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  1. https://www.si.com/college/auburn/football/auburn-football-transfer-portal-offensive-line Nebraska fans here you go!!!!!!!
  2. Im not saying that Im just saying it seems like the coaches aren't great recruiters but great developers smh
  3. Well I would say is the coaches were at least good recruiters. Where they came up short was developing kids and retaining kids. It seems like CR is the other way ok at recruiting but good at developing. Now how that translates to winning here nobody knows and how long will that take? Your recruiting classes should be ranked in the 25 range not in the top 50 bc even if you develop kids into good players can they compete with the top tier heavy programs?
  4. Yeah I understand no more MR. People can't get pasted Mike Riley.
  5. I really hope that we go out and try to get some of these portal kids bc I feel our recruiting is really going to take a hit with the coaches MR has hired.
  6. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Who is Purdue going to replace him with? Also didn't he just sign a extension?
  7. I don't like this hire one bit and you wonder why Colorado will be better then us next year smh.
  8. Well our football team didn't earn them but the basketball team did?! Who would have thought that you didn't have to play in the same sport in order to earn a blackshirt?
  9. Sorry I mistyped. Its supposed to be why wouldn't they lmao in a sarcastic way not the other way around.
  10. Ain't that the truth. Introducing your 2023 Nebraska Carolina Husker Panthers coaching staff!!!!!
  11. Well when you go 7-25 your first year, 7-20 second year, 10-22 your third year. There is no way around that its bad. I made the post bc Nebraska started off not to hot again this year and if they didn't start winning Nebraska was going to be looking for a new head coach.
  12. Nebraska beat Creighton 63-53!!!! Nebraska basketball is proving me wrong.
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