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  1. let me guess...the daily stormer will take their place?
  2. what if alabama breaks the single game rushing record next year.....
  3. i would let biden testify if trump does.
  4. what could go wrong?
  5. i wonder what will happen to carl now? YSU doesn't want him. maybe bo can find a spot for him at LSU?
  6. that would make all 22 of the ysu fans happy if it's true.
  7. only took 15 minutes for the little attack dogs to start barking.
  8. they should call witnesses, but they won't. the republicans want this over ASAP and witnesses would only prolong the trial. the longer the trial goes the worse the republicans would look. at this point they would rather not call witnesses and have people think they are corrupted rather than have witnesses that would prove the whole party is corrupt.
  9. donald could tell us all the truth and cut through the BS if he would testify. it was not fair that he couldn't testify to congress....he should demand to testify in the senate.
  10. should bo stay or should he go now?
  11. wonder if this will be replayed at this babys wedding someday?




  12. i think trump should go to the senate and answer questions himself. he alone knows the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. he can clear this whole thing up with his vastly superior knowledge of everything. all he needs is a chance to tell america the truth. he wasn't given that chance in the house so he should demand that opportunity in the senate! what could go wrong?
  13. he gives a strong implication that she was. but left just enough wiggle room to deny he said she did.
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