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  1. Hopefully you do understand that HB is currently under federal investigation for his business dealings. Hopefully. I love how people on this site wanted every tiny little thing investigated fully from 2016-2020 and now froth about investigations……
  2. Took about 35 seconds…… https://nypost.com/2022/03/30/washington-post-admits-hunter-biden-laptop-is-real/amp/ The paper said two security experts used cryptographic signatures from Google and other technology companies to validate nearly 22,000 emails from 2009 to 2019, including messages related to Hunter Biden’s controversial overseas business dealings. https://nypost.com/2021/10/12/one-year-later-the-posts-hunter-biden-reporting-is-vindicated-but-still-buried/amp/ One year ago, The Post revealed that Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop carried proof he sold influence while his father served as vice president — and his dad, now president, knew it. Yet most other media treated the story itself as the scandal, reporting only on vague claims that sought to undermine it rather than rushing (as they would’ve under the last president) to advance it themselves.
  3. Actually I will speak and post whenever I damn well please and will not stfu. You have no idea what’s on the laptop anymore than I do outside of what the Post has put out, which is a lot more than porn pictures of a crackhead. Bury your head in the sand on anything else out there if you please. I don’t really care. The guy is currently under Federal Investigation and it ain’t for what you are frothed about. Business disclosures from the laptop could add to it. Unfortunately for your side, it’s a Biden so I understand why your side wants to relegate it down to only pictures.
  4. Another good deflection.
  5. Who is the we’re in this statement? The only ones who keep bringing those pics up now in this are some of the liberal members of the board. Those people are trying to make the non story portion of this the story for obvious reasons.
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^not true. Read the New York Post reporting on it. Even the NYT’s is reporting on it now.
  7. You honestly are here to say that you have no idea what the House would want to investigate that doesn’t involve pornographic pictures or a crackhead son? You truly believe there is less nothing else released from the laptop that the Investigative committee wants to see if it’s true? If that’s the case, you definitely do not understand the story. Whether the allegations pan out or not is another issue. But you may ask yourself why most liberals are trying to boil this down to porn pictures and do the old “look over here, over here at the jay walking, don’t look over there at the bank robbery” was hinge that’s going on. #Thebigguy
  8. It’s not, NebraskaHarry just doesn’t understand what he is speaking of. It’s best you follow the story for yourself than take his word for it and generate your own opinion.
  9. The tweeter who shared a shot of the NYT article…lol….all of a sudden you got a problem with NYT because it’s shared by someone who works with something called Grayzone. Didn’t have that on my 2022 liberal bingo card
  10. Didn’t realize the data being released by twitter was lies who knew the emails and notes written by actual people were just made up by a cabal of conspiracy people like the “used to be lefts favorite journos till they didn’t fall in line with narrative journos”. I do love all the froth though about showing transparency from a major social media company. I guess we all are into secrecy now a days.
  11. Tony Fauci, who can cite study after study after study after study from memory while on TV, suddenly has a case of Alzheimer’s while giving a deposition under oath
  12. When people can’t attack the facts and message, they attack the source….lolz. What does mediabiasfactcheck say about NYT?? As that’s where the info came from…..lolz. All the MAEA journo’s attacking Matt to own the cons is quite juicy.
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