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  1. Overall this whole mess just makes me more disappointed in the trash management of the Big Ten. Just reinforces how poorly Warren has done at his job in the grand scheme of things. Can't be mad at NW for having bad luck. But maybe if the B1G had had a noncon we wouldn't have only one team (barely) in the T25 and be shut out of potentially hosting a regional.
  2. Gained a game on Michigan... Really gutted out a win. What a grind. Proud of the boys out there today. Tip of the cap to that MSU pitcher, though. Craziest relief outing I've ever seen.
  3. Maybe we could just cut out the middle man and help make things better in those triangle countries so people won't want to flee them? But I suppose making the case for humanitarian aid and diplomacy is a harder sell than telling people migrants should stay in Mexico and talk of building walls.
  4. The more cynical take I read today on this (which had 49% Dem identifiers and 40% GOP) is the bolded from the USA Today article on the poll: The drop in GOP identification is just embarrassed Republicans not wanting to admit they're Republicans and calling themselves independents. They'll still be voting R. I suppose a few Rural America could help itself a lot by shutting the Fox News off and pulling their heads out. Nothing the Dems do is going to appeal to a lot of them because they're conditioned by their media diet to blame Dems for ev
  5. Look, admittedly, I think most people that continue to support Trump for most reasons, and especially if it's because they think he's some kind of champion for the working class, are total rubes. But good Lord. Republicans decided this was OK. You can decide to feel bad for this guy or not, but it is INCREDIBLE how deep down the rabbithole some people have gone. Just a continuation of the trend that is Trump and the GOP's financially predatory behavior.
  6. What's the consensus on his position at the next level? If we viewed him as a WR, it's legitimately a miss. If he's going to be a TE, I get it. We just took three last class including Fidone and we've already got a batch of three juniors. Probably didn't see a path to playing time her and I can't really get upset at a kid for wanting to go to somewhere he thinks he'll be able to contribute early. Also checking out his profile I noticed his recruiter at MSU is their TE coach, Ted Gilmore. Remember that guy?
  7. You just described why we'd be a lot safer with fewer of these in circulation.
  8. How many times do we need to see this same song and dance play out before we just admit these guys prefer authoritarianism to democracy? FFS they're talking about passing a similar bill using a mechanism that can avert the governor's veto here in Michigan. We finally move somewhere cool that came in clutch to do the right thing in November and the GOP is already trying to ruin it for me. The Nebraska GOP did the same thing after '08 to ensure Obama wouldn't pull Omaha's 1 EV again. Luckily Omaha and Lincoln rebelled again last year. But hey, at least you gu
  9. @ ILL - W vs. Buff - W @ OU - L @ MSU - W vs. NW - L vs. MICH - W @ MINN - L vs. PUR - W vs. OSU - L vs. SE LA -W @ WIS - L vs. IOWA - W That's 7-5 and we're going bowling. Cheer up ya silly Sallies. GBR!
  10. This is where I'm at with all this. They are both fun and cool. But they're not necessary, and our society would be safer as a whole with a lot fewer of them floating around. But giving them up makes people to think about who will still have them and no one is into unilateral disarmament.
  11. I appreciate Hedley's willingness to actually debate his side of this issue reasonably but it really is astounding how no matter how you dress this issue up, it really can always be distilled down to "more guns" vs. "less guns." Which intrinsically seems like it would lead to less gun-related violence?
  12. You kind of wonder if we're just listlessly drifting toward a future in which less heavily-armed civilians get into shootouts with more heavily-armed civilians based on dubious rationale like gut feelings. There's certainly one group that believes MOAR GUNZ is the solution and not a ton of pressure in the other direction. Kind of like the old "I know it when I see it" description of pornography? You gotta think this will be argued that way in court. Not sure how this works because it's not a civil case but these type of cases frequently end up in spe
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