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  1. Scoggin was dismissed from the team two years ago this month, and Love was dismissed at the end of the season (but was removed from the team at the same time as Scoggin). Britt Prince knew all of this before she committed to Nebraska. UNL had already done their investigation and taken the action they felt was warranted, which did not include removing Williams. This would have all been disclosed to recruits, especially someone like Prince, whose mother is also a coach. I wouldn't be too worried about Williams being ousted and losing the incoming class.
  2. We told you when they rammed all these Conservative judges onto the SC that they would go after Roe, and people doubted. After they took down Roe, we said they'd go after Obergefell next, and people said no. Welp. Here we go. Of course a person biased against a party in a trial shouldn't sit in judgment of that person, regardless of the source of the bias. If a person is biased against cops, that person should not - and currently would not - be seated in that jury. This is basic common sense. It doesn't matter that the legal argument is nonsense. It's being thrown into the arena in an effort to speak the end of Obergefell into existence.
  3. Republicans - people on welfare are lazy bums Also Republicans - it's totally okay our "billionaire" orange god is coming to you with hands out begging for money
  4. As an attorney, there are a few things that stand out to me about this ruling that are absolutely calamitous for Donald Trump and his children. Here’s why. First, the penalties on Don Jr. and Eric Trump are arguably even MORE devastating for them. Both Don Jr. and Eric Trump are young and both men are currently overseeing Trump Organization day to day. On the contrary, as a 77-year old, Trump’s involvement in the company has reportedly been limited in recent years. This ruling has essentially left Don Jr. and Eric Trump unemployed. Second, the fact that Donald Trump and the Trump Organization are both banned from applying for loans from any New York-chartered financial institutions for 3 years makes it incredibly hard for Trump to actually afford the judgment. Together with the E. Jean Carroll verdict, Trump is now responsible for almost $450 MILLION in penalties - an amount that would wipe out nearly every penny of cash he reportedly has. Engoron did not hold back with his words in this decision: “The defendants’) complete lack of contrition and remorse borders on pathological.” One thing is clear, Judge Engoron’s ruling upholds the integrity of the financial marketplace - and finally holds Trump accountable for his many lies. What are your thoughts, did Trump deserve these historic penalties? -Attorney Joe Gallina
  5. Putin's orange American acolyte probably called to congratulate him.
  6. "Both sides" guys are inevitably voting for Orange Man Bad. Copium is a bitter pill.
  7. Even if there's an initial reduction in commercials to start the broadcast, they'll eventually put them back in because they want more money.
  8. I agree. Everyone thinks women & children and innocent men should have food & water. It's a problem that the entire government structure, such as it is, is a terrorist organization. How do you provide aid to those people without benefiting the terrorists in some way? It's a terrible situation.
  9. Isn't most of the free world providing humanitarian aid to Palestinians while also supporting "Israel's right to defend itself," both politically and economically? Didn't America fund both sides of the Iran/Iraq war? Don't we have a history of funding both sides of wars dating back decades? I mean sure, 'gubmint bad' gets clicks, but this isn't anything new.
  10. Remember when this clown told his cult they were going to get tired of winning? Good times.
  11. This tweet is cited on Know Your Meme. Weird. https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/are-pop-tarts-ravioli
  12. I mean, when you lay it out like that, probably not?
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