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  1. Wasn’t me, though I don’t see the big deal about a smiley emoticon. The bigger travesty was being told to be careful about how to answer a post!
  2. Biden can’t even read from a teleprompter at this point without getting confused. Your numbers are completely off.
  3. I see this as almost certain given Biden’s mental decline in the past 6-8 months. It will be interesting to see if Harris gets Primaried though. And I think the article is correct is saying DeSantis is the Republican nominee
  4. Pew has found that it actually ticked up since 2017
  5. 1). Not to my knowledge. If so, that would illegal. 2). I’m not against weekend voting, I’m fine with it as I am fine with a voting holiday. I am against people thinking the deck is stacked against certain groups when everyone has to follow the same set of rules that are not cumbersome in today’s day and age. Unlike the unreasonable laws in the many years past. Now you understand the point I am making
  6. Still trying to figure out what I am supposed to be careful about? I don’t have a problem with weekend voting. I also already shown support for a Election Day holiday. My question is how does the elimination of weekend voting become racist against the Black population but not any other group of people? Doesn’t everyone have an equal opportunity to early vote on weekdays or weekends? I understand the souls to the pols thing. But is after church the only time in a 30-45 day window that someone can vote for African Americans? A large portion of Hispanics are
  7. Trump went from 88% Republican voters to 96%. The Lincoln Project failed at its actual stated mission of getting Republicans to vote for Biden
  8. Is weekday voting only allowed for white, Asian, Indian, and Hispanic voters?
  9. Do you not realize that the kids were not allowed in the same facilities that the parents were being held in for longer than 20 days per that agreement.
  10. Genius. Compare the US to an isolated Island country with a population of 5 million people.
  11. Crossing the border illegally combined with the Flores agreement. Processing and adjudicating the crime takes longer than 20 days.
  12. https://www.drugpolicyfacts.org/chapter/prevalence 21. Prevalence of Drug Use in the US by Race/Ethnicity " In 2013, among persons aged 12 or older, the rate of current illicit drug use was 3.1 percent among Asians, 8.8 percent among Hispanics, 9.5 percent among whites, 10.5 percent among blacks, 12.3 percent among American Indians or Alaska Natives, 14.0 percent among Native Hawaiians or Other Pacific Islanders, and 17.4 percent among persons reporting two or more races.
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