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    Retirement life, volunteer handyman (i.e. Habitat for Humanity helper), remodeled my house (in progress), now TV couch potato .... CFB and movies/docs (mostly NetFlix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu), vacations, nonfiction books, online news/sports/weather and encyclopedia (Wiki) via new fangled "internet" connection ;>). Never used Twitter, Facebook, social media, etc.

    I know, way behind the times ! However, I joined Huskerboard.com and Huskerpedia (HuskerMAX) BBS forums.

    I tried to become an OU fan but I can't ... completely different atmosphere compared to NU and I can't stand Boomer Sooner fight song every fricking play !

    I had never really followed Sooners football especially leaving Bevo Conference (used to be Big12). BTW, my house is two miles away from Gaylord stadium !

    Six feet tall and slightly overweight, 215 pounds, all beer belly fat !

    Born and raised in South Dakota, lived in Hastings and Lincoln Nebraska from 1975 thru 1992

    GBR !

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  1. Almost 100 days countdown. Right now, 104 days to Purdue kickoff. If 2020 season will be cancelled, then I will call suicide watch !!!
  2. Who knows. Good chance dissolve & disband HuskerBoard? Classic "404 NOT FOUND". BTW, member of HuskerMAX. Same user, Hooked on Huskers. Anyway, I used to be a regular Huskerboard posts but now days, only 3 or 4 posts per year.
  3. Highly recommend. Real story. Similar to Making a Murderer series. Rotten to the core. Spoiler ..... Four innocent men, 2 cases, two years apart. Both young women victims in small town of Ada, Oklahoma (rape, gruesome murders). Eventually, four wrongfully convicted. The second case suspects ..... dirt-poor low IQ two teenage kids. Manipulate, coerced, make believe false confessions courtesy of Ada police and DA attorney. Worse than Brendan Dassey confession (Making a Murderer series).
  4. Ozark series. Another Mexican cartel (Breaking Bad). Must see. My favorite actor, Ruth character. Don't mess around with her !!
  5. Shut down 2020 schedule? If so, massive suicide.
  6. Yeah, age sucks. Lots of before and present celebrity pictures not recognized at all. For example ... No clue and ....
  7. Gunfight scene. Didn't really pay attention but red hair guy was the same character as BB Saul's gopher? Todd (El Camino)..... now fat and changed his voice.
  8. Many NFL stadiums hosted extra events like monster trucks, supercross, rodeo, concerts, etc. Strip sod machine & cut off poor roots and then hauled dirt. After events, remove dirt and resod without roots. Our Memorial stadium hosted monster truck show? Resod. Fully recover -- it takes several months
  9. That's right. End of the year ........ December and then January. Not November. In November. Spartan Field (natural grass). East Lansing is colder than Lincoln. Penn St at MSU. In November.
  10. High school football fields was much different than T.O. Field. Putt putt golf was the same as Masters golf course? Little league=New York Yankees? Sam's cola=Genuine Coca-Cola?
  11. Colder environment ....... CFB season was 2 months earlier than NFL. The latest T.O. Field game was mid-November. Anyway, Hawks Field (natural grass) was installed heat pipes ??? (beats me) Golf courses = fake turf . Hopefully, FieldTurf fad is beginning to end. Myself, grass is a part of football -- just like NFL and MLB. Wishful thinking .......
  12. Actually in the long term, Fieldturf is more expense than grass. Every seven years, FieldTurf replacement. Plus, disposal cost (just like car tires).
  13. HuskerBoard.com ...... Used to be a top notched web site but not any more. Ads galore.
  14. Highly recommend. The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town. Equal to Making a Murderer series (IMO). I loved real story series. Actually not one innocent man but four innocent guys. Ada Oklahoma town.
  15. I want natural grass instead of fake surface. Nice odor without nasty chemicals, softer, cooler, less injuries, etc. Almost Top10 teams are natural grass surfaces .... Bama, Clemson, OU, Georgia, Auburn, Penn St etc etc etc NFL? Very few fake turf. Lambeau Field, Arrowhead, Broncos Field, Soldier, Steelers, 49ers, LV Raiders, Cardinals, Rams/Chargers, Redskins, etc .... all natural grass. FieldTurf salesman.
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