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  1. Lazzari's downtown is closing.



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    2. ColoradoHusk


      I loved me some Lazzari's za back in the day.  Their spicy chicken was my go-to topping.

    3. NUance
    4. Red Five

      Red Five

      BWW closed?


      Wait, you said Buffalo Wings & Rings.  Nevermind

  2. So, you're not going to believe this, but the hearing was continued. Again. If you're keeping score at home, this makes more continuances in this case than Washington had touchdowns this year.
  3. It's a four-quarter game, but we have to take them one game at a time. You gotta leave it all out on the field. Give 110%. Be a real high-motor guy. A coach on the field. Pin your ears back. Cliches are fun.
  4. How many times did AJ Epenesa hit Martinez? We weren't blocking him, so you put McCaffrey in (who may be your starting QB next year) and Epenesa gets a magic hit on McCaffrey and now your 2020 starter is hurt.
  5. Hearing McConnell is going to push for acquittal, which would effectively end the Republic. If you can't impeach Trump after what we've seen, you can't impeach any president. And thus they are dictators, and we are in for a wild next few decades. Anyone not familiar with the fall of the Roman Republic and the establishment of the Roman Empire really needs to study up quick because that is the path we're on. And in case you think your "team" is going to win and you'll be fine - think again. History shows times of turmoil like this produce waves of alternating power, and when one "team" gets overthrown, the victors go on purges. But hey, enjoy being Republican. While you still can.
  6. Two players, three players, whatever. Purge them all. Just get that filth off our team. Ugh.
  7. Maybe. But if that's the case I would have expected her to identify UNLPD, because the inference in the article is definitely LPD. The line/paragraph directly before it cites an LPD officer. I mean, she says they "obtained" the reports. I'm sure it'll be cleared up pretty quickly.
  8. The weird thing is that the ESPN reporter (who is, I believe, a UNL grad) says that "additional police reports" have been filed. But Bergman is reporting that the only incident LPD has record of is the initial incident on 8/25. I don't know if this is a semantic issue - as in, the statements gathered since 12/5 are not "official police reports," or it's a privacy issue, as in, LPD won't comment to Bergman on ongoing investigations but someone did tell the ESPN reporter. Could be anything. Levigne doesn't say which law enforcement agency she's referring to, but I would presume it's LPD. It could be LCSO or even OPD, depending on where the woman/women made their report, meaning Bergman would get the same answer but not have the full story because he's not asking the right agency. I don't think either one of the is necessarily wrong. I think one has different info, and maybe a better source than the other. Same, unfortunately.
  9. Looks to be confirming a lot of speculation.
  10. Republicans: "This sounds like the kind of guy I want to vote for."
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