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    So it begins. I predict by the end of fall camp Nebraska will be the board's favorite to win the West.
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    The assault happened August 25th. I presume some initial investigation was done after she reported it (maybe the next day, 8/26?) and it was announced they were off the team on 8/28. That's decently quick action, I'd say.
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    And also make it very clear to opposing teams that he was seriosuly hurt. Now that was probably clear from the film, but if they're not confirming injuries there's a chance it's something that could clear up over the course of the season. So you have to prepare for a healthy Martinez whether that's who is on film or not. If he says Martinez has a shoulder issue that will require offseason surgery, you can definitely prepare for the Martinez you've seen. Maybe that slight doubt of whether he can get healthy or not isn't worth it, but I am sure internally it was made very clear to Martinez that the critics won't know the whole story and that's just how it goes.
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    Maybe you don't know the difference between campus police and city of Lincoln law enforcement... Maybe you don't realize that she still shouldn't be blamed because they raped her... Seriously, there's no winning for you in this conversation. The fact that you felt you had to try and defend why she's to blame is sickening. Just stop.
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    Wow this was a tough season. Never thought we'd struggle so much. Colorado, Purdue, Indiana, and Iowa. All winnable games and if we had just split them the season would have a very different outlook but instead we went 0-4. This was really more of a 7-5 team but there is plenty of blame to go around and there is so much to fix so it's gut check time...are you in this for the long haul or not? Better find out quick. We are riding the Frost train for a long time. And I think that is the right move considering we have to keep younger players and recruits. As for this game vs Iowa: Play calling was poor. The swing passes and bubble screens were terrible. We don't have the blocking to make these plays work. More athletic defenders blow up this play regularly. Mills was having a strong game and then we go away from him? Why? Run the hot hand. McCaffrey comes in and shows immediate impact on the game and then really is not considered again, despite AM struggles to move the ball. Clock management was awful as we all know. Taylor-Britt made a nice pick six but seems like he is always in slow pursuit mode on big plays and it happened today again. He needs to gain speed. The defense has no pass rush. Man, this has been a problem for going on a decade that I have harped on every season. Why we don't recruit pass rush specialists is a major blind spot. Special Teams is not very good as we know. Future outlook: What the heck do we do with so many things to fix? Get healthy. Wandale was missing big today. I think we need to use him much smarter next season. Warner and Pickering were missing due to injuries this year too and it hurt us big time. I think the OL recruiting is going in the right direction. This has to happen for Frost's vision on offense to work. I'll wait and see on how the recruiting finalizes but if we don't finish in the Top 15 then I won't be impressed. This is now Priority #1 until signing day. I think McCaffery is the starter next year. I think Frost wants the Mariota / Milton prototype. AM is too big, indecisive, and plodding for this. To me he actually looks like he needs to drop weight and get back to more lean athleticism. Vedral fits it more but is a poor man's version of it. McCaffrey is somewhere in between it seems but his pure athleticism needs to be on the field. He is a dangerous runner much more so than the others and seems to have the best play action abilities. MoWa...we could have used him for sure. Will he be back? What the hell are we doing with the TE's? Seems like we have a lot of them on the roster and none are making a difference. We need at least one who excels as a blocker and another as a receiver threat (Hickman?). Gosh this position seems so underutilized. WR's...we are thin. Williams, Noa, and Woodyard are senior departures and none of them did anything this year. We are in need of serious upgrade at WR. Defense...yikes? Some bad asses need to emerge from this heap of ashes. Defensive player development is crucial. If I am a stud defender recruit we need to land these recruits because you could be a serious legendary Blackshirt. There is a ton of playing time to be had. So, no more buying into the hype: First year...it was almost impossible not to be optimistic with Frost's hiring (like how could that not be worth 2-3 more wins just for that?). Didn't happen. Second year...OK we now have that cruddy transition season over, we have our QB, and the schedule is easy...easy 8-9 win season. Really didn't happen. Third year...wow, we are not where we need to be after 2 crappy seasons. I'm calling 6-6 next season. Tell me why I am wrong. I'm in with Frost because he is our long term coach but I think this is a long term fix. GBR.
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    "If we don't win against Hawkeye Pierce and the rest of the 4077th I will plunge my 82' escort right into the Niobrara River just south of Valentine because that town has heart. We need a passion of the christ like performance from Adrian Martinez. Or the lord and savior TO will come down and smite all of the nonbelieving blue hairs still wishing for a blackout. So follow me my easily led automatons, less to my Jim Jones like rhapsody, my David Koresh like attire, and follow me to a Marshall Applewhite like state of euphoria.
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    So where did the people go who were insisting Chins defense was going to end up as bad as last years? The argument as I recall was Wisconsin/Maryland/Iowa were going to score enough on us that there wouldn't be any measurable progress this year, and yet: 2017: 36.4 (Diaco) 2018: 31.3 2019: 27.8 Unless Iowa goes for 70, that's improvement. Unless they go for 50+, that's significant improvement. Give him another year at least, especially with the younger guys coming up.
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    I learned Nebraska can play a complete game.
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    I was at the Arizona Utah game this weekend and there is NO shot this guy goes to Arizona. Crowd was terrible, team looked worse. D-coordinator, LB coach and D-line coach have all been fired as well. I don't know what Arizona could possibly sell Hodge on that NU isn't leaps and bounds better than them in. Lock this kid in as a Husker
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    Biggest thing is the team(and fans to an extent) relearned how fun winning big is. Now how the team takes this performance and translates it next Friday is the big question. Whole different animal lining up across from them. Also reiterizing how dumb three plays in the NW and Purdue games were. 14 could definitely helped against Iowa
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    It will feel better if Frost can get it done. And he will get it done. It’s ordained that way, right? But it if he doesn’t win and win a lot and eventually moves on...someone else will coach the team and I’ll still be there watching and cheering. It’s my team and I’m not going anywhere. Win or lose.
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    Anyone seen Walters in the last month? Haven't seen a recruit tweet they've seen him. We're visiting top WR targets, and bring Frost, Held, and Mario... IMO, there will be staff movement this offseason.
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    Defense is the most fun side of football to watch and anyone who doesn't agree is a bad person.
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    But seriously. All I saw from a quick glance was them talking about Jermaine Burton, WR flipping to them from LSU.
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    Tuioti at his high school today. In-home tonight. Frost and Fisher expected in-home next week.
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    Yeah....... pretty sure that’s not quite how that works
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    I don't need to be a professional cook to know when food sucks. I also don't need to know more about football than Frost or be a coach to know that they weren't working. Why run something over and over that consistently lost yards or went for no gain? The play calling was horrendous.
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    You're talking about secondary market tickets. They've already been sold and are being resold. I think some people are talking a last second loss to a decent Iowa team pretty hard. We win that game and none of these raging hot takes permeate the board. We're going to be fine next year. It's a tough schedule but these kids are learning to fight harder. And we won't be a team dominated by Freshmen and Sophomores.
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    They wave to the kids in the hospital.
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    There's no "or" here. If all of the tickets sell for a game, it's a sellout.
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    Please make a closed fist and punch yourself in the face as hard as you can. Thanks
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    I think we had a couple perfectly healthy and competent tight ends who rarely got into the mix of an offense made for tight ends, and the running back we now wish had run more often was healthy and available all season. Mills emerged a a legit featured running back when we couldn't rely on Wan'dale to do everything. And we lost to teams that were missing even more crucial players. So it's hard to say if we were simply an injury or two away from winning.
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    Maybe we were as committed as he was. If he was going to look at other schools while committed then we were going to look at other LB's. There's not much room to be upset when you were treating someone the same way they were treating you.
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    Do you also believe Manti T'eo's girlfriend was real? Because jfc dude you're just willfully choosing not to live in the simple facts of reality at this point.
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    Peace treaties benefit nations. That's what presidents are supposed to do - benefit a nation. Trump's bribe was a direct benefit to himself.
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    I wish there would be a war on Valentines Day. Would save me a lot of money
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    Really happy for JD today. It hasn't been the year we were all hoping for. He deserves a moment in the sun.
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    I have a hunch it's the old geezerlies that actually have the guts to hang in there and keep the faith. It's the youngin's that quit. I see it everyday at work. And everyday here. Just look up.
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    I would put a lot of money on him not returning
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    Maybe Mills is playing better because the Oline is? Maybe Wandale got used to much because when a player shows and is a focal point, you use him? Look at Bama QB, every player is one play away from injury. AM did seem off most of the year, no doubt. But look at Lawerence at Clemson, soph slump anyone? And AM still ranks in like top 5 B1G in ypg and total offense. He’s our guy. He’s started what, 15 games in college?? lol. He’ll be fine. Lay off the negativity. Your thoughts on what stinks won’t freshen the room. And those thoughts IMO are really short sighted. I see long term progress being made not doom and gloom. In other words, what IS working in your eyes? Can anyone get you to see positives or is it all negative? Cuz most of your posts are really negative.
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    The #1 thing that sticks out to me is that Mills has shown that he cares about fighting for being the #1 back and improving his game. Way too early to call this kind of thing, but his trajectory could be that of Devine's senior year if he stays hungry and keeps working his a$$ off. That's the kind of running game we need to compete in the B1G West.
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    I'm disappointed that Mazour was in on some critical plays in which it should have been Mills.
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    I know people are probably upset over the squanded opportunities, and I'm disappointed too, but I saw a grit that I havent seen this year. I don't think we're going to fix the D if Chin's around, but I saw mprovement in moments of the game. Overall, I though Adrian made better decisions. At times, there were holes to run through. Except for a few crucial play calls, most were good. We're not a plug and play school anymore. Time to celebrate the small wins and steps towards goodness.
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    I would assume for 31 pages, there would be more attrition to speak of.
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    Heh, My fireplace does look like that. Maybe better than that. The rest, not so much.
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    I can already tell this thread is gonna get out of control.
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    I wanna say that was Jack Gangwish.
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    Just about pitched a shutout, but the backups gave up a TD. Still - a Chinander defense hasn't finished a game giving up a score in the teens. Weird.
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    I'm surprised it is this close to be honest.
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    I think ordinarily you would have a lot of support that things are FUBAR, but this is so obvious and blatant that to ignore and write it off as you're doing means the end of this Republic. We will become Russia. I see no point in bickering about corruption when you refuse to acknowledge that something is trying to be done about it. There is a very clear wrong, and a very clear right here. To not acknowledge that is to fail to see truth.
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