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  1. It is. And it changes a lot of how I think about him and his legacy.
  2. And he personally ran interference with the local PD and news outlets to suppress stories about his players. My friends who witnessed this in person thought I knew.
  3. The map is broken down by county, and at the beginning of the season every school owns land - all the counties closes to their school. We own some Iowa, Missouri and South Dakota land to start the season, if I recall correctly. Michigan owns the counties closer to Ann Arbor than any other school, but Michigan State owns the counties closer to East Lansing and the directional Michigan schools also own some land in that state. EDIT - Hah! Beaten to the explanation THREE times!
  4. They beat a team who owned that land. They may have beat a team who beat a team who beat a team from Michigan who owned that land when the season started. It can get complicated.
  5. We ended the season with land. First time in years and years.
  6. I just heard this story over the weekend from friends who were friends with the woman he did it to back in college. This is absolutely a pattern. That issue should have made front-page headlines and gotten Mickey kicked off the team immediately, but it was covered up, and it's only being talked about now because he did it again. I'd like to say I can't believe they hired Mickey after that incident 30 years ago, but the more I hear about Osborne the more I can 100% believe it.
  7. She had never lived in New York prior to running for Senate. She was still First Lady when she began her campaign. Her first ever home in New York was bought in 1999 for the express purpose of establishing residency, but even then she didn't live there - she ran for and won the Senate seat, and lived in D.C. during her two terms as Senator. Prior to that she lived in Arkansas, and when Bill became President in 1992 she lived in D.C. for eight years.
  8. I literally called Hillary a carpetbagger when she ran for Senate in New York. That was transparent as f#&%.
  9. This site is thriving for nearly twenty years precisely because of good moderation. Pruning trees of dead branches causes new branches to grow. The only obviously glaring issue with moderation here is @Mavric's bias against Germans.
  10. "Nebraska's definitely not out of the picture." Figured. It makes business sense for Coleman to open up his recruiting again. At the same time, even though he's not committed to Nebraska, we're still not ruled out, either. Smart moves. He has good people advising him.
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