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  1. Then go post at HuskerMax. This place is doing what it's historically done. And it's been, and continues to be, the best Husker message board on the webz. See ya.
  2. Trump having a harder time pulling in the crowd when it's not at Mt. Rushmore.
  3. Masks won't stop the virus, but they'll slow it down enough that we can (hopefully) get it under control. There's a reason South Korea fared so much better with this virus than we did - masks have been part of their culture for a long, long time. For some reason Americans are resistant to wearing masks and here we are. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. So we're doing a pretty poor job of ending the first wave. Wear a mask!
  5. I wonder why every other wealthy nation is experiencing a different trend than America?
  6. I find developments like this among Republicans extremely gratifying. We need more & more of these people to detoxify and deprogram the Republican party.
  7. Deep State, my friend. Deep State.
  8. I guess I'm lucky that I'm one of those naturally unbeautiful people who look better in a mask. Friends and family prefer my face covered. Don't hate me because I'm ugly. I'm just born this way.
  9. This is the most-watched channel on cable.
  10. It wasn't Bill Clinton's DOJ who was in charge of the jail where Epstein "committed suicide." And you know Mr. "Lock Her Up" Trump has no love for the Clintons. So why would he allow Epstein to die on his watch if Epstein had dirt on Bill Clinton? Or maybe it's not Clinton who's s#!tting himself so much right about now....
  11. Yeah, I was wondering why I was being apologized to.
  12. We're not living in early March anymore. Fauci as well as the rest of the medical community has learned and adapted.
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