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  1. our 20 year old missiles vs russias most up to date air defenses
  2. since teach is too damn lazy to start this thread i will start it for him. got a penny stock to gamble on? post it here. lost your shirt on a bad stock gamble.....post it here so we can all point and laugh.
  3. i like that sputnik is the source of his story
  4. is that like the girl who was a technical virgin in high school?
  5. i think teach will like the 2nd russian bloggers view
  6. i assume that you know that it's the far right twitter folks claiming that Biden is doing it to buy votes with lower gas prices as per the post i responded to but you felt the need for snark so here we are.
  7. election interference!!! did i do that right Trumpers?
  8. could another bad loss potentially knock them out of further postseason play?
  9. i was busy last night...when i got a chance i turned the game on and it was 15-1. i turned the tv off
  10. MAGA is b!^@hing about LOWER gas prices?
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