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  1. ah.....you accused someone of following left wing propaganda. so you attacked someone first then played the victim card when you got the same back.
  2. you responded to something i said 5 days ago. i don't even recall what i was responding to then.....i guess it took you 5 days to come up with that response so not worth rehashing if that was the best you could do with 5 days of thought on it.
  3. do you think the arizona fraudit is actually non partisan? do you think that montana company they sent the voter info to is legit? do you deny that the far right has way to much influence on the current republican party. do you think jan 6th was not led by trump and his sycophants?
  4. the fun part is that it's not just the fringe far right doing this...it is the republican party of arizona in charge of this. it goes to show how the far right is now controlling big parts of the republican party...the part the rest of the republican party refuses to recognize as taking control of the party as a whole. they kissed the ring of dear leader when he was openly begging the far right to keep him in power. they are not going to step up to the plate and fight against the band of crazies trump has brought together.now
  5. it's only gov of arkansas.....but this should be a mismatch of historic proportions unless the D by his name disqualifies him
  6. i think the vaccine is suppose to be 99% effective at preventing hospitalization. you can still get mild covid.
  7. i guess this means the chinese attacked us for a year before trump figured it all out.
  8. the republican party closed it's eyes on January 6th
  9. i forgot the other claim....that they were tourists. lol
  10. wait wait wait...i was told it was antifa
  11. i best fit the moderate conservative label.....or the RINO's as the current majority of republicans call us. i hope trumpism dies an ugly death and somehow a more sane version of the repuplican party wins the day. but that is looking more and more like it won't happen. until the bat s#!t crazy wing of the republican party is relegated to the fringe again i will not be unashamed to vote for democrats.
  12. i even saw some mention of hillary somewhere on this board this morning...brought up by someone who is a far right wing defender of trump and trumpism.
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