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  1. Well, i think this just shows that a lot of fans take the whole “blackshirt” topic way too seriously. Its just a fun gimmick.
  2. And now it's not. "Regulating" is a whole different animal than "prohibiting". In the age of social media, people are getting paid for doing nothing more than being famous (no matter the reason). It's not fair to deny that right to a person just because they play a collegiate sport.
  3. How would you expect the NCAA to regulate private markets. The universities aren't paying these players. There is no way the NCAA can tell private individuals and businesses who they can and can't give money to. Nor should they. About the only thing they could "regulate" is to make sure the kids are at least doing something for the money and it's not just a "gift". If the HVAC company wants to pay DeColdest Crawford whatever they did for him to appear in a commercial, that is not the NCAA's business. The only people that can regulate this is the people spending the money. Eventually they are going to realize that spending a million bucks on a kid is pointless because the kid is just going to transfer again in a year for a million bucks and an extra penny. edit: as long as there is rich people in the world, there will be ridiculous spending that us common folk will just have to roll our eyes at.
  4. The NFL seems to do okay. I think most fans support the University’s team regardless of who’s on it.
  5. This. I’ve never heard him get upset at not being called Coach “Prime”. I’m okay with him not wanting to be looked at as a sideshow.
  6. So you don’t agree? Hmm, maybe you did understand what I was saying and just chose to make another meaningless post. Happy Saturday!
  7. My bad. Then by all means, it should have been under government control.
  8. If you’re willing to type 5 letters, why not just vote for “Rhule”? Only have to hit the shift key once!
  9. Again, who cares? Twitter is/was a private company.
  10. Thinking about signing up for Instagram tonight after my wife leaves for work...
  11. This happened just last week: I always get them, plus the extra for $1.00 or whatever it is. We were driving home from a Thanksgiving visit to my parents and got back into town and realized it was too late to make dinner at home so we were going to grab some Chinese. I have one kid that refuses to eat Chinese but there is a McD's next door to the Panda Express near home. I realized I hadn't had a McRib yet this year and the deal was coming to an end, so I opted to have the McRib instead of Panda Express. One bite into dinner, I remembered I'd prefer the Chinese... But I'm already salivating at eating more McRibs next year!
  12. I agree with Jim. It's Elon's company. If he wants to turn it into a s#!t hole and suffer whatever happens, more power to him... And if it turns into a cesspool of threats of violence and conspiracies and Apple and Google decide to not put it on their platforms, that's also their decision. Discrimination based on idiocy is sadly not outlawed by the Constitution.
  13. I think Sasse was one. But I'm not even sure if he is actually still an acting member. His name wasn't on the people who voted against either.
  14. I read it as he wants to know if Mickey is sticking around.
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