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    I apologize for ever voting for this piece of s#!t everyone........ won't happen again though! I'm furious right now!
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    some people just dont f#&%ing get it Whether or not your symptoms are as sucky as the flu has nothing to do with the severity of the situation.
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    How has coach Frost been c$%ky exactly? Is saying you've had a good practice being c$%ky?
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    Many people predicted it would come to this and they were told to stop creating panic. It's not gonna be that bad, its just a bad flu. Don't rewrite history because it doesn't fit your narrative. Many people predicted it would come to this, most of them experts in this very field. I don't want to hear no one could have had the foresight, because they did have the foresight and were told to shut up about it
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    Sorry, those aren't "wise words" and the guy is a moron.
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    I forgot who routinely embarrasses us around the globe, who praises dictators and mocks allies, who asks our enemies for help interfering in our elections, who's made a habit out of watching underage girls in dressing rooms for beauty pageants, who fakes being a Christian, who continues to get embarrassed and outplayed in his dealings with North Korea/Iran/so on, who has cheated on every partner he's ever been with, who tries to bribe pornstars he's had sex with into being quiet, who lets his private business interests direct his policy decisions, who used his own charity to rob people of need but instead self deal and buy things like giant paintings of himself, who has essentially bankrupted the secret service, who constantly lies and complains about millions of illegal voters, and "I'm going to be working for you. I'm not going to have time to go play golf." --Donald J. Trump, August, 2016 Number of times Trump has golfed and the cost to taxpayers thus far - 249 times, $132,000,000+
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    Can't vote for this guy because he's old and angry and can't vote for this guy because he's done very well for himself trying to run for President in the past. But I'll vote for this guy who sexually assaults women, who encourages violence, who blames everyone but himself for everything that ever goes wrong, who discriminates against black people, who has been found guilty of fraud at least a half dozen times, who can't put coherent sentences together, who retweets white supremacist accounts and hires white nationalists into positions of power, who gives his unqualified children important roles in government, who bombs the s#!t out of other countries and murders thousands of civilians, who's White House constantly has to clarify and walk back his statements, who constantly surrounds himself with criminals and then lies about knowing them, and who I admit is a total embarrassment to the country. Because, the economy is doing pretty decent and none of the racist or xenophobic or criminal stuff has really effected me any. He's got my vote!
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    Here's a country that got the virus, didn't panic, kept doing everything the way they'd always done it, and is now basically one giant ghost town.
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    He didn’t say this was the first or only reason. But even if he did why would it matter? I don’t care why someone decides they don’t like Trump as long as it’s before the election.
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    So medical professionals tell Fred Hoiberg he is OK to do his job so he trusts them, like most people probably would. In so doing he is now labeled as grossly irresponsible with some people pondering whether he and/or Bill Moos should keep their jobs. ok.
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    Keep your politics out of this forum. You want to talk politics, you know the place.
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    I really hope that Fred was dealing with something other than undiagnosed general illness/flu-like symptoms, and everything in response is just (smart) precautionary behavior until things are sorted out. If he decided to coach while feeling sick with what would have even felt like a cold or slight fever, words don't really begin to explain how irresponsible of a decision and bad of a look that is.
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    This is a 73 year old man who subsists on a diet of nothing but fast food, avoids any exercise, stares at the sun, denigrates any form of medical and environmental science, goes in raw on porn stars, willingly exposes himself to Covid-19, and thrives on pure malevolence. He is likely not susceptible to any conventional method of death. He is like a mythical creature who can only be destroyed by a magical talisman of some sort.
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    Korea responded extremely well and it made a huge difference. Italy remained in denial for way to long. Bolsonaro in Brazil is repeating that mistake even as we speak. California's slightly earlier and still modest Shelter In Home directives appear to be making a serious difference. Straight up fact that Trump dismantled or weakened much of our pandemic and emergency response infrastructure when trying to free up money for his wall. Indisputable that he was warned by people who understood this stuff far better than him, and that he already had the lessons of China, Korea, Italy and Iran to learn from when he declared the virus posed no problem to the United States. Then he pivoted and admitted it was a problem, but maybe some of our poorer and more elderly should go ahead and remain at risk to keep those stock market numbers from tumbling. Then he decided he was a wartime president, and that no other President saw this coming (total lie), and that nobody has responded in a bigger, better way than he has. Then he bragged about the ratings of his press conferences. Then started portioning federal aid to reward states that are nice to him, and punishing states that voted blue. Given the chance to reassure Americans who are scared, he attacked the reporter. He blames the media for exaggerating a crisis that continues to be worse than we imagined. So no, Redux, Trump's not the only one who has dropped the ball. He's simply a terrible President when we need a really good one.
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    Do you seriously think this is true after the not one, but TWO articles I linked THREE POSTS ABOVE THIS? President Obama literally created a task force for this specific reason after the Ebola outbreaks. The evidence is right in front of your eyes. Look at it.
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    Yep. Not only did people predict this would happen, Trump was briefed on pandemics in 2017 and September of last year, and they described the areas where America was vulnerable, and he did ***nothing*** to fix it. Nothing. In 2017, Obama officials briefed Trump's team on dealing with a pandemic like the coronavirus. One Cabinet member reportedly fell asleep, and others didn't want to be there. White House Economists Warned in 2019 a Pandemic Could Devastate America
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    I’m trying Hard to figure out your “angle” You seemed to have claimed this was no big deal from the start and people are over reacting. But also don’t seem to disagree with the steps local governments are taking. And now that those steps seem to be working “a little” (2 million deaths if we did nothing, possibly 100,000 with current measures) you seem to again claim that it wasn’t that big of deal. No one, no one at all, wants to see even 1 more death. We ALL want to go back to the lives we had 2 months ago. But it is pretty safe to assume that if the media didn’t make these scary projections based on information from medical professionals, people would not have taken this seriously, and we might have seen the catastrophic numbers that were originally projected. That is the point of the media. Instead of saying they overreacted, how about saying “thank you” for possibly saving 1.9 million lives?
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    No one wants that to happen and nobody will be gloating about it so we can just shut that narrative down right now
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    and also because most people here don’t particularly like her. But she absolutely would have handled this better because she isn’t a f#&%ing moron like Trump, and she would have done it without calling members of the media and Republicans the enemies of the people and attacking governors who didn’t praise her.
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    “Open ended optimism,” that’s a new way to try to defend and whitewash Trump’s lies. Congratulations on your creativity.
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    Trump: “Nobody does Self-fellatio better than me!” ...Melania: “Thank God!”
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    If you’re a republican, then no, you probably don’t care. The blame game and bigotry is perfectly acceptable from your president.
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    Nothing from 2019 I can tell you that much.
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    **Breaking News** In an effort to ease the toilet paper crisis, all Taco Bells nationwide will be closed That is all
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    These are the people who stayed calm, washed their hands and turned off the garbage news media. You know, disease spreaders.
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    University of Miami could still hold their spring game.
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    Man, I just once again realized why I don't wander into this forum. So much lib butthurt. The media loves the libs b/c they believe anything. Listen, I don't love Trump either, but to make it out like he is the enemy and hasn't done anything good is total hogwash. I actually trust him more than any long time politician. Politicians are the worst people in the world, getting rich off supposedly being a voice for the people. What a bunch of s#!t. They don't give a f#&% about the American people unless you can line their pockets. Just wish more people would look around, figure it out that it shouldn't be Dems against Reps, it should be the American citizens against all of them. A total wash out of Congress needs to happen. The way these idiots make $$ is a total sham. There should be limits, there should be complete transparency of money transfer, etc. These idiots are getting rich by "helping us with their great bill creations". What a bunch of f#&%ing s#!t. Wake the f#&% up people. They are laughing about how they can get you all to fight about Democrat or Republican, which in turn takes the spotlight off of them and the s#!tty job they are doing along with all the money they are making. You all are so busy fighting each other they just get away with everything. Signed, not Dem or Rep. I vote for who I think can do the best for our country.
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    The issue is the rate of spread and the capacity of the healthcare system. Roughly 20% of people with covid-19 require in-patient medical treatment (usually respirator of some type); as the number of infected people goes up, the number of available resources goes down. If the healthcare system gets overwhelmed, then the number of fatalities from ALL health issues will go up.
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    @84HuskerLaw is giving this thread Coronavirus
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    Then give up, because his performance and losses speak for themselves. All American is not what it used to be, and even in the old days was an exercise in popularity and guessing games as opposed to on-field performance as much as it should have been. In Nebraska's case a true great captain of the offense out there would never do the things Martinez has done to lose games. He's good at times but not a great quarterback, and he's being coached by a man who exhibits The Peter Principle; Frost belongs in the AAC where he can excel.
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    And Patrick Mahomes was 16-21 in his college career. W/L isn't that indicative of the QBs performance for college IMO - too many other variables. I'm not saying Adrian is great and everyone else is terrible, but people try to zero in on one thing holding this team back and there just isn't one. Our QB play was good enough to win 8 or 9 games last year if other things were better. Our defense was good enough to win 8-9 games last year if other things were better. We have a lot of problems, and QB play hasn't been way above the other issues for me.
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    LOL..... I know people like this.
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    He did not exercise poor judgment. He's a career officer, and he knew very well what that letter would do. He understood the risk to his crew was greater than the risk to his career, and he chose to save his crew. He's a hero.
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    The statement in question was made at his daily press briefing on COVID-19. When he lies to the people on a daily basis from a platform that is supposed to be informing the people on this crisis, he is absolutely putting everyone in the country at risk. Lying about our testing capabilities puts us all at risk.
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    pops in...compares the very beginning of a pandemic to the full course of a previous pandemic. proclaims everyone is overreacting because the current pandemic in 2 weeks hasn't killed as many as the entire course of time in the previous stated pandemic.. then runs away scared that someone might point out how wrong he is . .
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    The epitaph of people who defend Trumpism in 2020.
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    My wife found some plans on one of our local hospitals website to make masks via sewing. She went to the local fabric store and got the materials needed. She's been working for several days now making these masks for some healthcare workers and my entire police department! These masks can be washed since they're fabric and since they're on the hospitals website I can only assume they work. If we could get thousands of other folks that have this skill to make masks it could help so much and since they're washable they'd cut down on waste too. And I'll add that they can be used as a last resort as a mask themselves or as a cover for the N-95 masks so they can be used longer.
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    Every once in a while I pop into these political threads- mostly against my better judgement. Mainly because a lot of people get it wrong. Some are too lazy to go find the evidence. Instead, they publish what is fed to them by their Twitter feed from some hipster on tv, or knowingly push some type of narrative to fulfill their hatred towards (especially) the republicans. I mean seriously- can anyone name a couple movies or tv shows where they show the Republican Party doing the right thing (ever) or in favorable light? Yet, history shows the republican party(party of Lincoln) was on forefront of ending slavery, women's suffrage , Civil rights in the 60's- all that history is there, but greatly suppressed. Democrat party had an Exalted Cyclops Senator Robert Bird of West Virginia- and that state has many places/roads named after the man. Also, a large mentor of Bill Clinton as was William Fulbright. I bet 99% of Dems here did not know this. The racial comments in South Carolina- never happened..and onward. The quote above is another example. I get facts seldom matter in the politic thread and most of it is TDS on a massive scale. Trump is his own worst enemy at many times, I get it. Our economy was rolling and it will again - I bet the dow is back to 28,000 by May/June. Media seldom gives this guy any credit and it is maddening to him... He does not have all the surrogates and media on his side like Obama did to cover for all his errors and give undeserved praise on very minor accomplishments. Funny to go back and read thru the Russian Collusion stuff...so many Democrats with TDS got it completely wrong here. So onto this one- Trump never said the virus was a liberal hoax...what he said was the way the media is reporting his response is another liberal hoax. For instance: Trump asked for travel ban (China) in January and he was called racist and driving panic...if one wants to look for the January or hoax comment- it is out there.
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    the reason we don't have adequate testing is because it would hurt Trumps reelection chances. And we aren't supposed to call into question Trumps response to this??
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    It’s been mishandled from the top down. The Netherlands is testing as many people daily as we’ve tested total and we have 20x the population. Our our healthcare workers are having to go around the CDC to get testing done in some cases. And oh yeah Trump got rid of the pandemic response team. How dense are you?
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    Freshman or not Adrian is 9-13 as a starter. Probably the worst record of any of our QBs in half a century. His supporting cast is not very good either but the defenders of AM2.0 have to realize he has not played very well overall in his two years. I tended to give the benefit of the doubt (i.e. excuses) as a freshman. I gave entire team similar allowances as I knew very well how recruiting had been. Class rankings were unduely high as there were highly regarded players at a few positions that raised / skewed the numbers. Most of those are no longer on the team for a variety of reasons. But this fall I can’t be so tolerant. I will understand to a small degree but we need to win the winnable games (bottom half of the schedule) and be in most of the rest. Ohio State and PSU will thump us.
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