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  1. What's wrong with Jacob Hood? Yes it's going to take time for him to develop but I think he will eventually be a starter. May not be this season but I look forward to seeing him on the field next season. His upside his there and the experience of going up against guys in practice at Georgia can only help.
  2. Has anybody questioned why HC Matt Rhule hasn't added more transfer to the team after the spring? Yes I know the roster was over the 85 scholarship limit and guys have left but do you think it's bc of that reason or bc HC Matt Rhule is confident with the team he has and doesn't really want to add guys to not be loyal to them? There are post spring transfers that can help like Barrett Miller. I know there isn't any guarantee's that just bc you add players they bring automatic success but you don't know unless you add them.
  3. Well you got to be optimistic and not pessimistic. No one is going to say that Matt Rhule is a horrible college coach bc he has been successful wherever he has been. He was spot on with his take on Matt Rhule and Baylor. Yes I know Nebraska isn't Baylor but Baylor was far off worst then we are when he took over. He has done a excellent job so far making him and his staff presence felt. Just got to give him time that's all.
  4. But he is only ranked as a 3 star qb so recruiting services don't think as highly of him as much as the elite 11 guru. You would think he should be at least a 4 star.
  5. I have faith that Hood will be a starter next season.
  6. And if he fails at Georgia(I'm not saying he will by any means) then I think he is on a much bigger scale to be scrutinized.
  7. https://twitter.com/UnnecRoughness/status/1660765650992726016?s=20 Good clip on why Raiola made more sense at Nebraska and other thoughts on the whole thing.
  8. I get that he wanted to be a Husker since 8th grade but do you think he was upfront with Missouri like I'm going to commit to my dream school if I can so he doesn't put them in a bind themselves for a qb?
  9. Still don't think he is better then Jacob Hood.
  10. Name more viable options that automatically are going to put Nebraska on their wish list of programs to play for? The majority of qb's that Nebraska is going to attract are the three-star kids that have to be developed. No high profile qb rn is going to consider Nebraska until we get back to a state of winning.
  11. Yeah that may be one factor but there are so many other factors as to why he didn't choose us.
  12. Your absolutely correct. Nebraska wants the 5 star kids but we haven't had great position coaches to show them that we can develop them. Nebraska will always be behind the 8 ball for those highly ranked kids bc other programs can show them their recent success, we can't and haven't. Until we do and get back to the fundamentals of being a winning program don't expect high prospects to pick us over the marquee universities. Good luck to him and his college career.
  13. https://247sports.com/article/nebraska-cornhuskers-football-how-matt-rhule-plans-to-win-recrui-210099695/
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