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  1. Next thing you know, they'll be president...
  2. I would take it as, "we need to stop focusing on who knows how much of the playbook, and start focusing on who can tackle, block, catch, and run". Reset the depth chart, baby!
  3. i havent been following. What is going on?
  4. Huskerboard: in case you are looking for a place to buy Ohio State gear...



    1. jaws


      Is that a problem? Maybe Huskerboard is trying to tell you something. It is ok to turn to the dark side. 

  5. Here's the thing. There are no "demons" to exercise.
  6. Piper is a great kid. But if we are hoping on him to be a big improvement to the line, we will probably be disappointed...
  7. Sounds like every “transaction” should be approved by Congress then. Since that is what the Constitution says, and all...
  8. My gif was a reaction to your comment about healthcare. I understand HRC wasn’t for M4A, but she would have at least tried to keep the ACA as a status quo. Trump has done everything possible to gut the ACA and make it worse than it already was. Not to mention begging for legislation that would give more authority to private insurers and providers. John McCain with his “thumb down” ring a bell? Im not LOLing at your M4A belief. Just that you thought Trump got us closer to healthcare availability for all individuals than Clinton would have.
  9. You can join me and @commando for a beer(s).
  10. True. And Trump definitely made progress there :sarcasm
  11. This was kind of my point, and what confuses me. Four years of “anal warts” is better than 8 years of nothing special?
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