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  1. at least we are respected again
  2. donnie has actually given china the greenlight to use force against the protesters. he isn't speaking up for them or their democratic demands.
  3. there's a fake in my boots
  4. and people wonder why i am voting the dem line this next election. the rot goes so deep in the republican party that an electoral enema is the only viable option
  5. i have never paid any attention to the NBA so i will continue to ignore whatever it is this thread is about. lol.
  6. good point. apparently in trump world only americans are the enemy
  7. has the us ever lost any military bases to russia before this?
  8. that is a trump parody account...but it will probably be very similar to the tweets tomorrow morning will be
  9. how long did it take the right wing media to condemn that comedian who had trumps severed head video? sorry...i can't recall her name.
  10. it's the thought that counts....but not sure what the thought was here
  11. this isn't an airport. there is no need to announce your departure.
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