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  1. Elon’s version of “free speech” is a joke.
  2. Isn’t that how Fred’s offense is supposed to work? I’m kind of a green when it comes to basketball but it seemed his offenses at ISU were fast-paced and generated a lot of scoring chances pretty equally rather than needing to be facilitated by one or two scorers.
  3. Even watching us mostly struggle and lose games the same way., I've been consistently impressed with Keisei's play. He's a fairly reliable 3 point shooter, which is so much nicer than watching Mayen getting open looks and chuck up brick after brick last year... but more importantly, he's a hustle guy and always seems willing to play unselfish ball and make an extra pass if it gets someone else a better shot. He's the consummate team player. Just a really, really wholesome, likeable dude. Great to see him explode tonight. Idk man, maybe this is finally the Hoiberg team that could grind and break through, just a little bit. If the football team has taught me anything, it's to lower my expectations and be very happy with consistent, if unspectacular, improvement year over year.
  4. It's fair to say Rhule is way more proven in succeeding in circumstances like the ones we're currently facing than Fickell, IMO.
  5. That's just fine with me because it's been utter dogs#!t ever since Bo left. IMO NU has a recruiting FLOOR of ~Top 30-35 classes anyway. If Rhule can actually develop talent he gets we're gonna be overshooting that eventually. Even Frost was capable of doing that, he just was complete a$$ at player development. I wonder if there are any legs to the thought that Lloyd being one of the first offers immediately after the Rhule hiring indicates he was a guy Mickey was in on but didn't want to offer prior to the new coach taking over (and implying Mickey will be staying). Obviously Coleman seems onboard with Coach Rhule and he's 100% a Mickey guy.
  6. A lot of Husker fans are miserable SOBs. Nobody’s opinion is any more correct than anyone else’s. But…. There is hope. We don’t have to say f#&% everything anymore. GBR
  7. This is us after yesterday and I don't even care. Embrace the suck. Screw Iowa.
  8. Kind of like conservatives do to trans people?
  9. ^^^ not sure the video thumbnail could've been less flattering for her, but that face is pretty emblematic of her overall contribution to society.
  10. Pence is someone who absolutely will not get off his talking points, nor will he do anything he feels could hurt his carefully cultivated political image. It's why any 2024 aspirations are DOA. He's not authentic, he's 100% manufactured. It's the same reason people don't like Ted Cruz or Hillary. Their image is phony.
  11. I feel like his name is just a ripoff of KenPom
  12. Man I don't want to be TOO cynical but all it would take would be someone inside the Athletic Department feeding this to Sipple to throw him off, too. Sip is a mouthpiece for the department.
  13. My point was that the margin in Florida isn’t very useful because of how strongly Republican Cubans are. So I just think that context is important. The GOP is gaining with them but personally for me it’s pretty meh. Hispanics aren’t a monolith so it’s not like the same equal amounts of the same groups of them are trending Republicans evenly across swing states, etc. For instance the heavy shift in Florida probably skewed the national margin. And younger Hispanics are likely more liberal than older ones, just like other nationalities. Rhere are some lessons to learn there but they’re not very clear nor very generalizable.
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