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  1. Well said. Another millennial for Biden checking in. I've really never gotten the impression in my life that Republicans give a sh#t about me or people like me. That's accelerated badly under Trump. Obviously the Dems could do a lot of things better but they've done tangible things to show they can meaningfully improve my life. Trump and his following view people who do not fall in behind them as the enemy. Meanwhile the Dems are trying to offer an inclusive, welcoming message to anyone who wants to join and speaking to issues that matter to me. If I could snap my fingers and make Bernie's ideas into the law of the land I would. But I can't. We've got a stupid political system where we get two choices. One of them gives a sh#t about what I care about and the other views me and lots of other normal, everyday Americans as the enemy. I can't in good conscience leave the bad people at the wheel. Let's come together, elect Biden and start charting our progress and settling our differences later.
  2. (Biden is a very devout practicing Catholic, btw)
  3. I'm with you, brother. The longer this drags on I think the more people's eyes will be opened to his incompetence. Initially I think he got pretty good marks from a lot of people who didn't really grasp what was going on and fell for his lies. Also I'm pretty sure he might be playing politics with how medical equipment is being distributed. It's been pretty well demonstrated a lot of blue states aren't getting requested equipment; meanwhile Trump ally in Florida has gotten several huge shipments promptly.
  4. Perhaps tipping there hand here a bit...?
  5. I like that. Basically saying put up or shut up. They offered to spend up to $100M increasing youth turnout in the fall as well. I have no problem with this. Biden's going to need all the allies he can get. Big tent.
  6. Trump's Covid-19 bump continues to wear off.
  7. This sounds nice in theory and in a better system we'd have more than two parties, but if these two wings of the left don't get along and agree to support each others' candidates (and the GOP remains intact), it functionally forces our country into unopposed Republican rule. So it would really depend on how its structured and how the different factions react to each other.
  8. You didn't fall for it but I'm not sure we're culpable for Trump making his utterly predictable play to win over angry Bernie supporters either. Maybe those Bernie supporters crossing over to support him should just claim some personal responsibility for their own actions? If all it takes is tweets from Trump they were likely in the Never Biden camp anyway. Tensions are running a bit high right now. Maybe we ought to let things cool down a bit and reassess then.
  9. The solution to this is to provide those normal people the relevant information so they can make a better informed decision. If we do that and people choose to continue to be ignorant, that's their choice. People choosing to be ignorant is nothing new.
  10. Funny you should say that because Sky News' parent company was founded by none other than Rupert Murdoch so it's pretty much his baby. I saw the original tweet though too and let's be real - Rose Twitter is not an honest, impartial arbiter of this debate. At all.
  11. No, it probably won't. Reputable studies, of which we'll need several to conclusively determine these drugs significantly improve Covid symptoms, will take a while to set up and carry out. To the extent there are sides here, it's Trump vs. most of the medical community (of which I am a small part). From my perspective, Trump might not like it, but this is how drug approval works: You can't just mass-prescribe drugs off-label based on anecdotal evidence without rigorous scientific evidence they work. An ancillary reason we can't just mass-prescribe these on a whim is because we actually have proof that they work to treat autoimmune disorders like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis and these people are seriously worried they won't get the drugs they need.
  12. Personally I kind of like the underdog vibe. People already left Diamond Joe for dead and he went out and waxed the entire field in the primary. I'm not sure people thinking Trump running away with this is a bad thing.
  13. Sure, upload your medical degree that qualifies your diagnosis and I'll sign off.
  14. He has the same cognitive decline that is normal for all people as they age, just like Bernie and Trump. No one is as sharp at his age as they are when they're younger. He's also just not a great public speaker and redirects a lot, if that's important. I'm pushing back because I work in the medical field and this sh#t is important. There's a concerted effort to paint him as some senile old geezer on the part of people wanting 4 more years of Trump and people who don't know better, and I'd like to minimize the latter group as much as possible by educating them.
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