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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been called a name and thought to myself, “they called me a $&?!&, they must be ‘this’ much mad at me...”
  2. Curious how many pm's you've got since posting this....
  3. As a Husker/Cowboy fan, I was always torn with him. I liked him from 50+, but anything under that was a crapshoot.
  4. This is me too. Except I'd have rather had the chance to vote for Kasich over Clinton. But was more than happy to vote for Clinton over Trump.
  5. All we know is that the group appears to be a remnant of the Empire, right? Being that the people who supposedly tried to kill "baby Yoda" were with soldiers wearing Storm Trooper gear. I'm with you guys, it would be nice to know who the bad guys are since we are almost halfway through season 1.
  6. Ha! That firemens’ pole is a nice feature!!!
  7. I blame the rules that allow for bad actors. And I also blame the electorate who blindly follow those bad actors. It’s why I’d support a candidate wanting to get money out of politics, or pass a ranked-voting measure, or make it easier for Independents to run for office. I would love to see laws against misinformation in the media. Until then, dems da breaks!
  8. Yes, I generally put the legal results of a legal election on the voters who voted for that person. I might be wrong, but the DNC did nothing illegal right? But definitely immoral. I also wish Presidential candidates wouldn't resort to lies and insults to "dupe" voters, but it happened. And we have to own that outcome until we have really finally had enough to elect people to change the system. But we'll most likely go round-and-round because parties and politicians will continue to "dupe" people. It sucks, but the future of our nation depends on voters being able to do research and see through a ton of bull crap sometimes. Unfortunately many people struggle.
  9. So let's don't then I apparently missed a good chunk of discussion (Thanks 15 posts per page....) and incorrectly made some assumptions. I apologize
  10. LIke I said earlier, I was probably making incorrect assumptions.
  11. Let me try to answer this a better way to hopefully clear up our disconnect. My first post was in response to Landlord saying the "establishment absolutely 'picked' the nominee". I assumed this was a jab at "super delegates" and why I posted the article. My issue was with his language. The DNC absolutely "supported" one candidate, but the voters "picked" the nominee. This snowballed a lot bigger than it ever should have...
  12. Like you, I'm okay with the DNC or GOP running their parties however they wish. And also like you, I'd assume, I'm against a foreign nation spreading disinformation and illegally hacking servers. Now, if you would please answer the question I asked many posts ago: did the person with the most votes win the 2016 democratic primary?
  13. It does no such thing. My conclusion is that even though people are effected by campaigns, they are responsible for their vote. And the majority (aka the establishment) voted for Hillary. And please don't try to equate an American political party to a foreign nation. You're better than that.
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