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  1. funhusker

    Huskers in 2019....

    My uncle has a great Gale Sayers story. My uncle is 75 (about the same age as Sayers) and has drank and smoked his entire adult life, probably a chunk of his childhood too. He sits at the end of the bar with Canadian Rye in hand and his belly pouring out over his belt. He will catch the attention of anyone willing to listen.... "Gale Sayers?! Yeah, I know Gale. I raced him at a track meet in high school...Had the lead on him too with about half way through!!! " My uncle was a thrower, he was a big dude. They didn't have anyone to race in the 440, and my uncle was the only person available. Sayers stared in lane 1 and my uncle in lane 8; my uncle brags about being in the lead for a chunk of the race only to hear "woosh, woosh, woosh, ZOOOOM" as Sayers blew by him before they were entering the 2nd turn. If you've watched a track meet, you'll know that lane 8 starts quite a bit ahead of lane 1
  2. funhusker

    Trump's Fake Wall Emergency

    It's research! He's going to spend his day in the bunkers to see what immigrants endure crossing the deserts of Arizona! Ha! Just noticed the artwork behind the omelette bar......How does not everyone see this man for the douche he is????
  3. funhusker

    The Angry Violent Right

    I hope they catch the guys that did it. But I also could care less if it is a hoax. Either there is two racist a-holes wandering around Chicago that should be brought to justice (which is sad) or a person felt the need to stage an attack to make it look like some Trump supporters are racist (also sad). Actually, I hope it's staged: that means there is one confirmed idiot instead of two.
  4. funhusker

    Trump's Fake Wall Emergency

    This is where I strongly agree with a wall. NPR did a series a while back about the humanitarian need for a wall and if Trump would have been believable for wanting it for these reasons and effectively communicating them, I think he would have gotten his money. The articles discussed how the "lack of walls" in certain hard to cross areas is strategic. The hope of border agents is that people will be so desperate for help after crossing these areas they will seek out help and turn themselves in. Because there is no wall, it HELPS our border patrol; by putting families with elderly people and babies into possibly fatal situations.
  5. funhusker

    Trump's Fake Wall Emergency

    That's what I've read. That is what Bush Sr, and Busy Jr did during the Persian Gulf and immediately after 9/11. Those would be the closest scenarios to what Trump is claiming and doing. The other declarations have been about freezing business dealings with terrorist and drug dealer groups...
  6. funhusker

    Trump's Fake Wall Emergency

    Is this real? Holy s#!t, he's dumb!
  7. funhusker

    Colin Kaepernick: dbag or not?

    I'll never understand why businesses make political "hot takes" like this. For one side or the other.
  8. funhusker

    The Democrat Utopia

    We all pay the same amount on the first step, then the second, then the third, and so on. You pay just as much taxes on your first $10,000 as the person that only makes $10000 the entire year.
  9. funhusker

    The Republican Utopia

    My comment was in general. It actually came up quite a bit last night in different conversations I had. People thought it would be a great idea to spend assets seized in drug busts to pay for "the wall", that way we wouldn't have to spend tax dollars. El Chapo money or not, I'm all for beefing up security at borders with effective means.
  10. funhusker

    The Republican Utopia

    But why is one source of revenue okay to use and not another? If a person is okay spending tax dollars (federal revenue) to fund "the wall" then it is completely reasonable to be okay with spending seized assets (federal revenue) to pay for it. If a person is against spending tax dollars (federal revenue) then I don't see why it is logical to think it is okay so spend seized assets.
  11. funhusker

    The Republican Utopia

    If someone believes a wall is a waste of money and funds would be better spent elsewhere, wouldn't spending Chapo's money still be a waste and more responsibly spent elsewhere?
  12. funhusker

    Trump and the Press

    Why the eyerolls here? The president lied about crime statistics. The city should be very vocal about the inaccuracies. The last thing city government would want is a perception that their city is unsafe. It might affect potential businesses and/or residents from moving there. It might affect whatever tourism they have. The city, under no circumstances, should let the President lie about them. The same way the President stands up for himself when people "supposedly" lie about him.
  13. funhusker

    The Way to Early 2020 Presidential Election

    Is that what the "fried chicken thing" is about? Eating with a fork? This guy says hi!
  14. funhusker


    I also had coping mechanisms that sometimes led to vomitting
  15. funhusker


    Been there and done that. I'll carry that year with me forever so I can remind myself on "bad days" what it is like in other schools.