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    Listed as a top 5 performer on his team in the game. 4.5 tackles. 2.5 for loss. One sack. Nice day against top competition!
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    I trust Sipple as much as I trust mexican tap water
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    He'll be a good DC for them. Much better than average Nebraska fan believes.
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    Huskerboard has the worst insiders ever.
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    I'm going to be "that guy" and commit blasphemy against Husker Nation. I would prefer Brown to stay where he's at and bring in another really good college coach.
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    This isn't directly about the court case, this is about missing meetings and various other expectations. And missing his court date didn't help.
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    Supporting people and asking for them to be discriminated against are two very different things. If memory serves, Brown went to a city council meeting, gave One Memorial Stadium Drive as his address and backed a law allowing for landlords to evict people solely based on their sexual preferences. Brown can believe what he wants, but giving Memorial Stadium's address as his own crossed the line in my opinion.
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    Oh boy. If he does well there I'm pretty sure about 90% of Husker fan's heads will explode
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    I can't be the only one who sees the irony in this statement, can I? Someone lumping a group of people together and saying they don't like them because said people supposedly lump a group of people together and don't like them? How small a town in Nebraska does it have to be to qualify for this stigma, by the way?
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    Maybe you never watched a Bo presser? Edit:. Sorry Swiv.. I get it now. Damn Wuhan virus
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    Ya know, what we would all pay money to see is a Thunderdome battle between N is for Knowledge and KingBlank. 2 men enter, one man leaves.
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    This is not being done by human traffickers.
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    Whoever would've rather had Mickey Joseph than Lubick needs to have their head examined. MJ soured on Nebraska even before his time on the team was done. Doing wonderful things with WRs at LSU is more of a given than any sign of being an exceptional coach. And his brother Vance is nothing to brag about either. If you don't think Lubick is an immensely better hire, you just don't get it.
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    Hopefully someone that has the balls to bench a under performing quarterback
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    Eh, I don't think this is very accurate. Khalil Davis was one of the sack leaders in the B1G. Darrion Daniels was invited to the Senior Bowl, indicating he is likely to get drafted. In (most) 3-4 defenses - including ours - the defensive linemen aren't supposed to get stats. They are supposed to eat space and blockers and free up the linebackers to make the plays. As has been noted often - including by Frost - the defensive line actually played pretty well most of the time. It was the lack of production from the linebackers that was the biggest issue with the defense.
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    Works eight months out of the year? Wut?? Between recruiting, summer camp, fall camp, watching film, game planning, managing staff, more recruiting, and winter testing—I doubt if Scott Frost takes 15 days off a year.
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    Golden had a career in sacks coming off injury. Carter had a career high in sacks. Oshane had 4.5 sacks as a rookie. Actually, all of their OLBs had career highs in sacks.
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    I agree with you. It’s almost as though Frost has forgotten his days playing for Nebraska. Our best drive against OSU maybe all season was out of the I formation. Power physical football. And we never saw it again the rest of the season. A real head scratcher.
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    This exactly. I was super excited for the Frost hire and still am so happy he's our head coach. The people who are turning on him already piss me off. It's like they want us to be stuck with a s#!tty football team for life. Our 2017 class had basically ONE solid contributor: Brenden Jaimes. That's it... ONE. We basically put sanctions on ourselves with how s#!tty that recruiting class was. It takes several years to rebuild a roster after missing so bad on half of a recruiting class let alone an ENTIRE recruiting class (plus Frosts first class is falling apart a bit with Washington, Hunt, and Legrone along with several transfers like Cam Jones but still not as bad as 2017). We are slowly building up. I expect to be a 7-8 win team after year 4 under Frost. It might take a few more years (3-4) ontop of that to get to be an uber competitive team because of the roster we have built to become a 10+ win team and in playoff conversations occasionally. I expect by year 8 we will be super competitive, even though I don't want to wait that long, it's what I have to accept instead of being excited for new head coaches just to get let down time and time again.
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    The guy who's charity was shut down and forced to pay $2M for misuse of funds. The guy who's "University" was shut down and forced to pay $25M in settlements for law suits related to illegal business practices. The guy who's hotels the Saudis always stay at when they're in town. The guy who has scammed his way out of taxes by manipulating the value of his units. The guy who has Russian mobster buy and live in his condos to launder money. The guy who has massive loans with Deutsche Bank, who oddly received similar amounts of money from the Russians... All verifiable facts. But this guy is interested in rooting out corruption...
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    What kind of question is that
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    Well considering it says specifically on the bottom of each page that it is NOT a verbatim transcript I know what I wouldn't call it.
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    No. He had a good run almost ~15 yrs ago as dc on an elite team. Over the past 10 there is very little evidence “bo knows defense”. Again below avg HC and just a meh dc, factor in his attitude, laziness, and sideline behavior and he’s simply not worth it. I’d be surprised and then feel sorry for any fan base that got stuck with him in any capacity.
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    Sounds like Troy Walter's is moving on. Not sure if hes taking another job or what the reason is.
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    Was hoping this was the news @PaulCrewe was alluding to last month but all we got was @EZ-E sign me up for Rumorville xSavage Husker
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    Probably cause it’s been a couple years since the board last had true, reliable posters that shared info.
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    Comments about the demise of the Chiefs offense aged well today. 7 straight drives for TD’s and 8 straight scoring drives overall. But I guess it was all just due to one blown coverage.
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    Word is he would really rather play OLB in a 3-4 rather than DE in a 4-3. Good for us. Bad for Iowa.
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    You're basically "Anything-Less-Than-A-Championship-Team-Is-Crap" guy. Or maybe you just don't actually watch that much college football to know what you're talking about. My guess is the former. Nick Saban has gone through stints of running a lot of spread offense tactics over the last few years - similar to the ones you've decried that Oregon under Chip Kelly used. Why has Saban been successful? Because of extremely physical, dominant offensive lines. To put it a different way, you're oversimplifying things. You're basically saying "spread offense bad, smash-mouth football good."
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    This can't be? I mean...he yelled at players and refs and talked poorly about fans. Clearly this guys twitter account has been hacked. Sad really.
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    Dude we get it, you don’t like him. He sleep with your mom or something?
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    I never see people who say this also give an idea on how to prevent gun violence and mass shootings and why those things are so much worse in the US than any other developed country.
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    Give Cav a break it was All You Can Eat Riblets at Golden Corral
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    Yes Dersh quotes that same history. And they haven't seriously alleged an abuse of power that could possibly come close to a HCOM. So there is no need to remind you how Obama traded favors with Russia to help him get reelected. That deal was within the Executive's powers to make and execute foreign policy.
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    Call me a Kool-Aid drinker all you want. These are the facts. I totally buy that Nebraska has out-recruited our B1G West peers for a long time now (plus other schools on our schedule). Recruiting rankings aren't perfect but over a sufficiently-large sample size they give a very good picture of the story. However, they are also not nearly the entire story. Nebraska has failed miserably in developing that talent for several years. I have confidence that is changing but admit that hasn't been proven yet. No only has Nebraska failed at that, but others around us have succeeded very well. Just look back through this thread and see how many of our opponents' (often lower-rated) players are now leaving early for the NFL and being projected as high draft picks. Even though the recruiting rankings don't tell that story, we aren't (by-and-large) losing to lesser teams. We are losing to teams who have out-developed us by orders of magnitude. That doesn't change overnight. We have made gains - those who say we haven't are simply whatever the opposite of Kool-Aid drinkers are. Granted, those gains haven't been as fast as anyone would have liked or almost any of us predicted. But that doesn't mean it isn't happening. Throw in losing significant portions of two straight recruiting classes and we simply haven't been where we think we should be - and where I believe we will be. We'll see if that turns out to be the case.
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    Are we just waiting on a Twitter edit?
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    I think quite a few constitutional scholars disagree with his assessment of high crimes and misdemeanors. Dersh is either ignorant or extremely dishonest. I think a vast majority of constitutional scholars interpret the phase (at the time the Constitution was written), not as refering to the severity of the crime, but the fact that only those in position of power could commit such an offense as to abuse public trust. Apparently it was a fairly common phrase. https://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/politics/special/clinton/stories/watergatedoc_3.htm
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    These are different times. There is no way LP gets a pass today.
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    Jaimes Corcoran Jurgens Farniok Benhart
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    From everything I'm hearing, the plan was to move Dewitt on regardless. Frost is allowing him to find a new job so 1.) no buyout and 2.) to be a good guy and not make it look like Dewitt was fired. This seems to be a foregone conclusion that this is going to happen according to the HuskerOnline guys. Two names to watch according to them, Mike Dawson returning and Mike Ekeler. Sean Callahan said we should be hearing something about this in the coming days
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    "What is clear is that it all came down to the president and what he wanted; no one else appears to have supported his position." Yeah. Total nothingburger. I can see why Moscow Mitch wants to immediately acquit on all charges.
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