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    Retirement life, volunteer handyman (i.e. Habitat for Humanity helper), remodeled my house (in progress), now TV couch potato .... CFB and movies/docs (mostly NetFlix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu), vacations, nonfiction books, online news/sports/weather and encyclopedia (Wiki) via new fangled "internet" connection ;>). Never used Twitter, Facebook, social media, etc.

    I know, way behind the times ! However, I joined Huskerboard.com and Huskerpedia (HuskerMAX) BBS forums.

    I tried to become an OU fan but I can't ... completely different atmosphere compared to NU and I can't stand Boomer Sooner fight song every fricking play !

    I had never really followed Sooners football especially leaving Bevo Conference (used to be Big12). BTW, my house is two miles away from Gaylord stadium !

    Six feet tall and slightly overweight, 215 pounds, all beer belly fat !

    Born and raised in South Dakota, lived in Hastings and Lincoln Nebraska from 1975 thru 1992

    GBR !

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  1. Hooked on Huskers

    B1G Football Kickoff Luncheon - July 19th in Chicago

    Chicago Hilton Kickoff Luncheon Bartender Moe character. It reminds me of Mark Dantonio. All the time, frowned face. Win or lose. Perfect fit, drunken Barney, Blue-Haired Lawyer, Fat Tony, Smithers w/shower hat and of course, Rainier Wolfcastle (Scott Frost look-alike)
  2. Hooked on Huskers

    2019 Big Ten Grid

    TV CFB Listings. August 24th, Samford vs. Bo's crew (ESPN), UThugs vs. Florida (ESPN), and Arizona at Hawaii (CBS Sports).
  3. Hooked on Huskers

    *** Official 2019 Season Countdown Thread ***

    52 days to go . Need to find Delorean car.
  4. Hooked on Huskers

    Cornhusker Strong

    I hate summer ala off-season. June ... ....July ... ....August ... . Need to extend football schedule .... opening season game changed from traditional September to June, total of 24 games instead of measly 12.
  5. Hooked on Huskers

    Cornhusker Strong

    Lots of my posts use copy & paste inputs. Faster instead of my one-finger keyboard ..... slow as molasses! Plus horrible grammar and lack of spelling knowledge. survivor massive stroke
  6. Hooked on Huskers

    Cornhusker Strong

    Disagree. Not me but see YouTube comments. Majority of comments said disrespectful´╗┐ on the judges part.
  7. Hooked on Huskers

    Cornhusker Strong

    I never heard of Faith Hill until she was a judge on The World Best contest. Voice beyond this world being judged by a bunch of clowns. Hill and especially bald headed guy/gal? talent put together is not even half of Dimash's talent. Extremely disrespectful on the judges part. Disgusting. He allowed the children to move forward and made a choice to let he children move ahead. Previous show ..... Dimash agreed to perform at the Got Talent Global show during his visit to UK. Simon Cowell and lady judge cried during his performance.
  8. Hooked on Huskers

    Cornhusker Strong

    https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/singer-heidi-merrill-claims-carrie-underwood-stole-nfl-anthem-game-on-211126153.html Carrie Underwood - Heidi Merrill song ..... Resemblance ? Anyway, I don't like country western songs. Most songs are the same tunes.
  9. Hooked on Huskers

    75 Years Since D-Day

    My dad passed away 5 years ago. He was 93 years old, WWII veteran. Never discussed his WW2 experience but my mom third party info. He was landing on Omaha beach .... not D-Day date but about one week later. Very few enemy troops if any .... German retreat and/or ran out of ammo. He was a mobile anti-aircraft gunner. Later on, he was involved Battle of Remagen bridge.
  10. Me too ..... top 3 Back to the Future series Forest Gump .... I like soundtrack Shawshank Redemption and maybe .... Terminator 2 Dirty Dozen (oldie) or Full Metal Jacket (first half). Perhaps Christmas Vacation and Airplane!. My younger age, Wizard of Oz, 12 years old or younger and 1968 Night of the Living Dead (16-17 years old). Repeat time after time. At the time, Night of the Living Dead b/w movie was scared to death. Now, funny ......... Hulu & Prime Video recently viewers. Anyhoo, I liked based on true story movies. My first thoughts ......... Apollo 13 Imitation Game (nevertheless, stretch the truth) Midnight Express (nevertheless, stretch the truth) A Beautiful Mind (nevertheless, stretch the truth) Aviator
  11. Hooked on Huskers

    What are you listening to right now?

    Continued Dimash .... He agreed to perform at the Got Talent Global show during his visit to U.K. Simon and lady judge cried during his performance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bL6g_6qVLY
  12. Hooked on Huskers

    What are you listening to right now?

    You ever heard of Dimash Kudaibergan? Half Russian (father side) and other half, Kazakhstan (mother). Used to be Kazakhstan was a part of Russia until 1991 USSR split. Check it out. Same as China contest ..... see my previous post (Polina). Vocal range of 6 octaves! And twelve different languages, yes twelve . My wild guess, Polina and Dimash are Chernobyl's radiation effects https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dimash_Kudaibergen Skip BS intro until 2:30 mark (English voice)
  13. Hooked on Huskers

    JD Spielman Concussion

    I thought JD concusssion weeks before spring game. Could be wrong.
  14. Hooked on Huskers

    JD Spielman Concussion

    Make sense. Thanks. Kinda like boxing ..... equal to AFL.
  15. Hooked on Huskers

    JD Spielman Concussion

    I know it. I confess many posts was untracked threads. Anyhoo, JD concussion was ancient news.