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  1. Best I was told- he is just lazy...class, practice, games...Does not apply himself well or play full throttle.. he needed a kick in the arse.
  2. guilty AF thinking we would lose by 10+...even sitting at the game, I thought some how we will blow this... I was wrong. Great to witness Cam making history. This may have been discussed, but there are not many triple-doubles in the history of the league. Pretty cool
  3. Nebraska 26 Iowa 20 Rush 188 Pass 164 GBR
  4. That is funny about the host team helping us get some attention. I am sure the young man was impressed with our crowd at an away game. Probably as good as some of those Miami home games I have seen on tv. This one will be exciting to watch.
  5. This kind of trickery will mess with many heads
  6. Zippity do da - my oh my things are going our way
  7. Nebraska 41 Maryland 29 Rush 267 Pass 218 GBR
  8. I hate to spoil this feel good moment but in the 408 yards Gordon game we lead 17-3
  9. Huskers 27 Wisconsin 24 Pass 189 Rush 211 GBR
  10. Capri spoke with the team on Friday. She was upset that this stuff is out there.. she said there was not truth to her being preggers and wished people would have asked her out right ...oops, I see my post is up there
  11. Having a current NFL star, give a pre-game speech, trumps Nebraska wearing all "Blackshirts" (a week ago) for a game. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/11/drew-brees-purdue-speech?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=NFLdraftmaverickAndrew&fbclid=IwAR29um_IzDguUBU9-zvrMNanOJk75gpNlIzi_jhJlC_8eDPHDdPfcQuPaoU
  12. I was just listening to 'Husker Gameday' on the radio- they said we have not recovered one opponents fumble...holy heck. Let's make it happen today. We need a few breaks
  13. Nebraska 33 Purdue. 18 Rush 266 Pass 194 GBR
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