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  1. Starting to notice a pattern here... Husband charged with murder of missing wife in Colorado is also charged with voter fraud for filling out her ballot A Colorado man who was recently charged with murder in the disappearance of his wife a year ago has also been charged with voter fraud for voting for Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election using his wife's mail-in ballot, according to an affidavit. Barry Lee Morphew last week was charged with murder, tampering with physical evidence and attempting to influence a public servant in connection with the death of h
  2. Well, this is sad. Their bankruptcy case, filed in an attempt to dodge prosecution, was too transparent and got tossed. Thoughts AND prayers!!
  3. Some places are offering a free beer for a vaccination. Ohio is offering a full ride scholarship. Wow!
  4. Makes you wonder what leverage he has over them. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio & Lindsay Graham were staunchly anti-trump, but now they're just lapdogs doing his bidding.
  5. Amazing how much power he wields amongst republicans after costing them the House, Senate and White House in the past three years.
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