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  1. Where did you see this reported? Alex Cole??
  2. It’s crazy to think the party of “Democracy” is currently organizing a coup to take out the Democratically selected nominee of their party.
  3. Archy1221

    NFL 2024

  4. It is interesting at the adults table. You should come join us sometime I will personally help translate the big words. Im sorry your guy can’t form coherent sentences to get his thoughts out. I really truly am. It’s make me sad for him and you. It’s why he’s probably gonna get replaced unfortunately. Other Dena would have this race wrapped up by now given the opportunity to talk in coherent language and run for a full year.
  5. Most Democrats recently have polled well ahead of their final tally in the spring and summer before a Presidential election. This was pointed out on CNN not too long ago.
  6. Agree. It would be nice if the current guy could actually say it.
  7. Yet I didn’t. I believe the transcription was basically word for word It’s really not our fault Biden can’t make coherent speech at this point. Maybe blame the guy doing the talking
  8. Thank you for acknowledging you were wrong and that he did say those words. Your second paragraph is correct, unfortunately your guy just can’t do it. And you want him elected leader of the free world. Neither him nor Trump should be and you should join me in taking a stand and writing in a candidate. BTW….no one claimed Joes dementia caused him to believe we had internet during Roosevelt’s time. You pretty much missed the point of the post and trying to keep your agenda of Joe doesn’t have a problem.
  9. San Fran Nan is telling Biden to get out according to CNN.com. She’s telling Joe that he will cost Dems the House also if he stays in the race. He’s toast
  10. Must have been the Covid making him think we had Internet back in the Roosevelt days Can you imagine the stuff this dude says that’s NOT on tape?!?!?!??
  11. Filidorkski is big mad. I just hate to see it
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