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  1. “Leafy” Is this a Freudian slip that one “side” cares about the environment when the other doesn’t?
  2. So “right leaning” media doesn’t count as “media”? Good to know I guess…
  3. I could see that. But I think Frost at least finishes the season.
  4. No disagreement there. But Chinander isn’t going to be the next Husker coach.
  5. What if Trev chooses to stick with Frost for another year? Frost wants to win, his ego craves it. Chinander is one of his best friends. Frost isnt ignoring good advice from Chinander. disclaimer: Chinander and the D are playing good football!
  6. Next thing you know, they’ll be telling us there’s also informants inside the mob…
  7. If Chinander is in daily meetings with Frost and not currently giving advice to make the team better, it won’t start happening by just giving him the title of “head coach”.
  8. I’m passed hiring a special teams coordinator. Nebraska needs to hire a “kicking coach”. Coaches can work together to form logistics and strategy, but the kickers and punters HAVE TO be able to execute! Shades is Adi Kunalic and the 09 championship game. Routine kicks matter.
  9. Frost said after the game that the punter kicked to the wrong sideline. Huskers knew there was two returners, he kicked it to the wrong one.
  10. Ummm…Hunter’s laptop and drug problem were discussed almost nightly on the top cable shows.
  11. Nelson with the “leg ride” tackle in 2nd down! Wrestling helps!!!!
  12. No. I actually find it somewhat comforting that there are channels that allow military superpowers to have rational discussions that could avoid a conflict “possibly” being started by a single lunatic.
  13. Flouting the rules and expectations to do what is in the best interest of humanity even though it might cost you a job and possibly freedom is by definition “courageous”.
  14. That's what makes social media so dumb...
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