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    From the day he was hired to the day he was fired, Tim Miles was a class act and represented Nebraska the right way. I'll remember the good times, and all the fun we had. Here's hoping he has much success in the future.
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    I volunteer as tribute. He seems to like being vague so it looks like he knows what he’s talking about.
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    I guess you can refer to it as a sh#t show if you want to. To me, it just looks like an AD identifying a currently subpar coach and being proactive in securing the best replacement possible. I don't understand the hysterics over all this "while the season is still going on" or "while Miles is still coaching this team". Miles had 7 years to prove he was the guy for this job and all he did was fail spectacularly in year 7 with the most talent this program has ever had. Part of his job is building depth and preparing the whole team to compete and be successful. But all he did was try to ride the coattails of his top five players. It's time for a change and there is nothing to be salvaged from this season. This isn't a sh#t show, it's just an AD trying to lock down the best coach he can for this program. I applaud him.
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    Can we just delete this entire thread. There is no discontent in the AD. He hired Frost and Hoiberg. Moos- start working on the facilities upgrades. Drink as much as you well please. Then if need be get us a new baseball coach.
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    Quit with this false narrative there was/is a large part if the fan base that was completely fine with Bo. The fabricated propaganda put out by SE to try to make Bo into some villain was down right ridiculous. Riley did more to harm this program then Bo ever did.
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    Moos made the only two hires the collective fanbases would accept. Moos is doing a better job than he ever could have hoped to at this point. People need to quit acting like hiring coaches is an easy thing to do, especially here.
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    Violating the Emoluments Clause to line his own pockets with foreign money, obstruction of justice, destabilizing NATO, failure to admit or adequately address election interference by Russia, campaign finance violations... I could go on. It won't happen, but I wish Democrats in the House would subpoena him to testify in front of Congress under oath. That would be the quickest way to have a rock-solid case for impeachment. He'd perjure all over himself in about 30 seconds. But I think the fact Trump is a wanton liar is a feature, not a bug, for a lot of folks.
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    The vague "I saw this coming" tweets from several members of the local media are tedious. You're so connected that you caught wind of stuff coming down the pipe... but you're too worried about losing your connections so you won't tell anyone. Instead, after stuff happens, you nod wisely and say, "Yep, this confirms what I've been hearing for a while..." That's pretty useful information there, media guy. We all owe you one!
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    Did the seemingly impossible. Wife and I offered tenure track positions in the same department. Chair of the department is also a husker fan. Life is good.
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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of this. If you know you're getting rid of a guy, you'd be stupid to not start figuring out what your next step is. Stuff like this leaks out in just about every coaching search everywhere. You do your best to keep it quite but it's about impossible considering how many people are involved. And there is nothing gained by firing a coach before the season is over. All it does is cheat the players out of the chance to finish the season without creating a s#!t show around them.
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    Rasmussen is a known conservative skewed poll. They're basically a laughingstock. Coincidentally, they're Trump's favorite poll. But then...
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    Remember this when you think of the Barr letter based on Mueller's investigation.
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    I would imagine his decision has a lot to do with the aggressively contentious nature of the relationship some state senators have with the University.
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    i am a life long republican. 56 years old white male construction worker who has been married 29 years and have 4 kids. i still think trump is the biggest mistake our country has ever made....quite the accomplishment as i used to feel that way about clinton. integrity and honesty matter to me and i see nothing approaching integrity or honesty in trump.
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    Since we've had an influx of posters off and on over the last year or so who seem to routinely offer dubious sources and claims as well as dismiss others that don't fit their perspective, I thought this might be a helpful thread. We hear a lot of calls about Fake News these days. There's a lot of it! Some like our president think Fake News is the bias of mainstream media. Others think fake news is more conspiracy theory pushing sites akin to a digital version of celebrity tabloids. Some things blur the line, BUT there are a number of steps that are fairly easy to take that can help you diagnose a decent degree of credibility to a source before trusting its info. Here we go: Tip #1 - Read Past the Headline Headlines are designed to capture your attention. A lot of times they are even intentionally misleading to get your attention, but then the article doesn't match what the headline actually says. Headlines about scientific studies are particularly prone to this. No, that new study didn't actually say that eating a bar of chocolate everyday will make you lose weight; that caught your attention, but what it actually said was more complicated and not so clear, so read past the article. Tip #2 - Check the Date Most fake news articles either don't have a date/time that they were posted, or are old stories that have been recycled years later. Especially if you see something linked from somebody on social media, make sure its a current story and if it doesn't have a date, its likely not reliable. Further, if someone links you to an article from 2015 to support an assertion that Donald Trump convinced Ford to make more American jobs, you obviously know that's not evidence of that claim because Trump wasn't anywhere close to the white house at that time. Knowing the date is important. Tip #3 - Who's the Author Similar to dates, most fake news articles don't list an author. Sometimes they even list an author who isn't real, or an author who they've "stolen" the identity of to make a lie more convincing. Make sure the article has an author, and if anything about the site seems fishy do a google search for their name. Tip #4 - The Difference Between Reporting and Editorials Legitimate news sites and organizations still have opinion pieces or editorials. Make sure you know if your source is an opinion of a person or reporting on facts and sources. The easiest way to tell if something is editorial should be a disclaimer header somewhere that it's in the opinion section of the site, or that it's an opinion piece. But sometimes it's harder to tell than that. The second best way is to look for qualitative/evaluative statements within the article. An article that says something along the lines of, "Donald Trump is a bad, racist man" is not real news. That is an opinion. An article that quotes a source saying that, however, is different. Tip #5 - What's the Perspective of the Organization? Some organizations provide real news but are honest about their perspective. Christian news organizations, for instance, can still report on the news, but be mindful that they are probably subtly and either consciously or unconsciously supporting a conservative Christian worldview. Check if the site has an about us page, or if they're labeled with a certain lean on wikipedia. To go along with tip 4, be mindful of sources who admit where they're coming from and then offer unsubstantiating commentary in their stories. I saw a piece of "journalism" from a Christian blog recently that said things along the lines of, "In his most recent videos, Jennings shows clear anger toward God". That's not news. There is no verification of the person referenced showing clear anger. Nobody was quoted as saying that. That's just the author's opinion. Tip #6 - Any Supporting Sources? Good and real news builds off sources. Sometimes they're anonymous, but other times they're readily available. Real news articles name (naming an anonymous source is still naming a source and explaining the nature of it) and link the sources they cite. For example, Donald Trump routinely retweets and cites articles that make certain claims about crime/jobs/etc. but do not source the claims. Those usually are not real claims. When you see a claim, if it's not linked, ask yourself why and see if the actual source exists. Tip #7 - Cross Reference Don't rely on one source. Verify an article by making sure other people are also reporting on the same thing. That can be tricky because a lot of fake news sites cycle each others' bogus stories often, but if you use the other tips as well you can figure out whether something is real or fake easily by cross referencing. Tip #8 - Formatting Real news does not use caps lock, dramatic punctuation, and very rarely contains spelling errors. Tip #9 - Check Your Bias This one is tough, but simple. If a news story immediately makes you react with a thought of, "Oh my god I knew it" or otherwise confirms your suspicions or trust of something right away, especially if it's an outrageous headline or premise, then there's at least a decent chance you're not looking at it rationally but you're engaging in confirmation bias.
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    Well done Purdue. Well. Done. Did somebody cut some onions in here?
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    Michelle Obama will tap him as a running mate, have the Socialists of the EU rig the election to get them in the White House. At that time the EU will consolidate and crown him king of the world. Only to find out that he hasn't been vaccinated, therefore they are unable to control his thoughts with the "potion". This will create an apocalypse of biblical proportions. Obama will come yielding a sword (because guns will have been banned) riding a chariot pulled by 7 rinos.
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    Tim Miles was 116-114 as Nebraska head coach, with a 52-76 record in-conference. Doc Sadler was 101-89 as Nebraska HC, with a 34-64 record in-conference Barry Collier was 89-91 as Nebraska HC, with a 36-60 record in-conference. Conclusion: the program is in the exact same position it has been in since 2000. Miles is an incredibly good guy, and a good ambassador for the university, but no, he did not deserve a 3 year contract.
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    Tim Miles brought a renewed enthusiasm and high expectations for Husker basketball. Sadly, he was unable to meet those expectations. I wish him well and thank him for his time and efforts at Nebraska.
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    A photo of Tim Miles from this morning, for those of you who feel sorry for him:
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    No one "REALLY" thinks this is a bad look. s#!t...how many of us have looked for other jobs on the older inter-web while at work? 100%? This is the real world and this is how things work. The dorky OWH just had gave big congrats to Mitch Sherman who left ESPN for The Atlantic...they praised him for it all the OWH writers tweeted how great it was...but wait... Mitch took that job at the Atlantic WHILE still working for ESPN??? How could that happen? I mean...that means that Mitch discussed a new job while still having a job...that means the Atlantic contacted Mitch while he was with ESPN! THE SHAME!!!! f#&% those guys.
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    This is the problem with American politics. It's not about facts or truth for people, it's a game, all about owning the Libs. People on this board just want to win, they don't care about morality, and when some stooge shows up who will post the MAGA talking points they're too afraid to post, they anonymously upvote their flavor of the month hero. There's no discussion, there's just another in a series of mouthpieces reinforcing their beliefs.
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