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  1. Danny Bateman

    Immigration Ban

    He's selling out to try to please his base. It's funny because there are those who argue Democrats cannot beat Trump by trying to appeal to moderate/swing/independent voters and their best shot is to try to nominate someone who can maximize turnout of their own base. Trump's governance is going to test the latter strategy. I have my doubts as to whether it will work.
  2. Danny Bateman

    Will Bolt Named New Husker Coach

    Welp, given that Childress and DVH weren't up there, Bolt was next up there on my list with O'Connor. Obviously the latter has more HC experience but much like Erstad - and Frost - I think the fact Bolt having actually worn the scarlet and cream is very helpful for him understanding expectations for the program. Particularly since Bolt was here during the peak years of NU baseball under DVH. Hopefully Bolt can build a quality staff given how little we're paying him. A little underwhelmed with Christy as a pitching coach - he's never actually coached them before.
  3. Danny Bateman

    Trump Foreign Policy

    This seems like a good reason to get this man as far away from the Oval Office and the Situation Room as possible. The military doesn't trust him. The intelligence community doesn't trust him. The only people that trust him are the lemmings who blindly line up behind him to follow him over the edge of the cliff. Hell, half of them don't trust him so much as they permeate his proximity clinging to power. How can anyone defend this dope as an effective commander-in-chief?
  4. Danny Bateman

    The Republican Utopia

    Please vote out every single one of these anti-science douchebags.
  5. Danny Bateman

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    Also ABC News got a copy of that internal polling data for Trump that supposedly was very bad for him. It's... not very good. Also up 2 pts in Texas.
  6. Danny Bateman

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    Lineups for the first Democratic debate are out.
  7. Danny Bateman

    Trump's cabinet

    Free speech does not extend to speech that violates the law. I swear, these people must think any time they whip out the word "constitutional" people are just going to buy it wholesale.
  8. Danny Bateman

    Trumping up a war?

    It's funny how none of these Gulf tensions began escalating until we started jerking around Iran.
  9. Danny Bateman

    The Trump Impeachment Thread

    Why not both? The IC is less political than Congress.
  10. Danny Bateman

    The Economy

  11. Danny Bateman

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    Justice. Served. `
  12. Danny Bateman

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    That's fine, we don't have to agree on this. I'd be curious to hear how effective anyone else here thinks bully pulpitting senators from red states would work but I doubt anyone has followed this conversation this far down into the weeds. As far as SCOTUS goes, it's going to have to be a sizeable Dem margin, because there's a real risk those same red state senators would crossover and vote for Trump nominees like Manchin has already done. For any candidate winning back the Senate is imperative.
  13. Danny Bateman

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    Much like Trump did in 2016 with things like the Muslim ban and the wall, she's just playing to her audience. Remember how popular his quip about Clinton being in prison in the debates was? But it's gross and Moiraine is correct. She should be campaigning on fixing the loopholes that let a scumbag like Trump commit all the crimes he's committed scot-free, not on throwing him in the clink.
  14. Danny Bateman

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    I pay no more attention to TYT for news than I do Fox News. But as long as everyone's honest about their biases I don't mind if others like them. Do you honestly think politics now is the same as it was for Roosevelt or Reagan? This is a major reason people ding Biden for thinking he can work with Republicans. Even the more recent Reagan tax cuts passed the Senate with somewhere between 70-90ish yea votes, depending on which specific vote you cite. I think if you think Bernie can gin up that amount of support for M4A you're kidding yourself. I think it'd be difficult to get moderates like Manchin or Sinema on board even we nuked the filibuster. But again, just my opinion so I could be wrong in this. I already addressed Biden's legislative history above. I think that Biden currently runs stronger in some battleground states where important Senate races will happen (think IA/NC/ME/GA/AZ... etc etc.) matters. But polling is obviously subject to change. The bolded is absolutely true. In a way Trump has helped a lot of Dems understand the importance of separation of powers and even federalism! I don't know that I'd take another term of Trump for that trade, though. That likely means another Bert Kavanaugh takes RBG's seat on SCOTUS and probably Thomas's as well and any progressive legislation during our lifetimes is pretty much guaranteed to be p#ssing into the wind if sent to the courts. The plan has to be win now and win big.
  15. Danny Bateman

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    That's fine, thanks for saying so. I realize this is a bit of a contrarian take and I'm OK catching flak for it. I've seen positive stories about Bernie on lots of political news outlets FWIW, just maybe not the frequency which you'd like as a supporter. Part of it might be the fact there's such a wide field and he seems firmly entrenched in second place without too much movement up or down. As others have said, maybe the debates will change that. I remain skeptical about this concept of rallies ginning up enough support to flip votes theory. Obama put almost two years into passing the ACA including a lot of heavy lifting and it BARELY got across the finish line. He wasn't even able to convince Lieberman to support a public option. I remain skeptical of how passing a more progressive healthcare plan that involves more government involvement will somehow be so simple. Progressives hate a lot of Biden's bills and that's fine. Some of them had nasty unintended consequences. But I also take the view that some politicians can evolve on issues with public sentiment and I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. Also extremely unpopular take here, but I think the long-term health of U.S. politics requires the GOP to reform itself and the parties to find a way to compromise and work together again. I don't buy Biden's shtick about working together again though.