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  1. How is that Sabotage when those governors are basically pushing those folks into the ACA.
  2. Long winded way of states saying able bodied childless adults probably shouldn’t have incomes below the poverty line and therefore be part of the Medicaid system. It also says those people have substantial premium subsidies in the ACA exchange. Those people have an income issue more than anything if they are indeed able bodied adults. My 18 yr old averages $16-$18 an hour after gas money delivering for Door Dash. Doing that 8 hrs a day for 6 days a week with 3 weeks off is $40k a year. This is saying that more people are enrolled in the actual ACA exchanges with substantial pre
  3. Essentially the author is trying to blame Republicans for legally challenging the Constitutionality of the Individual Mandate as Republican Sabotage. Remember my first post on this, the lack of an individual mandate has had no real adverse impact on the exchange plans in 2019 as said by the links embedded by the author. States opted out of Medicaid expansion because after three years, those states would be on the hook for the funding of the expansion. States have to balance budget and some probably thought they would have trouble doing so with the expansion. I don’t see how that i
  4. “The CO-OP failures have been due in large part to a combination of premiums that were too low, benefits that were too generous, enrollees who were sicker than anticipated, competition from bigger carriers with larger reserves, the risk corridor shortfall that was announced in the fall of 2015, and the risk adjustment payment announcements that were made in June 2016 (see below for a timeline of the closures).” Quote taken from the original posters link healthinsurance.org article. Failures due to many factors and not Republican Sabotage. “Issuers whose premiums exceed cl
  5. I’m not, but Fauci and the other scientists seem to be arguing that
  6. They can and do transmit it, but not like other viruses at those same rates. Red Denver posted a video clip from Fauci today saying just this. I’m really not trying to make an argument or say something to be a contrarian. It is legitimately in the scientific data. And age within then childhood spectrum seems to matter some with this too.
  7. Maybe it’s the mandatory mask wearing on the school campus, combined with the mitigation policies the schools have in place, combined with the data showing kids don’t seem to transmit the virus like other viruses. Or in other words, Science.
  8. Not disputing what your friend says but how does he know that people are contracting the disease in school?
  9. I have kids in a large school district in KS and the Covid dashboard is pretty low. And that only shows total infections. Not just infections traced to school spread.
  10. https://www.npr.org/2020/10/21/925794511/were-the-risks-of-reopening-schools-exaggerated "Where you see cases on the rise in a neighborhood, in a county, we see that tend to be reflected in a school," Dickson said. "[But] we're not seeing spread by virtue of being in school” https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-02973-3
  11. Not true. they are actually saying there is minimal to no spread inside the school building. They are saying school is a safe place to learn.
  12. I am literally responding to what is in your post and the links provided within said post. my response is to the first paragraph as I noted. I have also said more to come which means I will be addressing them as I have addressed the first paragraph. There are lots of points in your article and I will respond little by little instead a gigantic post. if you don’t like my response that is fine and your prerogative. Just don’t claim that I am not addressing them, because that would not be true once I’m done.
  13. All the scientific agencies are saying schools do not contribute to spread in a meaningful way. Basically the contract tracing studies are saying the kids who do catch Covid are catching in in the community and not catching it while at the actual school building.
  14. The stats on school spread tell a scientific story that schools should be open. Fauci agreed, WHO agrees, CDC agrees
  15. Out for contract tracing or out for actual infections? If your school has high spread related to schools that would make for a unique case study. Multiple studies have shown very limited spread traced back to schools. So if schools are not the problem, keep them open. hope your niece and nephew are well.
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