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  1. Danny Bateman

    Healthcare Reform

    Best of luck with your conditions, man. Hope you're able to get the care you need and it doesn't break the bank by the time insurance pays their end.
  2. Danny Bateman

    **Official 2019 Mariners/Mets Misery Thread**

    Of course. They couldn't hit jack all night other than that first inning when they had a little life. The BABIP gods just killed us. The Royals hit some gaps and that was that. It amazes me how broken Diaz is right now. I don't think he threw anything except a fastball. He's completely lost the slider. Someone suggested maybe he's got a bone spur or another elbow issue from overwork last season he's pitching through and that makes a lot of sense to me. His delivery is weird - he keeps it pretty close to his body which makes me wonder if he's trying to take stress off his elbow and put more of it on his shoulder. Regardless he's lost right now and should've been demoted to AAA a while ago. We were deliberating on whether to go to Friday or Saturday night's game. Of course we picked the loss...
  3. Danny Bateman

    **Official 2019 Mariners/Mets Misery Thread**

    First game of the year, at the K, Bubba batting 6th for the Royals no less! LFGM!
  4. Danny Bateman

    challenge for trump supporters

    So if I tell you I can make you a fortune if you let me invest $1000 of yours in the stock market - despite no business background to my name (or in Trump's case, a legitimately bad record) - and I turn around and piss it away gambling on penny stocks, you're telling me you're not going to be upset I had no idea what I was doing or why it was a bad idea and you're going to instead congratulate me for trying? Well sign me up for my participation ribbon! The bolded is inaccurate. The TPP wasn't promoting trade with China; it's chief objective was to do the opposite to box China in. But yeah, being able to purchase cheap goods from China whenever I want is good as a consumer. We just have to also have a response for their misbehavior. Trump ain't it.
  5. Danny Bateman

    Huskerboard Fantasy Football 2019

    I'm in the same boat as B.B. I'm fine with any date as long as it's after 6:30 PM or so.
  6. Danny Bateman

    challenge for trump supporters

    Trying in the sense he's applying completely backwards and incorrect ideas about economics and a whole bunch of snake oil and convincing rubes that s*** is ice cream? He slapped a new coat of paint on NAFTA and is trying to convince everyone it's some amazing new thing. What if, instead of some storybook ending at the end of the trade war with China, we both just lose? Both are economies take a hit an average Americans wind up paying more for a lot of crap we need? American manufacturing is currently in a recession. The yield curve has inverted, which historically has been a very strong predictor of an upcoming recession. We never even hit 3% growth, when we were promised 5%. And the juice from the tax cuts is running out. To top it all off, Mexico is not paying for the wall, it'll come out of our tax dollars. And my generation, and my children oh, and my children's children, will wind up paying for his inaction on climate change and his indifference to staggering debt increases for the rest of our lives. Excuse me if I'm not bowing down to kiss the dude's ring.
  7. Danny Bateman

    challenge for trump supporters

    Setting aside some next level excuse making for now... This presumes good faith on the part of Trump and bad faith on the part of past administrations. That's not a presumption we share. Trump's slowly tightening his anchor around our economy because he's convinced rubes he's winning. He's not. Trump's message about helping the working class was a good one. It's too bad the guy in charge of carrying it out is an idiot.
  8. Danny Bateman

    The Republican Utopia

    I've got no problem with their agenda or what their organization does. It's a good thing if they get more pub. I've no doubt you're right on the merits of your arguments. But we both know these orgs don't operate mechanistically strictly according to stats like that. Fact is right-wing nutjobs seem to be increasing going on these shooting sprees looking to spread their hate and terrorize people, with POTUS at best indifferent and at worst egging them on for re-election. Lots of Americans are freaked out and pissed off at our elected officials continuing to baldfaced tell us it's simply not a problem. The rest of the world looks at our fascination with guns and can't figure it out. We're the only first-world, non-wartorn country where it's like this. Hence, these type of bulletins and advisories.
  9. Danny Bateman


    Don't forget strong, brave conservative voices being suppressed and shadowbanned on social media.
  10. Danny Bateman

    The Republican Utopia

    Yeah, everyone knows those partisan hacks over at Amnesty International are just trying to cling to power.
  11. Danny Bateman

    Gun Control

    Especially because they're usually fully decked out in tactical gear and you know they're just itching for some "action"...
  12. Danny Bateman

    Gun Control

    This is exactly why when/if I ever see people like this big brain out open carrying somewhere public I'm noping out of there as fast humanly possible. Does anyone see someone like this holding in public and actually feel safer?
  13. Danny Bateman

    The Republican Utopia

    It's amazing how the same MAGA dips#!ts and bots pushing a narrative pivot so cleanly back to some boogeyman like the Clintons in order to avoid talking about Epstein's association to their guy. Of course, the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is out there retweeting that crap because it helps him, though...
  14. Danny Bateman


  15. Danny Bateman


    We also found out yesterday that a British Royal was involved with Epstein. I take some solace in knowing the FBI, the DOJ and the SDNY are all going to separately probe how this could possibly occur. Does anyone out there actually believe this is a simple suicide? The people whose sick desires Epstein helped facilitate have pockets that are endlessly deep and lot of power. All it akes to whack someone in prison is paying off a guard or two to mysteriously wander away from their post. If something like that did happen I hope we get to the bottom of it. This was too big a domino protecting too many monsters to just accept and move on.