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  1. That's gotta be a coincidence! No way giving greater access to healthcare results in better health outcomes for citizens. No way.
  2. If he's on defense, the announcers are going to be praying he picks up a fumble for a scoop & score.
  3. It's good to see that, even in some red states, courts are pushing back on this nuttery. NEWS: The Oklahoma Supreme Court has overturned part of the state's sweeping abortion ban, finding in a 5-4 decision that the health and life of the mother are instances where it must be permitted. The exception was previously limited to medical emergencies where the patient was "in actual and present danger in order for her to obtain a medically necessary abortion.” Oklahoma still has a long way to go in order to reverse the harmful effects of limiting the instances where a woman has bodily autonomy, but this small step is still progress.
  4. Here's the Iowa game condensed to 50 minutes.
  5. So, red state residents are going to face doctor shortages, longer drive times for basic care and all the costs that go along with that, because Republicans are waging a culture war. You know those tearful J6ers convicted of storming the Capital, who cried because they didn't realize how duped they were, or didn't realize the consequence of their actions? That's going to be some rural American in a red state who loses his wife or daughter because he had to drive an extra hour or three to get care when a pregnancy goes wrong. The "finding out" part of FAFO is pretty s#!tty. I feel bad for those people when they wake up to the consequences of their votes. Idaho hospital to stop labor and delivery services citing "political climate" and doctor shortages An Idaho hospital will stop labor and delivery services, citing doctor shortages and the "political climate," the hospital announced Friday. "Highly respected, talented physicians are leaving. Recruiting replacements will be extraordinarily difficult," Bonner General Health, located in the city of Sandpoint, said in a news release. Pregnant women who utilized Bonner General, a 25-bed hospital, will now have to drive to hospitals or birthing centers in Coeur d'Alene or Spokane to give birth. In 2022, doctors delivered 265 babies at Bonner General and admitted less than 10 pediatric patients, the hospital said. In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, abortion bans have added another challenge to rural hospitals that have struggled to keep their doors open and their facilities fully staffed and running. Nationwide, hospitals have been sounding the alarm that states with strict abortion laws risk losing staff or doctors to other regions. According to the Associated Press, in Indiana, one of the first states to restrict abortion following the Supreme Court's decision, the Indiana Hospital Association said the state is "creating an atmosphere that will be perceived as antagonistic to physicians." Idaho has one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the country. According to the Associated Press, in a court brief filed in August 2022 in support of a Justice Department lawsuit against the Idaho abortion ban, medical groups argued that Idaho physicians are forced to choose whether to break state or federal law. In a report last September, Pew found that Idaho was one of six states in which authorities can prosecute health care providers for performing abortions. "The Idaho Legislature continues to introduce and pass bills that criminalize physicians for medical care nationally recognized as the standard of care. Consequences for Idaho Physicians providing the standard of care may include civil litigation and criminal prosecution, leading to jail time or fines," Bonner General said in its news statement.
  6. But of course those aren't our only two options.
  7. In their defense, they've only had ~15 years to come up with a viable alternative after President Obama initially took office, and ~13 years since the legislation was passed.
  8. The people being called racist are people who vote for a party of racists. They associate with racists. They adamantly refuse to call the racists in their party to account. Seems like, if they're truly tired of being called racists, they could change any of the above and solve their problem. You know who doesn't get called a racist? Me, and right-minded folks like me who don't associate with or vote for racists. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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