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  1. is this the landscaping sub forum of huskerboard?
  2. and the younger people can't spread the covid?
  3. isn't the purpose of a mandate to help slow the spread of the disease and to help protect those who can't get the shot?
  4. i think that it is very civic minded to get the vax just to help slow the spread and help protect those who can't or won't get the shot.
  5. so trump can lose again for what.....the 75th time?
  6. HOL Take: Like the defensive line, Nebraska's linebackers graded out well against the run. Nick Henrich, Garrett Nelson, and Luke Reimer combined for 13 STOP tackles, six coming from Reimer. Nelson was NU's most effective pass rusher with a team-high five pressures (four QB hurries, one sack). Pass coverage was a different story, though, as the linebackers were targeted four times and allowed five reception that is a bad grade if you allow 5 catches on 4 attempts
  7. got to admit....the boards automatic censor of bad language has saved me from getting banned after yesterdays game.    i know many of my posts have those symbols instead of the words i used in them. 

  8. the kids are adult enough to wear the masks but the parents aren't
  9. but if our special teams were as good as our offense.......i dare say we have another win or 2 right now. and i am not saying our offense is great. they are just much better than the special teams have been. i would give our defense a grade of A....offense......perhaps a C.....special teams? F
  10. i am so confused. was jan 6 true patriots? antifa super soldiers? a mob of FBI agents? i know trump called them patriots and the far right says that whats her name is a martyr to the cause but we keep hearing conspiracies about it not being what trump and the far right have claimed it was.
  11. you dont want to see what new and incredibly stupid mistakes we make to lose the game next week?
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