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  1. I am capable of doing the math. You can too. That's the great thing about science. We absolutely do have the technology to store the excess power. The only question is the price. And both photovoltaics and battery storage have been exponentially declining in price: Battery prices fall nearly 50% in 3 years, spurring more electrification Lazard tracks the costs of renewables and energy storage:
  2. You post was in reply to this one: Maybe I should have replied to that post instead of yours, but the implication is that the progressive candidates will have a harder time than the other Dem candidates. I'm pushing back against that implication.
  3. This argument makes no sense to me. We literally just watched Obama barely get anything done despite a veto-proof majority in Congress and then get absolutely nothing done once that majority was lost. Do you really think it'll be any harder for Warren or Sanders or easier for any of the other Dem candidates? We've been down this road before. Biden keeps telling us that the Republican fever will break - except he's been wrong for almost a decade now: Biden: GOP ‘fever’ will break after election (from 2012)
  4. That was a reasonable plan 10+ years ago. There isn't enough time to wait for energy companies to decide not to destroy the planet or for the economics to work themselves out. Actually, it might be too late already to avoid, and now we're in a race to minimize the worst of the damage: Climate emergency: world 'may have crossed tipping points’ And we're actually accelerating climate change Climate Change Is Accelerating
  5. My son didn't have the manual dexterity or patience for Mario Odyssey. So I played Mario and he played Cappy, which worked out pretty good. He is a total Minecraft addict though.
  6. I don't oppose the idea of UBI, but I do oppose Yang's version of it: Universal basic income advocates warn Yang's 'Freedom Dividend' would harm low-income Americans
  7. Well, at least one poster has said that:
  8. I mostly agree except I'd also add: If the institution receives tax money, then that institution agrees to provide additional services as dictated by the community. If the institution causes other institutions to close or not be built, then they also must provide other services as dictated by the community.
  9. I'm pretty sure Florida already has that one locked down.
  10. I'd love for there to be weighted or rank-choice voting period. Break the stupidity of the two party system.
  11. Naming a highway is close to meaningless. Let's not be distracted by this and remain focused on the actual issues and actions by Trump and others.
  12. By that same reasoning, shouldn't the churches then choose not to own/operate hospitals if they can't morally perform all the procedures deemed necessary by the community? Same for being a nurse or doctor?
  13. With Michael Bloomberg entering the Dem primary as a former Republican politician, I wonder if the path forward will be that the GOP will flounder/fade away causing the Dem party to split into two parties to replace the old two party system.
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