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  1. Always abusing when the supporters of getting rid of regulations criticize Biden for vetoing a regulation.
  2. Barney Frank Pushed to Ease Financial Regulations After Joining Signature Bank Board
  3. I'm not sure a 4 day work week is a good idea. But government has previously forced private companies to have a 5 day work week. It's the reason we have a weekend, so it's not unheard of for that kind of government action. (The government wasn't the only reason for that but did make 44 hour and then 40 hour weeks into law.)
  4. I can't afford to live in Boulder, but I work there and like to think I'm a pretty good person.
  5. If we're "blindly allowing millions of people", then Novak should have absolutely no issue getting in. But we're not.
  6. A fine seems reasonable to me. If cops in this dept do it again, then suspension or termination is more reasonable. If we're going to fire cops, then let it be for egregious violence or violations of citizen's rights, not political infractions.
  7. Investigation from the Tesla crash back in Nov. that we talked about here reveals it was driver error:
  8. Eh, I think the star wars program and US spending in general is given WAY too much credit for the collapse of the Soviet Union.
  9. https://calmatters.org/environment/2022/03/wildfires-california-utilities-prevention/
  10. Yeah, the thing the GOP has been trying to do for 40 years is totally not a thing. Brought to us by the same people that claimed Roe v Wade wouldn't get overturned and then that state GOP wouldn't enact draconian anti-abortion laws.
  11. If this were the second or third year in a row California lost power due to cold weather (and it had happened periodically over the last 40 years), then I sure would criticize the CA gov as much as the Texas gov. On the other hand, CA gov deserves a lot criticism for the wildfire power losses and the brownouts, which happen even more frequently than the Texas power outages. Both states can solve these issues and deserve a lot of criticism for choosing not to.
  12. You're trying to deflect from the GOP lying about cutting SS/Medicare.
  13. Man, you carry a lot of water for the GOP. Must get tiring. And then the classic Archy switch to something other than the thing the GOP is being criticized for:
  14. A loose wire makes sense. Might be worth unplugging it and checking all the connections and wiring harnesses are tight. I can't find anything definitive on the internet, but I seem to remember 10-12 minutes as the min time for a compressor to run. If it's running longer than that (and my memory is not failing me), it should be fine.
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