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  1. I’m with you. I get that renting can be the better option for many. But if a person is lucky enough to be happy in a stable job that most likely won’t require being relocated, I would call that person financially irresponsible for not owning a home if they are able. There is a reason these companies want to own them.
  2. This! One of the several reasons I stopped attending. Our church was modest compared to most. We partnered with the community food pantry and did a lot of good things. Then we started “investing” in our congregation by hiring a “music director”, audio visual equipment etc. I had no problem giving offering when it went to keeping the doors open for the pantry. But if you tell me I need to tithe to help the church stay open standing in front of a big screen to background music played by a hired pianist, excuse me while I roll my eyes…
  3. The prodigal son story is viewed in a lot of different perspectives around the world. Our church had a pastor from Tanzania visit and discuss this passage. Finding fault with the son who left is a western thing. The pastor talked more about how the people in the foreign land mistreated and exploited the son when he was down. Even if it was his fault he was in the situation. The son was willing to work for his survival, but the person he worked for wouldn’t even give him food. The sons only option was to return home. He begged for forgiveness just to have the opportunity to be
  4. Queue the defense of “I know I fall short of Jesus’ teachings, all humans do. But it’s through his grace that we can live our lives how we want and go to Heaven as long as we pray in front of lots of people…”
  5. Unless they actually arrested him for assault, I wouldn’t really spend too much time praising them.
  6. Why do you need to know any more about my opinions than I already posted?
  7. Neither have a lot of HB posters. Again, why do you need to know my opinion and if I agree with you? I didn’t realize you had such respect for me. I’m flattered!
  8. That’s kind of what it said. But not really.
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