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  1. i see a colorado fan is here trying to stir s#!t again.
  2. any word on what is wrong with Reimer?
  3. now THAT is a late dirty hit. i wonder if he will be suspended for that?
  4. i don't expect a win...but it would sure change the mood around nebraska football if it were to happen.
  5. can you imagine what a win today would mean for nebraska?
  6. no lies detected. but i think he underestimated the numbers a little
  7. i expect nebraska to lose by a few scores....but i'm hoping that michigan has 8 turnovers and we win Nebraska 9 Michigan 7 rush 125 pass 90
  8. republicans are going to defund the military
  9. i am hoping our crowd will have a reason to make some excessive noise this weekend.
  10. it's not the first time a court has called him a fraud
  11. i guess we do have a chance....but i wouldn't say it's a good chance. handing that minnesota game away really hurt our chances.
  12. i've been here 13 years.....i joined 2 years after this thread was started.
  13. well....there is a callahan thread on the first page . this thread is much more current than that thread
  14. sounds like Oregon may have taken that Colorado smack talk a little personal.
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