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    Retirement life, volunteer handyman (i.e. Habitat for Humanity helper), remodeled my house (in progress), now TV couch potato .... CFB and movies/docs (mostly NetFlix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu), vacations, nonfiction books, online news/sports/weather and encyclopedia (Wiki) via new fangled "internet" connection ;>). Never used Twitter, Facebook, social media, etc.

    I know, way behind the times ! However, I joined Huskerboard.com and Huskerpedia (HuskerMAX) BBS forums.

    I tried to become an OU fan but I can't ... completely different atmosphere compared to NU and I can't stand Boomer Sooner fight song every fricking play !

    I had never really followed Sooners football especially leaving Bevo Conference (used to be Big12). BTW, my house is two miles away from Gaylord stadium !

    Six feet tall and slightly overweight, 215 pounds, all beer belly fat !

    Born and raised in South Dakota, lived in Hastings and Lincoln Nebraska from 1975 thru 1992

    GBR !

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  1. Need to remove shoulder patch. Winning Tradition? I hope reattach 2024 patch .....
  2. Use Penn State unis. All white with no player names and no helmet stickers.
  3. Puzzling. On Sept. 11th, SF was fired. Just wait until Oct. 1 ...... half the amount $$$ buyout. Sept 10 -- Georgia Southern Sept 17 -- OUtlaws Sept 24 -- Bye Week Oct 1 -- Hoosiers
  4. Can't wait until opening 2023 season. Huskers at Rodents .... 221 days 23 hours 30 minutes
  5. Ernest "Arnold Benedict" Hausmann. EH betrays Husker team mates. Myself, traitor, a sellout to the enemy (Michigan). 2023 schedule ..... Wolverines at Huskers, September 30.
  6. Next game under MR2, 236 days, 2 hours, 20 minutes ..... Huskers at Rodents. Can't wait !!
  7. I think McGuire barely qualified voting rights age
  8. Iowa vs. Kentucky ...... Rematch. 2021: Wan'Dale U beat Ditch Chickens .... KFC Finger Lickin' victory. https://www.espn.com/college-football/boxscore/_/gameId/401331237
  9. ... and joined Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, OU, Ohio State (proposed changing to natural grass in 2024 or 2025 off-season), etc. plus NFL Arrowhead, Mile High, Soldiers, Lambeau Field, etc. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/34892255/rams-wr-cooper-kupp-all-nfl-games-played-grass
  10. I hope at least 6 wins in 2023 schedule. Myself top priority, bowl eligible. Any bowl. And cherry on top, CCG ..... Huskers vs East Trophy https://schersdd.tripod.com/sig2023.html
  11. delete Big 10 bowl selections .... outdated
  12. 15W-0L !!! In reality, made bowl eligible. Any bowl. Broke 6-consecutive no bowl streak !! Plus cherry on top .... CCG. December 2 2023, Huskers vs. East trophy. https://schersdd.tripod.com/sig2023.html
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