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  1. he needs to be hounded by reporters for that whopper
  2. and wasn't a crisis actor dressed up as a jan 6th guy at CPAC and marge went in and gave him a conjugal visit while the crowd recited the lords prayer over the antifa guys plight?....i guess that means CPAC and Antifa must be on the same team
  3. so when trump told them to disperse and that he loved them and they should be proud of themselves...he was talking to antifa. got it.
  4. i am old enough to remember when the republicans complained about "crisis actors"
  5. the dems want to help the vets so she can't vote to help the vets
  6. when i was younger the FBI had most wanted posters hanging in the post office. so i think the more appropriate place would be in post offices
  7. the VFW is being more than fair to the republicans to say its 25 senators instead of 25 republicans who changed their votes.
  8. apparently they didn't look into the fake electors scam.
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