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  1. this time the mess is so much more bigly then ever before. many are saying the bigliest mess ever.
  2. tell them to grow the eff up and vote for who closest represents what they want. every election there are lots of people who started out supporting someone who ends up not getting the nomination. you know what they do? they go out and chose their next best option after their first choice falls out. sitting at home and pouting really does them no good.
  3. fwiw....i don't like the idea of any senators being named to cabinet positions.....not at this point. every senate seat the dems hold is 1 step closer to solving the moscow mitch problem.
  4. congrats to trump is trending on twitter. i can't believe some of the bernie fans saying they are sitting out or some even voting for trump...when bernie says he is going to work to defeat trump. maybe a lot of his supporters weren't really there for bernie if they are willing to work against his desire to beat trump?
  5. there are people falling for it. you can see it in this thread.
  6. trump confounds the science. always has and always will.
  7. kk...i read the dude as generic rather than as a name. lol. sorry dude.
  8. FWI....i think if joe did offer bernie a cabinet position i really doubt he would turn his back on him.
  9. will donnie respond to this tweet?
  10. from the article In a statement, DNC Chairman Tom Perez said that states should begin mailing ballots to all registered voters, and to implement “no-excuse absentee voting” which allows voters to drop their ballots off at pre-approved sites.
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