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    Come on everyone, can't we just let Tyjons be bygones?
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    He cleans house and keeps doing things his way. If we look like this years 3 and 4 we can talk about scheme changes. Until then you’re just being unfair.
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    Scott Frost is the only coach for Nebraska. We were lucky that last year's hottest coach in college football has deep Nebraska ties, because that's the only way we land the hottest coach in college football. It wasn't a homer move: Scott checks off every box. He brought in his people and his quarterback and hit the ground running. We had every right to expect immediate improvement because that's what new coaches do. It doesn't always show up in the record, but it usually shows up in attitude and fundamentals. The season is far from over, but we have every right to be concerned about the three game sample. That Akron game might not have turned out like we planned, either. The reason Scott Frost is the only coach for Nebraska is that had we hired anyone else, or kept our last coach, we would firmly believe that this team would never be 0-3 and rudderless if Scott Frost was running the show. He's still the only man for the job and I look forward to what he'll do in the next few years. But if we think we can't question the coaching when an entire team fails to show up, or perform basic football tasks they learned in high school, it's not really helping. If you see this team struggling and all you can do is blame Mike Riley, you're insulting the players, which is no better than blaming Frost. There's clearly a talent gap, but that's where the coaching comes in. Yesterday Army gave Oklahoma everything it could handle. Old Dominion beat Virginia Tech by two touchdowns behind its second-string quarterback coming off the bench. There's no reason this Nebraska team can't be in the same league as Army and Old Dominion, and I can't believe I just typed that. We have to be patient. At the same time we have to demand better. That's part of the deal. Not gonna be easy but there we are.
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    Scene: A dimly lit campsite, a fire mildly burning it's last log. Redux clicks on a flashlight and aims it at his face. Hey, you guys ever hear of the Mike Riley Curse? Member of camping group: Is that like the Frank Solich curse? MUUAAAHAHAHAHHHAAAAA! No my friends, this is far FAR worse! It all started in the Winter of 2014. Nebraskans had enjoyed no less than 9 wins a year for the better part of a decade but still grew restless for days of old when 1 or 2 losses a year was the norm, when trophies stockpiled in broom closets, when sideline demeanor was that of a discarded marionette. So collectively, the fan base ousted the meaney face man (at least many like to think they did) and entrusted a man dubbed the Ginger Asassin to find their next man in charge. The GA moved quickly, almost like he knew what he was doing. But nobody could have known what was to come. He entrusted Nebraska and their team to a man known as Smilin Mike Riley, a man nobody had ever seen or heard of before. They say he had come from a land called Corvallis but many speculated as to if such a place ever existed. Some say Smilin Mike never even existed before that day, conjured only by those who cried for a calmer sideline and happy faces. Smilin Mike Riley wasted little time implementing his style of football. Gone were the days when Nebraska would simply pound the rock for 3 yards to pickup a 3rd and 2 for a first down, now Nebraska used dump screens to a Tight End (whateverthehellthatis) in Hope's of 10 yards. It didn't take long for opposing teams to figure out this approach. Yet Smilin Mike kept on smilin. Nebraska lost it's first opener for the first time in almost 30 years, and the losses didn't stop there. By year 3 Smilin Mike was closing in on the Devil's number... Member of camping group: You mean 666?!! Bahahaha, no child. I speak of a far worse numeral, I speak of .500! Camping group collectively GASPS! After two and a half years of less than mediocre football, the Ginger Asassin was slain. His conjured up mythical being Smilin Mike was exiled, but not before he could complete his curse of .500 and cast darkness over all of Nebraska. He implemented his band of demons to turn our team into ginger bread men. He recruited entitled kids from out west to leave Nebraska high and dry in areas of need. He ate every last sprinkle in Lancaster county. His curse was complete but people were too busy celebrating his exile that they didn't even see it. Soon, a white knight was given the reings. The prodigal son, a native of the land, Sir Scott Frost was home to save everyone. The celebration continued and the kool aid flowed even heavier all the while the Mike Riley Curse brewed larger and more menacing. The signs were there although nobody wanted to see them. It started with the first game being canceled just as it began. People blamed the weather, but those in the know could tell it was the curse awakening! The very next week against an old foe the curse struck again in the form of a 14 point deficit, Sir Frost and his team clawed back and almost came away victorious but it was not meant to be. Even his hand picked Quarterback couldn't escape without injury. The next week a much simpler task in defeating a team from the Belt of Suns. This too was not meant to be as the curse again reared its ugly head in the form of a 17 point defecit the team could not overcome. Nebraska was 0-2 three weeks into the season. Then a monumental task in the form of Wolverines on a journey to the north, the team was completely blindsided by the curse this week and fell early and hard while the curse just smiled knowing that Smilin Mike Riley would be proud of the "effort". Some say Mike Riley still haunts Memorial Stadium to this very day, echoes of "golly" can still be heard in North Stadium. There is no telling when the curse will end, it could be weeks or it could be years. But it only took Smilin Mike 3 seasons to instill the mentality of .500 is a lofty goal, a task nobody thought possible in Lincoln. Nebraska stays home this week to battle a scrappy Purdue team, still very much inflicted with the toxic curse so nothing is certain and a once bright future remains cloudy waiting for the day Sir Frost can raise his arms victorious once again while wearing a red N. Until then, the curse will wreak havoc on Fall Saturday's, feeding off negativity and excuses. Until the curse can be broken by Sir Frost, Smilin Mike will continue to haunt Nebraska.
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    Thank you for your service.
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    I believe in him 100%. That doesn’t make him above criticism
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    Here’s pretty much my thought on guys that are willing to leave the team because frost is head coach and Riley isn’t.... f#&% EM.
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    My thoughts are that he was playing poorly the first few games of the season, saw his PT reduced, he got mad, so he quit.
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    Word on the street is Frost won't play Mazour because Albion beat Wood River.
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    What is an "Upvote"? Is it better than Plus One or a Thanks?
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    He probably looks at his paycheck and doesn’t regret it.
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    Man.... I don't even care. If it takes Scott Frost 2 years to get a locker room full of kids who think and speak and act like Tre Neal... man, we're going to be alright. We'll be just fine.
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    This is an unacceptable use of a 'Boom'.
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    FIFY. None of the transfers went to a University at or above Nebraska's level, so I don't get what you are struggling with. The other three are examples I just don't understand using for whatever argument you are trying to make. It is illogical and I showed as much above. Also, 7 of your examples are QB and we have discussed ad nauseum on this board about the 50% national average for QB transfers.
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    Also, I knew CM Husker. I fought CM Husker. CM Husker even sent me PMs. MountainMan is no CM Husker.
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    The last coach who took over a previously Riley led team straight up quit head coaching with millions on the table. It’s frustrating, but I’ll happily give Frost time to filter out the knuckleheads and sift through who the gamers are
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    Back to Lincoln, back to work. Improvement every day, tune the more toxic of the media and fans out.
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    Devine Ozigbo 17 carries for 170 yards Doesn't get much better than that! He ran like a madman , inside and outside, and I think he deserves recognition for a great effort.
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    Thank you Tyjon for your time as Husker and I wish you all the best going forward.
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    Can you please stay on topic? Mike Riley and Bo Pelini assaulted a chimpanzee, we don’t want to hear about your Badgers
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