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  1. The Tories will remain in control in the U.K. Labour got crushed tonight. Viva la Brexit.
  2. We were promised "insurance for everybody... much less expensive and much better." Nice work, Trump.
  3. McCain is the one I think of to delineate today's Republicans from the old guard ones. McCain, though I rarely ever agreed with his politics, was a good man. And a national hero who displayed his grace and guts under the bleakest of conditions. That video of him correcting his own supporter at his OWN rally to defend his opponent from an ugly, ignorant, nativist attack - that always symbolized McCain's character for me. Can you imagine ANY Republican doing that today? I can't. I just imagine them egging them on and laughing about their shared vitriol. Heck, the president is now the one launching the ugly, ignorant, nativist attacks.
  4. I don't think it's that odd. IMO Mauga is definitely a better fit and has a higher ceiling that Hodge. It's unfortunate for Hodge if he thought hsi spot was solid but I doubt he pulled the trigger on a public commit without knowing where he stood. Grades were also an issue, right? Luckily he's got a couple new offers since then so it seems like he'll find a good fit somewhere.
  5. On a semi-related note, I saw this tweet from Radio Free Tom yesterday and it got me thinking: I fear that Americans are becoming too apathetic, too tribal and potentially too ignorant to seriously deal with politics. Other facts aside, that is a lot of how we elect someone like Trump president and how some people honestly expected him to do a good job. Americans largely don't seem to have the attention spans or stomachs to seriously grasp policy and big political issues. They want things spoonfed to them in easy to digest soundbites and info that reinforces the pre-existing beliefs. I fear for the future. Seems increasingly likely to me we'll go full idiot and give Trump another 4 years.
  6. Definitely wouldn't be my first choice, but I'd agree. Obviously the VP selection would be important, but it'd be light years better than where we are now.
  7. Trump's personal failings aside, what's more sad is to see how fully the GOP has acquiesced to his conduct. They were way more morally bankrupt and power hungry than anyone could've possibly imagined.
  8. Honestly, the fact we have a president who repeatedly demeans and berates American citizens should be enough on its own to know we need to vote him out. Did Obama ever repeatedly slime fellow Americans? I mean, disagree on politics - yes. Call people/orgs out for such disagreement - yep. But he was always civil. And he never publicly mocked people the way this clown does. He still doesn't understand he's supposed to be president of everyone.
  9. These made me snort. Go Eagles. (Live look at the NFC East)
  10. Trump won't testify, so this seems to indicate they could use his written sworn testimony to Mueller in his trial. Sometime in the last couple weeks I read that Dems are investigating whether he lied to Mueller. If they can prove he lied to Mueller in sworn testimony that would be perjury. Doesn't matter, though. Don't think the particular articles matter. ZRod is right. There's endless reasons Trump SHOULD be impeached. Endless impeachable offenses. But it's not going to work. So just make your best case and rip the band aid off. The Senate is going to acquit so we should just get over with it.
  11. They're right ^^^ Fox and Republicans are utterly content to keep blatantly lying to Americans' faces to keep them misinformed and angry all the time because it's good for their team. They're brainwashing the population with misinformation and it's badly damaging to the country as a whole. Is it fair to say scummy, unscrupulous asshats like these are destroying America?
  12. This is pretty much where I'm at with all this. It's depressing how susceptible to this crap people are.
  13. The rank dishonesty from top Republicans on display on this page of this thread alone should bother people a lot. I get a chuckle out of people who say both sides are equally bad. The GOP struggles to accept a fact-based reality. Give me the other side ten times out of ten. They may not be any great shakes, but facts and honesty should matter.
  14. Louis Gohmert currently yelling at clouds. I think he accused Nadler of accepting bribes back there.
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