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  1. With USC & UCLA, the Big Ten would control all three of the biggest TV markets in the country (NYC/Chicago/LA). It's possible the SEC's deal eclipses the B1G's, but that's highly debatable.
  2. Captain Crazy Pants here must have missed TFG fomenting an armed insurrection a bit ago.
  3. That scrutiny will be performed by the Supreme Court, and they'll uphold it.
  4. "The party of small government" was always such a lie.
  5. The SC won't hear new arguments until October. She could be sworn in any time between now and then.
  6. Rudy accidentally saying (typing) the quiet part out loud.
  7. They've gone full MAGA. The only way this stops is if people stop voting for Republicans.
  8. The rule of thumb is that prosecutors shouldn't ask a question the prosecutor doesn't know the answer to. Doesn't matter what the witness says if the prosecutor has the receipts.
  9. And people wonder why faith in the Supreme Court is eroding at such a rapid pace.
  10. Haul her there in cuffs and force her to take the Fifth.
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