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  1. all the better for trumps carona caravan
  2. i hope they survive the wrath of the trump tweets https://twitter.com/i/events/1279775292345552898
  3. never to old to learn. unfortunately i might be to old to remember this spelling lesson.
  4. i blame moscow mitch and the complicate republicans more then i blame the dems for botching the impeachment; there was simply nothing the dems could have presented that would have forced them to impeach the chosen one
  5. Did you notice that every day there's a new devastating ad showing how horrible Trump is, and almost all of them are just clips of him talking?
  6. if irony wasn't already dead.....this most certainly would have finished it off
  7. you don't have to be on twitter to see it. just look it up online https://twitter.com/ProjectLincoln
  8. they need a red hat to go along with the red shirt
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