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  1. Thank you for looking that stuff up! I think given those stats, it’s more likely for TOSU and Bama to have freshmen on the two deep than a Nebraska. They have more 5 star talent coming in and more junior draftees leaving early than Nebraska.
  2. How many of those were 5 star recruits?
  3. How many true freshman start for Ohio State or Alabama? Not sure where to look that up.
  4. Thank you for this. I totally agree. Bring kids in, let them develop. If they start by their redshirt soph year then perfect. Very very few should be wanted on the field as a true fresh
  5. Correct. The person I was replying to said sample size is what matters. I argue sample size, and data input relative to what you are looking at both matter.
  6. And this is exhibit #1 on why Nebraska hasn’t been relevant in so long. The production form the QB position has not been Top 20 caliber. Saying AMart has been as good as anyone else we’ve had is not a ringing endorsement. The completion percentages and TD/INT rations are not good for anyone on that list
  7. It actually depends on how good the sample is along with data size. Data size alone will not produce good results. Garbage in/garbage out. Pharma companies will do approval studies with 1000 patients and get results that mimic the use after approval on 1 million patients. Poll 2000 registers voters and the data will be worse than polling 500 likely voters that voted in the previous election. Its basic statistics!
  8. I bet if you checked the numbers they would be pretty close to the same but without the interceptions.
  9. Frost is not and should not be in trouble. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be looking inward this offseason and finding out where he is falling short as a coach too. Some decision making, play calling at times, and time management. I also believe he hamstrung the defense at times by being a little too cavalier about going for it on 4th down and giving the opposing team a short field. Sometimes it’s ok to try and pin the other team deep and see what happens.
  10. Martinez looks bad to fans because he what is possibly the worst touchdown to turnover ratio in P5 football. He is also a 1 read QB which limits an offense’s possibilities. He needs to get drastically better or someone else needs to fill the spot. Another year of 2019 Martinez is a recipe for 5-7 or 6-6. I dare say, if our special teams wasn’t a dumpster fire and played barely above average along with competent QB play, the record would have been 8-3 this year. Even if nothing else changed.
  11. Very well could be. Trying to remember, but didn’t Wyatt start that last drive we had in the game? If so, no reason whatsoever to not have Mills play darn near every snap in the most important drive of the game.
  12. Out of Offense, defense, special teams; special teams is the easiest to make drastic improvements from one season to the next. Spend the money on a true special teams coach and win that third of the game.
  13. And your of the impression that no coach has ever made a personnel mistake? Or decided on a QB and got married to that decision too much that it clouded decision making when it was obvious to others that some type of change needs to me made? Coaches are not infallible.
  14. Good point here. Mills was crushing much of the game, then all of sudden everyone is asking where is Mills? What happened to Mills? Etc...add that to the 20 swing passes that netted negative yardage.
  15. You mean he wasn’t experienced to come in like AM did last year as a true freshman after not playing his senior year in HS? That argument doesn’t work, but I do agree that McCaffrey was t physically ready enough to play. With the way Frost likes to run the QB, he would have gotten killed:).
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