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  1. It’s not hypocritical. The owner of the restaurant used the money because NO MONEY was coming in. He/she was forced to close his business. PPE was supposed to be used to continue to pay bills and pay employees. Is business still getting the PPE? Now, extended unemployment is for people who had no job prospects because of the pandemic. They had no money coming in. That is no longer the case, plenty of jobs available, most paying more than pre-pandemic levels. No need for extended unemployment. Owner is making that argument.
  2. Ya that’s not what we are talking about. We are talking about instances where a mob of protestors is surrounding a car, banging on said car and many times trying to break windows or enter car. Being able to drive away at that point is what we are talking about.
  3. We have an issue with both it seems if you read the actual comments
  4. Your link doesn’t seem to go to his study? Just goes to a generic U of Chicago page that tells about his program.
  5. No. She's replying to Jordan's tweet that was comparing gas prices last year with now, which is why the unemployment rate last year was brought up because it's relevant to gas prices last year. If she is tying gas prices to unemployment rate she isn’t doing good at the making the argument she thinks she is making.
  6. Might be the most ignorant post in this forum. There are no current voter suppression laws currently voted on or being voted on. Anyone who can vote will still be able to vote. Please prove otherwise. Your fantasy statements don’t really cut it. I certainly supported Trump as President and candidate. Also gave him the right to challenge the vote within the law. After mid-December I didn’t support that and “posting history” shows that. Please be accurate at some point. “Trump sychophants and Jan6th have nothing to do with me. At some point be accurate.
  7. When did I say this. Try attacking the posts instead of making s#!t up about the poster.
  8. I took it as she was trying to make a dig on the unemployment situation then vs now as an indictment on how much better Joe has been for the economy by using the unemployment rate during a pandemic.
  9. I wonder if Wilson understands what the restaurant owner did with the PPP loan and how that is not correlated to extended unemployment.
  10. Where is the proof these 18 vehicular crimes were committed by white nationalists or extremists? Just some guys word?? The link goes a generic UofChicago page. Did he post all the instances somewhere so we can see his justification. I believe we can also come up with more than 18 instances of protesters blocking traffic and causing harm to vehicles and driver/passengers.
  11. Feel free to copy and paste what I said vs posting cute memes.
  12. What’s Jen’s point in bringing up unemployment in that discussion. She already won the gas price argument only to just clown herself with an unemployment argument.
  13. This seems to be a problem for Sheldon who always puts on a good show accusing others of racism or systemic racism, yet belongs to an all white club. More hypocrisy in Politics. Who would have thunk it Looking forward to this being a week long headline story in the NYT, WAPO, CNN, MSNBC
  14. I said the far left talking point of calling Republicans fascist may be cute but it’s incorrect. I didn’t accuse anyone of anything but saying far left talking points that aren’t true. Try again.
  15. you are drowning in right wing propaganda. and keep pushing the life boat away when it gets close to you. here you go. Let me know what is right wing propaganda.
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