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  1. The posts got moved to the Deion Sanders thread. It can be just as lively over there.
  2. Yeah. I'm very interested in how Rhule and staff go about fixing both lines. Do we actually have talent on the team that can be coached up and developed? Will getting too many transfers make this a yearly problem or not develop the lines? Can recruiting get he necessary talent and can the coaches develop them fast enough? How does S&C fit into all of this?
  3. But Rhule is going to have to do that with mostly players Frost recruited and developed. And the Huskers haven't even been close to bowl eligible in years. IMO it's a big improvement just to get to 4 wins let alone 6. Fickell and Sanders are in different situations although CU is similarly bad. Rhule could very well be better than all 3 of those coaches and have a worse record next year.
  4. Yeah! We were obviously talking about Twitter and not The Grayzone even though that's the post Archy responded to! Quick, let's avoid that line of discussion and talk about everyone being into secrecy now.
  5. I think everyone knew Deion has flash and hype, which is all that's happened at this point. Remains to be seen how he does as a P5 HC. I think it's a coin flip, especially since we don't even know the coaching staffs yet, I'd give Colorado a slight advantage as the home team. Same thing I'd say no matter who got hired.
  6. I mean, sure, that'd be ideal. But the right hire might need more than one off-season to fix this mess.
  7. Yeah! Why won't you sheeple listen to these liars and then dispute their arguments point by point! The fact that they are known liars has nothing at all to do with this conversation.
  8. I get what you're saying. I just disagree. If Rhule is smart, and I think he is, he won't try to win a few more games next year at the cost of not putting in the foundation of the rebuild. Getting a whole bunch of experienced players that still have to gel as a team and then most move on after one season is not a recipe for sustained success IMO, and is part of why we are where we are now. I also don't think we can get enough good and experienced players on both lines AND have them gel in a single off season to win more than a handful of games next year anyway. I'm WAY more excited about rebuilding back to yearly respectability in 2-3 years than winning 5 games instead of 2 next season.
  9. Yeah, just like players weren't being paid before NIL. When players can or can't enter the portal is irrelevant to the point I'm making. Players putting their name in the portal to leverage more NIL money is just smart. Even if that player wants to stay. I'm sure Rhule will adjust to this, since he's not going to simply want all his best players to transfer out.
  10. Are you new to Husker football? Lots of schools ask their fans not to sell their tickets to Nebraska fans and some even made rules to make it harder for their own fans to sell those tickets. It's been happening for decades.
  11. Thanks. I'm not sure that makes things any better, since now all the better players can enter their name since they are pretty much guaranteed to get other NIL offers, while the mediocre to poor players will be afraid to enter their name and will stay. And I think schools can negatively recruit another school by pointing out when they don't let players put their name in the portal.
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