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  1. Whatever you need to tell yourself.
  2. quality stuff from archy as usual
  3. I got a new phone last week and it shows that I have 5G. And Google Fi's coverage map shows a lot of the US has 5G available.
  4. <clutches pearls> Oh no!! Those evil Democrats are abiding by the rules while also being able to want to change them.
  5. This is confusing correlation with causation. The increase in drug/alcohol deaths in teens could just as easily be caused by the stress of the pandemic or some other cause (or multiple causes) and have little or nothing to do with lockdowns or closures of schools. And a whole lot of effort went into trying to keep schools open despite the pandemic, so I'm not sure it's nearly as simply as that tweeter wants to believe.
  6. There's a pretty big difference between an external group doing something and the company's director of HR. Also, there's the 4 fired employees. And Google may have violated labor laws.
  7. Google Had Secret Project to ‘Convince’ Employees ‘That Unions Suck’
  8. Doesn't change anything with respect to "building" trust point I was making. The city literally asked the police not to be there to promote more open dialogue about the new police chief. But arresting someone for peaceful protests, especially protests against the police, certainly make this look extremely bad for the police:
  9. FYI, there's multiple deep state operative narratives. The red guy is different than the Eps one.
  10. You're going to have to explain this one as I'm not seeing how you're drawing that conclusion from that premise. (Plus I'm not seeing that @knapplc has poo pooed state initiatives although I may have missed it.) Editing to add: I think both the premise and conclusion are true, but I don't see how one implies the other.
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