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  1. I think I might need to go lie down for a bit if there's any more.
  2. Ahhhhh, yeah. Forgot about that one. So... two bad games. Only forgetting how to coach defense twice isn't bad. Is it? As long as there aren't any more I'm forgetting, I think we can chalk those up to bad luck.
  3. OK, so he had one bad game in seven years at Nebraska. Could happen to anyone.
  4. It truly was cringe-worthy. The holiday special, I mean.
  5. Packing the Supreme Court has occurred multiple times in America's history and does not destroy democracy. What destroys democracy is when a minority party, through an outdated Electoral College and Senate, get to have more influence on government than their numbers deserve. America is being undemocratically ruled by the minority. That is not democracy, and we need to change that. Packing the Supreme Court is a legal way to do that.
  6. How long until Trump's current campaign manager has a similar photo?
  7. It's useless to have another of these events without the moderator being able to shut off the mic from each guy. These aren't debates. They're performance art for trump. If you want to do a service for America, force them to debate or don't do these things at all.
  8. Is this true? If so... wow. Everyone knew Biden was going to outsmart Trump, and all the cheeto would do was bluster and blather, but this is some good stuff by Biden.
  9. That's right, I think I remember seeing that photo. Just going by what the roster says. There's no 0 on the online roster.
  10. Alante Brown - 4 Marcus Fleming - 6 Logan Smothers - 8 Tamon Lynum - 12 Will Nixon - 12 Zavier Betts - 15 Ronald Delancy III - 15 Blaise Gunnerson - 24 Marvin Scott III - 24 Sevion Morrison - 28 Jimari Butler - 35 Turner Corcoran - 69 Nash Hutmacher - 72 Alex Conn - 79 Marquis Black - 96
  11. Truth is, trump is better at manipulating the media than the media is at covering politics. This is why these headlines crop up, and why the American media continues to fail in their job. And why it's such a shock to so many people when trump does an interview with a foreign journalist and they ask real questions.
  12. I feel like openly supporting a candidate who espouses white supremacy isn't in keeping with the basic tenets of HuskerBoard.
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