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  1. I see he also reminded people he is suing to blow up their healthcare system. He's on a roll today.
  2. I don't agree with Maher all that often, but I found this video on Reddit and it echoes a lot of what I've said previously about the GOP: All they care about is power. And the country is far worse off for letting them continue to have it. And he nails it at the end. The only way to subvert their attempt to disregard the election and try to win in the courts is to crush them at the ballot box.
  3. This problem is more pervasive than fast food, too. I don't think the GOP is wrong to want to make sure businesses get the funds they need, but I think they're incredibly wrong in how they've just shoveled money out and turned a blind eye (or in some cases, facilitated cronyism) in how it is divvied up. This is super problematic because it both screws smaller family farmers and encourages unhealthy farming practices by the giants at the top of the food chain.
  4. GOP torpedoed it. They don't want to spend more money unless it goes to businesses.
  5. If you listen to Trumpers this is always the way it's been done and all politicians do this so what's the big deal?
  6. It's become increasingly clear what the GOP's gameplan is right now. They're pivoting from actually trying to win the election to hoping for another Bush v. Gore and 2000 Florida on steroids to help push them over the finish line. To me the only answer is to turn out enough voters so that the margin can't possibly be questioned nor tinkered with in the courts. A reminder that should any Huskerboardites want to get involved, I'm more than happy to help.
  7. Funny, I got the opposite feeling about Pink Floyd. Would put on a fantastic show, and you would want whatever amount of whatever of your choice in your system to more fully appreciate it.
  8. Interesting is absolutely the word. I love this kind of stuff - thanks! Goes to show that A) Democrats are much more representative of society as a whole and B) while the GOP represents a substantial chunk of the country, they are a decided minority. They get by anyway because of some of the outdated peculiarities of an archaic system. Is it any wonder why they will fight like hell to defend against any reform to that system? It would mean the end of their ability to exert minority rule over the rest of the country.
  9. I really like both but if I'm picking one it's gonna be Queen. I'm sure my dad would say I'm a dumbass and Pink Floyd wins going away.
  10. This is where I'm at. I'm strongly against a radically conservative SCOTUS but the GOP cares about power above all else and do not care about being hypocrites so of course they're going to fill the seat. I've moved onto hoping the Dems can get the new justice to pledge to recuse from 2020 election cases given how clearly Trump wants them there for his benefit and focusing on how heavy a political price we can make the GOP pay for stealing a seat to stack SCOTUS.
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