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  1. people could go to the LSU board and talk about Bo....they sure are. hint...if you like bo...don't go to the LSU board. you won't enjoy the visit. http://tigerfan.com/threads/miss-st-lsu-2020-official-game-thread.184379/page-63
  2. they haven't tried the jet sweep yet
  3. that makes.....what? 1 republican who has spoken out about it?
  4. if biden wins trump won't accept it. he will call his brown shirts to action
  5. i think this is an old clip....if it's new he has said the same thing before. but...yeah...mushy oatmeal.
  6. i can't wait till biden wears a tan suit to troll the conservatives
  7. they should not resign if given that order. if they resign they will open up a spot for a sycophant to take over
  8. the republicans will make up something to speculate about even if there is nothing to speculate about.
  9. i believe the only people who would think that is bad would be trumpers
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