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  1. My dad has a great quote: Most people who think they are hot s#!t, are usually just warmed up turds…
  2. If Warren draws up legislation, does it become law? Questioning if a HS team forfeiting instead of playing a trans student is protesting? My goodness, there’s like 3 people here that don’t have you on “ignore”. Is your goal to get all of us on that list?
  3. Just going by laws of averages: 110M Americans are below average intelligence. 110M Americans can get through the day without someone rolling their eyes at them. 110M Americans have an idea of the happenings in the world around them. It doesn’t require a lot of statistical analysis to determine that more stupid people are in the GOP.
  4. I’ll look for the rule the next time I poop. But if you really cared, you’d look for yourself… But according to one article I saw the team was “kicked out” because they didn’t live up to the non-discriminatory laws defined by the state of Vermont. An agreement that all private schools competing in state competitions signs and agrees to.
  5. If Vermont is like every other state, coaches can take concerns to the governing body, and propose possible changes. So that’s how you do it? Pretend that everything is apples to rockets? And no consistency is required to be taken seriously? I know how you didn’t sympathize with protestors as they were gassed by the National Gaurd. Why are you upset that some protestors couldn’t compete for a basketball championship?
  6. Actually a neighbor had the crooks on his Ring camera. They hit every driveway. So yeah, over 90%. Buttercups need to suck it up and realize this world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows!
  7. I just happened to see this again. Just three hours before posting this (which I agree with) you post about the Vermont high school getting upset rather than changing a rule of a governing body. How do you keep track of where to stand on issues when your moral compass doesn’t stop spinning?
  8. My truck got broken into in my suburban driveway. Not just a city experience. Someone went through my brothers house and he lives at the edge of a small town in NE. It sucks, but I’ve learned to live with the trauma it caused me.
  9. It would be a shame if the police “roughed him up a little”. edit: sorry, the quote about arrests were for the police to “not be so nice”. The original was about hecklers.
  10. There’s the lame post we knew was coming!
  11. Great…. Now someone is gonna get all worked up over how the word “gay” isn’t even in the bill…
  12. Of course! I don’t think my posting history says otherwise.
  13. Then I guess I don’t get your point. Your on record for supporting the DOJ going after Trump if he committed crimes, right?
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