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  1. What ever happened to that freak juco defensive tackle?? I thought he was supposed to visit???
  2. I do think since we are his first official visit out of all the schools that have offered him we have a higher percentage of landing him bc that means he already has a certain type of bond with the coaches so far and it certainly will get stronger as his season plays out.
  3. Also good for us. Our defensive players don't have to learn a new scheme.
  4. So let's say Tony White does leave what are the ramifications from that? Do certain players transfer out to follow him bc of the defense he runs or is that even a possibility bc your already locked in to your scholarship? I understand that HC Matt Rhule would have to find another DC and the defense would have to learn another system so those are 2 things that could come from him leaving.
  5. I think it was a smart decision to give his defense some rest.
  6. Down by 16 at the half 47-31 and that's the most points Northwestern has scored in a half all season. Nebraska doesn't look like a NCAA tournament team away from home.
  7. Nebraska isn't a good road team and unfortunately I have to agree with you on that.
  8. Well in a blink of a eye with 9:30 to go in the first half already down by 13.
  9. Tight game so far getting out rebounded already down by 3 with 12 minutes to play in the first half. 16-13 was the score now 18-13 with Northwestern getting a chance to make a free throw for a 3 point play. Northwestern has more intensity on defense rn.
  10. Is he supposed to be making his decision any day now or is he going to say where he wants to go on National Signing Day?
  11. I'm not making my point on that. My point is that when you only give the running back on your team 8 attempts to run and your starting qb has the same attempts bc of broken plays or direct plays the offense is going to limit themselves in trying to keep the defense guessing. Once Kansas City figured out that Baltimore wasn't going to try to run the ball they blitzed and Lamar couldn't do it by himself and didn't have enough help around him to make plays. Zay Flowers reach for the goal line was another example as to why you don't try to extend while the ball is exposed. Great effort poor execution. I understand the stats you provided but your not going to win much important games in the playoffs if your offense is limited unless your defense can carry the offense which clearly didn't happen.
  12. When is he supposed to visit again?? I thought he was coming on a visit at the end of January but I could be mistaken.
  13. Definitely a Hall of Fame caliber qb already for only being in the league for 7 years. The average NFL player last in the league for 11 years.
  14. Damn Detroit came to play. What a play call!!
  15. They won(Chiefs). You saw what happened to the Ravens not running the ball. Limited by not doing what got them there in the first place. It helped by penalties not being called and the Ravens hurting themselves with poor discipline(personal foul) penalties.
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