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  1. I would imagine the only thing preventing Moscow Mitch from scuttling the impeachment process is the Dems guaranteed they wouldn't go after Pence, and let him serve out the term & run for reelection.
  2. We didn't leave any intelligence behind in Iraq. We're still in Afghanistan. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Sadly, this is not an article from The Onion. This is real life. This is what the Republicans' president has done.
  4. We are withdrawing so fast we have to bomb our own bases. But the bombs won't destroy everything, and our enemies will get a trove of information from the bases. Just the nature of things.
  5. Or use an adblocker for the internet but whitelist HuskerBoard.
  6. Interesting, from Lindsay Graham. Super very much not pro-Trump questions here. Interesting that Graham insists Iran gains from Trump's cut-and-run strategy.
  7. Seems like Barr isn't the most popular boss in DOJ history.
  8. Just to re-up this - do NOT go looking for her autopsy report if you're easily disturbed. She suffered greatly before she died.
  9. Huge, HUGE win for Putin. Cannot be overstated how big of a policy disaster this is. But as the impeachment stuff ramps up, Trump will have to accelerate his actions on Putin's behalf.
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