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  1. i believe trump was named man of the year a couple years ago. if i recall correctly they said "for better or worse he had the most influence on events" that year. my quote probably isn't totally accurate but i believe it was something close to that.
  2. after reading this i think i have found the perfect christmas gift for donnie
  3. if that is what he wants....what is he waiting for?
  4. while everyone is watching the impeachment hearings.....trumps russian handler (Lavrov) is meeting with trump again today.
  5. trump getting dumped. at least the world isn't laughing at us anymore.
  6. not sure if i should laugh or cry because it's the truth
  7. at least for solar energy.....it seems to be working already in those 3 plants.
  8. your link lists some ways that the power is being stored and ready for demand....such as this part of your link. it seems that chile, dubai, and australia are not saying it can't be done. they are ahead of the U.S. and getting it done now. Until recently, concentrating solar power was expensive, but in 2017, the price dropped precipitously, as new plants under construction in Dubai, Australia, and Chile each set new records for the cheapest electricity price in the world. The Chilean plant is being constructed in the relentlessly sunny Atacama Desert, where it will soon bring 24/7 solar energy to Chile’s mining industry.
  9. sounds like trumps BS is clogging his toilet if he needs to flush 10-15 times.
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