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  1. where does rand paul see it saying that liberals get the antibodies but not conservatives?
  2. identify as you like......i will judge as i see fit.
  3. men identifying as women, women identifying as men, teach identifying as a t-ball hero, and trump identifying as still president. starting to think those of us who are still sane are in the minority.
  4. honestly..she is bigger than that. she is an embarrassment to the united states.
  5. interesting that you think those were actually sanctions being proposed.
  6. so all the republicans wanted to do was shut down a pipeline...that currently isn't operating. did putin tell cruz what sanctions he wanted placed on russia? that wasn't even a slap on the wrist.
  7. can you provide a list of the proposed sanctions that got filibustered?
  8. help! C R U S T what would the next guess be? i move the T to the front and know the last letter can't be a T. the only word i can think of is trust
  9. a complete disaster according to many on the right
  10. asking how the republicans are going to stop it doesn't belong here? ok then.
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