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    Pipe it down drama queen. He’s just a fan posting on a message board. Good lord.
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    I don't want to be "that guy" but I'm kind of done with the once a Husker, always a Husker and wishing them nothing but the best when they reject us. I guess it's another consequence of the portal and CFB's morphing into a pseudo pro league. IMO they can't have their cake and eat it too. So, if a player is going to waste my team's efforts at team building, developing a culture etc., I'm not going out of my way to miss them or hope they do great somewhere else. He gone. Next.
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    Can we just schedule a 90,000 person protest against Purdue?
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    Not at all. I think a lot of people are tired of people moving the goal post just to make sure the majority of people are guilted into feeling the same way they do. First it was we gotta social distance to protect hospitals from getting overloaded, then they weren’t overloaded anymore so it switched to oh we will have to hide in our houses because we gotta protect the elderly it’s not just about you, now that death rate is going down it’s changed to oh well there can be long term health risks for some people. Point being from the beginning if the risk was possible long term health risks I don’t think we would have closed the country for that. There are risks with everything in life and a virus is part of living in this world, do I believe we should take precautions absolutely. I just disagree with the severity of the precautions and the long terms effects those could have on our economy and country. We are not all going to agree and I don’t expect us to, I am not trying to change your beliefs and I don’t think your stupid for being more cautious than me
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    I'm assuming Damian Jackson's team won? I wonder if they just gave him a paintbrush and said "go get em" lol.
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    I still think most of Martinez's regression last year was due to a drop off in the players around him. But not all of it...
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    Found the Karen.
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    Please post your epidemiology credentials and experience so that we can compare them to those of Dr. Fauci's. It might help some of those who want to follow your lead have a little more confidence jumping into a sea of humanity by blowing off science and the facts about how respiratory viruses work. Thanks in advance. And Happy Trails.
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    Hm. Wonder if normal class attendance exceeds 20% in the SEC? lol
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    With a name like "McQuitty" what did we expect?
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    I do think that the guys who are here should be all on board or not on the field. From that standpoint, I think that's a valid statement. There wouldn't be any *direct* effect left. However, there would still be some *indirect* effect. Mainly that Riley recruiting was such a failure that we only have 18 juniors and seniors left from his recruiting classes. And it's pretty likely that 4-5 of those won't really contribute the rest of their time there. 50 of our current 80 scholarship guys are Freshmen or Sophomores who now have had most of an entire offseason disrupted. So the lingering effects are still out there. I expect significant progress this year. But we're still recovering from the Riley fiasco so I don't expect a finished product.
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    Do you think the European Union has pulled the bandaid off slowly, Halltip? Because they're getting back to normal life while we're going backwards. Difference is, they didn't politicize this, they listened to their experts, they had broad national plans in place and they're going to have sports and low deaths as a result. And they're not going to have American tourists, at least not until we get this under control. America has 25% of all known worldwide deaths to this disease. Maybe we should stop presuming we know everything and learn from the rest of the world.
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    My wife and I are both front line workers. Her an RN, me an RRT. But like I said, it seems like your reluctant to take in account anyone else’s experience and just assume your own is the end all be all.
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    Keep this political bs out of the football forum.
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    Ervin rushed 180 times for 1,212 yards (6.7 per carry) and 12 touchdowns while splitting carries with two other Division I running backs.
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    That would be my guess. Plus it seems to me the lethality of the disease has gone way down since Washington and New York. Since I looked last we have added 500,000 new positives and about 8,000 deaths. Then probably 10x that have been infected but asymptomatic so they don’t know to get tested or it’s so minor they don’t care. Out of those new 8000 I would guess mostly elderly and immune compromised with a few outliers here and there. I haven’t heard anything about hospitals freaking out all around the country not able to keep up. They have this new steroid that is supposed to help a lot. I don’t know why anyone’s outlook has changed. Did people think it was gone and was going to stay gone a week ago? 2 weeks ago? No. It will spread until we hit herd immunity. So we can drag this out for 3 years until we hit herd immunity under the guise of waiting for a magical vaccine that will work about as good as the flu vaccine or rip the band aide off and protect the elderly and immune compromised and let it spread to young healthy people- get herd immunity and be done obsessing over a disease that kills less than 1%. All while saving jobs, the economy and our country. Just my opinion
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    March — major PPE shortage, virtually all experts agree in saving masks for front line workers. Present — no mask shortage. Experts (except Trumpers) say wear a friggin mask in public. Situations change, recommendations change. It’s pretty simple. You don’t have to like Dr Fauci if you don’t want to. But the reason you gave lacks merit.
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    I mean it’s no fun to simplify things in an off season message board discussion but.... Frost inherited a veritable sh#t sandwich of a program. There is no disputing that. Every player that was already here at that time was recruited by Riley and bought into his vision and methods or was a Pelini remnant and likely a little disillusioned with things. So, the majority of the players had grown accustomed to the vision of a career .500 coach who seemed to value west coast star ratings much higher than an actual work ethic. Enter Frost, a proud program alum, who I’m sure was more disgusted at the state of the program than any of us could ever hope to be. So, here’s a couple questions you have to ask yourself before you begin making wild unfounded claims about Frost’s capabilities as a coach. 1- What was more important, flipping the roster, attitude and culture of the program or winning a couple more games in the first two years? 2- Whose methods and vision for the program do you trust more, Frost’s or Riley’s? Hopefully you all came up with the same two answers I did; correcting the culture and Frost’s vision. It would be awfully tough to pick Riley, a soft career .500 coach whose only qualification for this job was being the opposite of Pelini. And we have to realize Frost is not perfect. He’s a winner and a worker but not perfect. He has a bit of a learning curve we should allow for. Due to system differences, I’m sure there has been many square peg round hole problems. I don’t think he fully understood how bad it was or how difficult it would be. I’m sure he desperately wanted to get bowl eligible but some unanticipated things got in the way of that.The one thing he has positively absolutely gotten accomplished is flipping the roster. Assuming that was required, it has been a success. I’m just glad the worst of those challenges are now behind us. It was a tumultuous couple of years with not enough winning for any of us. But the field has been plowed and the planting has also been underway for a couple years. We can now begin to see the transformation going forward. Hopefully the unprecedented coronavirus and social climate doesn’t dampen progress for yet another year.
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    I'm not sure any more ignorance could be packed into such a short post. Well done.
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    If this thread has taught me anything it's that some people will create their own facts and pick and choose what they want to believe. The overwhelming evidence is that masks help limit the spread yet we have our own bunch of Einsteins that want to dispute that regardless how many times they're told and no matter what experts have to say about it. It's pure lunacy. I guess I shouldn't blame the idiots who spout this nonsense. In a way it isn't totally their own fault. Our society has made it virtually impossible to separate fact from fiction. There are way too many supposed news sources and way too many people in charge that thrive on bad information because it serves their ulterior motives. But I still won't cut anyone any slack that can't see the common sense in the good wearing a mask provides. It's so simple it hurts. If fewer of an infected persons respiratory droplets get out, anyone with a heartbeat should be able to figure out the benefit. Yet here we are, clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right. It's maddening.
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    Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. You want football this Fall? Wear a mask.
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    I must have misunderstood Frost during his recent interview presser as I thot he said that UNL would NOT be revealing positive test results at all. Next thing is he is doing just that. The thot of any more of those virus task force pressers or daily updates just nauseates me. I have had more than a lifetime’s worth already by mayors, governors, whitehouse, etc etc. After 6 months, the world’s “experts” know very little, report inaccurate or misleading information, contradict one another on seemingly basic “science“ and report no real progress in the fight vs the virus. None of this is surprising as the flu (all corona virus infections) are almost unbeatable by modern meds. The good news, although never reported as such, is this bug rarely kills the patient (1 / 200). Infection #s climbing exponentially while deaths flattening says the spread has continued unabated. The mitigation (social distancing, masks, shutdowns, etc) did not work to stop it - only prolong the economic and social pain and suffering. Quarantine works well if seriously imposed. The experts refused and the result is pandemic. The flu is a fact of life, no matter what they call it, life must go on. Lets get back to living it.
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    Sounds like you're saying since it hasn't had a negative impact on your life then in turn it isn't a big deal. Yes the deadliest pandemic in the US since 1918 may inconvenience your life. I don't think you're wrong by saying there is hope, and college football could be played. I personally think we're going to turn a corner on this thing soon. But just remember next time you try and down play it, and use your life as an example - just know this has killed 125,000+ Americans and the person you are talking to may have not had the rainbow and unicorn fart experience of the pandemic you have had.
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    It is like talking to a wall, remotely. Remote learning at the college level is done to make money, it makes sense. Hire an adjunct, give that person 4,000 dollars to teach a course, load them up with 3 sections of 25 students each...all who are paying 2,000 to take the class. Boom. Prof posts an assignment for each week...students belt it out and comment on 3 of their classmates work. On to the next week. It is effective because you are in college and you know what you are doing and you tend to have time/privacy Now, tell a 6 year old to sit in front of zoom for 40 minutes while they learn math...good luck with that! How about a 12 year old that is online with their class and their 10 year old brother is bugging them non-stop because well...that is what siblings do! Or hey, try and have a serious talk about big issues where people are freezing up (their connection) and others have s#!t sound or get bumped out of the zoom room. Or how about the 16 year old that has to babysit their little bro and sis WHILE trying to do class. Oh yeah, PE works really well over zoom... I don't mind teaching remotely because it made my life easier. But I don't think it was great for the kids.
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    Yes let’s destroy the economy for the flu. Then defund and weaken the protectors of our society. Then Enable 5013c corporations to occupy and destroy our inner cities. All the while teach the children that our country and the framers of our constitution are evil. Sorry to red pill you all. Here is a blue pill (CNN, Social Media, Hollywood, Cancel culture) good night.
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    Of course no football this year. It’s an election year. Right after the election the virus will disappear like magic.
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    Benhart is better than Farinok at tackle by the simple fact that he can actually move his hips like a tackle and this move actually gives us enough flexibility that we aren't hamstrung into running to one side or the other depending on the call simply because the backside doesn't have an effective puller. One of the biggest issues the past 2 years is that a huge chunk of the Scott Frost run game relies on having multiple offensive linemen pull on the same play. Nearly 3/5'ths of Frost's run game playbook relies on at least 2 pulling linemen. (generally pulling both guards when running power, pulling a tackle and a guard when running dart and actually pulling 3 linemen when running the pin and pull) and we simply haven't had enough guys that can do that well and with any consistency. Farinok struggled to do this well at Tackle but should do a lot better as a guard and Benhart just on film alone looks to be MUCH better at that then Farinok at the tackle position. Aside from anything else they bring to the table if those two can be good at that one aspect this season it opens up a significant part of the playbook that Frost simply hasn't been able to run at Nebraska effectively thus far. Not only opening up the run game but making the bubble screen not suck. That along with a deep threat WR will make this offense a REAL threat again and lead to big chunk plays.
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    "Both sides" is always an apology for the worst side. Can we all just stop using that phrase?
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    Welcome to why nobody knew. Sorry....couldn't resist.
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    Looks like JD was the last one to hear about the "half-assed mutiny" rumor. That tends to be how rumors work. Also I think you might be insane if you don't think we'll miss one of the most productive WRs in school history. Reminds me of that "Stanley wasn't actually that good, 1,000-yard receivers will be a dime-a-dozen under Frost" narrative, heh. Get outta here.
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    I guess it's time to update the thread title... Spielman enters transfer Portal, McQuitty retires, Mike Williams never lined up at outside receiver
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    I wouldn’t trust Riley to coach a pee wee team. Anyone would be a better choice than him.
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    "a part" or "apart"?!
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    JD never quit on his teammates during the season, he was an absolute warrior the past 3 seasons. Also, back when I played we supported each other like family, if JD's head and soul is gonna be right somewhere else, there isn't a coach and player in that locker room that will feel like JD quit on them.
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    Nothing like a grown adult attacking a college kid
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    I mean their last video was literally quotes from past President's and a quote from Trump. Don't be such a snowflake.
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    Dude this is so wrong. Stop spreading this crap. Mask wearing absolutely makes a difference. You want sports back, wear a mask. Anyone want to provide a decent argument against mask wearing, I'm all ears; let's hash it out. But a decent argument against wearing masks doesn't exist, so I won't hold my breath.
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    This is the decade of being offended no worries.
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    I believe that this opinion and the actions of those that hold it are the reason we won't have college football.
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    Ok, but the medical experts don’t make the restrictive laws going on. I assume medical experts want everyone to wear masks. I just saw a deal in Oregon if you are white you have to wear a mask- if your anything other than white you don’t have to wear a mask to protect against racial profiling. If it is about being safe then what is that? That’s politics not medicine
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    If we start 7-0 and you're not at any of the games, you'd better not jinx things by going to a game.
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    I'm starting to get really, really pissed off. I'm a veteran. I served during war. I fought for this country. I didn't fight for freedoms so cops could come and piss all over them. I have been thinking the protestors are wrong for breaking curfew...I will now be going to out break it with them. I'll be encouraging every single person I know, young and old, to come out in force to do it. I hope it's not too late to take America back to democracy from the brink of fascism....but if you don't think we're almost there based on these police videos, you aren't very intelligent or just don't care.
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