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  1. Only 2 minutes in and I'm loving the professional guy in the suit doing the debate from his bedroom with zebra print blankets and Christmas lights around his American flag!
  2. Agree. If our choice were Trump or Mitch McConnell, I would make a point and be excited to go to the polls and vote for McConnell.
  3. I look at it this way. If Biden beats Trump in 2020, the GOP might look at it and say "yeah, Trump was pretty bad" Biden (or Biden's VP) beats a Trump"like" candidate in 2024, GOP has to say "hmmm, maybe America isn't taking this anymore" Biden"like' candidate wins in 2028, GOP says "we really need to take a look at our platform. etc. The pragmatic approach is to make sure we elect "dems" so that the GOP has to come back to the ranch. The further the right goes, the less likely a candidate like Sanders would win, let alone be successful in implementing policy.
  4. Where did Jared say that in the clip? Like I said, all I saw was the clip. I didn't assume anything about New York. edit: my comment was using New York as an example. I have no idea if NY State has a surplus or not; Nebraska either. That way my implication, not his...
  5. I don't think that I'm assuming "too much" when I believe that many states have some sort of stockpile of medicines and supplies. "Many states have their own stockpiles that can be used with permission from the FDA and CDC, although HHS doesn't track those supplies. Once state resources run out, they can request federal stockpile access. " https://www.healthcaredive.com/news/amid-mounting-shortage-5-facts-about-the-nations-stockpile-of-emergency-m/574602/
  6. If we take Jared at his word: yes I didn't watch the presser, just the clip @Danny Bateman posted. But in that clip, Kushner said they want to make sure cities use the state surplus before the feds send theirs. Maybe there was more to it
  7. Or use it to vent! I'd understand...
  8. I can't believe I'm going to do this.... I can see his point. If New York State has a surplus, that should be used in New York City before feds send theirs. That way the Fed surplus can be used to help as many places that need it. I'd imagine it is easier for Nebraska to request federal assistance when needed than try to find states with surpluses that are willing to share. ...now i need to go take a hot shower...
  9. To any parents out there: what do you guys think about the remote learning your district is having your kids do?  Positives, negatives?


    The feedback I hear is normally good because people realize it isn't my call.  I'm just doing what the district says.


    But my wife is part "West Omaha Moms" FB group and she says the overall perception is "not good".  Many parents in the group seem to be frustrated with the time requirements...

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    2. teachercd


      Parents are pissed and has less to do with the amount of work the kids are getting and more to do with the fact that their lives (the parents) are turned upside down by all this.


      No parent minds helping their 10 year old with fractions for 20 minutes after dinner...


      Every parent HATES helping their 10 year with fractions for 20 minutes after dinner when they have been with them ALL DAY LONG.

    3. funhusker


      All good points guys.  I'm going to do like I do everyday in school, use my best judgement.  If people wanna b!^@h (admin or parent): come at me!

    4. krc1995


      How would you feel if your school district did nothing- like mine? I’m furious as a tax payer. And it’s not the teachers fault- it’s the districts. 

      Praise to all the teachers who are finding a way to do their thing. you all are some creative and resilient mammals! 

  10. Agree 100%. I actually just read his letter. There wasn't anything "panicky" about it. It was based on research and the closest example he had in the "Diamond Princess". I think it is an overreaction by people higher up the chain. I was just genuinely curious what they used for rationale. I can understand it, but do not agree with it. At all. If you haven't read his letter, it's in this article.: https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/Exclusive-Captain-of-aircraft-carrier-with-15167883.php
  11. In our eyes, yes. But the military is weird...
  12. @knapplc @BigRedBuster I mean I knew who he is, just wasn't sure why a letter like that would get him fired. It's definitely a "bad look" (VERY bad in my civilian opinion). But this article seems to explain it pretty well. https://www.defenseone.com/threats/2020/04/aircraft-carrier-captain-fired-poor-judgement-over-coronavirus-letter/164336/?oref=d-river Long story short, he got frustrated and desperate and sent out a public letter to people not involved in the daily workings of his ship. I'm not sure what normal protocols are, but I'm assuming he didn't follow them. The Navy apparently was working to resolve the situation by bringing infected sailors to shore.
  13. I've never served in the military, so I'm probably missing something. But his sailors obviously had great respect. What did Capt. Crozier do that got him this? Did he step outside chain of command, or what?
  14. I love that story, I use it a lot. I also like the saying "be the answer to someones prayer." It means that prayers only work if "people" make them work. "Thoughts and prayers" are only good if we allow people to get involved. And what religion you follow doesn't matter.
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