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  1. Did they? School Board President Says Threats Unjustified, FBI Will Be Alerted In a district news release sent out soon after officials had canceled a Thursday afternoon news conference during which Toy-Dragoni and fellow board members Debra Wachspress and T.R. Kannan were going to talk about the threats, Toy-Dragoni said she has received threats over her school district e-mail, private messages through social media and on her personal cell phone. The messages threaten: “every woman in my family with rape, every man in my family with significant injury, publication of my personal information on the internet, loss of my privacy, my murder,” Toy-Dragoni said. “If all of this wasn’t disgusting enough, several e-mails my fellow board members have received are violently anti-Semitic. Many messages, including the threat of rape against my family members and me, were anti-immigrant. Other messages were horrifically transphobic. “Because of the grotesque and pervasive nature of these threats, my colleagues are rightfully fearful about speaking out publicly.” I mean... school boards are being threatened, and there's some pretty scary language being thrown around. Antisemitism is definitely the purview of the Dept. of Justice.
  2. This never fails to terrify Fox viewers. We've had migrant caravans heading our way for decades. What damage have they done?
  3. Ed Orgeron was the coach at LSU. Bo was an assistant. I didn't think that really needed to be spelled out since we're discussing the head coach position, but here we are.
  4. And there's no thought of "I'll bet I'm not the first person to notice this" and go search. The first thought is, "Let find that Create New Thread button and go to town!"
  5. Republicans trying to cancel Alec Baldwin. We were assured cancel culture was a uniquely liberal thing. Weird.
  6. Bo wasn't fired because of his record. There's a reason Bo hasn't been hired by another P5 team since he left Nebraska.
  7. Pudgy penguins and sneaky squirrels put the "fun" in non-fungible tokens.
  8. We really ARE the best! It's not bragging if it's true.
  9. I noticed that on the two-deeps they've been releasing all year. We just don't have the roster space for a bunch of players. Lots of teams have this problem, which means recruiting rankings will be wonky this cycle, right? But I still think I may want to complain and complain and complain about this. Should I?
  10. I don't follow recruiting much, but I'm willing to fly into hysterics and rage for several pages about this thing that I know nothing about. Explain to me why this will be a small class (Covid years?) before I burn up my keyboard in righteous rage.
  11. If this Sooners team survives the rest of the season and gets into the playoffs, they are going to get SMASHED by Georgia or Alabama.
  12. It was a staple of school lunch in several states before the 1960s. From your own link: "The states of Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska, and Washington school systems all want to claim they started serving Chili and Cinnamon rolls in the early 1960’s." If they were all claiming to have been serving it by the early 60s, it was prevalent quite a bit before that school lunch guidebook.
  13. It predates the 60s by at least a decade. My mom had it in her school growing up.
  14. Many of us native Nebraskans grew up eating chili & cinnamon rolls for school lunch. It was one of the more popular lunches when I was a kid. We keep eating food that tastes good. Chili powder and cinnamon are a good flavor pairing. The sweetness of the rolls goes well with the spiciness of the chili. The people who grew up with it are as bemused at the confusion of those who don't get the pairing as they are that we like it. I've seen people ask if you dunk your cinnamon roll in the chili, and while you can, it's not what I do. I pair fish with white wine, but I don't dunk my fish in the wine. Funny thing is, I just made chili & cinnamon rolls for dinner last week. It's a great Fall dinner.
  15. I don't want to brag... but I have FOUR beanie babies. Probably worth half a million NFTs.
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