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  1. Man I knew Kennedy was bad the same generic ways old suits who have been in Washington too long are bad, but there was definitely a day when a Republican senator had the capacity for shame. What a prick.
  2. Sometimes they fall a$$-backwards into doing things that benefit us, in spite of themselves!
  3. None of this matters because REAL AMERICA knows Biden has flipped his magical switch in the White House that makes inflation and gas prices go higher because he hates the working class!
  4. How about: Taken it seriously? It seems like some Republicans try to play this game where they retcon the entire thing and just pretend the Trump administration tried very hard and treated COVID very seriously the entire time they could address it. The rest of us were there. We saw their response. They hocked unproven treatments that didn't end up working, wouldn't tell people to vaccinate, held party gatherings at the White House that generated outrbeaks and wound up telling us it would magically go away, sans any proof. Come on, man. Asking us not to remember that stuff is insulting our intelligence. These two responses aren't equal.
  5. Republicans crapping on women sniffing power. Name a more iconic duo!
  6. Gun culture in America seems so weird to me.
  7. Good for him. Guy figures he can win if he switches the letter by hist name. Seems like pure self-interest.
  8. Probably two legs attached, I would imagine. A one-legged kicker would be a 12*, easy. That would be akin to the no-armed second baseman.
  9. I'm not even sure what to make of our OT situation at the moment. When Teddy is healthy we've got three starting caliber guys and it seems like Benhart is on the outside looking in because he was the one that got benched. But he himself is a former 4* and a lot of that could've been just Austin being bad at his job...
  10. Gonna hazard a guess people getting their takes from Hitler Jr. and Trump's Chief of Staff aren't exactly straight shooters. The conservative media apparatus is super duper toxic.
  11. Where'd you hear that? Seems odd he'd settle on that and still think "Well, guess I'll let these guys stick around and screw up a couple more games for us."
  12. Ahhh yes, moralizing to people when you're already an insufferable douche should be a strong play.
  13. I'd bet my left arm the buyout played a significant part in this and Trev essentially gave the Scott an ultimatum: Win the games you keep swearing you're just about to win next year or you'll use this exit ramp I just installed.
  14. Hey, if anyone wants to pay me ONLY $4 million to suck at my job, I'm all ears.
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