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  1. statements like that make you look stupid. hard to take you serious with statements like that.
  2. kyle rittenhouse not sure if spelled right,.
  3. WTF?  is this the secret to winning in the B1G?



  4. is this the secret of success for northwestern?
  5. keep looking...i am sure you will find your answers mr. bunker
  6. why the heck is cruz or trump and any other republicans calling out that censorship?
  7. pretty much the same here. in 16 i still voted for republicans on the ticket...but not trump. in 18 i voted against republicans on the national ticket but still voted for them locally. this time they have burned every damn bridge there was left and i voted straight dem
  8. donnie does the white house
  9. have you seen the current insane clown posse in the white house?
  10. how long till the next timothy mcveigh emerges from parler?
  11. burntorangenation? is that where texas fans hang out now? what happened to shaggybeavers?
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