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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, I've been looking for something new to try.
  2. This is an argument that's easy to debunk if you just apply that same logic to other things designed to kill: Neither do the nuclear weapons, its the people using them. Neither do the IEDs, its the people using them.
  3. This ploy not going well for Warren thus far:
  4. I agree, you can totally judge a book by its cover.
  5. The thing that really puts the lie to what Warren is doing is that her campaign leaked it and this happened a year ago. If Bernie really said this, then she should have come out with it months ago. It's just a politically desperate move because she's behind in the polls. Plus Bernie has more credibility than Warren especially since he's had a consistent message for 3 decades that women could win the presidency. And he backed Warren running in 2015, then he ran when she decided not to.
  6. That'd be true if the Dem nomination was already decided, but this is the Dem primary where the candidates are competing against each other. If all they did was talk about Trump, then the primary would be pointless. Biden is weak both debating and campaigning, so anything that he can do to stay out of the spotlight helps him.
  7. Crap! The Mandalorian is good, but tying it back to the stupidity of Episodes 7+ is a recipe for disaster.
  8. Plus the GND would create millions of jobs.
  9. A bigger middle finger to the non-Republican warmongers and enablers.
  10. My mistake, I somehow missed that post. Also, the "Why take the risk?" is just dumb. There isn't a "no risk" option.
  11. The show is good, but it has one really serious flaw: no indication which stories are happening when because they're jumping around in time. It's a serious directing/editing/storytelling mistake that almost caused me to quit watching. But once I got past that and understood what was happening when, I really liked the show. A bit disappointing that it was so close to being really good to great.
  12. I know he doesn't mention the GOP, but the ad is just about how Trump is bad. It's part of Biden's stance that somehow the GOP will suddenly be just fine if only Trump is gone.
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