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  1. that was then....now you have to be brazenly corrupt to get nominated to the republican party.
  2. i wake up in bidens america and don't fear what stupid s#!t he did overnight like i did with the last administration
  3. so you're saying it was the dems who are fiscally conservative? good to know.
  4. they cashed in while in the government scot free.
  5. i wonder how the republican party became a cult? it would rather burn itself than move past trump. the republican party is on it's deathbed because of Donald J. Trump...the self proclaimed God King of the GQP.
  6. Biden should go to Texas and throw them some paper towels. That will win the Texas republicans over and turn Texas Blue.
  7. that's because pueto rico has a non-voting republican representative in the house now. .making puerto rico a state could hurt the dems and help the republicans.
  8. PR has over 3,000,000 people. it would be a viable state. guam is the next biggest with 168,000 population. or roughly 1/3 the population of our least populated state (wyoming) there are 3 other territories that have permanent inhabitants. the rest of our territories are not populated. just small atolls in the pacific. gilligans isle would have a better chance of gaining statehood than they would.
  9. why would we kick DC out of the united states? also...would it change your mind to know that the current (non-voting) congresswoman from puerto rico....is a republican?
  10. hell must have opened their doors to let rush in and some heat escaped to warm us up here in nebraska today.
  11. ex presidents getting the daily briefings is a courtesy. thankfully trump isn't getting those reports from Joe. trump would be selling those as fast as he got them without ever reading them.
  12. they are american citizens are you saying you want to strip millions (not sure how many actually...lol) of americans of their citizenship?
  13. Puerto rico citizens are considered american citizens, every time the united states has had a draft they got drafted the same as guys from Nebraska did. approximately 2/3 of them want to be the 51st state. i think they meet the criteria to be a state. maryland should probably absorb D.C. if california would get split up....why wouldn't texas also get split up? maybe eastern nebraska and western nebraska should be split? geographically michigan at least makes sense to split into 2 states.
  14. investigation? they were witnesses. they were all there.
  15. no matter what trump ever says...his defenders say "he didn't say that". it's a perfect defense. whenever any republican complains about something a dem said that has them angry....i will just counter "that's not what he said" or the old tried and true "that's not what he/she meant". it was the gold standard for trump.....now that the precedent has been set it will go for the dems also unless the republiqans are total hypocrites....oops....they are. moscow mitch proved that by voting to acquit then immediately afterward saying trump was guilty.
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