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  1. I could be fine with the EC if they adjusted the amount of votes each state gets to accurately reflect the populations. This way close recounts would only have to be done state-by-state instead of a national recount. But I'd rather just see a popular vote. Social media and the internet make campaigns national anyway. The buffer the EC was supposed to create was ignored in 2016, so I say screw it!
  2. That sounds like pretty irresponsible government. I'm still holding out hope for some massive infrastructure bill that will build railways, bridges, power grids, etc. And include free trade school for jobs that are needed to complete the list of rebuilds (or enhance HS curriculum). That funding should have some strings attached to it.
  3. I would agree that they currently appear to have zero purpose. But I think having some coordination and direction from a national level is a good thing. Federal funding for things like special education and career education are also pretty valuable.
  4. There’s no way someone didn’t tell him between leaving the stage and meeting reporters. Who was the college coach that told his QB to not say something stupid after winning a championship game? That’s the QB this reminds me of.
  5. It's very sad that this "impresses" me. I really expected him to hear the news while he was on stage and make some total a$$h@!e comment like "looks like my lucky day!" or something... Good for him for having a bit of sense.
  6. As an Industrial Technology teacher, I 100%, wholeheartedly with everything you folks have mentioned. The kids I worked with when I taught HS were great in my classroom/lab. They were rough around the edges, but didn't cause much trouble. And they always got their stuff done. Our dept head has a great saying, "we work with a lot of ornery pups that are gonna make great dogs." These kids would thrive in an environment that let them focus on what they enjoy.
  7. This is why I'm not counting on the Huskers actually playing... edit: I really wasn't trying to be funny. Lancaster County's current positive testing rate is 11.9% according to this site. There is rumblings that the B1G won't play in areas greater than 7%. Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but under these numbers the Huskers currently wouldn't be allowed to practice, let alone play. Oh well, it is what it is.
  8. I agree 100%. But there is a big difference between supporting something Trump has done like reducing soldiers in foreign conflicts, and saying "science can't be trusted" because a publisher backs a candidate for the first time in its history. The crazy statements are what we are talking about.
  9. She called people who ignore the point of the Scientific American was making and twist into a reason to not trust science like @Notre Dame Joe did as extremes. Those people are lost and might as well not be involved in a discussion. My brother is an angry person that hates all "dems" but laughed at the idea of Trump 5 years ago. He was disgusted by him! 3 years later he believes Trump is the only thing standing in the way of a "communist takeover" and berates his family. Moiraine is still just as level headed as you thought she was.
  10. I second this opinion. If the past 4 years hadn't happened, and this was an election between an incumbent Clinton and John Kasich, I'd most likely be voting R.
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