing to do with soccer, but rather that he was ok watching the World Cup until he found out it was the Women's World Cup. I understand teach was trying to be funny, but he was just sexist instead. See, we're all supposed to laugh because girls were playing.
  6. RedDenver

    Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    I didn't have to infer anything. Go back and read what comes before "Oh, women's world cup?"
  7. RedDenver

    Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    You went over to watch what you thought was men's soccer and then turned it off because it was women's. At least that's what you said.
  8. RedDenver

    Green New Deal

    I'm sure there are conservative ideas that would work, especially if we remember that the idea of conservation was about the environment. But I think we're past the point where a carbon tax or cap-and-trade will work quickly enough.
  9. RedDenver

    The Trump Impeachment Thread

    I'm fine with both. But the IC has a history of keeping secrets from the American people.
  10. RedDenver

    The Trump Impeachment Thread

    I would prefer it went to Congress.
  11. RedDenver

    Green New Deal

    I don't think subsidies are free markets concepts.
  12. RedDenver

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    I wasn't giving any guidance on how to proceed, just pointing out that eligibility is not tied to legality nor vice versa. What I'd personally recommend for how to proceed (strictly my own opinion here) is that the coaches and school should determine whether what the player did broke school or team or NCAA rules and determine the punishment, if any, based on the evidence they have. The same as when they determine any other breaking of the rules that doesn't involve the justice system. If the trial or criminal investigation reveal new evidence, then the coaches and/or school can re-evaluate. Relying on the justice system isn't perfect either because the verdict can only be guilty or not guilty - there are no innocent verdicts. And there are no guarantees the justice system will be correct in their verdict anyway.
  13. RedDenver

    USWNT Sportsmanship vs Thailand

    Also keep in mind FIFA rules only allow 3 substitutions during a game, so the US couldn't just play their backups.
  14. RedDenver

    The era of "All Gas, No Brakes"

    Sounds like a car racing phrase - maybe it started there?