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    Worst call in a Husker game ever? Allow me to consult my Mike Riley Playbook...
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    Glad we got Bo paid off, but i dont see the ill will for him. He might of had some nasty parting words when he left, but i cant fault him for being upset if it was justified or not. I honestly think MIke Riley and Bill Callahan did alot more to hurt this program than Bo ever did. Both of those two coaches did alot more to alter the way we did things around here than Bo did. Probably not the most popular opinion but its how i see it.
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    You have absolutely no evidence to come to that conclusion. After accusations...not proven and not arrested.
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    We're Back Baby! Haven't had players ticketed like this for parties and disorderly since the 90's. Closest thing was the Riley era when a case of ice cream sprinkles got scattered in the middle of 14th.
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    Listen. Even if charges aren't filed against him, he is a very low character guy sending the video to the girl. That alone should be enough to have him off the team.
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    We’ll see what they do when he’s f$&@ing gone. They can all kiss his a$$ out the f&$@ing door.
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    It was more of a no call. Much like the no call PI for the Saints. The no call face mask by K-State on Eric Crouch.
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    Or maybe we should wait until we hear his side of the story, which may prove to be more true than hers? I mean... this is all based on one side of the story. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    You don't even know how to spell his initials, so how bout you come back down here.
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    Pelini did a good job at Nebraska. Frost will do even better. We should be much more ecstatic that Perlman is gone.
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    Can we auto ban anyone who mentions Peter or Wistrom as a DL coach?
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    These are literally all the things that an AD was back in the day and should be today. 1. Drinking...all of their events, golf, dinners, lunches, games...it should be social, period. 2. Main concern should be football first, second and third. Period 3. Bad blood, no s#!t?? That is because one has the job that is fun and social and the other is Green 4. What does "hangs out all day" even mean? WTH is he supposed to be doing? Putting air in the footballs? Folding the teams uniforms? ADs are there to raise money (check) and hire good coaches (check).
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    What about mentioning Peters or Winstrom?
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    Scotty is banned, no need to drag him through the mud anymore.
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    Kirk Herbstreit does not hate Nebraska football. I would suspect he's not a fan of our fan base. But he is very, very realistic in how he sees Nebraska football.
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    We won a bike! Thank you so much to everyone that voted for my son. We actually raised enough money that he automatically gets a bike. Thanks again if you took the time to vote, I appreciate it!
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    Count me in the minority that believes this is not enough to be kicked off the team.
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    The only time he's made the tournament was in year two so apparently those bums were better than what Miles has done with his own guys since then.
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    From the US Navy's "Faces of the Fleet" series. "Some people train their entire lives to play Division 1 college football. Others, like former SEAL Damian Jackson, have what it takes to walk on."
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    Confirmed Moos is the reincarnation of Devaney.
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    I remember after this game, a bunch of Penn State folks were grumbling about it but said that at least we were finally even. Nope, screw you Penn State. That is not even at all. This call cost PSU a game between two middling teams that were going nowhere. The 82 game resulted in them getting a National Championship when it should have been ours. Not to mention Penn State should burn in hell anyway.
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    Neither Boise St or Wisconsin offered, wonder if it will come back to haunt them...?
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