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  1. I think you understand it fine. Non-binary means just what you said. It is hard in our culture for non-binary people to find a space because like you said, there really isn't room for it in our culture. Non-binary folks know they are not female the same way you do. They also know that they are not male the same way your wife does. These people aren't new phenomenon, they have been around for centuries in many cultures. Those cultures usually had names for them though so it didn't seem so "weird" to people.
  2. The Romans were pretty good at this. I mean it's why Christianity is what it is today, right?
  3. Transgendered and homosexuals must be the dumbest people on the planet for "picking" a life of full of ridicule, resentment, and being relegated to second class in a lot of social arenas. As soon as a person realizes that these people aren't picking their gender identity or sexual orientation but realizing the way of life that makes them feel like they aren't living a lie it's easier to not be such douche bags about it.
  4. Do these people not have anyone in their lives that will just stand up, look them in the eyes and just slap the s#!t out of them?!?! WTF!!!
  5. But as a QB coach. But after looking at his Wiki page it does say he served as interim OC for the last 5 games. He then went to Cincinnati for one year. Then back to the NFL for the Rams for one years as a WR/QB coach. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zac_Taylor
  6. Zac Taylor was OC for all of one season at U of Cincinnati before landing the Bengals job, correct?
  7. If I'm not getting paid to be around people, I rarely have the desire to be. Maybe it's the people I spend my time with that wears me out though. I teach middle school....
  8. I don't know. I know I don't, and I also realize I'm way more liberal than a lot of NE voters. But I also am aware that Nebraska isn't going to have a "liberal" governor anytime soon and I wish these candidates wouldn't try so hard to be a cartoon "Republican" because I'd be happy to support a GOP candidate that didn't come off like a pandering putz.
  9. I grew up in small town Nebraska and have lived in West Omaha for the past 15 years. I feel my Omaha communities that I've lived in are more accepting of new people moving in than my small town ever was. I also lived in Lincoln for 5 years after graduating from UNK. Lincoln always felt "stuffy" to me.
  10. Gotcha. I really don’t know anything about it. Just read the CDC overview of what Title 42 even is. But it did bring up a question. Why would the Biden admin continue to implement Trump era Title 42 requirements against the advice of medical experts only to “sneak” people in? It doesn’t make sense. Unless these folks qualified for the rare exemptions or they were actually being flown home instead of “around the US”. It is curious though. I learned a new thing today, thanks @Archy1221!
  11. Yes. The school graded morning semester yesterday after tomorrow.
  12. What law? I’m not trying to be obtuse here, I’m actually curious what law is being broken. Its my understanding that immigrants have been flown/bussed around the country for at least the last decade after being “processed”. Even Trump talked about sending people from the border to Minneapolis. This isn’t new. Id think by now someone would have gotten it stopped if laws were being broken. But I’m not an immigration lawyer…
  13. I'm sure there are "gaps". For example, in NE one of my objectives is for students to be able to read a ruler to 1/16 of an inch. Some teachers in the state may just ask students to complete a worksheet where they measure the length of a line on a piece of paper. And some of us will ask a student to cut a board to a certain length using a band saw. Our district does the same assessment, called DCA's: District Common Assessments. We are both meeting the same objective, but one of us is definitely more in depth and engaging. In History, an example of an objective might be to relate past events to current events. I'm sure it's up to the teacher to choose what past event the kids are trying to relate to.
  14. Why get the booster? Because when/if I get Omicron it most likely won't be any more debilitating than a head cold. That's why. Why get the booster? FFS Bill...
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