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  1. But the f#&%ing morons can't even mandate masks or recommend social distancing because they're playing a political game fore re-election. We can't even get on the same page about the absolute bare minimum.
  2. Surreal to read that in 2020. I guess this is where we are now. Trump's re-elex seems to be going well.
  3. Seconded. That looks very, very cool. Would love to see it in person if I'm ever in the area. Since we moved northward I've been exploring the Michigan scenery a bit and enjoying it but haven't found anything quite that elegant.
  4. The less chaos part is important. The termed it "a more diplomatic approach to domestic/foreign policy" but what they meant was Trump has completely lost control of the machine. In particular, a healthy economy requires fully grappling with COVID-19. The economy can never fully rebound if we aren't doing everything we can to contain and mitigate the virus. Trump isn't capable of doing that.
  5. Dershowitz and a lot of other powerful people RN:
  6. One step at a time. Removing Trump is the most immediate, pressing threat and is priority numero uno. It's encouraging to hear Dems (even Joe Manchin!) suggest they may abolish the legislative filibuster for a Biden administration. This would mean they could really govern and provide real, significant reforms instead of piecemeal, piddly stuff we've grown accustomed to. And they'll have to, because if they don't govern in a way that people like, Republicans with unified control can accomplish all their wishlist items as well. So they'll have to govern and message in a way that's broadly popular even with some Republicans, even though that seems impossible. I'm not sure how you convince Trump's base not to vote for Tucker in 2024. We'll just have to hope whomever runs to succeed Biden can beat him resoundingly.
  7. I think it's probably a case of the GOP media ecosystem being drastically different from the rest of the media. If you spend most of your time in the former, I'm sure you probably think more and more Americans are watching horrified as statues continue falling and Tucker Carlson uses more footage of cities burning misleadingly and are getting pushed into Trump's camp as a result. If you don't spend time in the GOP media bubble, you probably don't feel that way because you don't think the nation is devolving into a state of lawless anarchy.
  8. At this rate Trump supporters would tell you the Titanic was treated very unfairly by the iceberg.
  9. Finally happening.




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    2. Cdog923


      This would be really cool: 




    3. dubsker


      The Washington Mule Deer has a nice ring to it.

    4. BigRedN


      I think the team needs input from the Sioux, Cherokee, Commanche, Navajo, etc, and all of the other great tribes, more than they need pressure from corporate business leaders or my input.



  10. Omaha losing too many good restaurants lately. Dundee Dell closing down for good.



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    2. Xmas32


      Ugh, that stinks.  Lots of good memories of that place.

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I hate to see places like that go. I didn’t even know the place but can tell from their menu that another piece of Americana is gone.


      So far, I only know of one local restaurant that has closed for good and they were relatively new, only a couple years old.

    4. teachercd


      Loved the fish and chips...but the prices sucked.

  11. Not sure where to put this so I'll start a new thread. This story is incredible. One can only imagine the amount of work that went into this. Feel very bad for these guys. Lorrance comes out looking like a total scumbag and it's unfortunate that he has been made into a right-wing hero.
  12. Stuff like this is why the current party needs burned to the ground, metaphorically speaking. What the fresh hell would compel them to do this unless their motives are scummy self-benefit?
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