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  1. There you have it. Republican Senators don't want the facts. They don't want to hear from witnesses. They want to close their eyes and cover their ears and put their heads down to get the best political outcome for themselves. Vote the traitors disassembling our democracy out.
  2. Agreed. I posted it to illustrate a point. I care a lot more about what one stands for today and what they want to do moving forward than spending so much time and energy digging up every single vote and stance from the past.
  3. Ironic that this was uncovered, given that the Crime Bill is often weaponized by Sanders supporters against Biden as an example of him supporting bad legislation. It's probably a good idea to remember that politicians have all supported things that seemed like a good idea at the time but wound up poorly, evolved views over time, etc. The deification of someone like Sanders, or politicians in general, as somehow faultless or heroes is not a great idea.
  4. Kudos on putting down such a detailed take, Redux. I think one area we can all agree on (I'd hope, anyway) is that while Bernie is mostly right on a lot of issues his path to getting there isn't very realistic. Which seems like your beef. If a lot of his ideas are to actually come to fruition, they're going to have to be altered, whittled down or rearranged to make them palatable to enough different pols to actually get them passed. Not everything can be done by executive order. If your biggest beef is his "how"... that's not too bad. You could still vote for him in good conscience knowing he'll work towards his stated goals. He's just going to have to make some changes to the how.
  5. The funny thing is, to use the words of Ted Cruz, the GOP and Trump nuthuggers will spend an awful lot of time banging the table about the unfairness of the process, how the president is entitled to protections and shouldn't have to comply, etc... Because they don't want to answer a simple question like this. Because they know, in their heart, exactly how it'd go. Bill Clinton was deposed. Trumpers would never allow this to happen to him... rabble rabble process... because even they know it'd be a trainwreck.
  6. Selectively edited excerpts from the actual full transcript. They tried to pass it off as a full, unedited transcript because that supported their case. It's just another in a long list of instances of them trying to mislead the public for their own gain. That's a problem.
  7. QMany is right, calling that a transcript is a farce. The White House did what it always does... release as little information as possible and edit out anything that makes Trump look bad. Because they're a bunch of liars. They've trashed their credibility and no one should take anything they say seriously. Your inability to acknowledge the reality that is right in front of your face and instead argue minutiae trying to defend Trump is just pathetic at this point.
  8. And Sasse tows the party line. To disappoint. Again. He's really just as awful and disappointing as any garden variety Republican at this point. The growing extremism and culty vibe from the GOP ought to be enough for reasonable people to hit eject at this juncture. They must all be defeated. Every last one.
  9. Who's screaming? I'm just having a conversation. I don't pay much mind to the fringe hardcores of either party because they're both generally equally as annoying. But they're not most people.
  10. @Redux Not to launch into this discussion again, but this is how I viewed your remarks earlier. For this analogy, let's refer to Trump as polonium tea. Democrats, and many on this board, realize the harmful effects of polonium tea and urge others not drink it. The pro-Trump people you described have decided polonium tea is the best thing ever and are awful nice to and support anyone willing to embrace another 4 years of polonium tea. If you asses the facts for yourself you will find ingesting polonium tea is very bad. Republicans, on the other hand, have a very specific set of "facts" that tells them the worry over polonium tea is a conspiracy and in fact polonium tea is in fact one of the healthiest beverages of all time. Should the first group stop telling people polonium tea is bad because some people don't like hearing it? I mean even if Republicans seems harmless and in fact much friendlier compared to the first group, in the end convincing people to drink polonium tea is still going to be harmful to their health.
  11. If he believes he can get elected mayor of NYC Redux is right, he's a moron.
  12. Personally I'm kind of ambivalent towards who wins the nomination. I don't feel like any one person is best suited to take on Trump. Seems like there's roughly an equal likelihood if Biden is the nominee he comes off as old, flat-footed and not dynamic enough in contrast to Trump. I'm sure the GOP propaganda machine will go into overdrive trying to project Trump's corruption onto him vis a vis Ukraine... ...as there is that if Bernie is the nominee he winds up getting portrayed as some crazy pinko commie who wants the government to take over everything and go door to door shaking people down to pay for it. Or either of them could roll Trump. I'm just not feeling confident in much of anything at this point.
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