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  1. I saw yesterday that the governor of Oklahoma "warned" Native Americans not to create "abortion havens" on their reservations. Quite the hubris to even sniff that statement.
  2. What a perfect distillation of the modern Republican psyche: Tosses support to an absolutely awful, ostensibly openly racist candidate... because they are viewed as more likely to win. Power above all, certainly more important than principle, avoiding corruption or any sense of decency.
  3. He's not all wrong, though. I've long since abandoned my Facebook and for the past year or two, my Twitter. Now the only interaction I have with Twitter is when I'm following other peoples' posts. It's made it a ton easier not to give a flying fig about the Elon/Twitter saga.
  4. Let's ask Texas Republicans how much they're loving their deregulated power grid right now. Gov. Abbott scrambles to reassure Texans as power grid falters in first summer heat wave The free market at work!
  5. That's a huge problem for the Democrats. The economy is a complex thing and a lot of this is headwinds from a generational global pandemic, gunked up supply chains as well as a war of choice in Ukraine. The Fed is already moving to stem the tide. Unfortunately plenty of voters will probably be convinced all of this boils simply down to "Biden bad" and will likely reward Republicans who will have utterly failed to learn any actual lessons about their current brand of politics. It's going to be a very rough time for America if they get rewarded for their recent moral decay.
  6. Alright mods if this post isn't bannable either nothing is or you just don't care anymore.
  7. Yeah I know, I was being facetious since Pillen seems like the human thumbs handpicked successor. Needless to say I'm not a fan of the latter. I guess the silver lining is that I doubt he's a true MAGA guy so hr should revert to his former self now. The downside is then you're stuck with Ricketts politics again.
  8. Has anyone tried shooting the COVID yet? If not, why not? The only thing that stops [insert issue here] is a good guy with a gun.
  9. It is an interesting phenomenon. Most non-MAGA Republicans LOVE to tout themselves as moderate and yet they continue to elect more and more conservative leaders thus the party continues its listless drift to the right. As a recent Nebraska expat now no longer seeing local coverage or ads, what is the third term of Ricketts expected to focus on? What is Pillen actually running on? I'm gonna put on my cynic hat andd guess it's the 4 F's of modern conservatism: faith, firearms, fetuses, and the flag, with a little bit of empty words about property tax mixed in. I would expect another four years of doing very little but performative politicking with no substantial progress on anything that matters, the occasional dumbassery like turning down free federal only that could help the state, fear mongering the evils of the Devil's lettuce and continuing to wonder why young people leave the state en masse.
  10. The people have spoken. My thoughts on the results:
  11. I think it's pretty cool and progressive that the Nebraska GOP ran and is currently WINNING with a female pornstar from the 70s!
  12. This shows horrendously poor judgment. Let's just leave it at that.
  13. Long live the Peso. And also, via word association, Mojo Hagge.
  14. Excuse me, ma'am, but allow me to introduce you to the robust yet cost-efficient GOP healthcare plan:
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