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  1. This is more cartoon than anything, so it doesn't really belong in the Covid thread. A lot of this sounds awfully familiar. For those of you having difficulty understand why people don't trust the vaccine, let me shed some light on the matter. A thread: Imagine you're a normal person, and you come back from your men's rights group meeting and you log on to a gaming review website and 1/ In ADDITION to denying the efficacy of the miracle drug ivermectin, the so-called medical experts do nothing but take a dump on the Alex Jones concoc
  2. HAH! Like you don't. What, you just approach everyone every day with a clean slate? PSSSSSSHHHHHHH
  3. Maybe you're fooling you... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. It literally all is. Moderates don't hold any of these beliefs. We understand the hesitancy of Democrats endorsing trump's political agenda driven vaccine push. We understand that one change in policy from Fauci doesn't inherently mean all things he says are untrustworthy. It's a miracle that you just happened to take away from all of that the very right-wing talking points that right-wingers have been spewing on the internets this past year. Pure coincidence. Sure. I've also asked you about trump, yet you continue to speak about President Biden. Why not
  5. These are the Norwegian Men's & Women's Beach Handball teams. This is the problem.
  6. It really isn't, and I'm not super impressed with President Biden. But those discussions get lost when people are regurgitating right-wing talking points all the time. If we could get past that, we'd find none of us are very fond of Biden. It's the same thing that happened with President Bush. It was all left-wing talking points and buzz words, all how Cheney was his puppet master and how stupid Bush was. Pushing back on that took away from the real conversations about what President Bush was doing to our economy, stuff most everyone could agree on.
  7. You say things right-wingers say. Nearly verbatim. Same buzz words. That's not me, that's you. You launch into the same nonsense right-wingers spew all over the internet about President Biden, and then at the end you tack on "but they both suck" because you remember you need to appear impartial. Do you not read what you write here? You know it's just a couple pages back, right?
  8. That's what we've been talking about since Monday.
  9. You're saying this has not happened. That's what you're actually saying. For real.
  10. Um, your defense of trump predates my defense of President Biden by several years. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. By attacking President Biden first.
  12. Let's start with a basic agreement - we no longer show even tacit support to any candidate or party who promotes, ignores or defends an armed attempt to overturn our electoral process. Seems pretty easy. Everyone in?
  13. Again with the defense of trump. It ceased being weird a while ago.
  14. We should play a game. I'll post a quote from President Biden or from trump from the last two years, and @Hedley Lamarr has to guess who said it.
  15. Left-wingers don't really talk about those gaffes because they know they're no worse than the word salad trump has been saying for five years. And yet, you're not harping on trump. Just President Biden. Weird.
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