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  1. Really? Disney talks about how Twitter needs to do something about hate speech, and certain Twitter posters cancel Disney accounts to retaliate. One could assume that only people who partake in hate speech would be upset with Disney.
  2. It was just a joke... I'm still a "Boliever"!
  3. There is real issues of stealing for the NCAA and conferences to deal with, like assistants stealing signals…
  4. See!!!! Pelini knew what he was doing. Win the games you were gonna win, and just make sure the losses were ugly enough to keep fans happy!!….oh wait…
  5. Is he announcing that he's taking the A&M job???? !!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  6. I was looking at next years schedule, and I do think OSU is a "for sure L", I'm not too worked up about the rest. Assuming Rhule and his team advance on schedule: Colorado in Lincoln should be a fun game! The other two non-conference games should be wins Illinois, Purdue, Rutgers, and Indiana should be a stretch of winnable games. UCLA in Lincoln during early November isn't a real intimidating game. USC will have a new QB so who knows...even with the Heismann winner they were beatable (most likely an "L" though) And then it's Wisconsin and Iowa again. So again, only one "sure" loss with a hand full of very competitive games. I'm pumped for next year; I just hope I'm still excited a year from now!
  7. This years one score games were played by a young defense. A rotating door of QBs that struggled as the offense was never allowed to evolve around what worked but instead had to re-create the wheel to best match the QB that wasn't injured. A stable of young RBs and converted WR's. A line that was facing injuries. And a staff that was in year one that has historically shown that years 2 and 3 are much better than the first. Ask me again in a year, and I might have a different opinion.
  8. I agree with Mav and Rhule. Some new players can of course help in some areas but I think the best teams rely on young talent coming in and growing together with sprinkles of new talent here and there. Even a stud QB transfer is likely to have struggles until he develops some timing with WR's and understanding of what coaches are trying to do. The Husker defense may be downright scary in 3-4 years as the current guys gain experience together. Rebuilding rosters through transfers brings in a lot of variables; more than likely way too many. Colorado tried it this year, and it failed.
  9. Do you prefer NFL? The football is usually much better than any college teams.
  10. Brain fart!!! kinda forgot championship games are next week…
  11. I thought I saw somewhere that Army and Navy need to have 6 wins by today. Isn’t bowl selection tomorrow?
  12. Only four teams are playing for the NC. The rest are just playing one more game for the players and fans. if the Huskers were 0-12 and invited to play in a bowl, I think most of us would still watch. So yes, if they get invited they should go.
  13. RBs did improve in turnovers. Actually Purdy was better too. Penalties were much better this years than in previous. But young/inexperienced players do tend to make more mistakes.
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