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  1. Here's a great example of why we can't trust anything coming out of China. Their mortality rates could have been far higher than we've heard.
  2. Exactly. We're all going to have to be sewing our own.
  3. It may be unconventional, but since it's a bracket, maybe make the next round a three-way battle?
  4. I think you both know better. And I think you need to examine whether you're interested in the truth or in your belief.
  5. Has she ever given any interviews about her allegations before the last few weeks? If so, what did she say then?
  6. When did she give an interview to The Intercept?
  7. What exactly is this woman accusing Biden of doing? @BlitzFirst @RedDenver I think you guys may know more about this than I do. Can you help me out?
  8. I think the most unexpected thing to come out of this plague thing is that we're getting booze deliveries now. I never would have thought I'd see that.
  9. They'll cover it if there's enough evidence to cover it. If not, it becomes a he-said/she-said from 27 years ago. And what are they supposed to do with that?
  10. Biden is pretty well-liked, though. Especially in non-internet America, he's looked on as a decent guy. That's why Trump & Putin have been digging up dirt on him for so long.
  11. This is two different conversations. The press doesn't cover Bernie the same way they cover other candidates, but that really has nothing to do with whether Biden raped a woman in 1993.
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