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    Retirement life, volunteer handyman (i.e. Habitat for Humanity helper), remodeled my house (in progress), now TV couch potato, vacations, nonfiction books, online news/sports/weather and encyclopedia (Wiki) via new fangled "internet". Never used Twitter, Facebook, social media, etc.

    I know, way behind the times ! However, I joined Huskerboard.com and Huskerpedia (HuskerMAX) BBS forums.

    I tried to become an OU fan but I can't ... completely different atmosphere compared to NU and I can't stand Boomer Sooner fight song every fricking play !

    I had never really followed Sooners football especially leaving Bevo Conference (used to be Big12). BTW, my house is two miles away from Gaylord stadium !

    Six feet tall and slightly overweight, 220 pounds, all beer belly fat !

    Born and raised in South Dakota, lived in Hastings and Lincoln Nebraska from 1975 thru 1992

    GBR !

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  1. Hooked on Huskers

    B1G Week 10

  2. Hooked on Huskers

    *** Official Illinois Game Thread ***

    offense .... special team .... defense. Two out of three not bad offense .... special team .... defense. Two out of three not bad
  3. Hooked on Huskers

    *** Official Illinois Game Thread ***

    We need to rehire Diaco
  4. You watched Making a Murderer, Part 2, premieres on Oct. 19 ??? (10 episodes). Interesting, equal to Part 1. Of course, biased, again. Anyway at first, I didn't really like Kathleen Zellner but the last 2 or 3 episodes, she was okay. And I can't handle smiley Laura's face (escape last name). BTW, guilty or not? (Avery & Dassey). How about additional suspects ....... Scott Tadych , Bobby Dassey and Teresa's boyfriend ?
  5. Hooked on Huskers

    Monday after Purdue is going to be interesting

    Early line ...... Nebraska +28 vs. Purdue. I recommend bet Boilers.
  6. Hooked on Huskers

    Nebraska will beat Michigan

  7. Hooked on Huskers

    BTN Bus Tour

  8. Hooked on Huskers

    Biggest Concerns?

    I'm worried about injuries. And suspended and/or kicked off players both team violations and jail time.
  9. Hooked on Huskers

    Pre-Season USA Today Coaches Poll

    I don't like twitter input thing use http://www.espn.com/college-football/rankings
  10. Hooked on Huskers

    Pelini to OSU

    delete .. wrong thread
  11. Hooked on Huskers

    Pelini to OSU

    or Bob Stoops. He was born in Ohio and past B1G roots (Iowa grad)
  12. Hooked on Huskers

    Pelini to OSU

    Not a chance. But Bo was a OSU grad and home birth state