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  1. Do you also remember much of the testimony that people gave was in private with only snippets released to the public in the beginning instead of testimony in front of the committee and the world to see from the start?
  2. I wonder if that Democrat rep will be asking his colleagues why they requested Republicans to testify in private during the Russia Russia Russia hearings? Who are we kidding, he won’t!
  3. It’s possible you didn’t read the article especially the last paragraph in the article which insinuates the outings are true and others voted no to prevent them from being outed Filidorkski doesn’t trigger me unless you consider posting on a message board being triggered. If that be the standard, this thread is full of triggered HB users
  4. This is funny. Until any facts come out (though political insider trading certainly wouldn’t surprise anyone and probably happens with over half of the politicians) I find it ironic that Filidorski believes Santos allegations across the board, yet makes fun of Santos past lying profile of himself. Seems Santos is Filidorski’s useful idiot to promote his website more
  5. https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/knicks-mitchell-robinson-takes-in-his-grieving-high-school-basketball-coach-as-new-roommate/
  6. The 2022 and 2023 FCS All-American QB’s started their careers at FBS schools according to their school bio’s
  7. He’s actually not because he doesn’t point out WHY Tesla isn’t paying any corporate income tax nor how other companies are doing this same thing. As another noted, the tax incentives aren’t unique to Tesla, so why doesn’t the tweeter point that out. He obviously had an axe to grind.
  8. I don’t doubt that. I prefer to look at if from a big picture standpoint and point out the systemic nature of multinationals doing this
  9. BTW…on the tax thing, it’s not a Tesla thing it’s a Us tax loophole thing in 2 different ways so I’m not sure why this Anders guy doesn’t say that. And it’s a loophole that Congress should look into to fix if possible on the booking of overseas profits. The past losses write off I’m fine with. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2022/02/10/investing/elon-musk-tesla-zero-tax-bill/index.html "That defies common sense, but it does not defy the US tax code," said Martin Sullivan, chief economist for Tax Analysts, a nonprofit tax publisher, and an expert on US corporate tax practices. Moving profits overseas — on paper Sullivan said he believes the $130 million loss on its US operations is most likely due to a common practice for US multinational corporations: structuring their operations so that overseas subsidiaries are the ones reporting income, leaving the US operation to have little or no taxable income to report. For example, a company can assign its intellectual property to one of those foreign entities, and charge its US unit a fee for using that property. And thus, the foreign operation is very profitable, while the US company — burdened with "costs" to the company itself — reports either a loss or very little income. "It's a US multinational thing. It's very common. It's almost malpractice not to do that," said Sullivan. A recent report from the US Department of the Treasury found 61% of the international profits of US multinational companies are booked in seven small countries -- Bermuda, the Caymans, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Singapore and Switzerland -- known as tax havens. It's a practice that many elected officials and the Biden administration have vowed to crack down on. Considering the substantial financial help that Teslahas long received from government support for its electric cars, the company doesn't have to use a shell game of offshoring its profits to avoid paying taxes. Instead, it could use past losses to shelter its current income from any tax bill. ech companies that lose money for years before turning a profit — such as Amazon (AMZN) — have used this technique. So have old line companies that have financial problems, such as all US airlines, which will probably not have to pay taxes for years to come after recording billions of dollars in losses during the pandemic — despite receiving billions in federal help. Similarly, Tesla's US automaking competitors lost so much money in the first decade of this century that General Motors (GM) and Chrysler needed government bailouts. Despite those bailouts, neither company paid taxes for several years once they were again profitable
  10. The gas tax is something that needs rectified for electric vehicles for sure. Corporations should pay income taxes on any profits they make. In terms of subsidies, how much in government money has Tesla received over the years? Now take a look at how much in Government money has the Detroit Three received over the years?
  11. Literally NO ONE is saying the opposite The point you are desperately trying to dismiss and deflect from is how quickly kids were able to get back to in person learning in each state.
  12. I think after last night, Joe doesn’t have to worry about Gavin in 2024. I really don’t know why GN would have subjected himself to that humiliating debate. Maybe he just didn’t prepare, or maybe he just thinks he’s not a bad Governor? He may have even lost the 2028 nod after last night
  13. What? I’m quite positive EVERY state shut down schools for a certain time set. Who is saying anything different?
  14. He’s straight posting the data from the SFChronicle. You don’t understand this……not surprising
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