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  1. At least we have a President who try to reach out to his political opponents again.
  2. First game last year, Men's Hoops loses to UC Riverside, scoring 47 points.


    First game this year, Men's Hoops beats McNeese State... by 47 points.

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Going dancing....

    2. Toe


      That probably says more about how bad last year's group was, TBH.

  3. I guess if he's got to get suspended, this is the season to do it. Still, how can they give him 16 games in a 27-game season?
  4. The problem with people like this is they're so disconnected from what's going on with this fan base that they're stuck in a 90's mode of thinking. Nebraska Fans don't expect this, and haven't for more than a decade. All we want is to contend for our division on a regular basis, the conference occasionally, and to once in a while get into the playoffs. The idea that we are "stuck in the 90s" is stuck in the 90s. But that's what people like Tony think, so they approach conversations like this. It's an instant disconnect. Sad.
  5. People right here on HuskerBoard voted for the idiot pushing this drug as a miracle cure. Weird how none of them are willing to publicly admit they voted for him. WEIRD, I tells ya!!!
  6. Maybe keep this stuff in the Shed. You're moving into your personal grudge here.
  7. Really putting the "fun" in "funhusker"
  8. No, creating sock accounts to troll P&R shows you truly care.
  9. Get back to us when someone takes away your civil liberties, or when you start caring when others lose theirs.
  10. Exactly. Like most people, the Republican party left Boot (and me) when it went all in on trump. Any chance they had to win me back was gone the day he became the nominee. Never trumpers never forget.
  11. He identifies as a conservative. You don't get to tell him he's not because he hates the bloated cheeto. But I agree. trump is a grifter. Weird that you voted for him.
  12. You should like him. He's a conservative.
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