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    Why was she looking at the Nebraska team and not waving at the kids?
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    Welp. Here we are again. 4-8, no bowl game, not even remotely ranked. Just like last year. Or... is it? I'm not going to blow sunshine up your behind and tell you that you should be happy with 4-8. But there are many reasons for optimism. Three more years of Adrian Martinez, three more years of Maurice Washington. JD Spielman will be back and badder than ever. In all, 17 of the 28 players in the offensive 2-deep for the Iowa game and 14 of the defensive 2-deep are back. And we've got some talent waiting in the wings. But most of all, we've got this coaching staff. And the second half of this season showed that they know how to coach, how to turn a ship around, with a lot of players they didn't recruit and a bunch of guys who resisted the buy-in. Some of those guys left, and we saw the result from the second half of the season. Against one of the toughest schedules we've faced in years, this staff had these guys ready to play in (nearly) every game. Michigan was an outlier, and irredeemably ugly. But that was the only such game. Last year there were five games just like that. Comparing 4-8 seasons with a bunch of uncommon opponents is tough. But in-conference we played seven of the same teams as last year. And we went 2-5 against that group, same as last year. But these weren't the same losses. We scored more against every one of those opponents this year compared to last year, 143 points in 2017 compared to 247 in 2018. That's more than two TDs per game better. We gave up fewer points to three of those teams, giving up 265 points to them last year compared to 247 this year. Just under 3 fewer points per game - and that's including Illinois who scored 29 MORE points this year thanks to AJ Bush and Purdue scoring 18 more this year thanks to David Blough. Both are seniors, both are gone next year. Despite playing Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio State and Northwestern on the road, we gave up 40 fewer points to those teams. So the defense, despite being the weaker of the two sides of the ball, definitely improved. Last year they gave up 50+ points to three of those seven teams. This year - zero. Last year we finished 1-5, half of those six teams scored 56 points. We weren't even contending to win four of those games. This year, we finished 4-2. None of those opponents scored more than 36 points. We could have won every one of our final six games. We also suffered zero soft-tissue injuries this year. So, yeah. We're 4-8 again. No improvement in the win column from a season that saw a coach fired last year. But man, there's plenty of improvement to see this year. It's like a completely different team. Get ready, Husker fans. Only 281 days until next season kicks off.
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    Chinander just completed his 3rd season as a coordinator. Twice inheriting awful teams with bad tendencies, full of the last guys recruits for a different scheme. The guys here at NU have had 4 different D coordinators in 5 years, depending on how long they've been in school. That means learning 2/3/4 new schemes while adjusting to new coaches. You don't think the kids at UCF recieved positive habits from this coaching staff they are carrying over this year after they took them from 0-12 to 13-0? It would be nice to inherit a 13-0 crew rather than a 116th ranked 4-8 crew. How about you just calm the heck down give him a couple years to recruit and develop?
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    We learned that some people apparently think a defensive culture and horrible recruiting can (should) be fixed in one season. We improved tons this year on defense compared to last year. "[Chinander] needs to find himself a new job" is 200% wrong. Give the man a couple of recruiting cycles before saying stuff like that. Some people's kids, man.
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    I mean, you can make the argument that DJ Durkin killed a guy.
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    The "Bump when Under the Influence" thread is in a different forum.
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    At first I'm like, you did it, you crazy sonofab@#ch, you did it. Then I'm like...
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    Honestly I don't know how Iowa's entire administration hasn't been arrested for this yet. Forcing sick children to watch Iowa football has to be illegal in at least a dozen different ways.
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    I didn't put 20 minutes into this every Saturday night for someone to come in saying "HAY GAIS WE WENT 5-7 ONCE AND I'M GONNA IGNORE THE RULES EVEN THOUGH EVERYONE'S TELLING ME WE ARE INELIGIBIBLE AND WE'RE GOING TO A BOWL 'CAUSE THEY LYK US" without bothering to even read any of it at all and then arguing with everyone and I'm certainly not going to explain when it's all here.
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    I learned the more I see fight in this team, the more I appreciate Riley being fired.
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    I just learned that my ignore list must be glitching.
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    ... Get out of here with that nonsense. There's a special place in hell for people like that and it's called Oregon State
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    People pick really weird hills to die on. This is one of them.
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    I'll be That Guy: not all those players were recruited in the 2017 class.
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    Another example of Nebraska living rent free in Iowa fan’s heads
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    Bootle was the highest graded corner on our team and led the entire team in PBU's (11th in the nation in this statistic). I'm thinking you're not only wrong...I think you're REALLY wrong.
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    As I've said before, he will not end up at Kentucky... L'ville if they an grab Brohm and NU are my bets to get him.. Frost knows the recruting life and when it comes to a big time player sometimes adults pressure kids into making decisions which only confuses these 17-18 yr olds. Wandale wanted to be N, Frost wanted Wandale. If he is going to be in home I believe it's to clear up any miss understandings that may have occurred, re-establish his family's belief that N is the best place for Wandale's future and truly see where we stand with him. Idk how much football you guys watch, but as a coach I watch a ton and you can see that Kentucky is not a good fit for him. Sure they're havnig a good season now but that offense is anemic. They also will lose 14-16 starters to graduation or the draft. Plus, after seeing us without spielman last week Frost knows we need another playmaker on the outside once Morgan is gone.
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    I learned that Adrian Martinez/Scott Frost throwing it 30+ times in the wind and inclement weather somehow just feels so much better and works better than Tommy Armstrong/Danny Langsdorf doing the same thing.
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    Forget the record. This team has made me (and, I think, most of the State of Nebraska - and those whose hearts are still here) proud of this program again. They’ve done it not with swagger or false bravado, but with “old-fashioned” values like humility, putting TEAM ahead of individuals, along with Hard Work and (perhaps above all) relentless perseverance. I hear those things from every coach and every player interview (most recently, Sipple’s article on Ozigbo). I felt this season would be a success if I ONLY saw EFFORT on the field. If I ONLY saw a team playing for 60 minutes. If I ONLY saw hope for the future. I’ve seen MUCH MORE than that. I can feel that the culture has changed (and yes, that process has only begun and will continue). I feel that everything is pulling in the same direction, and am grateful for a process that effectively, and Nebraska-Nicely, EJECTED players who could not (or would not) fit the new (old) culture. Regardless of how the last two games turn out, this entire team (from the AD down to the Rudy-est walk-on in the program) can take pride in the EPIC TURNAROUND that has already captured the nation’s attention. A special thanks to the Seniors who can take pride in laying their own “blocks in the foundation” (some literally, pardon the pun) of the Big Red Revival. It’s a great time to be a Cornhusker fan again, regardless of the won/loss record this year. GO BIG RED
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    Lets just hope his gf doesnt go to Kentucky.
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    In what fantasy world is this even remotely true? The only way they are "pretty similar" is that they both included snapping the football and either running or passing it. Other than that, they could not be more different. Pelini & Beck were running a version of the Oregon offense, so that part is true. Riley and Langs were running nothing of the sort. You could say nearly the exact opposite actually. By the way, this years Huskers have actually ran the ball 401 times and passed it 329 times. So apparently they are actually using the run to open up the pass.
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