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  1. Wayne County Republicans being some serious dips#!ts up here tonight
  2. This is all true. I'd still rather have a mandate not getting enforced than no mandate. Strong leadership setting an example is better than some lame drivel about not infringing on personal freedoms. Of course we probably wind up with what we're seeing in MN or Omaha anyway but if a mandate gets even a few more people's heads out of the sand it would still be beneficial.
  3. I just scanned Trump's Twitter. I only made it through the last couple hours. Holy s#!t.
  4. Progressive ideas are no doubt popular. Progressive politicians are all too often easily caricatured and demonized. It's a stupid contradiction.
  5. In large part most people just tuned out the VOTER FRAUD stuff after Trump's sham frauds commission found bupkis and fell apart. They're only touting it again cuz their guy lost.
  6. Yeah me too I'm in favor of doing popular stuff people want, however we can do it. If this stuff gets done through legislation it's bound to be more durable. But it can't happen unless the Turtle capitulates or gets his power taken away. Passing bills that put the ball in his court and doing some stuff via EO can help produce one of those two outcomes. And if they try to do stuff popular stuff people like that would help the economy, and the Turtle blocks it, and voters reward the GOP... well hell, I don't know what to do with America at that point.
  7. Also dammit this is awesome. Man is it ever refreshing.
  8. Getting it started right. This should've been done long ago. Finally we have a leader taking this seriously so we can get back to normal.
  9. I think it's hilarious this is supposed to scare or unsettle us. Big time "threatening us with a good time" energy. I suppose it's Russia or some other adversary working overdrive trying to sow discord. Maybe it works on disappointed on angry Trump supporters, idk. Not sure why the rest of us would care.
  10. I can't imagine giving money to the LP. Maybe RINOs and Never-Trumpers did that. I did enjoy their trolling of Trump. But I never felt compelled to support it with my wallet.
  11. Do NOT watch if you haven't already seen Endgame. Huge spoilers. Here's one for MI that @GSG and @ZRod might enjoy. https://www.facebook.com/mlopetrone/videos/10218457703214921/
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