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  1. Maybe him, Trump, et al. could STFU and stop whining for two seconds? The rest of us have lives to live. They are not the abused victims central to everyone else's stories. An interesting story I've noticed with all narcissists is they are always the heroes of their own stories. These two douchebags just opt for a little variation on that theme.
  2. As someone who would prefer to see fewer Republicans elected, I’d actually be quite happy to have known female rights champion Rudy Giuliani making our case for us.
  3. The best argument! The French are terrible at football.
  4. Perusing some resumes for some of the dark horse candidates, as much as some people point to record as a reason to ding somebody like Leipold, you could certainly apply it more harshly to some other candidates people like as well. DeBoer has coached all of 18 games at the D1 level. He only won 9 games in the Mountain West last year. He did not win the conference. Doeren hasn't cracked double digit wins in ten years when he was at NIU winning the MAC. His record at NC State looks a lot more like Bo's with several 9 win seasons with some worse ones sprinkled in, in arguably a worse conference(s). He's good for a 58% win percentage in the ACC. Just food for thought.
  5. Theses a$$h@!es are delusional. They're the heroes of their own stories, sure. But ultimately, for anyone halfway tethered to reality, they're just a$$h@!es. The bad part is half of them think they're soldiers in a holy war annointed by God and half of them are just outright white ethnonationalists chasing white supremacy. Great groups to stick together. What could go wrong?
  6. I don’t view Deion’s personality as a fit for Lincoln at all. Especially when we just fired a coach largely because due to disinterest.
  7. Or… it’s just hard to win football games, period, but good coaches win more often than they lose? That’s a good place to start because we haven’t hit that benchmark since Riley.
  8. I would suggest Kade is not the caliber of player we should want starting at NU, but nonetheless good for him and it speaks extremely well of Klieman that he gets the absolute most out of him.
  9. Ahh yes, blue collar, All-American Joe Everyman in real America watches breathlessly to see what the Dow does before deciding which lever to pull this fall.
  10. To his credit, Frost realize AM was an excellent QB prospect. He was too inept and focused on getting hammered and having a good time to help him realize his potential. And the kid played hurt anyway. And Frost lied about it. f#&% Frost.
  11. Tonight he looks like a guy who knows how to effectively utilize the talent he has. Which, of course, Frost no more understood than he recognized his a$$ from a hole in the ground.
  12. Should Klieman be a dark horse at this point? I mean I understand why he’d be the least sexy hire but hard to argue he’s not a competent program builder and talent maximized watching the way he just walked into Norman and kicked their a$$ with AM tonight.
  13. f#&%ing “Row the boat” is currently undefeated. It drives me nuts he’s a good coach because he’s also such a turbodouche.
  14. And yet, that same guy is the new heir apparent to the best center in the NFL. (Go birds!) NU is a toxic suckhole that drags everyone down with it at this point.
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