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  1. I don't support Biden's policies, but I'm not saying Biden should admit he's wrong because I disagree with him.
  2. I know this isn't the right thread, but we were talking about Bloomberg a few pages back.
  3. I understand disagreeing with a candidate, thinking that a candidate is wrong, or not voting for a candidate. But saying that a candidate should admit they are wrong about their position is weird. Maybe I'm just making too much of BRB's choice of phrase.
  4. Ok. I just don't understand why you think Bernie needs to admit he's wrong.
  5. At first glance, it looks good to me. If he's willing to actually talk about getting money out of politics, I'm willing to listen, but I'm not sure I trust Biden will carry through.
  6. You said that Bernie needed to admit he was wrong about some things. You might disagree with him politically, but that doesn't make him (or you) wrong.
  7. Depends who you mean by "them". I fight against neoliberalism and to me the "them" are the candidates and politicians taking money from corporations and the rich. And my fight is to convince more people to join me so that we will have the plurality and then majority.
  8. Morality (aka good vs evil) is not a left/right/center thing. The center can be just as evil as the left or the right and of course vice versa.
  9. I strongly disagree with the bolded. Bloomberg wouldn't have even sniffed 1% of the vote, which is why Bloomberg isn't running now and we just saw that play out with Howard Schultz. Bernie had significant leads over Trump in every head-to-head poll I saw in 2016, while Hillary was around even to 3% lead over Trump. I mean, even as bad as a candidate as Hillary was, she only lost because of a combination of factors including her email scandal and Comey's bizarre reopening and reclosing of that case right before the election - and Hillary still won the popular vote. I think it's safe to say Bernie would have beat Trump in 2016 given what we know. But that also doesn't mean any progressive candidate would have beaten Trump or that a progressive candidate would beat Trump this time.
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