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  1. It seems your just not comprehending things. Everything around a web makes a difference. Talent around him, head coach (biggest difference of anything), training, none of that is in disputed by me. What your failing to understand, is that the special QB’s elevate the play around them, they don’t play down to lesser talent around them. AM’s not gonna make Kade Warner be CeeDee Lamb, but he sure as heck shoukd make him be a better Kade Warner than a replacement level JoeQB would. Throw the ball on time, find the open tight end that was constantly running free. He shouldn’t consistently throw too late and hang Jd out to dry. He should give our RB and or Reciever every chance to be successful on a screen pass by hitting him in stride and on time. Turnovers should be limited to next to nothing on fourth quarter drives in one score games. All those little things matter and help get every ounce of talent out of the teammates he has. It’s the difference between a 2,200 yrd 12/10 season and a 3,000 yrd 20/5 season. All by controlling things he can control. And Yes. More talent makes things easier. no one disputes that.
  2. Not sure what point your trying to make, but it’s whatever it is, it doesn’t seem to be working out. Masoli, not that great, Wilton a Michigan transfer not sure why he fits in, and Milton played exceptional without a ton of NFL talent returning from Frosh to sophomore year as has already been established. Herbert a first round NFL draft pick most likely. Oregon was good, UCLA not so much and Mckenzie elevated those around him. Got it. Also, Transfer QB’s are hit or miss. Some are Masoli and some are a Wilson. Shocker.
  3. Smothers could redshirt, sit one and still have three to play. Luke could believe AM won’t last a season W/O injury and he will get his chance. It was just thinking out loud with no prediction.
  4. I’m starting to wonder if AM will be named the starter as long as the competition is even somewhat close for 1 reason. AM is still a 3 for 2 guy and the coaches could believe that AM would just enter the transfer portal if not the starter instead of being back up while trying to win the job back. I dont think AM has to be the best, just close enough to justify starting him at the beginning and letting his game play dictate the next course of action. Just a random thought.
  5. And I should probably clarify 2 things: 1) if AM is the starter, then I absolutely hope he plays fantastic, heisman level type season, and NEB wins 10 games. I root for all the players to succeed on the field and in life. 2) AM’s freshmen season was a good season for a true freshman, but would not be good enough for a junior starter, or third year starter in this type of system. It’s a QB driven system that gives the starter tons of opportunity to drive up a fantastic stat line.
  6. So I just want to be clear, you will be very happy with AM this coming year if he throws for 2,750 yards, 17 TD’s with 8 INT’s and adds another 630 yards rushing, 8 TD’s and 6-8 fumbles lost to the mix?
  7. Way to project your irrational thoughts into a reply that said nothing of the sorts. Never once said getting injured= end of the world. Injuries are a fact of life for a QB in that type of offense, and actually for our current type of offense too. It’s also a fact that AM hasn’t played a full year in any of the past three. So project your feelings all you want if it makes you feel better. Hard to argue with facts though.
  8. Are you speaking of the talent and depth of the 2017 UCF line ranked 67th in the country that returned 2 starters and another player coming off a bad knee injury. Plus all the talent/experience at WR that returned, oh wait I mean the 1 player with over 800 yards that returned. Or the 1,000 yard experienced running back that returned from their 2016, errrrr, not that either I guess. It’s amazing how much more talent and experience UCF has had than Nebraska. I hear it it loud and clear from you, bucko, a Quarterback can’t elevate the rest of the offense around him. A QB can only be above average if he has lots of talent and experience around him. And by the way, if you can’t get past the fact that the stats from his freshman season are average at best from a QB in this offense, then not sure what to tell you. The most impressive part of AM’s freshman season was that he won the job as a true freshmen and that he had a slightly better than average season as a true freshman. Make no mistake about it though, you put those stats on any nameless sophomore, junior, or senior and it’s not an all-American type season. He got all the hype in the offseason because of the improvement wveryonenthought he would make off his freshman season. Not because his freshman season was filled with off the chart stats and play.
  9. My guess is that he would get hurt and the backup would play half the games. His passing stats would go down (lack of opportunity) rushing attempts would go up till he got hurt.
  10. Which kinda proves my point. UCF has a losing record that year with those stats, same as NEB. You can’t be successful as a team with a QB that has those types of stats in this offense. The offense is designed around a certain type of QB in order to win games. Thank you for agreeing with me.
  11. Ummm, Who’s to say he wouldn’t of? What super talent did he have around him at Tech? A sixth round pick and a 5th round pick. Good chance the 2019 team could have that by the time everyone graduates. If Mahomes has NU’s 2019 defense that year, he probably wins 11 games at a minimum.
  12. This offense is designed around the QB. An average athletic QB will have those stats you just described. However, we won’t win 9-10 games a year with those stats at QB in our offense. Iowa, MSU, etc would do well with a QB like that stat wise, not us. We need more than just an athletic game manager.
  13. Perfect. Let’s focus on the .5% of the idiot posters rather than the other 99.5%
  14. Well I hope there aren’t any idiots out there rooting for some college player to fail just so they can toot their horn claiming they were right about the player. Such a sad existence if that’s the case. I think the vast majority ate skeptical of AM but would absolutely root for his success is chosen to be starter.
  15. Not really. If he wins the job, plays up to the standards of a Top 15 starting QB, then I’m guessing all Nebraska will love him. Mid he wins the job and doesn’t play well like last year, then people will probably call for the next man up.
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