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  1. He's like a virus. He co-opted their political priorities and pushed them as he deemed convenient to coalesce their support. And of course he did accomplish a few things with his keystone achievement being the one area they all agree on. But he largely failed to make many substantial improvement or even progress toward his stated goals because of his personal failings and character flaws. Yet his superfans remain and enough of the "other" Republicans support or at least tolerate him that he remains singularly the most powerful person and de facto head of the party.
  2. The party continues to revolve around Trump. The R's who are convinced he's finished after the latest impeachment are fooling themselves.
  3. Personally I could see a scenario where Sasse realizing that in order to advance in GOP politics, he's got to kiss Trump's a$$ (even if he's reliably conservative which is what he originally thought the party was about) and he decides to just do what he wants for now and bail for the private sector ASAP. Or maybe he'll be a Romney where he's in a unique position and strong enough in his own state that he can be a bit of a maverick - if he's fine topping out at senator or possibly governor.
  4. Every day it becomes more clear why his neighbor beat him up.
  5. Sasse, Romney, Collins and Murkowski all voted for witnesses. Lindsey Graham doesn't count because he That's the best the R's can muster. It's not good, but at least they are treating the process as legitimate instead of rushing for the exits.
  6. McConnell being McConnell, surprising absolutely no one. The GOP once again proves they only care about clinging to power and back their team with no concept of right or wrong.
  7. Is the Lincoln Project currently imploding? Cuz there's also this: I'm not going to be personally sad if so. I enjoyed them as a political foil for Trump but never felt any particular kinship to them. I know some of our political center-ish folks here seemed to like them.
  8. Dems operate like they're perpetually terrified of making mistakes. GOP as though they don't give a s#!t about public opinion. Not a great dichotomy in a two-party system.
  9. On sale at Costco right now. I think it was $28 for a 24 pack of tall boys. Comes with the cool little nitro widget rattling around in there that gives it excellent permahead. Never disappoints.
  10. I recently started PB as well but my girlfriend made me stop as this might be one we do together. I was jonesing for something in the SOA vein.
  11. Mr. Robot was good. Very glad we finished it. I was legitimately sad to finish that ride. Highly recommended if you're a techie and want a show with equal parts social commentary and realistic dystopia. Cobra Kai is very fun so far. We're just through Season 1, though. I've got two episodes left in Workaholics on Amazon Prime. I remember some of my college buddies used to really like that show. It's a pretty uneven journey. It's probably lost some steam in later seasons. Pretty inconsistent episode to episode which ones I'll find particularly funny. Good mindless comed
  12. One really sad enduring hallmark of Trumpism is the way(s) the rest of us have had to alter our lives because a bunch of entitled, psycho a$$h@!es think the rules don't apply to them and they can do whatever they want without consequences.
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