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  1. 1) show me where the SC Justices lied in their hearings. 2) the next point moot because the first didn’t happen. Plus you are asking for unrealistic information,
  2. Still waiting on the answer to the question posed to you on what was wrong.
  3. And this is why no one takes you seriously and for good reason. The criteria he wanted was for someone to look into confirmation hearings from 50-200 years ago. Ain’t gonna happen. He can do the research if he wants to dispute someone. The cases have been posted, then he changed what he wanted. You chime in and say the same nonsense because you have sad trombone going on about the ruling and just want to argue for the sake of arguing.
  4. Ya, I posted the cases earlier there knap. Not a good look for you here.
  5. To a stupid question. Of course that should be the answer. He really thinks someone is gonna research SCOTUS confirmation hearings from 150 years ago I will leave that up to him. Along with figuring out and knowing what settled law and Precedent actually mean.
  6. I think this is where the goalpost emoji gets inserted.
  7. You may be surprised at what else was settled law and Precedent before getting overruled.
  8. America: where a baby is allowed a chance at life.
  9. LOL….no. We are in agreement FINALLY of my first statement about contraceptives not being banned by SCOTUS. Which you have been arguing about and now finally agree also.
  10. The ones having a hissy fit about Precedent during the confirmation hearings.
  11. Did I say it had already been banned? No I didn’t. That’s what I said too yet you are arguing about for some odd reason
  12. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_overruled_United_States_Supreme_Court_decisions People act like SCOTUS has never overruled itself.
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