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  1. deal. Hey everyone! You're welcome!
  2. Like i said, it makes me no difference.
  3. It just seems fishy. Your posts have a familiar sound. That, and the fact you joined over a year ago and didn't even post once a day to all of a sudden doubling your account posts in a matter of a week once you gained access to the P&R forum. Just seems like either you are a fresh retiree finding a lot of extra time on your hands or you might be familiar with other posters who found themselves constantly participating in these threads with the same tone until they finally either were booted or disappeared. Funny that the most recent account disappeared the exact
  4. I have many healthcare workers in my life. Not one of them gives two s#!ts about the color of anyone's light bulbs.
  5. Twitter has caused many people to forget what real life and conversation is like. Did Aaron Rupar really think the joke was so funny that he had to tweet it out? Or did he really not catch the "joke" and is accusing Biden of losing his mind? This s#!t was so annoying with Trump too. There are real things to discuss/complain about. Why do people make "issues" out of thin air?
  6. Agree 100% Scott Frost is not Tom Osborne, and that's not a knock on SF or even a bad thing at all. Frost has been around some incredible coaches who have their own identities and philosophies. To my untrained eye it looks like Frost may be taking some ideas from here and others there. That could somewhat explain the Frankenstein looking team on the field at NU (individual parts seem like they should work well, but as a whole it is ugly). I could see why it would be important for SF to use what he has learned from the greats in his past, but he needs to fi
  7. Do you know what questioning she's referring to? The exchange was comical. But not because of why she thinks...
  8. I believe you said “it was interesting how Obama won his first campaign primary.” What did you find interesting and how does it relate to this thread topic?
  9. Go figure, Obama is smarter than Trump. Is that what you’re trying to say? One man used his clear understanding of shady legal tactics and it was effective enough to win. The other used a crazy ole kook with his hair melting off his head in a landscape supply parking lot to lose...again...
  10. Ben Sasse released a statement condemning Trump post election. We all know were Mitt Romney stands. Murkowski said some things like "hopefully he'll learn" in public, I wouldn't be surprised if her comments in private were a little more charismatic. I wouldn't rush to assume Bernstein is lying or making up sources. It's makes more sense to not trust the people who only 5 short years ago were calling Trump the worst candidate ever and thinking of new ways to convey that to the public on the daily, but now think he's the best President ever...
  11. Sounds like Luke's going to get the start again...
  12. You can say it as much as you'd like. But it ain't gonna happen
  13. I would say it's more a matter of refuting your point than defending Hogan. @RedDenver is just calling out bulls#!t.
  14. Troy Walters was at UCF with Frost. He was fired/quit after last season. Lubick was at Washington a few years ago. I'm not sure what the connection is outside of Pac12 days... edit: Lubick was on the the Oregon staff when Frost was the OC. Lubick took the Oregon OC job when SF went to UCF. He went to Washington after that.
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