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  1. Oh man. long thread but This is a pretty brutal takedown of the Mueller she wrote clown. People are gonna be quite embarrassed they EVER posted her stuff her. The amount of lies is crazy. LOL
  2. Well he did have early onset dementia towards the end of his presidency. I would say you may be right.
  3. Someone ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ STILL doesn’t understand what Twitter files is about
  4. That’s funny. Hopefully Dominos won the lawsuit. I think the Walgreens example is another case of a city/town/township not taking theft and property crime serious so now innocent patrons have to suffer because of the actions of criminals and inaction of a police force/and or DA’s office not getting a handle on the situation
  5. What the heck?!? As AOC once said, these people stealing were probably just hungry and looking for bread!! Why companies need anti-theft stores. It’s just property. https://www.the-sun.com/news/8264898/walgreens-debuts-anti-theft-stores-customers-hate/
  6. How many people were on that stage that day? Seemed good ol Joe was the only one not to see the sandbag. And yes, he’s too old to be President. So is Trump. Everyone should understand this.
  7. Sure he’s been competent. Didn’t think that was a high bar to cross the last two years Competent also doesn’t mean good The next 6 years may well be different.
  8. Being an 82 yr old stumbling mumbling mushbrain doesn’t really have much to do with any Republican. It’s kinda a Biden thing and not a Republican thing
  9. No way that guy makes it 6 more years as a competent President.
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