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  1. Use your eyeholes, man. Tell me Moore didn't strike out at least twice here: No Moore on base, no big inning, dollars to donuts.
  2. This is one of the few times griping about officiating is warranted. Those calls directly pushed the game in favor of Arky. It's a damn shame after the season this crew had some jag behind home plate can unilaterally decide they needed to lose. Heard on 1620 this morning that ump is from 45 min outside Fayetteville, too. Straight garbage.
  3. Oh for sure. No argument about the future of the program. If we can keep Bolt around Husker baseball has the sky as the limit. I just feel bad for this team. They got a raw deal in so many ways by so many different forces out of their control and they just said f#&% it and went down fighting their hearts out.
  4. Team Robot Umps for sure. This crap has gotta go.
  5. Shrinking the zone in the 8th is a neat trick. Love this team. They got hosed. And they still hung in like champs. They deserved better. But they never backed down and they're all heart. GBR!
  6. I'm pretty sure Cam Chick welcomes the choice of a true freshman who is reliant on their fastball... Took a peek last night and they had a couple lefties with 4+ ERAs but each had at least a dozen starts. Thought they'd roll with one of them.
  7. Alright y'all, as promised, in the garage to stay dry. Made my choice based on what we gotta do to their mouth tonight. GBFR!
  8. The shirt I wore yesterday for both games isn't getting touched. If my girlfriend washes it before I get home I'll leave her. And if I have to go out in the rain to smoke my victory cigar I'll do it. Got to keep the good juju alive. GBFR!
  9. Somebody riddle me this... Am I allowed to smoke my ceremonial victory cigar tomorrow night before the game? I smoked one this evening after beating NJIT and it worked! Can I save it or do I have to go out now? It's past midnight here in my neck of the woods
  10. It's been a pretty damn well linear ramp up by him so far. 1 IP, 2 IP, 3 IP, 4.1 IP in 4 starts. I can see why they love him. He's a baller who had stuff tonight the best team in the country couldn't touch. Despite the outflux of upperclassman talent leaving, this team has a lot of talent coming back. Kyle will definitely be a weekend starter for sure.
  11. Honestly, no idea. The last couple times we had a 4th game in a series it was Perry and we obviously burned him tonight. It's either gonna be an opener type situation with everyone that's left or maybe that start Povich on short rest? I could see Cade wanting the ball tomorrow.
  12. Absolutely. He was emptying out the gas tank but he just put the team on his back and dragged him across the finish line. Pure will. Amazing performance. And a great start by Perry.
  13. Brice is a baller for sure. He gets somewhat overshadowed by Max's fantastic year but he has really been clutch this year and has really turned it on down the stretch. His speed on the basepaths and defensive versatility is invaluable.
  14. I think Handley is kind of the alternate/fill-in guy with the regulars being Sharpe and Ben McLaughlin. Those latter two are on the call tonight. I do like Handley as a third voice. I feel like we've got a pretty good roster of radio talent. As do my Mets. I've heard some really bad radio announcers, primarily in the MLB and they're... pretty awful. I can't imagine what a bad college team sounds like.
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